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One Piece Chapter 687 – Mr. Badazz

Do I really need to say anything about this chapter. The pure epicness of this chapter brought to you by none other than the most astounding #1 Swordsman of all time, ZOOOORRRROOOO. This guy never cease to amaze me. This chapter had Zoro writing all over it. So with out further or do let me say a thing or two about this amazing chapter.

Zoro and Tashigi

I am not a big fan of pairing characters to be a couple, but the relationship between Zoro and Tagashi is that of a future couple in a making. The chemistry between them makes them the perfect pair. The dialogue between them was not only entertaining from a humor stand point but it is also realistic. Tagashi sees Zoro as this great guy who is an idiot and while she does not say it, but by the way she acts around him, she respects and falls for him. While Zoro can’t stand her, but just like her he acts like a child around her, almost like a child who develops his first crush on this girl and the only way he reacts to this feeling is by making fun or annoying her. And she does the same. The look Tagashi gave Zoro after the flashback she had, explains all of her feelings toward Zoro. She hates that he is a pirate and the fact that he never listens. But she respects him for being this great swordsman. In fact, their first meeting, Tagashi developed this great respect for Zoro, until she found out that he was a Pirate and things got complicated after that. But I can’t but help feel sorry for Sanji, because look it at this way: Luffy has almost all the women drooling after him, all of the Kuja Tribe wants him, Zoo has Tagashi going after him. But poor Sanji has the opposite effect on women, the run away from him than after him. 😦

Mr. Badazz

Like I said this chapter is completely fallowing Zoro and his dealing with Monet. This is one of the rare moments where Oda completely focus on one aspect of the story or events. In some ways I am happy that he did this, even though it will slow down the story, it will make it easier to understand. Other than reading one chapter that involves four events occurring at the same time. Either way we finally get to see Zoro get serious, of wait he was not even shown a tenth of his poor. Zoro complete mind raped Monet this chapter. He defeated a logia fighter that was equivalent to and higher than a captain ranked marine, and he defeated her with pure intimidation. It is like this, Zoro is beast and Monet is the pray. As a pray Monet reaction should of been to run, but Zoro is such a beast that Monet knew that running would not prevent the inevitable. So out of complete fear she froze. Imaging opening your closet and seeing a 800 lbs bear and out of complete shock you freeze. You want your legs to run, but you can’t because of the fear in your body. Some how Zoro was able to accomplish implanting this fear into Monet who a second ago faced Luffy and was fighting Tagashi and she did what he set out to do, scare the hell out of her.

The Strength of the Strawhats

Now this brings up the question that even Tagashi asked ‘How strong have the Strawhats become?” Before I said that they would need to become stronger because they can’t survive with just Luffy, Zoro and Sanji always coming to the rescue. Than I thought to myself, Haki is not the only power out there to make someone strong. Nami has her knowledge of weather that she uses for power. Ussop has the power to shot a rat five miles away. Chopper’s knowledge of anatomy makes him the perfect fighter, and so one. But going back to the question at hand, I think that the Strawhats have become too powerful to be the last in the race, which is where they are at right now. I can guarantee you that the next time they face a Shichibukai, High ranking Marines, or any high ranking Pirates, the results are going to be outstandingly different. To go even further I would wager that Luffy is above the ranking of Shichibukai right now and that Sanji and Zoro are at that level right now. Now I am not saying that Luffy, Sanji and Zoro are stronger than Shichibukai, but all I am saying is that the next time they come across one, well it wont be like last time. The only way we can find out is by keeping up with the story, so till next time my friends.

Side Notes:

  • Sanji basically summed up what I said last week about Zoro.
  • For the first time in along time, I had that ‘No way’ face after what Zoro did to Monet.
  • If Zoro can do this to a Logia than truly: how strong are the Strawhats.
  • Tagashi shows that she too can do Soru, leads me to believe that almost all Captain class Marines, know some extant of Rokushiki techniques or some knowledge of Haki.


13 Responses

  1. Great review! Now we need to return to Smoker v Vergo and be treated to back to back epic fight chapters

  2. Not to be a Stickler or anything, but the phrase is “without further ado”. 🙂
    I was a little worried about Zoro last chapter – I didnt think He could use COA haki. Im glad to see he was just holding back a little.

  3. I really wasn’t all that surprised when Zoro started to show how strong he really was. He trained with Mihawk for 2 years, so this is to be expected of him. The same goes with Luffy who trained the Rayleigh and Sanji, who ran for his manhood lol. This chapter, no this entire arc so far has showed us how different the SHs are from their rivals. Sanji fighting equally with Vergo, Zoro scaring the shit out of a so-called “Ms. Badass”, and Luffy playing around with all of his opponents. I mean c’mon, if Luffy wanted to, he could have just been using Gear 3 this whole time and ended this arc a long time ago. Luffy can’t rough up CC too bad because Law needs him conscious so that he can operate that machine. But if it wasn’t for that, the SHs would have been moving on to the next island by now.

    Th levels of Shichibukai are varied a lot. Crocodile was beaten by Luffy in the Alabasta arc and the only reason Luffy had trouble with him was because he couldn’t “touch” Crocodile. It took all of the SHs to beat Moria, but they were all defeated by Kuma. 2 years ago, Hancock and Doflamingo could beat all the SHs by themselves, but as of right now is a different story entirely. But not in Mihawk’s case, because none of the SHs can beat that guy (yet). Also, there should be more people to fill the empty seats of the Shichibukai by now, like Law. Right now there are only 5 known (Law, Hancock, Mihawk, Doflamingo, and Kuma). So there might be 2 more out there who have yet to be revealed.

  4. Im more of a fan of Zoro an Robin being a couple (we all know she was wetter than All Blue when she saw how buff Zoro was when he saved her from hyuzo in the fishman island arc) but in this chapter him and Tashigi, were a freakin’ married couple! That look she gave him after the flashback was cute tho. Sanji’s problem is that he tries too hard and literally throws himself at anyone whereas luffy is the cute funny guy.
    Zoro actually mind fucked monet doggystle and cut a logia in half without using haki…..this was the most badass he has looked since the shishi sonson against Kuma!! But i expect this tbh both him an luffy trained with living legends, now im just waiting on an epic sanji moment. Do u guys think this is a hint of Zoro having already or at some point getting king’s haki?? Does he even need it??
    Zoro has Robin, Tashigi, Perona and Jewelry Bonney as potential GF’s, Luffy has Hancock, Vivi, Alvida, Kuja pirates and Shirahoshi, Sanji has male crossdressers…..

  5. @Rockless, sorry about that but either way people know what I am talking about. So from now on I’ll use “Without further ado”. And your not stickler what so ever. If I make a mistake please correct me. But I will try to make the least amount of mistakes.

    @7warlord, the Shichibukai are a very interesting group. As for their power ranking, like you said it varies from one to the other. But their ranking is the same. The Shichibukai are considered one out of the three world power (with the warlords and marines) but once your a Shichibukai you get this respect, fear and hatred from both marines and pirates. Either way, as of right now I think that Luffy for sure can become a Shichibukai, but I highly doubt it since the marines hate him. As for Zoro and Sanji, I think as for ranking they be almost a Shichibukai level, almost.

    @ Tensa Gizzle, I wish you could start writing on this site because you say some of the funnest things. As to what you said, well I couldn’t say it any better. As for Sanji, well, he is always that nice guy that never get the girl.

  6. @warlord, luffy had trouble wit crocidile because he was smarter, stronger, faster, better devil fruit power, and a lot more experienced then him. Not to downplay luffy but he essentially killed him 2 1/2 times(I said half because even with the blood luffy was on the verge of losing for the third, and probably last time. Luffy was indeed skilled back then, but sheer luck and luck alone prevented luffys death and caused crocodiles defeat.

  7. An don’t forget, as far as we know, as powerful as crocodile was, he was one of the few who doesn’t know haki, which may have changed (or share some light on if he did knew and why he hasn’t shown using it) .

  8. Still funny how he talked down to doflamingo an miihawk back then. That shows how overconfident (or powerful?) He is.

  9. @Jdogg,
    I’m not really as good an in depth at analysis as you guys so a whole chapter review written by me wouldnt really be that good and be more of an excited rant than a proper review tbh but i’ll always comment on your blogs though – i like our little internet gang lol

    Crocodile is in the new world now with Mr 1 so who knows what tricks he may have learned in the timeskip. After this arc law may even quit being a warlord as he only got the title just to get into that SAD room which may open up another position. 2 things that are bugging me is who the new warlords are (apart from captain buggy) and where kizaru stands in terms of alliance….is he akainu’s right hand man or does he even give a fuck?! Hell bring on Akainu and Kizaru vs Luffy and Zoro!!!

  10. Thanks Jdogg-san for the review. Gehehehe!!!

    Zoro was great this chapter. Not only was that a awesome move, but it fits his character prefectly. I wonder if that’s something he learned himself or did Mihawk teach him that?

  11. There’s a crazy debate over on king of lightning’s youtube video on who is stronger sanji or zoro lol This chapter Zoro was epic!!!
    By the end of one piece i expect Zoro to be splitting countries in half with 1 swing of his sword! Post time skip he’s been chillin and still managed to cut a galleon ship in half underwater, move faster than a fishman underwater and cut hody jones with a 1 hit KO, slice up an octopus swordsman and slice a logia in half!!! All i can say is thank god he wasnt trained by Ivanko……i wonder if sanji knows death wink?! lol How was Iva even a good trainer for sanji anyway lol Luffy trained by the right hand man of the pirate king, Zoro trained by the best swordsman in the whole world, Sanji trained by a fat tranny from the revolutionary army looooooool

    Do u guys think Zoro has grown more than luffy in the 2 years from what we’ve seen so far??

  12. @Steel bangz, Sanji was trained in the arts of cooking meals that will not only feed his crew mates but will also give them enhancements. He also learned Newkama Kenpo which is what Ivankov uses to fight. And don’t think just because Ivankov is a ‘fat tranny’ that he is not powerful. In fact during the war he was able to go toe to toe with Kuman and not only that Ivankov is one of the Revolutionary Officer, making him one person not to underestimate. Also Sanji has not shown any of his true powers just like the rest of the Strawhats. Only time will tell. As for your question. No, Zoro has not grown more than Luffy, however Zoro will grow, Luffy will grow even more.

  13. i have to say, my 2 favorite mangas are ridiculously awesome this season…i’m glad to have lived in a time of bleach and one peice!!

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