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One Piece Chapter 682 – The Core of a Plan

Very entertaining chapter we have this week, with awesome action, twists and turns, new characters are introduced and the plot thickens even further. I have decided to delay the blog since there will not be a chapter next week. So without further or do, lets get on with amazing chapter from beginning to end.

What is S.A.D?

Ever since Law was introduced in One Piece, his personality has been very mysterious and suspicious. We do not know much about Law other than he used to work for Joker, knows Virgo, he is a master surgeon , but other than that we do not know much of his ideals or even his plans. Even though he proposed his plans to Luffy, we as the audience do not know much of Law and should be a little suspicious of him. On other hand Luffy likes him, and it is one thing that Luffy does is that he is not quick to judge. What I mean is that Luffy does not jump to conclusion about who someone is. For example, one thing we as people are notorious for is that we judge people before we know them, and Luffy’s character avoids this, that is why even though I am suspicious of Law I get the feeling that his plan are actually honorable. And his plan started with alliance with the Strawhats and gaining control over S.A.D. I am going to assume that SAD is some sort of gas weapon, it could be the same substances that created Slime, now why would law want to use SAD? Like I said Law is mysterious, it is obvious that SAD is some sort of weapon that even Donquixote is threatened by the idea of having it in the enemies hands.

“Black Leg”

It is very rare that Sanji was ever referred to as Black Legs in the first half of One Piece. We know that Luffy was always mentioned as Strawhat by people, Zoro as Pirate hunter, Robin as Devil Child, but Sanji was rarely mentioned as Black Leg. But now that is what people are referring to him and I find it a fitting title. It is almost the same title of his mentor ‘Red Legs” Zeff, who was given the title Red Legs because in his battles his legs would be covered in blood of his enemies. But Sanji received the title because of his fighting style, for those how do not know Sanji fights using the Martial Arts of Black-Leg Style, which is a Martial arts that specializes in kicks and prevents the use of Hands. Sanji dose not uses his hands because he is a chef and a chef’s greatest tools is his hands, so he keeps them in to shape. But going back to the short battle he had with Virgo which was short lived. I was really looking forward to seeing the conclusion of this fight.

However, Sanji was not in his top shape, his body was badly damaged in the fight against CC where Nami was in Sanji’s body. So in truth it actually makes sense to hold off this fight. It was the right decision of Oda because it makes sense, one thing Oda does so well is that he keeps some realism in One Piece. Allowing his character to have that humanistic weakness of fatigue and injuries. Another thing that I was really concerned with is the true ability of Virgo, because every week he was showing a Rokushiki techniques. He has shown that he is capable of Shigan and Geppo, and I am leaning towards that he can do all of the other techniques. But when he almost broke Sanji’s leg, I believe that this was some other type of power that allowed Virgo to harden his leg to the point of hurting Sanji, and it can’t be Tekkai which is the Rokushiki technique that allows the user to harden their body, but the down side is that the user cannot move his body. So that is why I am leaning towards Virgo having a devil fruit ability.

The Joker

Nothing can be really be said about this guy other than he is without a doubt one of the most epically amazing character and one of the most sadistic character in the series. He fears nothing and no one, never has shown any sign of panic or any emotions other than smiles and amusement. He has one of the most fiendish style of fighting, that up to now we have never seen him fight or take anyone seriously. All and all he is one of the most evil character in One Piece. If you were to compare the Villain characters to other Manga’s villains, none compare. If you were to look at Naruto’s villains, in truth are not villains but misguided people who go about achieving their goal in a bad way. It is similar to Bleach, so far there has only been a few sadistic villains whom were only minor characters. But One Piece shows the evilistic nature of man and no greater does that show than in Donquixote Doglamingo character.

Now his nickname goes without reminding us of the Joker. You know the Joker  of the most epic characters in Comics and I am talking about The Joker from Batman, who in my opinion is the perfect villain. If you look at it in away, Donquixote shows some attributes of the Joker. He never takes anyone seriously or fears anything even death. Which can be seen this chapter, where he was attacked by Baby 5 at point blank he was shot with a huge gun and not one scratch was on him. All the while Baby 5 was still trying to kill him and in some ways he never payed attention to her until he got bored and moved his fingers to stop her. I am for one that finds Donquixote to be a fascinating character and I believe that we will be seeing him more and more, making this arc far greater than we anticipated. Till the next chapter my friends.

Side Notes:

  • I know I did not say anything about the Kid turning into a dragon, but we have only been teased with this new concept. There can be tons of things to say about this. But overall, this new twist complicates things, and things are already very complicated.
  • Donquixote has never been seen on a ship or having a crew of some sort other than having subordinates.
  • Baby 5 has the ability to turn her arms into weapon, like that of swords or axes, or guns.
  • I enjoyed reading this chapter, it literally had every thing that I wanted in a One Piece chapter. Action, character introductions, twists and turns. But I think that it is about time that we the audience deserve a chapter where it is none stop action.
  • The core of a great plan is to make your enemies never guess your true goals and I think Law has perfected this.

One of the most touching Moment in One Piece.



13 Responses

  1. Great review Jdogg. Is it possible for the SAD to be some kind of power up thing like the steroids in fishman island arc? Maybe Joker has the will of D as well. Donquixote D. Doflamingo. Its cool that he thinks Luffy may be even more powerful than Law because of conquerors haki. Im hoping to see his subordinates fight the strawhats soon.
    No chapter next week sucks

  2. im guessing that the S.A.D is some sort of drug that can change a person’s character in some way- maybe this was the stuff that turned monomusuke or whatever his name is into that dragon….
    Donflamingo………….what a guy!!! Any man that can smile an laugh while a gun is pointed at their face is not to be fucked with!!! He is not a pirate but a pimp with a island full of bitches ready to do his dirty work! I wonder what made baby 5 wanna kill him though…..the girl looks strong. Also flamingo/virgo convo is definately one of the best den den mushi convo’s ever – up there with crocodile/sanji

  3. I said a few chapters back that this arc lacked the proper number of bad guys for the crew to fight, it would appear that is changing. While the arc itself seems like it’s coming into it’s last stretch, it also doesn’t feel close to ending because of the presence of Doflamingo. I’m curious if he will make a physical appearance this arc (probably not) or just be an antagonist in an upcoming one like Big Mom.

  4. @Jdogg
    I like how you compared Doflamgingo’s personality to the Joker from Batman….It kinda makes you wonder if he will ever push Luffy to the point where he has to kill him. I say this because I don’t see Doflamingo ever changing the way he is. Take Crocodile for example, he deserved to die many times over for what he did in Alabasta, but in the WB war, he showed a more “honorable” side in him, like when he saved Ace from being executed and helped protect Luffy from Akainu. But if Oda made Doflamingo a character similar to The Joker, then Luffy is going to have to kill him or he’ll just keep coming back….Maybe Law will do it. Doflamingo claims he’s like a little “brother”. However, it’s obvious now that as far as Law is concerned, he’s just another bastard that needs to disappear lol.

  5. isn’t Momonosuke is the son of Kinemon (the samurai)?
    Does that mean he just cut down his son?

  6. @Mabusaat, I do not believe that it is the kid, because that dragon was the one pulling the cart for the sheep soliders awhile back, and if I am correct, on of the children girls said that Momonosuke just entered a room and was turned into a dragon, so he might be a new Dragon all together.

    @7warlord, thank you for the support, but your thoughts are very interesting. Though I remember awhile back that in one of Oda’s interview he was quoted that Luffy will never kill another character. But it would be interesting like you said that Doflamingo pushing Luffy so far, to the point of wanting him dead.

    @Firefist87, I think that Doflamingo will make an appearance soon because out of all the warlords he is the only one that has not encountered the Strawhats.

    @rock lee, SAD can be anything for all we know, but I never thought of it being like the Steroid pills, nice thought man.

    @Tensa Gizzla, first of all I love your comments, second I don’t think Doflamingo is a pimp, more like a sadistic bastard that will not car for anything. But now I think about he could be like those character that abuses females and One Piece will have its own saying about female abuse.

  7. @ Jdogg,

    Thanks, i love ur dedication to this site – u keep writing and i’ll keep posting! Hmmmm female abuse would be a new one, if oda decided to make that a theme i dont know how he would tackle rape an the emotional confusion involved but defo doflamingo for the bad guy in that arc! At one point i was worried that spandam was gonna abuse robin-chan back in the CP9 arc but thankfully not. I dont think luffy has it in him to kill anyone, he’s too gentle towards humanity – if anyone would do it, it’d be Zoro or Sanji with the right buttons pushed! Did u guys see the anime?? Red-Hawk was too much!!

  8. @Tensa Gizzla, I am about to watch it right now, but I think the anime will get so much better when it gets to Punk Hazard arc. So the producers wont have to make it slow paced like how Fishman Island Arc is. As for Red-Hawk, I think that Luffy will develop this tremendous amount of speed that he can create fire. He already can do Red-Hawk and awhile back he ran so fast the ground caught on fire. It like Ace is helping Luffy out even after he is gone. Now that’s Brotherly Love.

  9. I was thinking about luffy/law vs yonko battle to come and when i think about it- after the timeskip all supernova’s strength wise are probably around the top of the mid-tier so say on par with a vice admiral but just underneath a major warlord and definately not stronger than an admiral. 2 supernova’s arent gonna be enough for a yonko – i think it’ll take at least 5 or 6 supernova’s and their crews to take on a yonko and their fleet! Maybe the SAD will be some sort of major unsafe power boost that law is willing to try that’ll give him an luffy such power in the future to get the job done……..

  10. @ Jdogg and everyone

    One other thing- im watching the skypeia arc again an i just noticed something- there are 3 different types of skypeins which you can tell the difference due to their wing size and shape (1 type of wings point down, 1 point more side/upward and 1 have bigger longer wings) and there are 3 types of devil fruit…..what if the 3 types of skypeins years ago specifically made there 3 types of devil fruit back on the moon originally and before the void century these got stollen by the WG during a universal war (seeing as there are like 6 moons in the OP world) an scattered across the world by accident and one piece itself is a substance which could allow a person to become the ultimate being an use all 3 types of devil fruit at the same time and be able to swim and use or disable the ancient weapons which the skypiens made centuries ago….what if Gol d.roger found this power an chose not to use it due to fear of not being able to control it (maybe due to age or sickness) and decided to leave it for one more capable than himself….what if Monkey D.Dragon knew that Luffy and his friends had this potential but wasnt strong enough an thus sent Kuma to split them up for training purposes which then Kuma told Rayleigh about this and asked if the right hand man of the pirate king train the young D in the 3 types of haki as it’ll be more important further down the line as the 3 types of haki are very important for being able to control the 3 types of devil fruit within the 1 body….. 3 types of skypeins, 3 ancient weapons, 3 types of devil fruit and the 3 types of haki have gotta be connected….just a wild theory that popped in my head lol

    p.s IF im right then oda u fuckin mastermind pick up the phone coz i called dat shit!!! lol

  11. @Tensa Gizzla
    That’s some wild theory…How’d you connect all that? And how do you know there are 6 moons?

  12. @ 7warlord,
    It all came to me this morning when i was watching the Skypeia arc, there are way to many sets of 3 floating around in one piece so thought id try an solve oda’s puzzle – it could all be wrong but made sense to me lol The moon thing was hinted on a tiny bit during Robin’s flash back of Ohara, here’s where i saw it:


  13. Yep, ur right and if you look closely, one of those moons have a moon lol. I remember a mini-story of Enel being on a moon while finding other creatures. And after seeing that there are 5 more, I think this story could very well head to outer space….maybe….

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