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One Piece: http://eatmanga.com/Manga-Scan/One-Piece/One-Piece-683/


22 Responses

  1. RIP Yama-sama. Welcome back Aizen-sama. Kakashi you bastard!

  2. Take Rin back to Madara, put some zetsu stuff inside her and job done… Rin lives

  3. @Impaler… even if that could work… that fails if Rin dies on the spot. (zetsu can’t reverse death… if he could then Marada never needed Nagato to bring him back in the first place.) and given that kakashi just took out her heart that’s most likly the case.

  4. I must say I’m a little disappointed in yama… (or the writer’s way of repersenting him) Yama has shown that he was a very powerful fighter even without his banki… or even without his sword’s first release.

    If they really let him lose/die here like this (with the real bach taking very little effort in cuting him down) I’m going to real disappointed. (I understand if the plot requires him to lose… but i don’t understand why yama… aka the strongest fighter in SS had to be killed off like he was nothing).

  5. @batboy – wholeheartedly agree, Yama (and Kenpachi) defeat leaves a sour taste in mouth… I won’t mind injured but not smashed!

    Or maybe Aizen shows up to save the day?

  6. No comment about Naruto… everything there seems pretty straightforward.

    One Piece: looks like luffy has been put in another place where he will be “stuck” for a chunk of the plot (lol why does oda keep doing that to him) and monet now has to deal with 2/3 of the straw hat crew… plus all the druged kids.

    I’m very very looking forward to smoker vs vergo and I hope smoker wins… this is his redemption fight (after being owned by law).

  7. @Tawuya

    Since Aizen refused Bach’s offer I’m going to guess he’s still stuck in prison… and even if he wasn’t he has no motive to help Bach or SS.

  8. @bat and taw,

    I agree! Yama, Kenny an Byakuya’s defeat doesnt feel right! Props to juha for the deception but yama didnt need to go bankai at the end an get his stolen too! The quincies seem like nothing but a bunch of stealing rats right now!

    Naruto – kakashi looks like he was crying like she made him do it or something

    One piece – luffy has a habit of getting stuck somewhere in most arc’s before the badassness kicks in – so far he’s been stuck inbetween 2 buildings twice in water 7, stuck under water in the arlong arc, stuck in a snake in the skypei arc and stuck in jail in impel down!!

    Virgo beat the shit out of law!!! I was like WTF happened – had to read it twice coz i thought i missed something! It didnt look like he was using any abilities it was just a straight ass whooping like how a dad beats there kid for acting up! Also monet – im confused did she eat the bird bird fruit or the snow fruit??!!

  9. @Tensa the bird legs were law’s doing remember? every person on the lsland got animal limbs thanks to law’s power.

  10. Also I wouldn’t call “stuck in jail in impel down” as part of the “luffy gets stuck” moments.

  11. Aizen’s view may or may not have changed; what was his ultimate goal, to expose the Soul King? Bach clearly had to be looking to bust him out in hopes that he would take up his cause… But with Aizen you never know, he’s a proper wild card. I’m assuming his zanpaktou was destroyed

  12. In any case this chapter proves that Aizen will be a part of the plot… and to be honest I’m not looking forward to it.

  13. Haha, why not? Besides hyougoku (sp?) Butterfly transformation, Aizen is one of the best “villains”/freedom-fighters/rebels we’ve ever encountered. He basically orchestrated everything from issue 1 of Bleach.

  14. Naruto: Good chapter, really enjoying how Kishi is building up the Obito story.

    Bleach: I think Yama is dead. I think Yama lost his shit and attacked Bach with his bankai precisely because Bach got to him. Yama may be the most experienced bad ass in SS, but he has been on the edge this whole battle. In the first place he should not have gone bankai against the fake Bach, because as has been revealed he took Bach down all those years ago without bankai. I think Yama losing his Vice-Captain (always forget his name) was the main point of the initial attack on SS by the Sternritter. It was not a coincidence that they killed him, I think they sought him out so that they could kill him and draw out Yama’s inner beast and rage so that Bach could steal his bankai. Essentially, by losing his VC Yama lost all the composure you would expect from the Captain-Commander, thereby making him use his bankai like a rookie. I would say well done to Bach for orchestrating such a great plan.

    @ Tawuya, I think that Byakuya’s death (if he is indeed dead) was done quite well actually. He was a bad ass till the end. I am still disappointed with Kenpachi’s death though.

    @Batboy, I have to agree with Tawuya here. Other than the butterfly Aizen (which wasn’t too bad if you think about it, Aizen had reached perfection and butterflies are often seen as reaching perfection after being transformed in that way), Aizen has been one of the better villains in manga history. I for one look forward to SS facing a threat of the Sternritter and Aizen (hopefully bringing back my favourite bleach character Ichimaru Gin)

  15. One Piece: I don’t think Law give Mount those wings and legs. She was shown to have working legs and hands. IMO, I think She a Zoan type – maybe a Mystic Zoan type. I look up Legendary birds and found one in Native American Legends. Pamola: A snow bird that lived on Mt Katahdin and made cold weather, and associated with snow. Even Her name looks like a play on the word mountain.

    In other news – OMG…Law got his butt kick. I thought Law was pretty unbeatable dou to his Operating room. I guess Vergo Haki is at a high level because he made law look like a rookie.

  16. Yes Law got beat but only because Vergo has his heart and is using it to whoop his ass! I think once he gets his heart back he will be able to fight to his potential. I think he has smokers heart too! They will have to figure out a way to get their hearts back if they hope to beat Vergo. Vergo has some kind of hardening ability which he can use on his body and weapons….hmmm what could it be? Might be some kind of solid dark stone/rock?

  17. @ Mexican_Jitsu- I always thought He was using Haki. But then agian Luffy was the first and only character that was shown using Haki by His skin turning Black when using COA. I figure Vergo is doing the same thing.

  18. @Rocklee
    He is. Remember when he killed those marines, his finger turned black using COA.

  19. @ Mexican an rock-lee,

    Even without having law’s heart i think virgo would still dominate law – his roukishi style is on a whole other level to that of CP9 an he seems like one of the most ruthless guys we’ve seen in the whole series. He’s able to maintain a convo while using geppo and his skin hardening ability almost broke sanji’s leg clean off! What really got me was the moment law did shambles an switched his heart, virgo was able to kick his face into a fence…..now that is some flippin serious warp speed!!
    I dont know how smoker is gonna do this, yes it’s gonna be his redemption fight as he lost to law earlier but this isnt gonna be a walk in the park!
    Who do u guys reckon is gonna stop Monet??? Her ability is snow so maybe kinnemon’s fire sword might come in handy or maybe Zoro will do somethin to stop the bird lady

  20. @ Tensa/Rock – Yeah it could be the Haki Defense, I was figuring only Luffy turned shiny black because he was made of rubber. I dont recall the CP9 turning black when using this type of Haki. I just dont think someone as strong and high ranking as Vergo does not have a fruit ability. Especially when he is really a Pirate in Jokers crew! I somehow see Smokee and Lawless getting beatdown by Vergo and somehow the #2SH Zoro comes to the rescue! He uses those batons which would make for a good fight with Vergo.

  21. @Everyone, Luffy’s skin turns to a blackish harden color is because of the chemistry of Rubber. It is called vulcanization, a chemical process that that when rubber is heated by sulfur, the rubber turns into a black substance that is much durable, its elasticity is greatly improved and becomes hardened. I think that Luffy is able to achieve vulcanization by heating his skin with the help of Haki, sort of how he bumps his blood to allow him to move at tremendous speed.

  22. @Jdogg – yup sounds right …. So why does Vergo turn charcoal in color when/if he uses defensive haki? I kinda feel that is his fruit ability!

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