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One Piece Chapter 681 – Chaos and Mystery

I must apologize for the late post, but things have been really busy in life and I will not bore you with my life problems. Though, I would love it if some would volunteer to do some writing on this site other than me. The original writers have all grown up and including me, and it is becoming really hard to make these posts, if anyone is interested they can email, Bob. So I will try to make this quick and sweet.

Luffy Vs CC

I originally thought that this fight would be quick and straight to the point, but it turned out to be more intensed than at first glance. Just like I said before Luffy keeps his distant and I have noticed that he has become an analyzer in his fights. That he no longer makes wasteful decision, I guess being trained by the right hand of The Pirate king has paid off to turning him into a more improved fighter. Another thing that I noticed is that his speed has become far more superior than anything in One Piece, his speed is top notch and his counter attacks have become far superior than his previous way of fighting. He no longer takes unnecessary injuries like he used to intact to his body. But the thing that shocked me the most is how diverse CC fighting ability is. Not only can he control air concentration but he has one of the most diverse attacks seen in One Piece. It can be assumed that CC has polished his Devil Fruit ability to perfection. The only other person that has shown the wide verity if attacks based on their Devil Fruit is Crocodile.

Nonetheless it was not enough to overcome Luffy, because Luffy shows something far more superior than power, SPEED. There was once a manga called Dragonball Z (probably some of you heard of it) and in this manga two character were fighting, specifically, Trunks Vs Perfect Cell. In this fight Trunks powered up so much that his power was overwhelming, but Cell had something far powerful than power, SPEED. He showed that no matter how powerful you become, if you are the slow one, than you lose. This is almost the same as the fight between Luffy vs CC, while Luffy has speed and power, but CC has power and tactics but is inferior to Luffys speed. It is speed that wins in this fight and I think that Luffy has won this fight because you could easily see that CC was struggling to land a hit on Luffy, while Luffy was overwhelming CC with speed. But unfortunately their fight is interrupted again. I am getting annoyed by these fight interruptions. But I can see why Oda has saved CC from being rumbled by Luffy, I think that CC will be a major factor to reveal the true intentions of Law, but before we get to that, lets talk about Sanji vs Virgo.

Sanji Vs Virgo

The only thing that can be said about this fight is that it is a total tease. We got a glimpse at Sanji finally fighting someone who seems to have the same fighting habits. Virgo looks to be a hand-to-hand combater same as Sanji, and it seems he specializes in kicks as well. There fight was quick and overshadowed by what Law is conspiring. Overall it was good to see Sanji in a one on one fight that might have him struggling for the win or on his back. Because if you look at his leg when he blocked Virgo’s kick, his shin fractured. Leading me to believe that Virgo has some sort of ability that allows him to cover his body in some sort of hardened metal like steal or Iron perhaps, becoming an Ironman or Stealman or Metalman. If this is true, than this fight reminds me of the fight of Zoro Vs Mr. 1, where Zoro had to cut throw steel, while in this fight, Sanji has the obstacle of facing some sort of Metal. It will be an epic fight if no one interrupts them, because I have never thought of a fight between Sanji and Virgo, but since we got the teaser, I want to see this fight go all the way. In my opinion, if this fight actually happens it will grant Sanji’s character such a boast in epicness. We know how epic Luffy and Zoro are, but Sanji has not had the same impact of epicness so far other than epic comedy, the last time he showed his true potential was when he fought jabra, and that was ages ago, so I am hoping that this fight goes all the way.

Law the Schemer

I knew that Law had something in his mind, but I never thought that it was something that would make Virgo and CC freak out so bad. To tell you the truth I have no idea what Law has in mind. I can only theorize on what he see his plan, it could be that he will create or unleash something. I have no clue as to what he will do. But one thing is for sure, it will be epic and cause such a difference that it will rattle the whole world. What can it be? How will he do this? So many questions, such little time I have. The only thing we can do is wait and see what happens, so I will leave you with this question, what is Law planning?

Side Notes:

  • Bird lady can hold her own, but Luffy is not like Sanji, he will hit a girl if she gets in his way.
  • Smoker got his baton back.


8 Responses

  1. I posted a comment a while back about Law’s true intentions. It made absolutely no sense to me why he bothered to come to Punk Hazard and not to mention that crazy deal he made with CC. Virgo said that the only reason Law became a warlord was so he could enter that room and that he’s going to make a mess in the New World. Whatever it is that Law is scheming, it’s big. Well done Oda, you have all your readers dangling off a high ass mountain with that freakin cliffhanger…btw, that chef really has the heart of warrior. Even if he breaks every bone in his legs, he’ll keep fighting (kicking) for the damsel…THAT’S A MAN!!!!

  2. That was one thing I noticed between Luffy, Zoro and Sanji is that they will not back down from a fight even if they are half dead, but another thing to add is that they rarely allow people to join their fight. The only exception was fighting against Oars.

  3. Good review Jdogg. Please don’t stop your weekly reviews.

  4. I’ll bet my car that Law’s plan will target the Yonkou he offered to take down.

  5. @7warlord, What kind of car? but like I have said no one knows what Law is thinking right now. All I know is that his character is becoming more and more of a big impact in the plot so far.

  6. 7warlord, it most likely is. Question is whats in there that can weaken one of the yonkou?

  7. The ability that Virgo has is most likely Tekkai, the body-hardening technique used by cp9. The mangahere translation is kind of vague about it, but the mangashare (which has always been the best) pretty says it is. Plus, Virgo was using Shigan on the marines earlier, showing he has knowledge of Rokushiki. This fight has also shown how good Sanji’s haki is, as I believe he’s been using it the whole time to anticipate and dodge Virgo’s attacks. A very interesting matchup for sure.

  8. @Jdogg,
    Zoro vs Mr 1 is my favourite one piece fight and i agree that sanji vs virgo reminds me of that, but sanji can break through steel which is what tekkai is so he should have no problem kicking a whole in virgo sooner or later BUT smokey is on his way so it may get interrupted.

    Why do i get the feeling that whatever law is planning will include kid, hawkins an apoo….it just strikes me as a little odd that we got 2 pirate alliances at the same time that all know each other – they’re bound to buck heads eventually for good or bad, imagine BIG MAM vs The 2 supernova Pirate Alliances……..

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