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Bleach Chapter 507: The Fire3

Chapter 507: The Fire3
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Subtitle: Genryuusai’s Bankai showcase.

I can be relatively short with this weeks chapter. It is all about the commander’s bankai. Zanka noTachi(The Blade of Embers). All of his power is now embedded into his blade. Everything that blade touches will be burnt out of existence by Yuhabach. It means he’s seen it before all those years ago.

He’s either been in combat with Yamamoto before or simply was a younger man watching a battle between a Quincy and the commander, who was a captain at the time.

A little trash talk from the commander sets the mood. I am surprised the 2nd in command hasn’t bothered to pull out the pendant that can steal a bankai. Anyway. The guys are fired up as is the whole of Soul Society.

Various captains noticed the release in different ways. Soul Society is heating up like crazy. Water is vaporizing. I am surprised captain unohana is still passive in all this. I know she a medic, but still. I wonder how she would fare in combat. But she still remains calm knowing the power of Zanka No Tachi could potential destruction.

“Scarlips”, the Quincy using Toshiro’s bankai is about the lose it. The Commander’s fire makes short work of the Ice-Zanpaktou. Giving Toshiro a moment to strike back. Juhabach tries to make sense of Genryuusai’s bankai. Trying to work out where the flames have gone. His cape got cut, but nothing happening until Genryuusai’s bankai hits the ground blowing a large chuck to hell.

Zanka no Tachi “East” Kyokujitsujin.

All the flames he possesses are concentrated on the blade’s edge. It doesn’t burn or erupt. But as Juhabach already saw. Everything the blade touches is ‘Eradicated into nothingness. Without a trace.’ The Quincy leader quickly dismisses the Bankai as ‘boring’ seeing how he only needs to avoid the blade itself.

Oh you silly Juhabach.

Did he really think it would be that easy? Genryuusai finds it equally laughable. Zanka no Tachi “West” Zanjitsugoki. The man actually needs to tone it down for the Quincy to be able to see.

As Genryuusai explains his bankai I can see why Unohana is worried. The heat reaches 15 million degrees.

Zankai no Tachi is truely the embodiment of the sun.

Will the King finally realize he cannot fight this man head on. Because he does not look happy. His eyes look like he staring at the devil, which right now, is not far from the truth.


10 Responses

  1. The same heat as the sun…………how the f*** can he be beaten one on one?!!! Quincy king better get some sealing kido fast!!

  2. @Tensa Gizzla: That’s what I am afraid of. I hope that if Yamamoto is beaten, it’s not done in a way that downplays his strength. He unleashed his banki knowing about the super quincies thievery ability. Also the immense power Yamamoto possess shouldn’t be easliy overcome. So I hope TK has a smooth way of ending this fight like he did with Aizen and Yama.

    Besides all that, that banki is awesome. I liked how it effected everyone in SS. The 2nd in command super quicies even said his mouth was getting dry. Awesome.

  3. Bleach is back with a Vengeance!!!
    Good stuff pretend3r

  4. Seeing this chapter makes me wonder how strong Hitsugaya’s bankai, the strongest ice type, will be in the future. Also, how is it that Yamamoto’s bankai hasn’t been taken yet??? Is it because the bankai itself is too strong or what?

  5. the quincy king better have some burn heal kkkk

  6. Hitsugaya is a prodigy, a boy genius. I’m sure his bankai would be sick in the future.

  7. @7warlord
    No matter how strong his Ice Zanpaktou is. You just can’t beat the sun.

  8. The latest chapters are out on Mangareader.net

  9. OMG Bleach!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fuck offfffffffffffffffffffffff!!!!!!!!

    Ive said it before and i’ll say it again if its one thing tite kubo does better than the other 2 out of the big 3 is making his characters looks totally badass!! He’s done it with ichigo, aizen, byakuya, kenpachi and now old man yama – he went from west (heat of the sun) to south (raising the dead) old man yama FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. cant wait to see his “north” bankai, i hope we get to see kyorakus bankai

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