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One Piece Chapter 683 – A Spiral of Events

OsjkNldfEhwPuiIakEjefCndaEsd…Did you get that, well that is as confused as I am after this chapter. So many things happen in the span of only 18 pages that I find myself think of one event to the other. Every character, every theme, every event that is in this Arc is involved in this chapter. This is my favorite part about One Piece, that Oda involves almost all of his main characters in the chapter. He does not only focuses on one character, only when it is needed. But for now lets get on with this weeks chapter.

She’s COLD!!!

I am really enjoying Monet’s character because she is as cunning, beautiful and mysterious as Nami and Robin were in their introduction. Another strength that goes into One Piece is for its strong female roles. One thing manga(Japanese Comics) is criticized for in the west, that most of the females are portrayed as these impossibly busty woman who most of the time are there just to keep fans happy. For example, for some reason almost every female character in Bleach has a very lets say immense chest. Naruto, is one of the most criticized manga out there for its poor female roles and that most of the females are well like I said busty. And do not get me started on Fairy Tale, every female that is above the age of about 16 has a bust that most woman would die to have. One Piece is no different in this trait, the curves on Nami and Robin are…well not possible. Nonetheless Oda still keeps his female characters actually relevant and powerful at the same time, and in some ways keeps their dignity. I mean Nami is one of the most famous character other than just her looks, it is her ferocity that keeps her in some ways real and original.

Like I said, Monet is becoming a very interesting character. I believe that she has a logia Devil Fruit ability of Snow. If she does have a Logia-Devil fruit ability, than it will be interesting to see how Nami or Robin will deal with her. But I think she did one mistake, she highly underestimated Luffy. For one thing, she thinks that she out witted Luffy, which is something not to boast over, since Luffy is not the brightest guy. But one thing people learn about Luffy is to never think he is down for the count. Also, Luffy is the only one out of the Monster Trio that wont have a problem hitting a lady. I think that she will regret turning her back on Luffy, if she is not stopped by the gang she is facing right now, which consists of Robin, Nami, Ussop, Brook, Kinemon, and Zoro.

Virgo broke the Law (see what I did there)

Virgo, what can I say about this guy, he has almost fought everyone, and just every time it seems that he can take the strongest attack and damage, and walk away. His body still takes the damage but he still can withstand the strongest attack. This could be because of his Tekkia, another technique of Rokushiki which allows the wielder to take on the strongest attacks. He has also shown that he can use Soru another Rokushiki technique. But I still believe that he has a devil fruit ability. The fight between Virgo and Law was entirely  unfair on Law’s side since Virgo was able to take Law’s heart. I believe that if Law did not have a handicap he would be able to take Virgo on. And it seemed like Virgo was afraid of Law. Once Virgo found out Law’s plan he made it his number one priority to attack Law. But once again Oda gave us a cliffhanger that suggests of a Virgo Vs Smoker fight. A fight between two of the top fighters in G5. So with the way things are going I cannot predict who will win, but I will tell you who I want to win, Smoker. Next chapter should be an epic battle between these Titans.

Side Note:

  • Does Monet remind you of Robin. I mean they are almost identical in story and character. Both work/worked for a tyrant, are both cold-hearted, both are cunning and above all, Dangerous.
  • That dragon that Kinemon and Brook beat-up might be Monosuke.
  • Why does Luffy always gets stuck?It might be because oda is saving his fight against the reinforcement of Joker’s man.
  • Chopper is becoming more of a organized, sophisticated character. Making him the cutest, smartest doctor in One Piece.
  • Probably One Piece is one of the only manga out there that has its main characters struggle, lose and get beat up by the bad guys as much.
  • I love the current arc, One Piece is becoming more and more chaotic but epically awesome at the same time.
  • Who do you want/think will win the fight between Virgo and Smoker?




23 Responses

  1. I WANT smoker to win… but like you said its a toss up… ether side could win at this point.

    great review… and i loved the title of the 2nd paragraph.

  2. Thank you Batboy267…I am a Smoker fan too. Wait that doesn’t sound right. LOL

  3. I hope Virgo beats the shit out of Smoker. I can’t stand him and I guess it’s because he was such a nuisance to Luffy in the WB War. I don’t know about any of you guys, but I’ll never forget the faces of the marines who got in Luffy’s way in saving Ace.

    Anyways, I’ve saying for weeks that Monet and Robin are similar and have been WISHING for some kind of confrontation between them. It looks like that’s gonna happen soon and I can’t wait to see what will happen.

  4. Oh and I think Virgo has Smoker’s heart too. So hopefully I will get decent number of pages with Smoker getting bloodied up.

  5. See I don’t think she has a logia, she doesn’t display any of the characteristics that most logia have, i.e. using their power to avoid attacks, not have bird wings, being more destructive. I think she probably has a mystical zoan like Marco, a snow bird or something.

  6. @7warlord, I apologize that if I took your idea, I need to pay attention to what people are commenting, but you guys have been really involved in the comments 🙂 so its hard to read all the comments but I try. So I am defiantly with you on the connect with Robin and Monet. But as for Smoker, I do not think he is as bad as you claim him to be. He was doing his job. But yes your right he did get in the Luffy’s way in the war, but I think that Virgo is a pure evilistic person. I mean kidnapping and experimenting on kids can get so low.

    @Firefist87, if you look at her at one point she can pass through the snow walls. But I was just theorizing, her powers can be anything to be honest with you. But a Snow-Bird. with some research I think her powers are somewhat like Mr.3, who was able to produce wax, where in her case its snow. As to what devil fruit it is, that is still up for debate.

  7. I’m in the Vergo black limbs being Colour of Armament haki, camp…

    Great chapter, great review!

  8. @Jdogg
    Aww dude, you don’t have to apologize for anything. I just meant, that I’ve been waiting so long for those 2 to meet each other. Robin brings so much mystery in this manga and now there’s another person just like her who can probably rival that mysteriousness. I wonder what secrets she will reveal..,

    Now about Smoker…I hate the guy. And I take back what I said about the WB war being the only thing I hated him for, because there’s more. Like how he fights…Even though he’s a logia, he relies on a seastone rod. The best his abilities are for is capturing people, but when he’s up against someone with hardcore fighting skills, he can’t do anything. I don’t think he’s used to people actually fight back at him, meaning he’s not yet adjusted to being in the New World…I don’t know…It’s just that when I compare him to other logia users, he just doesn’t compare to them in terms of variety, talent, and power. Hell, I bet if CC knew Haki, even he’d be stronger than Smoker…

  9. He’s probably better than Caribou, which is nothing to brag about, because that guy just uses guns most of the times…

  10. Great review Jdogg. I hope and I dont think Monet has snow powers because its too identical to Aokiji’s devil fruit powers.
    7warlord, i love Smoker. He was only doing his job in the Marineford War. He uses a seastone rod to make his job easier in capturing pirates with df powers. Wouldn’t you try to make your job easier when you’re risking your life all the time. I think Smoker will give Virgo a beating he will never forget. Gotta redeem himself from losing to Law.

  11. @Jdogg,

    I like my busty manga women, leave em alone!! haha
    Btw J, do u read fairytale?? I keep hearing its a cheap poor story version of one piece…
    Nami character wise is like a sensible sister to the gang and wont hesitate to punch em in the head whereas robin is the mature motherly figure – Oda does well to keep these two relevant to the crew
    as there more information based (Navigation and History) than physical fighters


    Smoker’s alright man, he just does his job as a marine the honest way, power-wise we’re yet to see him in an all out fight so far all he’s done in the series is chase luffy and have a couple sparring matches! We’re yet to see his true potential as a fighter and the fight with Virgo will expose if he’s up to it – he wasnt made a vice admiral for nothing, yeah he lost to law but that’s down to law having the better devil fruit ability and being able to wield his fruit better than smoker /smoker probably underestimating law

    Monet so far seems very cunning, the similarities between her an robin are cool but it could be a clash of personalities. Wasnt she interested in space or the stars or something of that nature?!
    As for smoker vs virgo, i want smokee to win but at the same time i like virgo, he’s freakin badass! Ive been waiting for a stone cold killer in one piece and virgo just doesnt give a fuck who he fights an i love it! So far he’s fucked up Sanji and Law within the same hour….Smokee better have a game plan to deal with this guy!

  12. I read FairyTale….I love it. I think Oda brother writes it. ( I hope the do a review of Fairy Tale too:-) )

    I was kind of happy to see Law lose a fight. Don’t get me wrong, I love Law but He seem way to powerful. He seem unbeatable with that Operating room ability. The way he took out the marines, the marines Ship and Smoker was way too easy (and cool looking). I felt He could do anything with that power of his and no can get close to him…I was worried if He turned on Luffy.. But it’s nice to see that Law wasn’t as powerful as i thought he was…but He’s still cool. Smoker did say, “if your haki isn’t strong enough, you can’t resist His Ope – Ope room”.
    Thats another reason why i think vergo is using haki.

    on another note – Do anyone know what that move Law did to vergo is? He called it Counter Shock. Is it related to His ability somehow? The way his hand was position, it looked like a Defibrillator paddle.

  13. I was wondering the same thing about Counter-Shock, he used it on Yeti Yeti Bros as well.

    Fairy Tails rocks and doesn’t take itself too seriously; a definite must read for readers of The Big Three

  14. I still think Smoker is overrated. Some people like to complain about how Sanji’s fighting style is just kicking, but all Smoker does is try to pin you with his stick. His DF isn’t lethal, he probably doesn’t even train using it in special ways….I guess I’ll just have to see what happens next chapter. His opponent isn’t a DF user, so he can’t rely on his stupid rod. If he can’t handle high caliber fighters with top notch haki, then I can’t ever see him being an Admiral class marine….Coby on the other hand….

    Fairy Tail is okay. It kinda annoys me how they always prevail over their enemies though. Their “Power of Friendship” is too much lol. I think The Breaker and Tower of God are much better choices to read.

  15. @7 Warlord, Smoker has rarely shown his true power, the fight he had with Law showed that he does use his logia power. But you gotta understand that the other Logia powers we have seen are very destructive i.e Fire, Ice, Magma, Light and so forth. But Smoker has the smoke devil Fruit which is not as destructive as the other ones. But you have to admit that Smoker is one of the few marines that is a marine and respects the law. Either way we will soon learn of who is better Smoker or Virgo.

    @Tensa Gizzla, hey I never said that I mind the female Bust, but I was just saying that realistically and in some ways criticizing manga, but I still find manga to be better than western comic books. As for Fairy Tale, it is a decent manga. It has its own originality and humor, I think that the author is somewhat related to Oda, maybe a friend or something. But I would suggest you pick it up.

  16. Coby has some serious potential – lookin forward to seeing a mean haki game from him – he’s probably a captain by now when i think about it, he’s mid tier like luffy an co, admiral is the highest you can get so doubt he made that much improvement in 2 years, hell that’d mean he made more progress than all the damn supernova lol

    I never actually thought of it like that – smoker’s fruit isnt physically destructive at all, it’d make a good defense but offence wise he’s gonna have to throw some haki punches to virgo and then some!
    Here’s a good question guys, so far what has been your favourite devil fruit ability??? I think im gonna go for enel’s lightning – the way he used that with his observation haki to rain down lightning on the skypei people was too sick, not to mention his el thor technique!

  17. in terms of ecchi, look no further than historys strongest disciple. good review, one piece is probably the best of big 3 mangas right now

  18. Yea, I guess we’ll see what can do next chapter…I won’t be expecting much though. Law will most likely intervene at some point anyways, because Virgo has both his and Smoker’s heart.

    The Zoan type DFs are my favorite. I love the brawls they are always in. So far, Rob Lucci and Marco have had the coolest transformations so far. Sengoku’s golden buddha form was a little weird, but still cool at the same time as well. Can’t wait to see Commander-In-Chief Kong in action though. Judging by his looks and his name, he has have an Ape DF.

  19. @Tensa, Enel’s df is definitely powerful. If it wasnt for his weakness against rubber, there was no way Luffy would have beaten him. But I like the Tyrant Bartholomew Kuma’s devil fruit. Im still not sure exactly what it all does but i know it has destructive power and i like that he can deflect anything.
    I read FairyTail. Its a good enough read. What i dont like is how the fights are so short and no strategies involved at all. I dont think there was ever a fight that lasted more than a chapter. But the busty female characters there are definitely one of the reasons im still reading the manga.

  20. I wonder if they will use a mythical zoan dragon type fruit user….he would be sick! Even though Logias are strong and Paramecias quirky kool…I prefer the Zoan type…the way Lucci used his leopard fighting style with haki was sick! Lucci is one of my top 3 fav characters!

  21. @ Mexican, i doubt we’ll see a zoan dragon type – think we’ve seen enough dragons in this one arc alone lol we’ll probably get something weird an random like a dinosaur or reptile type of mythical zoan! Lucci was badass, im hoping he’s a broker in the new world – would be interesting to see him again doing some dirty work! Lucci vs Luffy is still top 3 best fights in one piece so far!

  22. It would be cool to see Cp9 agian. But as pirates, not working for the government. I think they’re wanted by the government.

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