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Bleach Chapter 510: Extinction

Chapter 510: The Extinction
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Our Three-eyes buddy had a twin. Their abilities were similar with a major difference between them. The both take over another’s likeness. The elder Loyd can copy another one’s abilities and power. The younger one Royd can copy another’s spirit and memories.

So Juha Bach has sent another Sternritter in his place to keep Yamamoto occupied until his own business was concluded. In that regard. It couldn’t have gone better for Juha Bach. The underling died, but Yamamoto was never the wiser seeing his underlings felt and reacted the same as Juha would(or just about, he was still under orders). Royd was strong enough to take out Zaraki with ease so Yamamoto wouldn’t have been too suspicious about his combat strength compared to the rest of the Sternritter.

Anyway, we quickly find out what Juha Bach was actually up and why he needed a distraction. He enters the scene by blasting the 1st division barracks to dust. Before Yama can react. The real king is already behind him. So far it seems this is the first guy he ever complimented on doing a good job. He gives the dying Quincy a quicker death blasting his body to nothingness.

So, Yama asks the question that was lingering with all of us. What has he been doing?

He has been visiting a prisoner who some of us thought he already was running around SS or even Hueco Mundo. But we find out he is still fully secured in jail patiently taking his sentence. I am obviously talking about.

Aizen Sosuke. I figured in advance he would decline any offer to become an underling for anyone. If he did join the King he would have thrown everything he stood for. Remember, Aizen wanted to take out the Soul King because he didn’t want to life underneath that ‘thing’ as he called it.

Juha provokes the Commander and he calls out his Bankai again.

And BAM. Unlike what I thought going by Yama’s own analysis last time out, careful configuration doesn’t seem half as necessary as power. Yama’s is so fucking strong a sternritter would not be able to control its immense power and it would simply go out of control as its trying to escape capture I guess.

Yama is in fucking trouble. Juha has full control over the most powerful zanpaktou in SS to use, instead he summons a giant bow into the skies and uses it to fire an energy blade. Yama’s earlier fire seems to have gone as his Bankai got stolen from him. As if the old man is already preparing his death. Contemplating his failure.

with that Juha says his well-meant farewell to his old enemy and strikes him down.


7 Responses

  1. ….good review.

    I’ll think i’ll just requote myself from the “it’s out” post from earlyer:

    “I must say I’m a little disappointed in yama… (or the writer’s way of repersenting him) Yama has shown that he was a very powerful fighter even without his banki… or even without his sword’s first release.
    If they really let him lose/die here like this (with the real bach taking very little effort in cuting him down) I’m going to real disappointed. (I understand if the plot requires him to lose… but i don’t understand why yama… aka the strongest fighter in SS had to be killed off like he was nothing).”

  2. Great review pretend3r.

    Things are getting very interesting. There is so much to ponder this week that I am getting goose bumps. Now I am really wondering who is in Hueco Mundo with the sword to Mr. Hat and Clogs? Another thing is Icihgo. I wonder what he will do to become strong enough to beat Yuha? With the situation in SS now extremely dire, they may have to go through drastic measures to beat Yuha. That guy is strong and now even stronger with Yama’s Banki. But one thing about taking someone else’s power, no one can ever use it to the max potential of the original owner. People have mention Aizen returning and the 0 Squad. I’m starting to see that as a possibility now. One thing I thought about this chapter was, I wonder what Yuha goal is? It can’t just be the annilation of SS. There must be more than that. Prehaps finally TK will tie everything together; Soul King, 0 squad. Ichigo, and whatever else I’m missing. Great chapter.

    @batboy267: I thought the same thing at first until I read “El Jefe” post then I realized that Yama temper has always been a “fault” with him. Remember when he wanted to kill his to students (Jushiro and Shunsui) without even trying to hear their side of the story. So it was a brillant plan by Yuha. I agree with your other post that Aizen may join the fray if only to see the evolution of Ichigo. Also I don’t think Yama is going to go down without doing something amazing. Even with a stolen banki I think he has a plan all the way to the end.

  3. Juha’s strategy was good – he exploited yama’s emotion, yama as beastly as he is, is a hot head an juha knew this an took advantage. If he was cool an reserved he wouldnt have even needed to show more than 1 mode of his bankai (although im glad he did coz it was the best bankai to date) and wouldnt have gone bankai once he realised that the juha he beat was a fusion of the twins!
    What im interested in now is Aizen….he’s obviously gonna break out now but how an what’s he gonna do once he’s out…. is he gonna get revenge on SS or ichigo, is he gonna try an regain huedo mundo, is he gonna change his mind and join the quincies……is it all gonna go according to his plan?! lol

  4. new chapter is out, friggin awesome,
    Ichigo is coming to town and shit just hit the fan

  5. So it is a member of the zero squad that attacked uruhara, the one that left right before the pendulum arc.

    Moment of silence for Yana, getting chopped up like that.

  6. That chapter, along with the previous ones, were a major cop out…to do Yama in like that was disgraceful. Tite just introduced characters like the “Copy” Twins as plot devices. A pair of nobodies that led to Yama’s downfall…so disappointed with Bleach at the moment…

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