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They’re Out:

Naruto 603: Rehabilitation

Bleach 509: Tenchi Kaijin

There will be no One Piece chapter this week. 


36 Responses

  1. Some slow grilled “Aizen” anyone?

  2. I loved the flash back, actually gave us a hint of how Obito became Tobi.

    Bleach: The word epic does not do justice for this chapter. In just a three chapters Yamo becomes the most breathtaking valorous character Bleach has ever seen.

  3. Shitty chapter…


  4. Them tentacles…
    The internet will have a field day with that.

  5. @?????


    Naruto – im tellin u rin’s death is a set up to make obito come to the dark side, madara u old fox!! Also do u guys reckon its a possibility that itachi knew that the old one eyed madara was alive?! Just remembered when he fought sasuke he said that he was a “shell of his former self” an old madara kinda is…..

    Bleach – OLD MAN YAMA……”There hasnt been a stronger shinigami in over a thousand years” and we’ve just seen why!!! Beast mode of a shikai, 4 different modes of his bankai, with a badass beard and 1 freakin’ arm – truely epic shit from kubo! All these other one armed guys need to step their game up!!!
    Prediction: in the next 15 chapters we see ichigo train again an learn his up, down, left an right bankai modes (Mugetsu was the left one lol)

  6. AAAAAWWW Shit… Old man yama is dead. Well played Juha Bach.

    I think you’re right. Madara was controlling the hidden mist at the time and he probably planned all of this.

    The only thing that bothers me is when did Tobi “he’s a good boy” die or is he still around and when did Madara die since Kabuto summoned him… There has to be a lot more to the story that we didn’t know about. I guess it was kind of hinted at since everyone said Madara was kind of still alive.

  7. i think the Tobi that was ‘a good boy’ is the zetsu with swirly face. from the flashbacks, he seems to be the goofy one. so i guess when swirly face zetsu lets Obito absorb him, he switches to that zetsu’s personality.

  8. My tl may be completely off but I’m guessing madara died when nagato linked with the statue right? Also I’m guessing zetsu gave him the strength to be able to hold off the 4th but it still doesn’t explain how his eye techniques got so powerful in that time guess that’s for next chapter to answer

  9. Any guesses to where black Zetsu came from?

  10. I’m guessing that Madara sets up rins Death…obito see’s that rin dies and he awakens his Mangekyo Sharingan…He den starts believing that the world is full of evil and stuff and he starts madaras plan..and thats how it all starts….

  11. Obviously Madara does stage run’s death.

    Obito does not think of himself as being evil, he sees himself as the only awake in the harsh reality while everyone else is in a dream like world where they believe peace if possible. Rin’s death is what awakens him to this harsh reality. He can bring himself to hurt Kakashi because he has been manipulated by madara to hate him. Since he thought kakashi let Rin die, he no longer cares for kakashi. He was well and trully alone. But not once did he think he was being evil, in his eye he is only saving the world from the kind of suffering he went through. He believed the end result will justify all the injustice he commits to get to that result.

    Obito is NOT evil.

  12. OMG the Captain-Commander is a Fckin BEAST!! I’m guessing thats not really juha baha

  13. Does anyone think Tobi may have a change of heart and either kill himself or have Naruto/Sasuke/Kakashi/Naruto & Sasuke combo kill him? i know he has done some seriously unforgivable deeds but maybe he will turn to redemption? Just a thought…Or could Tobi step in to stop Madara? if that is even possible. LOL

  14. Naruto is shaping up nicely. Its been set up pretty obviously the Rin’s death will lead him down the path to what he is right now- but I really hope there’s more because going over the edge because the main chick from your spank bank died isn’t justification enough for me.

  15. Aizen is with the quincy. They hypnotized Yama into thinking the Juha he was fighting was the real Juha. they did this to fully witness Yama’s bankai in order to steal it after Yama annihilated Juha’s subordinate. The reason the quincy didn’t want Ichigo there was because they knew that Ichigo hadn’t seen Aizen’s shikai and thereby wouldn’t be hypnotized and would be able to tell Yama that he wasn’t fighting the real Juha Bach but a subordinate. Now that Yama has revealed his bankai they can steal it from him (since they know its full extent) and move onto the second stage of their plan of destroying Sould Society and killing the Soul King- This is why I believe they joined up with Aizen: they have common goals.

  16. One thing that fascinated me in this chapter is that a manga character’s hair ACTUALLY grew overtime!

  17. @El Jefe

    Spank bank loooooool, anyone else think that kishi got friend zoned as a kid?!! The 11th commandment says “Thou shall not friend-zone!”, a guy would rather get punched in the face then a friend-zone, a friend zone is what turns “good boys” into mask wearing weirdo’s!!

    Seriously though great theory on bleach, when aizen does come back i kinda want him to be working without the quincy just to throw in another crazy option for the story

  18. @Tensa

    The friend zone is a dangerous place!

    I would also like to see Aizen working alone, but the problem that arises with that is how would he have unsealed himself? He must have had some assistance if he has been released. But if there is a team up then things are about to get really crazy in the bleach universe

  19. Damn this blog!!!! I just called my boss Tobi when he came to my desk

  20. Now I’m starting to believe Tobi did had control over the mizukage if you factor in when did kisame meet and when he joined the akatsuki as well as zetsus ability to become almost exact copies of the chakra he absorbs.

  21. @El Jeff the only hole in your theory is this:
    The quincies already know of Ichi’s bankai but still can’t seal it even though he’s been revealed it for few years now. So even though Yana jst released his bankai. They cannot seal it. They need time to analyze the puny bankai, they would need eternity to be able to seal Yama’s.

    And again obito did not go over the edge cuz like I said, he is not being evil.

  22. great chapters, old man yama is a beast, so what was his north bankai? great theory el jefe, i hope it plays out like that, madzikage, i was saying that too, i have never seen a manga with a characters hair growing in the course of time, except for gohan in the time chamber, i wonder how long obito was in the lair for his hair to grow so long, in that case, is there a shinobi barber or do they just use their kunai knives, this whole tobi plot is smoothing out nicely

    oh ya, rock lees springtime youth was hella funny, they introduced the akatsuki, everyone should read it

  23. @Profess,

    Old man yama’s north bankai was smiliar to east but i think the difference is that with east it literally leaves nothing wherever the tip of the blade touches whereas with north it does the same thing but its the whole blade not just the tip that can do this so it can be used from a long range with just one swing.

  24. IchiGo’s hair grew too.

  25. Bleach has reached lengendary status in my book all because of the sheer awesomeness of Yamamoto. TK did not disappoint with that character. I will comment some more when the review comes out.

    Naruto is moving along nicely. It was good to get some humor this chapter.

    @nss7: I was pondering that same thing. I’m thinking that Obito made the black Zetsu. Then again maybe he just isn’t around right now.

  26. @Cesc

    I thought about that actually, and the fact that that first guy wasn’t able to seal Ichigo’s bankai in Karakura Town, and then I came up with a theory: that guy didn’t seem to be a high level quincy like the guys who invaded SS. So maybe the ability to steal a bankai relates directly to the strength of the opponent you are facing? For example, maybe the only Quincy able to seal Yama’s bankai is Juha Bach, since he is (allegedly) the strongest quincy as he is their King. I just felt that reconciling the calls of the fallen Juha for Juha-Bach-Sama and the forced absence of Ichigo would lead to the Aizen theory. Or maybe the Quincy also know about Ichigo’s (hopefully) latent Hollow, which would also explain their reluctance to let him get to SS. Basically what I’m trying to say is that the fear by the Quincies of Ichigo isn’t solely related to the potential ability of his bankai- there is/ are other reasons for their reluctance to let him get to SS

  27. so no one notices shisui is obito’s father? on the 13th panel theres a picture of him, obito when he was a baby and obito’s mom together in obito’s room. that explains obito’s space-time sharingan techniques. shisui didn’t just possess the most powerful genjutsu (kotoamatsukami). he was also known as “shisui the body flicker” after all. only his technique most likely wasnt the body flicker at all —-(could have just been labeled the body flicker by his opponents because they themselves didnt know what it was and it obviously strongly resembles the body flicker)—- and in fact was space-time ninjutsu granted to him by his sharingan which he could have genetically passed down to obito. just like how sasuke and itachi have the same eye techniques probably passed down to them from their father, —-(their techniques being amaterasu, susanoo and tsukuyomi which are said to be very rare in uchiha’s and could be what made their father powerful enough to be the leader of the uchiha at the time before they were wiped out. the techniques probably ran in their family alone.)—- shisui passed down his so called “body flicker” techniques down to obito. this all seems valid to me. shisui could have even been involved with madara before his death. that would definitely straighten out the timeline issues if it is at all possible that he played the role of tobi as well before obito did. some say how was obito able to gain such mastery over his sharigan in such short time to able to face the fourth hokage and control the kyuubi. well maybe that wasnt obito and was in fact shisui. that could also explain the blood mist village period. kotoamatsukami (shisui’s unique genjutsu) gives the user the ability to enter their targets mind and completely control them. now if there is any genjutsu that can completely control the kage of a village, let alone the 3rd mizukage who was also a jinchuriki, its shisui’s technique. there could be a lot more to this story than we all think. then again, i could be wrong. that could just be some random uchiha who looks exactly like shisui and these could all just be crazy scenarios that arent valid and dont make sense =)

  28. how can shishu be obitos dad when shishu is only a couple years older than itachi… who in turn was younger than kakashi and guy who in turn r the same age as obito… so shishu who is about kakashi or guys age is supposed to be obitos dad? that doesnt work out

  29. or in other words shishu and obito r very close in age so not possible to be obitos father

  30. Don’t forget that Itachi was also roughly 8 years old when he witnessed Tobi’s attack on Konoha. Shi Sui would be around Itachi age at that time, making him younger than Obito.

  31. @token

    you know how old shisui is? because we know little to nothing about him personally to rule out these opinions and ideas. i havent commented on this site in months before just recently, but ive been keeping up with naruto obviously. i used to debate and argue with people all the time over things they think they are right about or think dont make sense, and as the story went on more and more people were proven to be wrong and things i said proven to be right =). aside from what happened to him before his death, his sharingan abilities, his encounter with ao, and his relationship with itachi, we dont know anything about him and i believe kishi is keeping it that way for a reason. think about it, do you really think shisui’s character has just become irrelevant to the remainder of the story? and for kishi to put a picture on the wall of obito’s room of, i assume, himself as a baby his mom and father(or brother, could be his brother as well) who just so happens to look exactly like shisui just doesnt make any sense to me. kishi is the king of foreshadowing. that picture is definitely hinting at a relationship between obito and shisui in some way whether they are siblings or father and son they have to share a relationship. its too big a coincidence. we only know that shisui’s sharingan granted him kotoamatsukami and whether he has space-time techniques identical to those of obito has yet to proven.(although with a moniker like “shisui the body flicker” this lends plenty of credibility to him possessing space-time jutsu imo) i respect you token, for your one of the people on this site that is mature, shares opinions and well as give yours on the ideas of others all the while being respectful. if you can prove to me through hard evidence that my theories cant be valid please do, but you havent convinced me just yet.

    And shisui assuming the role of tobi carrying out the attack on konoha using kyuubi was somewhat a side scenario i though up that (although i agree is a long shot seeing as how shisui technically died trying to protect konoha) lends a bit of credibility to my theories.

  32. @fast in terms of age I’m going by looks and how close in age shishu appears to be relative to itachi when they r seen together and they r not that far apart. Now an interesting twist could be that perhaps shishu is not his dad but his brother…. In the photo we see two parents holding a baby. What if that baby is obitos little brother shishu? There is a pic up there of the whole team so u have all of his important ppl in that wall. Maybe shishu is his bro which going y what we have seen of him shows him to be close in age to itachi rather than Kakashi/guy or older.

  33. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c590/6.html
    These two look close in age and itachi is younger than Kakashi obito and guy

  34. The picture in Obito’s room doesn’t have enough details in the art to reveal who Obito’s parents were. It’s too hard to distinguish by the drawing. I doubt it’s Shi Sui in the picture, either as a father or a brother. Why would there be a picture that Obito is absent from his family if Shi Sui was the baby in that pic?

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