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Naruto Chapter 506 – The Power of Love

A very enjoyable chapter this week, with some disturbing emotions being shown of Obito. Although I found this chapter to being one of the best chapter I have seen since the war, there are somethings I am a little confused about. So without further or do, lets get on with this weeks chapter.

Obito’s Wrath

By far this chapter shows a lot of emotion, which we have not seen in along time. This emotion established by Obito is acceptable. The guy just saw the girl he loves die by the hands of his best friend. If that wont make someone go wacko, than I do not know what will. And in some ways Obito’s rage was actually convincing. Ever since Naruto learned to control his emotions, we have not seen a hot headed boy going crazy. There was Sasuke, but to me Sasuke is fake of character, the guy is so confused he does not know what world he is in. Do not get me wrong Sasuke is one of the badazz fighter, but he is just that a badazz fighter. The audience which is “us” cannot relate to Sasuke because to be frank he is just a failed emotional guy. But seeing Obito go crazy because of what he experience is something I find that is digestible. I know a lot of people will complain about all the plot holes and such things, I, on the other hand found it an enjoyable chapter to read, because it had emotions, love, hate, fear, mystery, and of course action.

Uchiha “Overpowered”

I do not know about you guys, but I am getting sick and tired of how the Uchiha clan characters are just getting power after power. I know that they are the main antagonist of the Naruto series, but come one the powers they get one after the other is just to much. Look at Sasuke, he became so strong in just a short time when he trained with Orochimaruo, he made Naruto look like a kid who was still suckling on his mothers titties. And do not get me started on Madara, the guy is the definition of overpowered character. If you were to go look up the word ‘overpowered’ in the dictionary, you would see Madara’s picture on there. But to be fair I think that the only successful characters that came from the Uchiha clan are Itachi and now Obito. These two characters are actually people who have emotions, and are shrouded with mystery. Itachi’s story in my opinion is one of my favorite stories in Naruto. The trials Itachi had to go through would make anyone go crazy, but he did not, he kept his sanity and moved one and tried to do the best for the people he hold’s to heart. Now I said Obito is a successful character because when he first was introduced as Tobi, I went crazy, going on about how the hell can he be Obito, but now I actually find the reason behind it acceptable to a certain degree.

Other things I am finding to be out place is the process of obtaining the Mangekyo Sharingan. We know that an Uchiha has to experience the death of the their closest friend, which would explain how Obito and Kakashi obtained theirs. But it does not explain how Sasuke, or Shisus obtained theirs. We know that Sasuke obtained his after he killed Itachi. But at that time Sasuke hated Itachi, which contradicted the idea of killing your best friend. Oh well this is Sasuke “the character that can do anything” but as for Obito it makes perfect sense that how he obtained his Mangekyo Sharingan. Also, I see lots of people complain on how Obito just pawned all the mist ninjas. Look at it this way he was in such a rage mood that most of the time I do not think he knew what he was doing. Just like how Naruto when he got so angry that the Nine Tails Fox would give him power. Overall, I enjoyed this chapter, and I think that given the time we will actually accepts Obito as the Main villain, because now he is becoming, in my opinion the perfect Villain.

Side Notes:

  • The biggest question this chapter raises, Why did Obito not kill Kakashi for killing Rin? Now that is a question I want to see answered.
  • It is ironic that the Uchiha despise the Senju clan, yet they use their power.
  • The story of Obito is actually turning out to be not so bad, as we thought it would be.
  • There are only two characters that went through hell and kept their sanity: Itachi and Kakashi.
  • I like how Kishi always shows that it is through love and hardship that someone becomes strong. It is very evident that Obito become who he is for the love he had for Rind and the hardship he had to go through.


42 Responses

  1. I think Sasuke got his MS as a byproduct of Itachi leaving that Ameterasu trap in his eyes in an attempt to kill Obito. You know, when Tobi first got Sasuke and Sasuke briefly flashed Itachi’s MS setting Tobi on blak fire. Either that or Sasuke learning that Itachi was a kind person (thus making his death tragic to Sasuke) was what awakened his MS.
    As for Shisui, maybe he lost someone some time before he met Itachi? After all, Itachi did look up to him, so I think he’s older and could have had a best friend before Itachi.

  2. NICE Review jdogg you are doing a hell of a good job.
    Sasuke got his MS after the story of itachi
    i cant prove that he had the 1st corpse as much as you cant prove that he didn’t
    And kabuto could control but didn’t that’s why madara’s words were somethink like “those who uses forbidden jutsu shouldn’t be careless with it”

  3. @sanin oro didnt need the firsts body lol edo tensei only needs dna thats it. i was saying where is the proof about kabuto sayin he couldnt control madara. And madara saud that cause its true. kabuto got careless cause he thought he could do it all, he didnt anticipate the uchiha bros and now hes stuck in a genjutsu. Has nothing to do with kabutos controlling or not controlling of madara.

  4. @Sanins (reply to your last post on Its Out)
    There was no need for Obito to teleport/warp. By phasing and flawlessly countering with Mokuton, he was unstoppable.

    What was the first Mangekyou technique Sasuke used after he awakened Mangekyou? Tsukuyomi. What was the time period from between when he first used Tsukuyomi and when he awakened his Mangekyou? We don’t know exactly, but I’ll pretty sure we can agree that it was longer than 5 minutes. Sasuke still has yet to prove he has mastered it. Now let’s move on to Amaterastu. Sasuke couldn’t use it until the conclusion of his battle with Killerbee. He only mastered that during his confrontation with the Kages, which happened later on in time (I’m sure you will agree with me that this too was more than 5 minutes). Now Susanoo. Sasuke has to go through the proper stages of Susanoo throughout his entire situation in the Kage Summit Arc and the entire time that it happened was more than 5 minutes. Obito mastered phasing the moment he awakened Mangekyou. There is no comparison.

  5. that reminds me @token, itachi put kabuto in the genjutsu so he would “realize the error of his ways”, sort of, the pretty much all the main attackers of the army are going to naruto’s location, still no word if the feudal lords are protected or not. So i’m guessing that next, kakashi and guy vs tobito, naruto and bee vs madara, the rest of the army shows up, they get they’r butts kicked, kabuto shows up all redeem and on the good side of the force, kicked again, by then tobito is defeated by kakashi who then dies, madara wipes the floor, walls, ceiling and bathroom whit everyone, kages show up except for tsunade who is also dead, big old naruto “i have friends and friends = power” speech, something awesome shows up, madara gets cornered. Jubii

  6. great job again Jdogg……thanks for making sense of a lot of this mess…

  7. Once again, Hashirama continues to be the posthumous bitch of the Uchiha clan

  8. @mad lol not sure how hes the bitch of the uchiha clan when its been shown they are weak without him… the strongest uchiha ever got beat by him and had to steal his powers to compare

  9. I Hate the title of this article with every fiber of my being (because of how horrifying… yet fitting it is).

    Nice review Jdogg… and like you said I don’t feel the same way i did when the tobi = obuto was first shown. I still don’t like it however. :p

  10. Also Jdogg thx for the speed of these articles… It reminds me of the old days when bob still had time for them. Keep it up.

  11. Emm…@token madara didn’t know about the bros stoping edo-tensei what he meant was kabuto was careless because he tought he(madara)couldn’t end it.
    As far as madara knows Kabuto ended it not itachi.
    Ooh and i didn’t say kabuto couldn’t control madara i said he “didn’t”
    ~just a drop of blood/dna can perform the edo tensei.i know that… The 1st corpse was an explanation of how oro laid his hands on so much dna

    As i suspected you’re confusing yourself
    Obito just phased and you assume already that he can teleport and warp things in and out{i know he didn’t need to, but that doesn’t mean he could do it}kishi hasn’t given him that upgrade you’re the one giving it to him.
    just like when sasuke pulled out just the susano skeleton.you agree right? that he couldn’t upgrade it to arrow mode yet.
    That’s the same thing with obito here. He pulled out kamui but hasn’t upgraded to teleport\warp yet.

  12. u said it here;
    Sanins, on October 11, 2012 at 11:15 am said:
    The thing i’m allergic to than oysters is lecturing a bunch of……..{please don’t me go on}
    what was the whole point of kabuto saying “i have no control whatsoever over you” to madara for.and
    the 2nd being totally controlled by orochimaru.
    What he meant with kakashi was you warp me in, i warp myself out.and he never said he wasn’t aware the kamui shared the dimension
    do you seriously compare those ninja to kin and gin, i will be upset if chouji doesn’t pawn those lazy excuse for an anbu

  13. @sanins
    How about you be a little more specific when you say “susanoo skeleton”. Sasuke went through 3 stages of Susanoo before it upgraded to arrow version. Sasuke didn’t master any of his Mangekyou techniques from the get-go and you know it lol. Obito in this chapter fought like someone who has mastered Kamui, which really annoys the hell out of me considering he only awakened his Mangekyou just moments before. If he already knows how to phase, then he should know how to warp/teleport. After reading this chapter, why wouldn’t I assume such a thing?

  14. Kakashi activated the Mangekyou. Obito was close enough that they were linked and it just so happened that he accidentily got the power up. Kakashi passed out because he didn’t have the power.

    The thing that’s killing me is what’s special about Rin? Really we have no details on her… there must have been a reason she was paired with Kakashi, Obito and the yellow flash. Maybe she was a jink?

  15. Obito is right on the money. The sharingan is nutting but a cursed jutsu from a cursed clan. Look at their requirements needed to gain power. I’m pretty sure its just hard work and good genes for the hyuga clan to gain improve their eyes.

    Honestly I’m not even sure if obito is aware kakashi even exist at the rage he’s in. I still don’t consider obito the perfect villain because his story seems to familiar for my liking.

  16. Sasuke got his MS after killing Itachi. After realizing the truth about how Itachi was ordered to kill his clan, and how Sasuke pretty much killed him, Itachi became his closest friend, and the emotional upheaval of losing Itachi activated his MS.

    Also, Orochimaru could be considered his closest friend too. When Itachi sealed Sasuke’s Cursed Seal and the dormant portion of Orochimaru inside of him, he took away the one closest to him. But Sasuke probably didn’t have the emotional upheaval from Orochimaru like he did Itachi, so I’m much more willing to believe the former rather than the latter.

    Itachi got his from Shishui, his closest friend, dying on his behalf. If he didn’t, he probably got it from when he killed the clan, someone in there was the closest one to him, if it wasn’t Sasuke.

    All the MS rules are being followed pretty much.

  17. Your best review so far jdogg and good point in making the difference between Sasuke and Obito clear. That´s the same what I was thinking.

  18. @token
    thanks for pasting it now
    “i have no control whatsoever over you”
    means he isn’t controlling him not he can’t control him
    if you say he already knows how to warp and teleport it means you’re automatically saying
    sasuke already knew how to shoot arrows during the kages fight. {is that what you’re saying?}tought so
    Obito hasn’t upgraded the kamui STOP! assuming he has.

  19. @badasschefman….there are 3 stages of susano and most likely 3 stages of kamui
    i don’t even believe there are stages it depends how skilled you are.
    Lv 1 of kamui-phase.maybe it will take longer if he get more skilled he only phased for 20 sec. Tops
    lv 2:warping.sucking in and out
    lv 3:teleporting
    he’s yet to show 2 and 3 i don see the mastered you’re talking about.and still yet to use 1 to its full potential

  20. Be honest guys, other than kakashi, itachi, and yamato, have the anbu black ops from any village have been any useful in this series?

  21. apparently according to kishi the cloud nin were pretty beast to take down the second hokage

  22. Many thanks Jdogg! I see you done a Naruto review before One Peice. Thanks for still being there every week and being able to push out reviews for us Narutards and not setting us aside. You are preciated!

  23. More and more I accept the fact on how Obito was the masked man. It wasn’t just a girl who caused his wanting to rule the world. It was witnessing the death of his ‘childhood’ sweet heart, getting killed by the person he entrusted everything to, including his eye, while on the brink of death. To then survive and are over powered with joy of the thought of re-uniting with them in a long time, for suddenly to lose your hapiness instantly. And it wasn’t like Rin died and Obito found out. No, he SAW her die. You imagine being in Obtio’s shoes?

    I liked Tobi and his comic relief, but I REALLY want an explanation to why Obito chose to disguise himself as Tobi. It just doesnt seem like a characteristic of a “powerfull and deadly villain”. If that spiral dude was in fact Tobi, then I am happy. Atleast Obito could say he let ‘Tobi’ do whatever while in control. I’m sorry but I just can’t see Obito actually being the Tobi character if you know what I mean, especially after going through this.

    Anyway yeah this was a good chapter. I actually missed the ‘uncontrolable rage’ that Naruto used to get. So I guess this makes up for it.

  24. Obito sees the girl he had a crush on die, it’s totally justicified he goes apeshit, goes on a utterly horrific rampage and instantly masters several techniques.

    Itachi makes Sasuke sit through his parents and family getting murder for 36 hours and his betrayal and new drive leading him to become better (but not nearly as good as Obito ) over the next few years is completely unwarranted. Yeah that’s not baised at all.

    Whine as you like, Sasuke didn’t feel the need to butcher everyone in the vicinity. Sasuke trained for several years, Sasuke was established as a quickly learning genuis from the getgo and still had to corner Orochimaru just before he had takn his medication and was suffering in bedroom to kill him, required natural advantages to go up against Deidara, went up against a nearly blind, fatally diseased, not actually trying Itachi and LOST, went up to Killerbee and the Kages got schooled. Defeated Danz, but requiring to almost completely use up his eyes to do, goes blind in the very next battle. Then needed to be babysat by Itachi during the Kabuto fight. Sasuke’s got power, he’s got the opportunity to train, uses those opportunities, but still young and it never fails to show.

    Obito was established as being low-level, not that good a learner or shinobi sees his childhood crush die, activates MS and in year or so is equal or better then MINATO. Straight up.

    But you feel SASUKE is the one that isn’t justified. The hell man.

  25. i never thought id say this but sasuke is not the most beloved uchiha anymore…roger put it in perspective. sasuke was tortured with the lasting images of his parents death and not only were they killed, but killed by the one person he looked up to the most. not a friend, not a close girl he liked but his BROTHER. Someone who legitimetly cared for him broke apart his family forever, killed his clan and still sasuke had just one goal in mind and that was avenge his clan. not by killing others or anything but for most of the first arc sasuke just cared about revenge on itachi, Obito sees someone who yes was a friend but not family or blood or someone extremely close ot him like itachi to sasuke get killed and all the sudden he feels he descended into hell? im sorry but his world is nothing compared to what sasuke dealt with and only till now did sasuke care about hurting others and even now its only a select group. Obito just wants to control the world or whatever but to me his story isnt as heartbreaking as kishi thinks it is

  26. One thing i wonder about Obitos MS is that he activated it such a long time ago and used it ALOT, why don´t he goes blind?? Is it beacuse of the 1st dna body?

  27. @seda yea maybe there is another way to get ems… wouldnt shock me to see kishi go that route although its only supposed to be if bros or w/e combine eyes.and if he has the 1st’s dna in him than how come he didnt get the rinnengan? isnt the theory that senju dna+ sharingan makes rinnengan?

  28. I always like to start off by thanking the author of the review. Thanks Jdogg. Job well done as always.

    Now my thoughts on the chapter; I kinda like it. Or should I say I liked the action. The story itself is kinda bland. So far Obito’s story is just not believable. I’m still waiting for the “OMG that’s why Obito is a nut-case!” So far I’m thinking like,”hmmm I wonder what Sasuke and Oro are doing?” Or I wonder what the Ramen guy is doing?” I just don’t hold any interest in Obito’s character. Honestly he was more interesting when he was under all those rocks.

    Oh well I know Kish won’t dissappoint. He did a great job on some characters. There story from beginning to end was both believable and understanding. Obito so far….well let’s just say I can’t wait until the next chapter.

  29. Nice review. Jdogg, I want to point out a couple of things in your post.

    Sasuke obtained his MS from Itachi. He didn’t have to kill Itachi. Itachi died before he got the opportunity to kill him. What Itachi did before his death was that he transferred all his MS Jutsus into Sasuke through touching Sasuke’s forehead with his fingers. Tobi already explained this to Sasuke. He knew ahead of time that Itachi was going to give Sasuke his MS and that Sasuke was going to gain all the same powers as Itachi. Most likely confirming the transferred.

    The other thing I wanted to speak on is Obito’s backstory. Obito story of how he became evil is still not convincing enough. His story still doesn’t quite make sense to fit into the events that are going to occur afterwards. Obito was introduce into this story as a underachiever. His learning process was far below everyone else. He wasn’t even half as talented as Sasuke and Itachi when they were his age. Obito is not a fast learner, nor was he gifted to be one. Somehow Obito in this chapter was able to switch a switch and become the fastest learner in the whole Narutoverse, mastering his MS and the monkuton perfectly. He time Kamui so precise in his first try, turning years of experience into a mere few seconds. Something that neither Sasuke or Itachi could’ve pulled off against 30+ anbu. If you put Sasuke, who was more talented than Obito in the same situation to use his MS for the first time, Sasuke would most likely die, while fending off the anbu ninjas. Even Itachi would be badly wounded If he fought against 30+ anbu, but somehow, a slow learner and less brilliant ninja like Obito learning abilities sped up beyond Obito own learning compacity that he took down a group of high ranking shinobis without breaking a sweat. Anbu ninjas are Kakashi and Itachi caliber type ninjas (considering that both of them use to be anbu at some point in time). Your telling me that Obito was able to take down 30+ of these type of ninjas? Even the fight before that, when he was struggling to take down one rock ninja, while teaming up with Kakashi, but suddenly he’s able to make a big leap from barely taking down one rock ninja to being able to kill 30+ ninja by himself? It’s not believable.

    How does Obito become “pure evil” in the first place? Sasuke and Nagato dealt with greater traumas in their childhood than Obito ever did in his lifetime. Sasuke witness the death of his family and clan from the person he looked up to the most, his brother. Itachi. Nagato saw numourous deaths from war before the war took the life of his closest friend. The one who stood strongly for peace. His best friend. Yahiko. Compare to the horrific events they went through in their life to turn evil, Obito story doesn’t even compare. Ever since Tobi was revealed to be Obito, I didn’t see Tobi character as evil anymore. All the events that Tobi was in doesn’t have the same effect anymore. I don’t see Tobi as the most evil character like i use to, but more of an innocent kid. The evil face Obito made at the end of this chapter has no edge and doesn’t come close to the insane face that Sasuke made when he stabbed Karin and Danzou. The transition Sasuke made from good to evil was more surprising than Obito. Obito is rather an innocent child that shouldn’t have fit into Tobi’s character to begin with. He doesn’t bring enough evil demeanor to the table. I don’t see Tobi the same way anymore.

  30. Here’s a question that i just cant shake, are Sauske MS powers his or Itachi? And why has no one ever questioned how thats even possible. If thats the case then it explains alot. It would make sense why Itachi said mardara is a shell of him former self. He transfered his MS/EMS to obito. Wait a minute, that would make more plot holes…ugh….kish…..bring this manga back to life, save it from the nothingness it has become,,,,,for all my complaints, its still my favorite Manga to read, although it’s the only manga i ever read.

  31. @teamevolution1
    I’m leaning towards it’s more of Itachi’s MS powers. There isn’t enough to go by, but I’m still going with that it was Itachi in terms of individual MS eye power, Tsukuyomi and Ameraterasu.

  32. To me its like he took bits and pieces from every villain an tragic hero s story from this manga and tried to mesh em together for obito. You cant really even call obito a uchiha anymore. Hes just bits an pieces from all top ninjas clans and jutsus. Didn’t someone had a theory a while back when we were still guessing Tobi’s identity that he really wasn’t anybody, that he was constructed from various people and jutsu? Its starting to become more beliveable again.

  33. Sasuke is gonna wind up being the last villain standing in this series, just u watch.

  34. This manga is gay, how is it Tustin the history of uchia only two ninja awakened the ms, and then in the last two generations everybody has got one. Why is wood style which was supposed to the first’s legendary technique being handed out to everyone. No one trains anymore they just go and grab someone else’s developed technique.

  35. If Tobi can use monkuton (wood jutsu) all this time. Why haven’t he use monkuton until this flashback?

  36. Also, this may be unimportant, but I like to point out that both kakashi and obito are the only uchiha shown to activate their MS from a non fully matured sharingan.

  37. Should’ve said ninjas not uchihas but you get the point.

  38. @nss7 ppl will say o he never needed to, etc. but imo its yet another plot hole. if he can use mokuton than cant he use it to subdue tailed beasts? if thats the case too than y didnt he personally go out to get naruto or killerbee etc. would have been alot easier with mokuton

  39. Mangareaders pages are blank for me. Does anyone else have the same problem?

  40. Mangareader didn’t work for me either…try this: http://www.likenaruto.com/manga/Naruto/606/

  41. This chapter was pretty non informative. The only real informative thing was that madara put his will into zetsu and that it is the black zetsu. Other than that this chapter was pretty boring with no new info and just more questions; sooo obito really is doing all this just because of rin? He is doing all of this to make a dream world where she is alive…. Sorry that’s just kin of stupid. Also madara days he gave Nagato his eyes withou him noticing…. Ummmmm how can u give a boy the rinnengan and he not notice! Also seeing as how they are transplants in surprised it was not always activated. We see Tobi seemingly always having his activated, and transplanted sharingan into Kakashi, Danzo shows that if not their own its always active. This chapter was short on info and kishi let us down on this one

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