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Bleach Chapter 509: Tenchi Kaijin

Chapter 509: Tenchi Kaijin(Heaven and earth to ashes and nothingness)
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And interesting chapter this week. Does the fight end? Or is it only the beginning of things much worse than Yamamoto’s Bankai.

Needless to say the Quincy defensive technique is absolutely nothing compared to Zanka No Tachi ‘South’. ‘Kaka Juumanokushi Daisoujin'(Grand Array of 10 trillion dead and buried by flames) is a private hell. The ashes of everyone he has slain are giving form and flame as the become tools of war to fight for Yamamoto.

Juha (apparently) thinks it’s quite laughable that a Shinigami(death god) can call forth the dead. He moves in for the strike but the piles of dust-bones block his attack. Taking form of men Juha Bach once knew. Fellow Quincy who died in the war a thousand years ago. But then the interesting their conversation start, which all makes perfect sense.

The Quincy tool that steals a bankai is a tool that requires carefull configuration and proper data for it to work. Without extensive knowledge of its power and abilities the tool is useless.

Ichigo’s Bankai is very young and evolving still, so the little data they would have managed to obtain became outdated when Ichigo regained his powers, also his inner hollow abilities would make it harder.

Yamamoto apperently never had to go all out a thousand years again. So having no idea how strong it actually is, the tool won’t work.

This seems to be the breaking point of Juha. Walking among his the dead of his fellow-men. With desperation he lunges out screaming out to Yamamoto.

This is the end…

Zanka no Tachi ‘north’: Tenchi Kaijin(Heaven and earth to ashes and nothingness)

Juha gets cut in half.

Yamamoto stops retreats his bankai. Rains starts falling down drowning the flames of his bankai. The Commander’s eyes have changed. His past mistakes dealt with? Pity?


It wasn’t Juha Bach. It was a double. Did the real Juha Bach never leave his Kingdom in the first place? I believe he isn’t the white-haired man. The old man would have noticed it. This ‘Juha’ is a perfect copy, much like how Aizen trained a subordinate He was probably just there to watch the double. Act his part and he is actually the one in charge of the Soul Society assault and most importantly. He has watched every second of this fight.

Meaning if the Commander calls his Bankai out again… They know posses the intel to seal his bankai. The strongest in SS cannot use his Bankai again.

So what does this confession mean for the war in SS. Will the white-haired man order a retreat on go on the offensive…

I knew this couldn’t be this easy.

9 Responses

  1. Another great chapter. Another awesome review. There is so much to be said that I don’t know where to begin. For example. I wonder if “Grand Array of 10 trillion dead and buried by flames” is the actually name of the technique or did he literally kill 10 TRILLION enemies. Either way it was awesome. I didn’t know what the heck happen with “Heaven and earth to ashes and nothingness.” Thanks for explaining it pretend3r. Now I’m just wondering where is the real Juha? What is the white hair quincy gonna do? Did the white hair guy know it was a fake? Also this leaves me thinking if the fake Juha was strong enough to deal with Kenny the way he did, just imagine the real deal. I really like the way TK concluded the fight. He didn’t downplay Yamamoto’s strength and yet set it up to where he can’t use his banki in the next battle. (That is based off of what you said pretend3r here:

    “Meaning if the Commander calls his Bankai out again… They know posses the intel to seal his bankai. The strongest in SS cannot use his Bankai again”)

    Again I say great chapter, great review.

  2. Ehh that was not Yama’s full power. He only showcased what he could do, not the extent of its limits. Also the quincies would need a heck of a lot of time to create a pendat that can seal that much power.

  3. Good chapter an review….this got me thinking though, just how well did the quincies plan this attack including the juha bach double, maybe those starknights werent even the A team of the quincy line up, maybe they were the 2nd string and the 1st was just watching this slaughter-fest to gain intel….if there are stronger quincies out there then S.S has a lot of training to do coz they got their ass whooped! Also the quincies must have been watching S.S for a long time to know whose bankai’s were at there limit an stealable.
    Props to old man yama for being a dominant badass but also props to juha bach for so far conducting a very good plan!

  4. I think that aizen and the quinces are teaming up and that the captain commander isnt fighting the real jaha bach but an illusion created by aizen like how aizen got the captains to kill mo-mo by controlling their scences. Now that he got yamamoto to show his bankai the quinces can steal it

  5. @5Hotel:
    I dont see Aizen teaming up with the Quincy. Aizen’s ultimate goal is to destroy the Soul King. The Quincy’s goal seems to be to destroy Hollow and Shinigami completely.

  6. @pretend3r: I agree with you. Honestly I don’t see Aizen returning at all. I think that part of the manga is done. (However I don’t mind being wrong if Aizen did return.)

    Some have also theorized that Ichigo will have some conversation with Zangetsu. As much as I would like to see that, I think Ichigo came to peace when he finally accepted his power. So I think that part of the manga is finished too. Again I don’t mind being wrong though. Both Aizen and Zangetsu/Hollow Ichigo was a great part of the story.

  7. Didn’t hitsugi think that’s his name go through intense training to take his bankai to the next level surprised his wasn’t strong enough since it seemed he was suppose to be the next super powerful shinigami. considering aizens constant attempt to specifically target him I expected more

  8. @Immortal
    It’s not like Aizen is dead though, he’s imprisoned, basically waiting to be freed. He will be freed somehow. When he does, I expect to see his bankai. Also, you may be right about Ichigo accepting his fate, but that mean Zangestu has. There has to be a good reason why their connection isn’t as strong as it was when Ichigo emerged from the Dangai and it may be because Ichigo decided to discard Zangestu from himself when he used Final Gestuga. Maybe some lingering feelings from that?

  9. So right on cue, in chapter 510: Juha Bach blows open the prison, to free Aizen. It sounds like Aizen is not interested in allying himself with the Quincy though. Maybe Juha Bach will change his mind…?

    Does he even have a zanpakuto anymore though? It disintegrated just before Urahara’s seal took effect. Not that he couldn’t still be a formidable opponent in other ways, particularly in his knowledge of Soul Society’s history.

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