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Its Out!!

Bleach Chapter 515

One Piece Chapter 688

Naruto Chapter 608

Sorry people, I am short on time, once I get time, I will have awesome pictures up. As for now let the discussion commence.


19 Responses

  1. naruto: To quote Agent Smith, from THE MATRIX, “It is…….inevitable.”
    kishi is delaying the obvious outcome of this fight.

    Bleach: I predict a visit to ichigo’s dear old man, and perhaps aizen within several chapters.

  2. One Piece was borining. Not liking the whole candy storyline.

    Bleach was ok. It’s nice to see Baykuya and kenny still alive. Who knew Shinji Hirako was a surgeon. Also, why is it a big deal that ichigo Sword needs to be fix? I always thought Zanpakuto regenerates after awhile..am i missing something?

    Naruto was ok. Glad to see Kakashi is getting use to His Sharingan after reliazing what it can do by watching Obito. Guy surpise me. He can use Ninjutus…that was cool to see. What is Bee doing – it seem Masashi Kishimoto is going to keep Bee sidelined.

  3. Guy was always able to use ninjutsus, he just prefer to use taijutsu.

  4. Which ninjutsu did Guy use?

  5. Guy used taijustu. It was the same technique he used on Kisame: Afternoon Tiger

    Yea One Piece has gotten a little boring recently. The monster trio could have and should have dealt with the likes of CC, Monet, and Vergo a long time ago. They are holding back. It will get better though, especially when Law activates that machine. I wonder how it will cause the New World to be more chaotic.

  6. Epic…the scene where kakashi warp himself out of that dimension.
    What is he(kakashi) trying to do with the raikiri at the last page,stab through naruto?
    Kishi really got Kakashi ass kicked this chapter and he made obito.

  7. you know i never liked tobi for manipulating pain an all, but i did find him interesting. now that mystique is ruined and i just wish obito would dissappear

  8. Bleach: Chapter was Meh, everyone was a little too chirpy looking after that major ass whoopin that they got but again props to kyoraku for stepping into yama’s shoes. I knew there was no way byakuya an kenny would die, there are tite’s favourites.

    One piece: One of the gripes with one piece is that it gets dragged out too long an this is one of those chapters….poor mocha though, she went out like a straight G, poor little thing. Zoro and Tashigi…..again cute stuff from these two….awwwwwwwwwwwwwww!! CC needs to get wrapped up quick i wanna see Luffy, Law, Zoro, Sanji, Bepo, Kid, Hawkins and Apoo vs Yonko Big Mam!! And Yes 8 on 1 lol It’ll pretty much take all of the supernova just to fight this sweet tooth bitch. I predict in that fight we may see Luffy: Gear 4, Zoro: Asura Raging Demon (think Akuma from streetfighter but with swords lol) and Sanji: Devil Leg Rankaku Barage!

    Naruto: Shouldnt Kakashi be dead from having almost 0 chakra reserves or blind from over use of his MS…………kill him already jheeeez ok maybe that’s abit harsh but u get my point! Obito should have been using MS like that from the start pulling out blades an shit from his magic eye! Props to Guy this chapter though im liking the way he pulled that tiger out of nowhere, at first i thought he was going 8 gates an i was like “YES THOSE ARE HAND SIGNS, 8 GATES BITCH, 8 MOTHERFUCKIN GATES, GATE OF PAIN, GATE OF JOY (turns over the page)…….Damn it!”

  9. sigh fucking cliff hangers… did we really need more talk about how naruto is all great and stuff? just get on with the fight…

  10. @Tensa Gizzla…HAHAH!!! I FEEL YOU!!…Guy fooled us on that one!!

  11. After a small break(I expected a bigger one) naruto manga is Back! Its time for the Fourth Blogkage to resume his duties once more. Make it happen Jdogg!

  12. I want to see more Zoro and Tashigi…Zoro is going to get more action then Sanji…:-)
    Sanji and Brook can learn a thing or two on how to pick up girls form watching Zoro and Luffy – Act tough, act like you don’t care and ignore them…lol. Sanji and Brook comes on too strong.

  13. @Rocklee shiiiit, that works in reality too

  14. @RSVP
    I was at work when reading it making loads of noise, people were like “what the hell is 8 gates? oh your reading your japan thing again!” lol
    That shit works in real life too – the douchebag always gets the ladiessss hahaha Brook needs to calm down what’s he gonna do even if he finds a woman – skull jokes can only take u so far!!!! Hopefully Robin wont see Zoro squeezing tashigi’s butt other its tashigi’s gonna get Gigantesco Manooooooooooooooo!

  15. luffy with a dragon on his shouldas – loooks way cool

  16. Just wanna say a few things.

    Bleach-If Kisuke is okay then I wonder who has the sword next to his face?

    One piece-Those kids are really annoying. I mean REALLY , REALLY ANNOYING!

    Naruto-Where are the reinforcements? It sure is taking them a loooongg time to get there.

    Can’t wait for the review!

  17. Bleach and One Piece very filler this week… Naruto for first time in long time was best of Big 3

  18. Bleach – Perhaps the one who Kisuke is with at the precise moment is Ichigo’s father, I would think Ichigo would be wanting to have a discussion with Isshin about his mother and how she was actually killed. Perhaps the reason Isshin left was the fact that Ichigo’s mother was killed by as we all know the Grand Fisher which turned out to be a pet project of Aizen and when Isshin tried to do something he was was thrown out on his butt, probably completely wrong lol? On the hand wouldn’t be surprised that Ichigo was the intended target to prevent what is happening now?

    I also get the feeling that we are going to see the 0 squad considering the Captain-Commander is RIP, Gotei 13 have been handed their own butts while Shinigami and the Soul society has been decimated? Aizen I suppose could be the individual that Kisuke is meeting although that would be too predictable, would be interesting if it was the Soul King itself?

    Naruto – Ok, I don’t know about anyone else but as often see in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Kishi “Get on with it!” as much as I appreciate back story I would appreciate it if we could get back to the action, mainly Kakashi and Naruto whooping Tobi/Obito/whomever he wants to call himself today’s butt to the Kage’s wall. I get the the feeling that by the time this battle is over I think Kakashi may be killed (again) as some way of ending Obito and giving his will of Fire to Naruto?

    Perhaps the names that Naruto has learned of the tailed beasts have significance, I am sensing that he may have some form of super saiyan type power boost excluding the Sage/kurama power combo where he combines the powers of the tailed beasts?

    Meanwhile, as much as I would like to happen I have the unnerving feeling that the next couple of weeks could be spent with Orouchimaru, Sasuke and the rest of the Hawk as they do whatever they are planning to do, perhaps they are going to head to the Uchiha shine and Sasuke develops the rinnegan??

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

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