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Bleach Chapter 508: Like a Raging Fire

Chapter 508: Like a Raging Fire
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Subtitle: Hell’s representative.

I don’t even know what to even discuss. Every chapter this battle continues it is just out of this world. Genryuusai Yamamoto is a goddamn beast…

I am surprised to see a relative calm face on the observer of this fight. The King’s second-hand(presumably, we still don’t know his name).

Once more we are reminded of the power that is the Commander’s Bankai where even he says that they are going to end this. The whole of Soul Society will burn to ash. Boy was Aizen smart to seal his abilities asap which made me think a little about why the King or the 2nd man hasnt used the pendant yet. Just because they can steal a bankai doesn’t automatically mean they know how to use its full potential. The bankai is never a blade form it seems. So it could be that they are trying to learn how to use his bankai by watching Yamamoto use it. A dangerous tactic, but if they need his bankai for their plan, it could be very necessary.

Juha Bach is not having it easy. This is an enemy he actually can respect in terms of outright strength. He doesn’t even want to move as his enemy is slowly walking toward him, bathing in flames. Yamamoto attacks him with words and the of course, the display of his power. Juha launches an arrow, the shape having absolutely not effect whatsoever.

The feeble attack attempt is the go signal for Yamamoto, he lunges into the air. Juha Bach uses a new type of technique of a defensive nature.

Kirchenlied(Holy Hymn) – Sankt Swinger
Juha Bach is confident this technique can protect him from a direct attack. He describes that anyone who steps into the light the Light of God will tear him apart.

Yamamoto is not impressed as he plants his blade into the soil just outside the barrier. And then… the apex of this chapter. His Bankai opens the way to the ‘South’

Kaka Juumanokushi Daisoujin (Grand Array of 10 trillion dead and buried by flames)

I got no words that would do justice to describe this but the best I can come up is Yamamoto is Hell’s representative. Zanka No Tachi ‘South’ can only be described as the Gates of Hell.

How long are they allowed to open…

This fight is far from over.


8 Responses

  1. Great review pretend3r! I was just itching for your review and behold it looks like I’m first to post! Immortality at last! Muhuahha!!

    Okay enough of that. This chapter like you said pretend3r is getting better with Old man Yama. I use to wonder why he waited to join fights and now I see why! If he fought all the time, then the other captians would never grow in strength because Yamamoto would fry them all. I was wondering about the second in command myself. It’s strange that he is just standing there. It sort of reminded me of Aizen and Gin. Aizen doing all the fighting while Gin just watch. Who knows what role he will play in the upcoming chapters.

    One comment I want to make is, I’m starting to doubt they will steal Yamamotos Banki. I don’t know how this fight is going to end, but that second unknown super quincy may interfere somehow…

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter!!


  2. One word to explain that chapter! …WOW!
    BTW nice review. I also don’t think that Yama’s Bankai is going to be stolen. Furthermore I could imagine that he’ll lose the fight somehow. The reason for this is simple. We’re having the Gotei 13 and the Quincys. It’s the last arc. There have to be someone who’s stronger than the leader of the Gotei 13. Maybe one of the “Royal Knights”!?

    Another idea from me is that Mr. “Right-hand” from Juha Bach could be stronger than Juha Bach himself! Maybe the white-haired guy is his apprentice or his son? After all there have to be an enemy for Ichigo, and for the other protagonists.

    One thing for sure: This arc will be really, really exciting!

  3. Honestly, I expected more from the Quincy “King” lol. He can’t be the final villain, even IF he takes Yamamoto’s bankai, he doesn’t have enough badassness in him to deserve such a spot in this manga…

    Also, I doubt Mr. Right Hand Man is going to do anything in this fight…If his “King” is fighting scared, then he sure as hell isn’t gonna help him lol. But he had better keep his guard up, because I have a feeling Kenpachi is gonna wake up soon…

  4. Quincy king has more up his sleeve, he hasnt even gone holy form yet and yamamotto has used 3 of his 4 bankai modes purely just to show this quincy bitch who daddy is……
    Raising hell’s army is defo gonna make either the quincy take a drastic battle measure or force the 2nd in command to jump in the clash to help fight 10 trillion skeltons.

    Old man yama FTMFW!!!!

    What does the scouter say about his power level??!! lol

  5. By far Tite is doing a great job as of now, he is making this fight a total one sided, and it would be because Yamato is supposedly the THE strongest guy in Soul Society. Loving the chapters and the reviews good job pretend3r

  6. “South” came from the ground, so I think “North” should be something from the skies. Whatever it is, it will most likely be his most devastating technique…

  7. Makes sense to me. East, his blade was affected, west, Yamagata himself affected and south, a bunch of fire zombies come out the ground.

  8. @Zangetsu: Yeah I was thinking the same thing about the long white haired quincy. Wht caught my attention was when Yuhubah was saying about how it feels like he is getting roasted. The white hair super quincy didn’t really comment. Maybe the guy is there to observer the actions of the king or something.

    @7warlord: I also agree with what you said about Yuhabaha king guy doesn’t fit the role of final bad guy. I tell you what, when he used that technique “Sankt Swinger” (thanks pretend3r for the translation), and he said “the Light of God will tear you apart, for some reason I started thinking that maybe Yuhabaha is working for someone else stronger than him. I wonder who other than the ninja quincies would want to destory SS? Sorry just rambling like the lunatic that I am. Hehehehe!

    BTW: Good theories everyone. Keeps my head burning! ( In a non- crispy way)

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