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Its Out!

One Piece Chapter 687

Bleach Chapter 415

No Naruto Chapter this week. Kishi decided to relax in the Bahamas.


25 Responses

  1. One Piece – Zoro you beauty… Shit is about to get real! Man didn’t even break a sweat (or sword!)

    Bleach – Ichigo’s gonna have to come with more than just rage to overcome his Grandpa Juha! All hail Aizen the saviour of Soul Society!

  2. One piece: Wow!! Zoro didnt use Haki but “The Fear”……..fucking sick!! Imagine if “The Fear” was a form of king’s haki unique to Zoro where instead of a knocking out one’s sense’s, his intimidation freezes an opponent dead in their tracks….. and this was without his bandana….”The Fear” Oda turned on the beast mode in this chapter

  3. Random side note.

    I think we will see Sasuke and Orochimaru next chapter just so they can add to all this flashback stuff.

  4. zoro is an effing beast!!! no haki no bandana and just 1 sword, to quote tashigi, just how strong did straw hats get?!?!?

  5. i love OP this chapter. Zorro da man!!

    so…. ichigo’s mom was a quincy, and his dad a shinigami?…

  6. So im guessing that juha bach is ichigos grandpa through his moms side

  7. @Uchiha,

    Nah, don’t think we’ll see see Sasuke until after Madara defeats Naruto- kishi might pull a weird twist and make Sasuke save Naruto after he finds out the truth….

    Zoro cutting down a logia without Haki….erm yeah i think he’s ready for the New World lol now he can get some payback on kizaru from the sabdony arc, logia’s beware the Zoro “The Fear” pirate hunter is coming!!! Now we just need to see Sanji kick a whole in a logia lol
    The way monet freaked out though once “The Fear” was activated made me wonder….wat if in those 2 seconds that he charged towards her he opened up his other eye….

    Grandpappy Juha is pissed that his grandson doesnt know who he is lol how the heck did Aizen do his technique though seeing as he has no zanpactou an his limbs are fully binded, unless he’s got a sharigan lol

  8. WOW. Zoro is a Beast. He immobilize a logia user simple by swinging a sword – without Haki. Amazing. I definitely want to see Zoro flashback of His two year training with Dracule Mihawk.

    Bleach – Im just lost now. So ichigo is half Hollow, half Human, half Shinigam and now Half Quincy.
    So did Isshin ran away from SS because He fell in love with a quincy?

  9. @Tensa – also wondered about Juha being deceived even though, as far as we know, he has not witnessed release of Aizen’s zanpaktou. I’m thinking it powerful Hak because if Juha was indeed under influence of Aizen’s hypnosis I’m sure he would have done more than just “slow down” time…

    So with Quincy heritage unleashed does this mean we see Kurosaki start weilding a bow? In a way getsuga tenshou already a form of quincy projectile attack…

  10. have fun in the bahamas kishi!! take a week, hell, take month off, as long as you come back with an empifany and epic chapters that makes sense.

  11. ichigo’s never gonna stop using people’s power against them, is he?

  12. nope, just cant find i reason to care about one peice even if it sounds like sumn epic happening over there…

    so i get the feeling juha may have acidentally unleashed aizen again…

  13. Makes me wonder if ichigo is even human at all. Never really understood the relationship between quincies,shinigamis, and regular humans in this series. Assuming his father came from the soul society and his mother a pure Quincy wouldn’t that make ichigo non human? Or what seperates them is only a matter of power and/or race, not neccesary a “being”?

  14. Romeo n Juliet they fell in love during the war 1000 years ago ran off hiding from everyone except the few who helped them eventually lost their powers n became humans had kids blah blah blah….

  15. so a hollow and a shinigami gang banged a quincy? also what happens when ichigos sword is broken

  16. Does [Rinnegan + ( Human + Shinnigami + Hollow + Quincy ) ] = Super Saiyan 5 ?

    Just wondering……

  17. Or would the tail still be needed as well since it is the key to a Saiyans power.

  18. @uti that wouldn’t even get past Mr. Popo, let alone compete wit a ssj 5

  19. Lol @ darth.

  20. Ok here’s the updated one:

    {Nine Tails complete chakra yin/yang * [( Rinnegan * Sharingan * Byakugan) + (Human + Hollow + Shinigami + Quincy)] + Saiyan Tail} = Super Saiyan 5?

    Comments please….

    Does this one look a little better darth?

  21. Please be sure to follow the order of operations when solving. I even added in all operators even though they aren’t needed in some spots :-).

  22. @UTI
    Mix in a dash of Haki and i think we have a winner!!!!!!

  23. Hmmm looking at the concoction again i wonder if the mix needs a glass of devil fruit juice??

  24. @ Tensa

    You don’t think that juice would disagree with the kyuubi chakra?

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