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Its Out!!

Naruto Chapter 506

One Piece Chapter 684

Bleach Chapter 511


44 Responses

  1. Uno!

  2. So naruto has another plot hole; earlier obito said u let rin die. From what the flashback shows y didnt he say u killed rin. Also with so many hunter nin how did obito slaughter them like nothing and yet later on actually was damaged by facing just 2 of Danzos men and how did obito get o use mokuton jutsu so effectively and his ms right away like he used for years? This isn’t as smooth a transition as I hoped for so far.

  3. Bleach – OMFG he got cut in half! Old man Yama pawned!!! Story is getting good!

    Naruto – Wonder what Rin was/had that Kakashi had to kill her. Yup Tobi is just going from clumsy notalent to genius uchiha!

    One Piece – Smokey gets some kool points for giving Vergo some haki knuckle sandwiches! This will be a goodfight! Bamboo canon or ability? Hmmm im guessing it’s his ability!

  4. @Token – I think MS was awakened by Kakashi when he killed Rin thereby activating Tobis too…same pair of eyes.

  5. ahhh man, things are getting crazy up in Naruto-verse,

    one thing that really caught my eye is how the hidden mist ninja said “just when we finally managed to our hands on it” and on another page said to “retrieve the girl at very least”. This has a lot of implications, and should be where a crap load of rumors should start from. Still leaves option open that she was a spy, or maybe they were trying to steal intel from her and Kakashi pulled a Kisame-esque move on her (but why would they want her body if she’s dead, can’t access her mind), so maybe there must be some special chakra, techs the hidden mist was trying to get from what was left over.

    Yes I know a bunch of fans will be upset on how crazy skilled Obito got with Mokuton so fast, but lets be practicable, its cartoon it happens and we can see he was training with it in the lair, and it’s usually the law in Naruto that when your super angry you get a power boost and do things you couldnt normally do, (Ex: Naruto vs Sasuke at the Valley of the End, Naruto busting out crazy moves with Nine-Tails chakra, yea i’m sure he wasn’t completely in control, but to an extent he was and that was ridiculous at his power surge and techs he was using and how skilled he was with chakra arms ), so lets all just accept that obito’s powers were amplified from the awakening of MS, whooped butt, cuz it’s not like they could touch him, and will now follow Madaras plan

    I am PRAYING, that in present time, Obito doesn’t find out the truth from Kakashi and joins forces with them to defeat Madara, that would be lame. LET THERE BE DESTRUCTION EVERYWHERE, haha, hopefully he just goes crazy and dies fighting Kakashi or someone (kakashi will definitely fall into depression after killing TWO members of his team)

    Let the discussions roll!

  6. its a cartoon but obito is masterfully using 2 of the most prized and strongest things in naruto (ms and mokuton). naruto when against sasuke was somewhat posessed by the nine tails chakra he wasnt in full control unlike obito who appears to be in full control of these powers and is using them to the fullest extent, Yea its a cartoon but be consistent here.

  7. Yes Obito was training for years using mokuton. Besides all the skills he used there weren’t that impressive (compared to 1st, madara), jst the basics that even Yamato was capable of doing. Like I said earlier, unlocking the ms also gives you knowledge of its capabilities. He was able to kill all those guys because they had no idea what they were up against (mokuton and dimension) unlike the root anbus who knew all about the ms.

    It felt so wrong seeing yama sliced up like that. he should have at least drawn blood from yuha.
    and since Yama was the strongest of the original gotei 13 what chance does the 0 squad stand? Unless they work together they’ll jst get their bankais sealed as well. And it seems yuha has planned for them as well. This is ridiculous. I better see all the remaining captains go all out and reveal their bankais.

  8. Leader of the blood mist madara sends an “elite” squad to capture rin then sends his protege to watch as she dies. One thing I love about One Piece is you have no clue who’s gonna show up, win, and everyone is strong. Naruto is too predictable its interesting though…. Bleach and these cliffhangers it definitely keeps the excitement going

  9. Naruto – cool use of mokuton jutsu. nice to see ms’s origin.

    One Piece – smoker vs vergo fight is looking nice, CC is still a dick, lol luffy has met a dragon.

    Bleach – ……………………………………sigh good bye yama you didn’t deserve being written out like this but at least they did your death scene justice (even gave you a flashback).

    as much as its implied that its ichigo who made that explosion (at the end of the chapter) I’m betting it’s someone else.

  10. @cas24 it hasnt been years. its been a year or two but not a long time. not to mention that when he tried busting out the cave y didnt he use mokuton like this instead of punching it? if he was always this proficient in it than y bother with a punch. Not to mention that zetsu said he was surprised he could use it so well… well if obito was training with it for so long than y would he be surprised obito could use it so well

  11. I took a closer look to the mist ninja with the broken mask and I looked at every different ninja logo on their head band and the only one that closely resembles that ninja is the konoha logo, so konoha has to be behind this some way or another

  12. you a asshole for that one, Kubo… damn! how you do the old man like that!? But I am excited for the arrival of the Zero Squad. That should be very interesting… (we’ll get to see this Hikifune person Hyori idolized too)

    As for these 5 warring potentials, I wonder who they all are; we’ve got Ichigo; Aizen I think; I wanna say Uryu is one of them just from the way the dude Ichigo was fighting in Hueco Mundo was talking about him; and by that extent, maybe Ryuken (MAYBE); Urahara?; possibly someone from the 0 squad, but that’s unlikely; Orihime? I know we probably don’t wanna go down that road again…; that Yuukimaru kid? I don’t know why Kubo would write him in the story at this point if he didn’t have some importance; Hitsugaya? he’s kinda the Gohan of the Bleach-verse lol. Can’t really think of anyone else…

    In other news, Naruto is going nowhere fast… does Kishimoto even know what’s happening?

  13. Very curious about the original “Divisions” that rolled with a young Old man Yama. They look ridiculously badass. Maybe the zero squad is made up of some of those dudes just chilling in retirement. never seen ’em, dont know who they are, but it doesn’t seem like they do a lot other than let Yama run things.

    Naruto… I liked, i don’t agree that it was Konoha disguised as Hidden Mist though. Kakashi probably almost died from the ms boost, so I think he just finally mastered ms after the time skip. Like his body finally caught up to his eyes

  14. There are two possibilities here. Maybe Kakashi awakened the MS when he killed Rin, and due to the connection between the Sharingans, they both awoke the MS. Or the trauma of Rin’s death coupled with the fact that Kakashi apparently killed her awakened them both, since Kakashi and Obito were both very close to Rin.

    Evidently the simple strain of awakening the MS is enough to knock out a young Kakashi…

    And Obito has been training for months with the Zetsu body in Madara’s lair, it would make sense that he would master basic Wood Release. What he did wasn’t even very advanced stuff, Yamato has shown better application.

    Also, what’s amiss here is why Kakashi killed Rin? Was he under genjutsu? Was Rin?

  15. I Hope when zero squad shows up that they mop the floor with these quincy….I mean they have to be extremely powerful if there handed the task of protecting the spirit king….and royal Family. They should be atleast close to old man yama’s level or maybe even higher…Hope they show up soon!!!

  16. @Plot-holers – let’s save the whinging and whining for after the arc is over rather; people whinned about Obito being Tobi that was sorted and now you whine about his history?! Do not forget that he’s wrapped in a Zetsu meat jacket and on the way to the fight Zetsu mentioned that their combination could birth something new entirely.

    Great chapters all round.

    Bleach – Yama had become soft!? Wow, man must have been a true demon in his younger/angrier days… Is that healing, female captain walking next to him in the flashback?

    Naruto – GREAT chapter! Insanity is a wonderful thing 🙂

    One Piece – Smoker with the rocket punch!

  17. 5 Warring Potentials:

    1. Kurosaki Ichigo
    2. Sousuke Aizen
    3. Zaraki Kenpachi
    4. ?
    5. ?

  18. I just wish some people could hear themselves i didn’t post last week because i couldn’t argue with some dumb persons posting hateful comment about naruto
    kishi does know what his doing you’re the one who doesn’t know a good story when you see one
    how did obito use his MS right away? now that isn’t a plothole.MS has been use right away from the start
    sasuke-susano amaterasu and blaze release he didn’t train with these. So why get worked up over obito.
    @mexican jitsu
    so you’re calling someone who
    graduated from the ninja academy at 9
    made chunin at 13
    beat two jounin seconds after activating the sharingan.
    A “NO TALENT”!
    Do you even read this manga.?

  19. @Sanins – tell them Sanins, TELL THEM!!!! Lol, I think it’s become trendy to shit on mangas or something, smh!

  20. Lol. Things getting heated on “its out”! All round great chapters (although I didn’t read One Piece, tend to want to read One Piece arc by arc for a fuller story).

    Bleach- The Gotei 13 started off as a bunch of bad asses didn’t they? I agree with Juha on this though, Yama-Jii had become soft. I feel that younger Yama would not have cared about using his bankai for a longer period and risking destroying all around him. As I’ve said before, the man got excited. Had he been more composed perhaps he could have realised that there was activity in the central prison???? Guess we’ll never know, but its still great for the story!

    Naruto- Obito really pulled out some amazing tricks there didn’t he? I was impressed. I was also impressed at how Kishi showed the different effects of awakening the MS on a natural Uchiha (Obito/Tobi) and one who inherited it (Kakashi)- although to be fair Kakashi had possibly been fighting for quite a while. But it just showed the differing abilities. I really want to see the breaking point of all this.

    I enjoyed this weeks chapter’s.

    R.I.P. Old man Yama…….*sniff*

  21. @tawuya-sama
    Yeah trendy is the word to describe it

  22. The new Naruto chapter is a major plot hole. Obito shouldn’t be capable of learning something that quickly. Plot hole.

  23. Bleach – R.I.P Old man yama!!! Dude is a fuckin legend!!! His 4 mode bankai is the best one we’ve seen. Period. Now juha…….tite kubo is not pissing around with this character and i like it. He’s straight up ruthless and i love it. He violated yama’s body like it was a piece of pork on a chopping board! This is what we need, straight up smart and ruthless bastards! The history of the Gotei 13 also was interesting….when did everyone become softies?! So far the starknights have pissed all over the captains and bullied them like they were small children. If the shingami really dominated the quincy a thousand years ago then they well and truely have become shells of their former selves!

    Naruto – Rage = Mass Murder!! Someone show current Obito a pic of Rin so he can go Ham an finally kick guy sensai’s ass!!!

    One piece – This smokey vs virgo fight is turning into a goodie! That haki punch smokey used was like wooooah! Some one shoot ceaser, dude’s getting on my nerves!! I imagine he’s gonna have a good voice actor for the anime, top 3 voices imo are buggy, franky and mr 3!!

  24. are we witnessing the birth of black zetsu, it was said he had guerilla war tactics, rin was a spy, kinda weird obito had black rods coming out of his back, and all that blood plus the pic of the tree trunks spiraling towards the moon fuckin dope, great way kishi portrayed obito diving into madness, all of you whining about plot holes, it will all be cleared up in a few chapters

  25. One of the things I look forward to every Wednesday and Friday is my weekly Manga reads.
    One Piece
    Faily Tail
    One Piece—awesome. Love the Smoker and Vergo fight. I was worry that Smoker would get trash by Vergo. I don’t care about the other stuff, just show a full chapter of Smoker and Vergo fight please.

    Bleach and Naruto wasn’t my favorite this week. I won’t go into a full post of why, so I’ll just drop down a list of dislikes from each Manga.

    1.Obito using Mokuton. Why? Arin’t the Uchiha powerful enough already…why give them more power.
    2.Obito being alve all this time and not once has He comforted Kasaki about Rin.
    3.Tsunade keeps surviving impossible near death situations.
    4.Madara Having the Rinnegan
    5.Madara using Mokuton

    1.Seeing Yama die like that was disconcerting for me.
    2.It’s like Tite Kubo don’t care anymore – He knows this is the last arc so He’s giving fans want they wanted the most…Deaths and unrevealed Bankia.
    3.Byakuya was very proficient in Kido but he never used it in His fight with that Quincy, or his speed skills

    Things to look forward to.

    1.The end of the Manga – sorry.
    1.Seeing the 0 division.
    2.Seeing the other unrevealed bankais

  26. @sannin yea assume used right away but how long did it take for him to use susanno and Amaterasu to its fullest? He slowly completed susanno not all at once. Obito has shown mastery of it and is already timing his use of kamui perfectly. And u said ppl r whining about what’s happened so far… Maybe it’a cause obito is getting ridiculous power ups so easily (like another prized uchiha). Not only is his ms being used flawlessly but he is using mokuton extremely well. Yea Yamato can use it but he has been practicing since he was experimented on and he’s actually in the upper class of ninja and yet obito goes from being able to grow branches out o his hands to creating a forest of spikes to impale every single hunter nin that was still alive. Sorry if I feel like that’s a little to dramatic a change specially since he couldn’t ben punch a wall down about a hour ago (which brings up my earlier point about y not use mokuton than instead of punching the wall but I digress). Kishi changed the uchiha from this cool, strong clan to one that apparently needs other people’s powers to be strong. So now we went from 1 ninja having mokuton (the first) to 5 (Danzo,obito,madara,Yamato, zetsu). Kishi stated earlier that its rare, only the first had it, blah blah blah and bam more ppl r injected with it and somehow can use it. It’s turning into the rinnengan and sharingan all over again. They go from this rare eye tech to now everyone and their mom can get it simply by injecting urself with the firsts DNA and having uchiha blood. Too easy these days to be overpowered and gone r the days of having to train to the fullest before u use something. At least naruto trained and trained and even when he used tech like rasen shurikan when he first used they weren’t perfect, they weren’t complete but he learned as he went. But I digress ppl r gonna complain about others whining but hey doesnt complaining about whiners make ppl whiners themselves….

  27. O and profess it still isn’t explained how obito survived. The guy was crushed by rocks and now we find out he just got ms so he couldn’t have used before. And I have a feeling kishi is never gonna explain it

  28. @token
    Mastery of kamui? You kidding right he’s just phasing he hasn’t sucked anyone/anything in. He hasn’t teleported.he hasn’t bring anything out from his other dimension.Everything he’s doing is on angry impulses.
    The mokuton is a suprise for me too.but i mean we see what people do when pissed it’s nothing new even in movies they push past their limit when angry.

  29. him phasin is kamui. Thats his ms ability. him phasing is a part of what he is doing right now. And yea ppl go past their limits when angry but he is pushing past his limits with abilites just put into him and im tired of these powers being pushed into uchiha characters over and over again. yet another reason y itachi was the best uchiha and my second fav character next to minato.

  30. actually I’m pretty sure Kishimoto only knows HOW the story will end but not exactly WHEN. soooooo yea, does Kishi even know what’s going on (jk. sort of but not really…)? and IF I WANNA SHIT ON A MANGA I’MMA SHIT ON A MANGA. SHIT! (that time I was really jk-ing, tho. (sort of but not really…)).

    and another thing; apparently the death of someone close to you can force-grow a sharingan right into an MS. how is that so? I’m not so sure it’s because of Obito/Kakashi sharing the same eye (of course it’s always a possibility). they both only had 2 tomoe anyway, so it’s a moot point for the sake of argument

  31. jajajajajajajaja, tell it like it is token. Some people are scared of the truth. As i’ve said before, no one is calling for Kish to stop writting Naruto or for people to stop reading it. We or rather I just feel as of late Kish had decided to go in a different direction with some characters which is causing him to contradict him self. Obito surviving the rocks crushing his left side of his body is a bit deceptive. Even you ( Tawu ) have to admitt that or would you care to explain? The fact that he hasnt used Mokuton in any battle up to now but spamed it back then leaves alot to wonder. The fact that Mardara knew how to cancel EDO but the 2nd didnt is like WOW really. Or would you be as kind as to enlighten us dare. The fact that he say to Kakashi “that jutsu wont work on me but has no clue when fighting Kakashi that his kumia is sending objects to the same dimension. The fact that he said he gave Nagato the rinnigan but doesnt have one his self. Ive accesed that in order for one to unlock the rininngan, on must acquire EMS. How is that possible for obito when he has no brother. Also explain why no Huyga has evolved their eye to the Sharingan. Shouldnt the same logic work for the Beyakugan….lol….I so spelled that wrong. I could go on and on but that would make me a spammer.

    P.S …..he kill 20 or 30 so anbu + ninja from the mist but the 2nd hokage was killed by 15 or so cloud ninja..gtfoh

  32. @token
    Don’t you think 5 out of the whole naruverse is rare.senju dna isn’t as easy to get as you are painting it. you forgot
    Yamato-yamato was special to survive among 90 or so babies
    danzou-almost got turned into a tree he had to seal the arm and have sharingan maintain the balance
    zetsu-is a creation and have been there from the start
    tobi&madara-yeah i agree, kishi did a bad job in having someone who can give the Kage a worthy fight.i enjoyed the kages fight if you didn’t

    to your question why obito didn’t use mokuton to break the wall?
    Look at the chapter again obito wasn’t standing next to the wall and saying how will i break it
    he instead got up suddenly when he heard the news and without thinking punched it with his bad arm

  33. @sanins
    From the way Obito fought, he knows exactly what he’s doing. His timing for phasing in and out are perfect:

    Why would he bother trying to suck people and teleport when he could just continue impaling everybody he he lays his eye on?

    Yea, Obito’s sharingan was nowhere near being mastered, but all of a sudden he just skipped through stages to obtain MS.

  34. The thing i’m allergic to than oysters is lecturing a bunch of……..{please don’t me go on}
    what was the whole point of kabuto saying “i have no control whatsoever over you” to madara for.and
    the 2nd being totally controlled by orochimaru.
    What he meant with kakashi was you warp me in, i warp myself out.and he never said he wasn’t aware the kamui shared the dimension
    do you seriously compare those ninja to kin and gin, i will be upset if chouji doesn’t pawn those lazy excuse for an anbu

  35. @sanin oro injected TONS of babies with the firsts dna… how rare can it be when oro has a labortory full of babies injected with teh firsts dna? Not only that but orochimaru had enough of the firsts dna to ressurect him via edo tensei earlier and the only reason the first isnt here now is cause he was sealed. Rare would be something like a rinnengan (although up until now was considered a myth and than bam nagato, madara and now tobi r carrying around some rinnenga). The firsts dna was supposed to be rare but when oro is injecting it by the cases and danzo also got his hands on some and madara apparently got enough to make a TREE full of the 1st clones (zetsus r all created form the firsts dna) than yea i would say its not as rare as kishi claimed. And give the kage a worthy fight? it wasnt even close nor should it have been. U have the greatest uchiha with ems, rinnengan and mokuton… The sage himself didnt have this much power all at once!!! even if he did have mokuton on top of rinnengan he probably didnt have ems. Not only that madara is immortal right now. Yea not even funny how ridic kishi made madara…
    and if obito is that mad y didnt u just berserk spam mokuton?. when he was angry against the ninja he didnt take time to wonder what to do he just jumped into the battle and spammed mokuton out the a**.

  36. @sannin and where did kabuto say he had no control over madara? he clearly did but he gave madara some control as to fully use his power. Madara was not powerful enought o not be controlled, kabuto chose to limit the control he had so that madara could move on his own and masterfully use his techs.

  37. @badasschefman
    i didn’t say he didn’t know what he was doing.he’s a ninja,he’s got fighting instinct
    sasuke used the amaterasu and susano the same way why get jumpy over obito

    someone would like to point out where it says the normal sharingan has to be mature, before you can get the MS

  38. @sannin no sasuke did not use it the same way… obito is flawless in his phasing and use of his ms powers right away. sasuke did not fully evolve his susanno until several chapters after it was introduced and his amatersu he was able to bend only later on as against killerbee he was just able to shoot it, not yet control it like he does now when he can wrap it around his susannos swd.

  39. And the tobi now has to have ems.. if he doesnt it will be even more unbelieveable as extended use of ms weakens the eyes with extensive use…. well obito has been using it since he was younger till now almost all the time so how come he can stil see? his right eye is stil his so he had to have gotten ems somehow.

  40. @Sanins
    Sasuke, an Uchiha Genius, could not use Susanoo, Amateratsu, and Blaze Release from the get-go. His abilities came over time the more he got adjusted to the Mangekyou. The number of times he could use Tsukuyami was very limited and at the same time had a very short duration, not at all like Itachi’s version. By the time he could summon his complete (not perfect) Susanoo, he was on the verge on blindness. But now Obito, a guy who didn’t even have a complete Saharingan, can use Kamui so skillfully? He only JUST awakened his Mangekyou.

  41. He clearly stated he had no control over madara “period” anything else is translating it in your own way and besides during that last moment people were free to do anything[dan visiting tsunade]the 2nd didn’t have this opportuinity
    there’s only one rinnegan” not three

    if oro had the first corpse that’s as much dna as he can get

  42. can u show me the chapter that kabuto states this sannin? i can show the chapter that states he wants madara to show him his true power… which would imply he is giving him more free reign but not that madara cannot be controlled. And he didnt have the firsts corpse he had his dna. edo tensei does not need the original persons body just dna.

  43. You guys aren’t serious
    sasuke could already defend with his susano skillfully and obito could phase with his kamui skillfully
    within hours-susano shooting arrows
    kamui’s upgrade is teleporting and warping things in which obito is yet to acheive.
    The naruto review is out could we take this there i’m going there

  44. I agree with Token!!! Obito is a no talent compared to Kakashi…he only awakened his Sharingan when he saw Rin needed help and Kakashi was down…that wasn’t talent sorry. Obito is like Naruto…dumb, clumsy, goofy but happened to inherit a great power i.e. 9tails/Sharingan. I just don’t like how everyones rage awakens some some megapower….does feel rushed but I guess he is trying to fill the plot holes as best he can.
    So far Naruto takes a backseat to One Piece and Bleach! Muahaha

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