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Naruto Chapter 602 – Randomness is KEY

I am very sorry that the Naruto reviews have been inconsistent as of lately, what I am talking about, ever since Bob retired, no one is able to keep on the pace of writing Naruto Reviews. There were a couple of potential candidates that i thought were going to be the next Bob. The most recent one was Mistersensai, which in my opinion was exquisite in his reviews. Unfortunately he has a busy life, we all do. So I am crying out to ANYONE WHO HAS THE LOVE AND TIME TO WRITE THE NARUTO REVIEWS!!!! But for now I will still do my one two  about the recent Naruto chapters and hopefully give you a decent review. I really enjoy this Manga and talking about it on this website, I really like the people who come here and say their thoughts, so I will do anything in my power to keep this community of Narutoism alive. So without further or do, I will say my opinion on the recent chapter.

Randomness Is Key

You have to admit that the chances of Obito being buried under those boulders is the exact same location of Madara’s hideout is very small chance. I am trying to make sense of it, and my conclusion is that Kishi decided to do this in a last minute effort. One reason I think this way, is that there were no hints to as Obito being alive after his supposed death. Now if when Obito was buried under all those boulders and in that chapter there was a hint to him as surviving would make all this sensible. If in chapter 244 where Obito was buried, if it was in this chapter that at the end there would be a hint to as Obito being alive would at least make it believable of the current events.(The picture on the right, is how chapter 244 should of ended) With that being said, that did not happen, when Obito was first introduced he was almost a step stone character to build up the character of Kakashi. But who would of thought that he would become one of the main villains. Which in my opinion has its own originality, so either way, I have finally come to finally admit that Obito being Tobi is not as horrific as I thought it to be.

That is just my opinion but I also believe that Kishi has perfected the art of randomness. This event is without a doubt one of the most random event that has ever occurred in Naruto and in some ways has its originality with it. Sort of gives it its own flavor of epically unexpected. I just never expected that it would be a decision that would control the outcome of the Ninja World. So here is my thumbs up for Kishi, for deciding to do the bravest move in his creation. Now I know a lot of people will agree or disagree with me, but look at other mangas and see how sometimes doing randomness can pay off. For example, the Fullbringe arc in Bleach was so random and very poorly done that the fans gave up on Bleach. Look at Bleach now, possibly the Number 1 manga out there right now. And as for One Piece, well One Piece is random in itself, but it is this random that makes it so great. Again thumbs up to randomness, random can be great sometimes.
Side Notes:

  • There’s not much to say about this chapter, other than that we kind of knew what was going to happen.
  • Madara is an excellent doctor, to be able to fix Obito’s body.

Best Antihero character ever


28 Responses

  1. I have the time and the love. What I don’t have is writing skills

  2. Well if you think that you have the will to write about Naruto, than I would strongly advice you to email Bob to become a writer on this site.

  3. well said Jdogg… part of the reason i hate the fact that Tobi = Obito is from that it isn’t consistent with a lot of things that have happened in Naruto. If there was any hint… any foreshadowing at all to Obito being alive put in Kakashi giden then I wouldn’t be as pissed with this outcome.

  4. @Jdogg: You have no reason to apologize; you’re doing two reviews. It’s hard for some of us to find the time to blog let alone do a review. Again I applaude your efforts, you are doing a amazing job. By the way I love the pic of Zabuza and Haku….yeah…..they are the foundation in which Naruto was built upon.

    As far as the chapter goes; it’s great to get some back story. Madara probably gave his eyes to the Uzumaki clan (Nagato) for safe keeping. I agree with what ripcord said about Zetsu. He was out doing all the work for Madara. Especially since black Zetsu is the “land” itself. Madara was probably was planning along time this whole project “Tsuki no Me Keikaku” and Obito probably just fit in with it all.

    As far as becoming a review writer…well I feel I’m to much of a rookie for that job. I’m new to the site, new to the blogging stuff, and I’m new to the planet earth. For that I apologize to you that I can’t be there for you.

  5. @Batboy267
    There actually were many signs in the manga, but they aren’t obvious ones, such as the titles of chapters and a “random” panel of Kakashi’s room with Team 7 and Team Minato. Also, the way that Haku and Tobi were unmasked, among other things. Kishimoto wasn’t just imitating his old chapters, rather he was foreshadowing future events right from the start.

  6. Naruto has always has the greatest foreshadowing on the big three, as well as the greatest use of history repeating itself.

  7. @jdogg

    keep your good work, it seems you´re the last man standing. This situation only shows how much stamina Bob had over the years.
    Sometimes these review don´t have the purpose to understand the manga better rather then to keep the ball rolling so everyone can discuss on that…..so keep it rolling jdogg

  8. I’m in Peru on vacation, but i must say that this last chapter supports my theory that i posted a few weeks back. Logic ftw


  9. @apathy depends what part of ur theory u r refering to. if ur referring to https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2012/09/01/naruto-chapter-599-blasphemy/#comments and what u said in sept 1 not all u said is supported.
    -For one we already knew that zetsu r from the firsts cells; tobi already explained this earlier on. We all figured that IF obito was to be tobi he had to have implants to support his broken body and zetsu is the obvious choice as way before ur statement back when we all read tobi vs the 4th it was observed that the arm damaged was stringy and white and replaceable like what zetsu is made of.
    -Obito clearly did not move himself out of the boulder as u predicted.
    -the right side of his face looking like a cinnabon as u put could be due to the fact that hundreds of boulders crushed his face and is disfigured.
    -Obito is part zetsu not fully zetsu so how can tobi trick minato and kisame with a full clone and impersonation of madara if only half of tobi is zetsu. Only half of tobis body should be able to mimic madara.
    -it looks like zetsu didnot pass on tech/info from madara to obito.. looks like madara himself did it
    – from what we have read looks like madara himself found a suitable host for his eyes not zetsu therefore madara is and has been behind this whole scheme mostly.
    Some of ur points were vaild however ur theory of zetsu bein responsible for akatsuki and for nagato getting the rinnengan is mistaken. Now all i want to know is how did madara transplant his rinnengan into nagato…

  10. and btw a few weeks ago i mentioned this;
    4) The third shinobi was took place at this time with nagato. Now at this time obito was 11 and with his team. At the same time nagato was with his group nagato had already had the rinnengan. Tobi states that he is taking what was his to begin with. During the war nagato was between 12-15. So when he first used his eyes he would be what about 5 or 6? so by thats obito is roughly 6 or 7 at still struggling at academy probably. The times dont add up to how tobi would encounter nagato here.
    Is it possible that madara was tobi for a little while, grew old and weak and saw obito as a prime canidate to take over for him? but if so how did kisame recognize tobi as madara later on?

  11. Token

    Tobi didn’t give nagato the eyes..madara did:D

  12. I never stated Obito gave Nagato his rinnengan. In fact I said in my first one madara himself found a host for his eyes

  13. Kisame simply made the same mistake as everyone else who believed he was madara. Besides, he called him mizukage first, not madara.

  14. Btw, I’m still wondering how the hell kakashi awaked the ms abilities of someone else’s sharingan. If it wasn’t for that, I would’ve believed that obitos ability was similar to izangi that it can be done with any sharingan and Tobi simply replaces it with a bunch of other sharingan he has to keep from going blind. That would have explain why it seems like he spams it. Could have a nice supply of sharingans in an alternate dimension to switch instantly during battle, but way to late for that theory now. Also another thing bothers me that itachi and sasuke had different techniques and each eye. Why are both kakashi and obitos technique the same? I figured at first one eye manipulates the space within yourself while other does it from a distance but that doesn’t seem right.

  15. @darthuchuha:

    Different strokes for different Uchiha’s. Fundamentally, Kakashi and Obito’s technique is the same, but we know the different eyes utilize Kamui differently. That could be interpreted to be like Sasuke and Itachi’s situation of different techniques in different eyes. Either that, or Kakashi doesn’t have the skill or chakra levels necessary to unlock the full potential of Kamui like Obito does.

    I think I talked about this earlier, a scenario where in the preceding fights against Obito, Kakashi’s objective was to copy Obito’s skill with Kamui and then confront him and take away his intangibility, wherein he has a Taijutsu weakness from reliance on Kamui so much.

  16. Also made this comment on the other post…love to get some feedback on it.

    There are two possibilities that lead to Obito unlocking his MS. The MS doesn’t require you to actually kill your best friend, just an extreme emotional upheaval of losing the one closest to you. Sasuke technically did not kill Itachi. Kakashi did not kill Obito or Rin. The emotional upheaval of losing Shishui for Itachi, and the emotional upheaval that Sasuke underwent after he beat Itachi awakened the MS.
    Where could Obito get this experience. Two places specifically. At his “death” under that rock was a very emotional experience, where he lost his teammates by being separated from them with the intention that he would die. Also, Obito mentioned Rin’s death as well, that could’ve triggered the MS.
    My theory as to why Obito hasn’t undergone the blinding effects of overuse of his MS are that he possesses the DNA of the 1st Hokage in him, as a medium to make up for his cave-in injuries. This explains his huge chakra levels, his use of Izagani for 10 minutes, his ability to wield a Rinnegan, and probably his reckless use of MS techniques. We know the 1st’s DNA can extend the power and range of Uchiha eye techniques. We also know the Senju are descendants of the Youngest Son of the Sage of 6 Paths, who’s primary abilities dealt with life force, physical prowess, and vitality (Wood Release), as opposed to the Eldest Son’s potent chakra and more spiritually inclined abilities (Susanoo). This extends to chakra levels, which are physical limits in the Naruto universe…even though Uchiha chakra is more potent that others, their overall chakra levels are low in comparison to the Senju due to their physical disadvantage.
    @rock lee
    If you remember, Kabuto said Madara was enhanced by him to be what he was BEYOND HIS PRIME. The Edo Tensei Madara we know today was NOT the one that the 1st fought and defeated. The Madara today has never existed in the past. I’d bet that the 1st would probably lose today’s Edo Tensei/Rinnegan/Wood Release overpowered Madara.
    Madara obtained the Rinnegan and Wood Release AFTER the battle with the 1st, where he was too presumably incapacitated and weakened to effectively use those powers, seeing as he had to use that life-support system. The Madara the Kages lost to is a conglomeration of all his best traits put into a younger body. I’d be even willing to bet that had Madara not been given the Rinnegan and Wood Release upgrades by Kabuto, the Kages would’ve defeated him much more easily…probably at the point where he was fighting Naruto’s clone and had to use the Rinnegan’s Preta Path Technique to absorb that Rasenshuriken.

  17. What is wrong these new generation of ninjas? These young whippersnappers actually need guidence to turn evil? No wonder why I chose my name like this. This shit seems so familiar to another franchise….

  18. Hokages just need to stop taking on students cause they as well as the students of their students have the tendancy of fucking shit up for everyone.

  19. I looked back at ALL the times obito used kamui and not once did he use it the way kakashi has, not even to transport someone else. You would think that he would use kamui from a distance and sucked em in without the need of getting up close an personal. Hes always close to his target when hes uses it to attack.

  20. @darth maybe thats cause only kakashis can do it from a distance. they r both the same eyes so its probably that kakashis can do his from a distance while obito can bring them in from up close and phase himself.

  21. @ token what I discovered suggests to me that their different use of kamui has little to do with skill, that’s what I’m getting at.

  22. The eyes are probably based around space-time techniques, like Shusui was with genjutsu. That said, Kakashi has the long range while Obito has the short, Kakashi the offense while Obito to defense. I’d imagine that when put together the eyes would have some sort of special third technique other than a Susanoo, but we’ll never know.

  23. The new ch. Is out it explains alot with much going on

  24. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v60/c603/

    Naruto 603 IS OUT

    This chapter explains sooooo much. Even the height and hair length inconsistencies with Tobi = Obito…didn’t think Kishi would go to that length

  25. new chapter is out an did anyone else get the feeling that madara/zetsu set up rin’s death?!

  26. @tensa yea i got that feeling too. Either that or maybe the zetsus changed to rin, kakashi etc and made it look like what he saw was them in trouble. Maybe rin died not in this fight but later on but obito thought this situation was when she died and made him go crazy.

  27. I wouldn’t be surprised if Zetsu did under orders from Madara so he could awaken his Mangekyou

    Also Madara could really use Orochimaru’s body transfer justu, or hi Cursed Seal Horcrux one

  28. Madara is a master of manipulation. Having Zetsu assist Obito with his recovery only further builds Obito’s future reliance on his (Madara/Zetsu) power. In my opinion, Madara is aware of Obito’s knowledge of the ‘History of the Uchiha’, and Madara’s subsequent betrayal and knows he won’t be swayed too easily if Madara directly influences his decisions, but rather have Zetsu “setup” Obito’s inevitable fall into “darkness” through wity banter, friendship, and crucially unyielding power. Wanting to protect the one’s you care for but not having the power to do so. That has been the fundamental conviction of every main character in the BIG 3.

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