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Naruto Chapter 604 – Broken Heart

Well we got an early chapter this week, so I will use this moment to write the blog since I have time. I must say that the Big Three were spectacular, Bleach is getting better and better each week and it seems that we still have a long time before it ends. One Piece well I will say my thoughts in the One Piece article. As for Naruto well its becoming more believable that Obito survived.


It is no secret that I was against the idea of Tobi being Obito. But as the secrets of Obito are being revealed, lately, I have become more accepting to this fact of Obito being Tobi. Now like I said last week, if Kishi was to give hints to as Obito was still alive or had his character strengthened. Than Obito being Tobi would be believable from the beginning. As of now I am 90% accepting that its Obito, that 10% of me is still mad at Kishi for making a mess of the character of Tobi. When Tobi was first introduced we thought of his as the main bad guy, the baddest of the bad.The guy has One sharigan eye and a Rinnegan eye, how cool is that. He could control all 7 tailed beasts, the list goes on of how bad Tobi was, but wait its Obito. In a way the revelation of it being Obito took away that Immortality of Tobi away. But like I said as each week goes by and each chapter reveals more about Obito, it is becoming believable and in some ways a perfect to the story.

As for what happened in this weeks chapter, I cannot tell if this is the working of Madara or it is actually just a consequences of events. My theory is, that that it is not the real kakashi or Rin, because if you look on page 21 of the mangastream chapter, you can see that Tobi (fused with Obito) actually gives a vision of Rin from the viewpoint of kakashi to Obito.(But it could be that Obito could see from the left eye of Kakashi since its his original eye) But the face of Rin makes is that of fear, shock, and sadness, while Kakashi is actually crying. So this is where the confusion lies. If this is the workings of Madara and White Zetsu than they have played of a great play to bring Obito to their side. The other thing that strengthens my theory is that Madara was so strongly confident that Obito would return to him. But this could be the actual Rin and Kaskashi but Madara had his hand in making the current events occur, so that he can make Obito resent his Friends and come to his side.

Till next chapter…

I cannot really say that much about the chapter, I feel that Kishi is dedicating a lot of time towards Obito but is dragging the flashback for far to long. I think a little creativity on kishi side is expected, but I think that a lot of Naruto fans are becoming less encouraged to read this manga. I see a lot of people butchering this manga with yelling, cursing and hateful wording. I used to be one of them, but you have to admit that Obito being Tobi is well just to predictable and to stupid to be all a coincidence. It just so happens that Madara was there when Obito was buried by the boulders. I mean the chances of that is like Naruto falling in love with Sasuke, wait…never-mind thats bad analogy. But like I said with a few more chapters people will be saying that Obito being Tobi is actually pretty cool and makes sense towards the story. My point is that this is one of my favorite manga, it has style, originality, kickazz characters, one of the most choreographed battles I have ever seen in a Manga. So for those who find the current events hard to digest, wait till the end, it might get better. Trust me, I had to learn that not every thing we want to happen will happen in this manga. So just enjoy the wonderful world of Naruto.

Side Note:

  • Obito will find out it was Madara and will sacrifice his other eye for Kakashi and ends up being the savor, just like Darth Vadar in Star Wars.
  • This has Madara’s hand written all over it.
  • Madara kept a collection of weapons.
  • The only way to find out that this actually happened is when Kakashi tells his side of the story.


52 Responses

  1. This chapter was meh

  2. @Teamevolution1, I think we are expecting so much out of these flashback when we gotta realize that these chapters are meant to strengthen the story so they are not as exciting as the last chapters which were about war, battles, tailed beast, madara and so on…

  3. I’m digging the way the story is progressing. It was stated that Madara had Zetsu’s planted all over the place observing so its not as if he “stumbled” on Obito body.

    My guess is that Madara forced Kakashi into killing Rin…

  4. Oh, also, great chapter!!!

  5. .

  6. This is an awesome chapter because who will ever expect to be kakishi that kill rin

  7. Well said Jdogg. I think although the story had a hickup for alot of fans I think it will all make sense. I apperiate that Kishi actually kept this character hidden for so many chapters. There are still a few key points that are unresolved for me…

    -what are the circumstances of Rin’s death? (which will hopefully be explained soon)
    -what happened to Tobi?
    -What happened to Madara? He must have been still alive up until Obito claimed to “had the power of Madara Uchiha” since Itachi must have met him… I don’t think Itachi would have been fooled. Plus Orochimaru was aware of Madara’s secret lair and they were partners…
    -Where did Obito’s additional eye come from? (The one he lost while fighting Conan)
    -Was it actually Madara that killed the Uchiha?
    -How did Madara and Nagato cross paths? It must have been prior to Nagato meeting Jariya since he had Madara’s eyes (or eye?).

    I still think Obito is hiding Naruto from Madara. Obito has the same fused power (uchiha + Senju) as undead Madara and he obviously was not excited to see the guy when Kabuto introduced him. So instead of Vader he would me more of a Lando Calrissian

  8. i think this is really kakashi, not a clone. however from seeing kakashi crying (who at this point didnt show emotion very often) may have been asked by rin to kill her. maybe she was afraid of being tortured an giving up info or maybe she was gonna die anyways. This whole thing just seems like obito thinks one thing, didnt find out and went evil. And once the flashback is over, kakashi will say what really happened and tobi will have a change of heart.

  9. I think Zetsu set this up. He plainly told Obito about a clone plan with the ninja Rin snd Kakashi were fighting. I think Zetsu made Kakashi think it was one of the clones of Rin. So he attacked only to find out it was the real Rin.

  10. @Siskin:

    Madara was on life support by the time of the Uchiha massacre, it had to be Obito that trained/aided Itachi in the massacre. Obito had a lab full of Sharingans, more than likely harvested from the massacre, thats where his left eye had to have come from when he fought Konan.

  11. Yeah I definitely think that either Kakashi or Rin was under genjutsu for this to happen. More than likely Rin was.

  12. Rin is a Zetsu clone..Kakashi is crying because he knows that the real Rin is already dead. Same mind-humping strategy that Kabuto pulled with the Edo warriors vs their significant others.

  13. I guess I am the only one that feels that obito is tobi reveal feels extremely contrived story telling writing. Oh well it is what it is…

  14. I actually believe the storyline now and I can see how a teenager Obito with the Sharingan + Senju infused body + trained by Madara himself would be able to fight the 4th. That time space jutsu was hard to fight but the 4th figured it out quick and pawned Obito! Obito retreated but he was able to fo some serious damage to Konoha while indirectly taking out Narutos parents!

  15. I’ve read Naruto ever since the time skip. I feel that every Ataksuki fight and story was great. I think maybe the series should have stopped after the Pain arc because everything since has been painful. It’s cool and all that Naruto has the Kurama form, and Sasuke vs the kages/Danzo was exciting even if it the chakra limitations were completely dismissed. But with Obito being Tobi, I have to endure chapter after pointless chapter of backstory that doesn’t even make sense. Madara is an old guy with tentacles to the gedo mazo and then one day walks outside without needing the tentacles and picks up an Uchiha coincidentally to experiment on. I much preferred Orichimaru trying to court Sasuke to be his next body as opposed to Madara luckily stumbling upon a host while taking his dog for a walk.

    I started reading One Piece this year and I can’t believe how much better it is than Naruto. It makes this ‘war for peace’ & ‘old generation vs new’ crap from Naruto seem so fake. In One Piece, many characters fight and main characters lose fights. In Naruto, they power-level to such a degree that there are only like 4 characters left that can even step foot on the battlefield. Remember when Killer Bee was introduced and he almost killed Sasuke? Now he’s some comic relief with no fighting ability. Don’t mean to be a downer, I love ninjas but I’m tired of Uchiha-exclusive enemies.

  16. I’m just waiting for the Sasuke vs Naruto rematch. As long as that fight happens and it lives up to it’s hype, I’ll be satisfied.

  17. Well it could all be plain old genjutsu!! Madara looked obito dead in the eye and said “Bitch you’ll be back and dont forget my KFC muthafucker with a large coke – it’s hot in this damn cave!!”

    Loooooooool one piece is gonna get you hooked bro! Oda is in a whole other league compared to Kishi – he gets the mix right between comedy, fight scenes and a decent story, dont even get me started on the differences but there is a reason why One piece manga sold 13,833,116 for the first half of the year and Naruto sold 3,081,822.


  18. @Tensa Gizzla pleaaaase, one bite from that extra crispy, he gonna be begging obito to cut them shits off. Popeye ftw!!

  19. im glad kishi’s taking his time with this. If this war is seriously coming to an end soon, I expect some answers, not more questions.

  20. I doubt thats the real kakashi and real rin and that they are doing this without any1 controling them…i mean kakashi could be controlled and thats why he is crying or easy zetsu clones:D

  21. @blackness

    If it’s not the real Kakashi then this has to be some form of genjutsu. Zetsu clones can copy chakra but they aren’t able to perform the same jutsus as the person they copied.

    The fact that there was “shared vision” makes me feel like it is the real Kakashi (this fits in with Obito telling Kakashi he would still be able to see through his eye (in fact the said he would be able to see the future). There is the problem that Kakashi is missing his headband and his mask is cut… which is exactly how Kakashi was during Kakashi Gaiden. I admit that this implies that this is a copy or a genjutsu.

    It could easily be a genjutsu since the Zetsu body suit is connected to Obito now. I wouldn’t find it hard to believe that the body suit could mess with Obito’s chakra network without his knowledge.

  22. I think the reason why Kakashi killed Rin is beacuse the enemy where from the hidden mist, and they used the hidden mist jutsu, and Kakashi as younger couldnt detect Rin from friend or foe, and then the mist disapered and he saw that it was Rin and not an enemy.

  23. @seda makes since and also would explain how Kakashi could counter zabuza… If he ha seen it at a younge age he would know how to counter it by scent

  24. The great Jdogg gracing us with a Naruto and a One piece review. Thanks!

    I’m pretty much in agreement with what you said Jdogg. The Tobi character was immortal at first. But even after it was Obito, he was still immortal to me. However when Madara showed up Obito chara just faded into the background. It feels like how the EMS faded into the background when Madara’s EMS changed into the Rinnegan. Or when Nagato, who had the Rinnegan that made him unique, all of a sudden lost that uniqueness when the eye technique was “given” to him. I like Kish storytelling but sometimes I wish he would set his characters apart, (like he did with Garaa). However I do understand how he is trying to tie eveything together.

    I also agree with you J on the fact this flash back is kinda long. I’m starting to feel like the Uchiha clan stuff is taking over the manga again. A little variety would be nice now. Oh well patience is a virtue and I’m sure Kish will deliver in time. It takes time to weave a good story.

    @Token: I hope your theory is correct and it is the real Kakashi and Rin. If it is a set up by Zetsu and Madara, it would cheapen Obito’s character more.I mean how in the world can he continue to remain oblivious to the fact that he was bamboozled all those years ago?

    With all that said, I’m looking forward to the next chapter.

  25. @Jdogg, all I’m saying is I enjoyed reading the review more that reading the chapter. Kish wouldn’t have to waste all these chapters to cover up his ars pull revelation if he would make his mind up about who’s the strongest. His story telling is getting sporadic.

    P.S , thanks for taking your time and giving us your review. 👍

  26. @teamevolution1

    Go back and look at the chapter for when Haku was unmasked. You will see the title is “Who are you?” and Team Minato is pictured along side Team 7 with Kakashi. This is the same phrase used when Tobi was unmasked. You can say that Kishi was simply connecting the two but…

    I really think he’s showing all of us that he planned this whole thing from the beginning. Could the story have been presented better? Yes probably, but the whole war feels rushed. I think Kishimoto realized (after he didn’t get to Kakashi last year) that he had to compress some things a bit. Not sure why.

    In any case, there are so many other references to Obito being Tobi during the manga, but since I have a real job I have no time anymore…

  27. @jdogg, My thanking of you was sincere, not sarcasm. I enjoy your review, especially considering the fact that you do two.
    It just seam to me like kish keeps changing his mind and so erratically at that. He tends to contradict his own logic and create inconsistency/plot hole. Then to top it all off, he appears to be rushing things. One thing that bothers me is math (1st beat mardara) *(mardara beats kages) \ (3rd beats 2nd and 1st)= wth……

  28. @teamevolution – you over simplify the math/those-battles. Madara was resurrected at his peak and others were sub-par edo’s. 3rd was badass aka the professor. Kages had no chance against unlimited power madara. I trust that Kishi is not making it up as he goes along and is well aware of the precedence he has set…

  29. @taw no madara was raised beyond his peak. his peak would have been during the battle with the first. He got the rinnnengan after sure but he couldnt use it well enough during his peak years. not only that but madara was brought back with the firsts powers along side the rinnengan and ems. Kishi is being very erratic with all of this at least bring back madara with ems… bringing him back and giving him the rinnengan is just so cheap its not even funny.

  30. Recall that Madara did not die as we all thought soon after tussle with the 1st but lived for decades/centuries after. So you have a man that’s had time to increase his knowledge base and (ninjitsu) skill. So here’s this man with immense skill, knowledge and time brought back with his body at its peak??? It’s a wrap!

  31. That’s my point, how convenient that mardara was brought back at his prime, yet all other Edie’s where brought back normal. Mardara seams to of died at an old age shoe should be an old fart.
    Look I’m not saying I could write a better manga that kish, I’m saying that their are obvious plot holes and he need to step it up and stop ars pulling to cover them up.

    P.s wtf happen to neji, he was a bad ass at one point

  32. @taw we know he did not die but considering no one else knew this and that he didnt make himself known and that he had the rinnengan but never used it in battle (to our knowledge). Kishi basically said ok ill take some of this, take his ems, give him the rinengan, make him have the firsts powers etc. Every single edo zombie up till now was them as they were at their strongest except madara. kishi clearly favors the uchiha and its just a u kno what pull to give one ninja ALL of the strongest powers currently known in the narutovers: rinnengan – all seeing all powerful eyes over life adn death and the six paths, ems- sussanno spam along with genjutsu, first’s dna- known as havin some of the strongest jutsus including controlling tailed beasts and having mokuton. How can a body even contain all that lol

  33. @taw,
    In the beginning kish was cunning, but as of late he’s just been deceptive. It was deceptive of him to have obito fight the 4th when we would of been a kid at the time. It was deceptive of him to have obito say “I’ve waited a long time for this” when only a little time has passed between his accident and naruto birth. It was deceptive of him to say obito left side of his body was crushed by the rocks and have his ms activate in one eye only. It was deceptive of him to say tobi gave nagito his eyes when he shouldn’t even of been born yet or at most a child. It was irresponsible of him to have mardara know how to cancel the edi tensi but not the 2nd who was the creator. I could go on and on and I’m sure you could add a few.
    Look I’m a fan of kish as well but that doesn’t mean I can’t point out his mistakes. I’m not asking for his resignation or say he should stop writing naruto. I’m just asking for him to deliver to us what we all know he’s capable of doing.

    P.s , I’m going to start referring to Mardara as Billy Maze because his powers are like the infomercials ” but wait if you think that’s something I’ll throw in a EMS, but wait theirs more, for a limited time ill throw in a perfect swansoo, but wait if you promise to tell a friend I also include wood style, but wait for those of you who pick up that phone and call ill give you a pair of riningan to go with a sharingan…. Lol…..I’m going to get fired if I don’t get off….bye 👀

  34. @teamevolution1, No problem, I enjoy this website, that has become a community to talk about our favorite mangas. But to respond to your comment: I have read many manga out there from ones I found interesting to just random readings. But one thing I figured out is that ever manga has a period in its story where the author has a hard time keeping his story straight, whether it is the beginning, meddle or the end. Look at One Piece, the beginning was very dry and slow, but now it is one of the top. Bleach, the meddle is just to bad to talk about, but now look at Bleach, still one of the top. And now Naruto is going through the same phase, where the author messes up his work but at the end it will still be one of the best stories. While I do agree with you, I still have hopes for the Naruto series.

  35. fyi new chapter is out on mangahere. have to say pretty decent chapter but still something seems off about rin and also it seems like u do not have to kill someone close to u to activate ms… the trauma is what triggers it.

  36. I disagree.
    I think that because the eyes are linked, and kakashi killed (Presumably) his only friend, they both activated.

  37. Also, it implies that Rin had some information the mist was after.

  38. its out


    absolute sickness, could not be happier with both bleach and more importantly Naruto…


  39. @mabusaat, maybe RIn had some sort of kekkei genkai, or could have been uzumaki perhaps, she was a med nin after all.

  40. better translation


  41. @shikamaruistheman
    Yeah a Kekkei genkai would make sense.
    But they are all wearing the Hunter-nin masks.
    Which would imply they are there for an assassination.
    Maybe she was a spy, and had acquired something of value.
    Or had betrayed the mist.
    Or both.

    I liked this chapter.

  42. i think she had information of who the misukage was, Mardara.

  43. Rinnegan’s eyes are linked. Sharingan don’t have that ability. Erin’s death affected them both severely that’s all there is to it.

  44. if that was the point when obito unlocked his ms, how did he survive the rocks crushing him. plot hole after plot hole. this chapter was a filler because no new information was given….ugh….

  45. i bet u a cookie rin is an uzumaki, heck she could have been a jinjuriki candidate for all we know! Now Obito……..the guy just got MS and already he’s warping through ninja buttholes like a dog jumping through hoops! He’s anally raped more ninja in this one chapter than he has the whole damn war! And another thing… Kakashi, didnt he get the MS during the time skip??! (which he showed to Naruto before the Deidara fight) or is this gonna be that nonsense kishi pulled with Sasuke, he unlocks it as a kid but forgets he did an doesnt re-unlock it til yrs later….

  46. So kakashi had the mangekyo before even the likes of Itachi!? I say he didn’t know how to activate it or at least avoided doing so till later on being a none uchiha.

    Old man Yana, not a cool way for him to go. Such disrespect. But damn bleach is awesome, can’t wait for the 0 squad.
    And I thought mr Mohawk died, glad he didn’t.

  47. well to be fair kakashi did faint after activation and 15-17 years later kakashi was only able to activate only a few times max, he’s no uchiha. but obito is, and he was upgraded and enraged, so naturally he spams. Reminds me of another uchiha unfortunately which is why im not liking it.

  48. @tensa Gizzla srry, but kishi pulling the same nonsense as sasuke forgetting how to activate his sharingan due to truama is exactly what he’s gonna do for kakashi.

  49. So i believe unlocked mangekyos come with the of how to use it and what it is capable of. That is something that can’t jst discover, you already know what it can do and how to do it when u get it. What is left to the user is to what extent they can use that power. How well they will be able to control it is up to the user.

  50. There is what 20-30 hunter nin from the mist which r like Anbu+ lvl and obito just happens to wipe the floor with them and masterfully uses his ms…. Come on kishi make it at least realistic and been like 2 or 3 but this many so quickly dispatched of? Can’t see it

  51. O and obito was using the mokuton wood Justus flawlessly as well. Yea that likely to happen….

  52. And y did obito say u let rin die when from what we saw it would make more sense to say y did u kill rin

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