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Bleach Chapter 514: Born in the Dark

Chapter 514: Born in the Dark
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A straight continue from last weeks battle. Juha’s clothes take most of the damage. Ichigo isn’t ready to fight this guy at all. His eyes tell me he wants to try out Ichigo’s new armor which the latter doesn’t even seem to be aware off. Nor does Ichigo hint at someone teaching him that technique as I thought in the last chapter.

Juha strikes his again Ichigo barely able to block him at all. Juha already stopped taking the kid seriously as a threat to him as his objective was to damage Ichigo’s clothing the markings on Ichigo’s arm confirming his suspicions in the last chapter.

In true Tite style my predictions turned to be completely wrong as Juha stars his speech confirmed something I theorized on back in the day BleachedIchigo was still used. But that comes later.

His explanation is a confusing read but to sum it. Ichigo kept out blasting reiatsu trying to break the jail what little that remained (must have) sucked in some of Kirge’s reiatsu reaching the very depths of Ichigo’s soul awaking the memories woven in the roots of his soul.

“Kirge’s jail was made to seal enemies, but it cannot contain a Quincy.”

So, Ichigo awakened the Quincy inside him. So something what I thought to be a possibility turns out be true. Remember, Ichigo still knows nothing about his father’s history, even after finding out that he is a shinigami. It was something he made peace with, his father not talking about that time. I think this is probably why…

His mother was a Quincy. By the Juha talks I think he knew Ichigo’s mother quite well. And probably met his father as well at some point.

But his mother being a Quincy… I currently feel kinda mixed about it. It add’s another ability pool when the Hollow part of him still hasn’t been worked out to its full potential. It almost feels a bit like a forced reveal by Tite in order to make this arch. Ichigo now has tasted everything… Shinigami, Hollow, Fullbring and now Quincy aswell. He’s almost a God in the making.

Ichigo on the other hand. His mind is about to snap again. He doesn’t get much time to let the news sink in as Juha strikes him hard. Ichigo only just able to parry the strike creating an opening for Juha however. The King grabbing ichigo by his hair. Moving to thrust his blade straight through his body.

Time’s up. The shadow drops from his blade. Their operating time outside the ‘Schatten Bereich’ (Google:Shadow Region) forcing them to return to their base. Juha though there was still time but Aizen already worked his magic playing with the King’s mind fooling his sense of time enough to pull him off.

The King seems to respect Haschwald a lot more than the other subordinates. Anyhow, Juha realize there isn’t time for him to beat up Ichigo enough to drag him with him and orders the retreat(again).

Ichigo is still enraged unable to see his is powerless against them right now, only able to fight stupid. The king ignores him completely when he jumps forwards. Haschwald reacts in his stead easily cutting Zangetsu in half before taking his leave following Juha.

Before he leaves Juha says one more thing to Ichigo. He will be back for him to take him into the darkness.

Even though Ichigo is clearly lacking his strength his unique blood-line makes him an important pawn to obtain regardless.


18 Responses

  1. Anyone else getting a bit of Deja gu from this? Byakuya and renji heading off to soul society after his defeat, then ichigo undergo training into full flege shinigami? Aizen an gin heading off to the real world after another defeat, then goes off to training again? Doesnt mean anything, just pointing the similarities.

  2. No mention of the fact that he called him “son”…??? Also how did Aizen pull his time perception trick without Juha having seen him release his sword?

  3. @tawuya – maybe the hogyouku really DID decide that aizen no longer required his sword? still seems weird, aizen’s a real wildcard right now.

  4. So Ichigo is now a bit of everything, hope that in this manga aliens don’t exist or else, we could find out that Ichigo has a tail in his pants.
    About Aizen, he already showned us that he’s against Juba, so we will see him fight along side Ichigo, and then betray them all, because, hey that was his plan.

  5. @dartuchuha
    I guess Deja Vu is the best description of the feeling that I had during this chapter.

  6. @tawuya
    I dont believe Juha is Ichigo’s real father. Because Ishinn has a zanpaktou with a very similar name.

    Could be Juha is direct family of Ichi’s mother? Father/Brother/Quincy

  7. Looks like I was right. Ichigo is much weaker than he was before…

  8. Maybe he just called him son as a figure of speech as if to say “son, ur one of us, u just don’t know it!” How many time’s has Zangetsu broke btw? Now that Ichigo’s quincy abilities are starting to wake up maybe they’ll be a new entity inside his soul like Zangetsu and his hollow – i see some serious inner conflict happening.
    One thing that’s annoying tho- ichigo used “Blut Vein”….that’s a modern day quincy technique isnt it, he didnt even pull in reishi first just jumped from quincy power 1 straight to power number 6!! Even Uryuu can’t do that an he’s a pure blood quincy!! The perks of being a hybrid are too much! Make’s u wonder if his sisters will develop some quincy stuff too. Now queue Inoue to heal up all the captains so that they can regroup……….

  9. Actually, I think Juha said that he would be back for Ichigo, “His son, born in the darkness,” not that he would bring him into the darkness He’s saying that Ichigo, because he grew up to be a Soul Reaper, he was tricked into being on the wrong side without him ever knowing. Also, it seemed to me that by saying “son,” Juha meant it as a Quincy universal family type thing, not that he was Ichigo’s Grandfather.

  10. An interesting chapter. Strange…..the whole quincy issue isn’t what I found interesting about the chapter but it was Aizen who had my attention. It’s amazing that TK created such a compelling character. With what he did against Juha makes me wonder what his true aim is. Because if you think about it, he didn’t have to disrupt Juha senses which in turn would help SS. Another thing is for Aizen to do what he did, means he must have known of the time limit for the ninja quincies outside the “Shadow Region” (Thanks pretend3r for the translation). Like I said…..Aizen made things interesting.

    @Tensa Gizzla:

    “One thing that’s annoying tho- ichigo used “Blut Vein”….that’s a modern day quincy technique isnt it, he didnt even pull in reishi first just jumped from quincy power 1 straight to power number 6!! Even Uryuu can’t do that an he’s a pure blood quincy!!”

    Now why did you have to go and say that? LOL. You are so right about that being annoying. I never even thought of it that way, but Ichigo always seem to take his friends techqniues to more advance levels than they could. (Refering to the fullbring like Chad). If Ichigo get’s some of Orihime’s power, he probably should be able to reverse the flow of time and space itself!

    @pretend3r: Great review by the way. This part made me think of the Soul King for some reason:

    “Ichigo now has tasted everything… Shinigami, Hollow, Fullbring and now Quincy aswell. He’s almost a God in the making.”

    Strange that Aizen actually wanted the same thing for himself. But then again the way Ichigo talked about him in the end, maybe Aizen really did have other plans.

    Just had a thought: Aizen=Itachi.

  11. Wait so the guy who defeated Azien in one of the most epic fights, ends up looking like a wuss against this Juha guy?

  12. @jdogg the same guy that stole old man yama ‘s bankai an made him look like shit? HYFR!

  13. I dont think i dig the idea of ichi having every power there is to offer, but if his quincy relatives were slaughtered by shinigami back then it will be interesting to see which side he will end up choosing to fight for. this arc has its ups and low moments but one thing for sure is that its got me hooked in anticipation for every next chapter. i wonder if the zero squad will eclipse the captains out of this war…perhaps thats why tite is killing of byakuya and other captains,to make room for the badder asses, and perhaps the return of aizen to the army ranks!!!

  14. @immortal
    He could have known about the time limit. More likely is that Aizen was insulted to be asked to work under a Quincy. Or someone else in general.

  15. Aizen may be very similar to Itachi @ immortal.

    He may have set everything up until now in anticipation of Ichigo’s powers maturing. He did say he had been waiting and watching for Ichigo since his birth. He may have known that this day would come that the Quincy would try and take over and that they would also come to takr Ichigo go back with the. Aizen probably wanted to make sure Ichigo stayed on their side and not join the quincy. Wouldn’t that be epic if he played the part of the villian this whole time just to protect soul society and ichigo. What would be even more epic would be if the old captain new of this as well and worked with Aizen all along. Like for example the old man new that he may not have been strong enough so he went to fight first then if he couldn’t win then the next strongest Aizen would step up and he couldn’t finally Ichigo. But hopefully Aizen and Ichigo would be enough. That would be a pretty cool what if scenario that is actually plausible. If though Kishi did it first, lol.

  16. what would be even more epic was if ichigo became the main eventual antagonist of the show. i mean he has the hollow,shinigami and quincy powers to own a lot of guys in bleach. i dnt know how but i wish tite could make him the villain of the show and everyone having to gang up on him to take him out. that would b my definition of a happy ending!!!

  17. New chapter out and all ive got to say is “I TOLD U SOOOOOOO!!” Lol Byukuya and Kenny didnt die! Now que ridiculous training when they wake up! Props to Kyuraku acting like a bawse amongst the captains tho!

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