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Naruto Chapter 601 – Round one

Since I have some free time, I thought that it wouldn’t hurt to say my two cents about the recent Naruto chapters, since well I am only the one writing blogs. But I haven’t read the comments on ‘its out’ so if I say something that was said before. Please shout out that it was your original idea.


So to all the suspicion it turns out to be Obito and this chapter confirms it a 100%. Now this is my thought on this, first it is still a mystery of what the hell is going on. We do not know the motion or relationship of Obito and Madara. Some can say that Madara was fallowing Obito, looking at every aspect of his life or that Madara just found Obito on a coincidence. In my opinion the first sounds more legit, because if this turns out that Madara found Obito under those rocks on a whom, than ladies and gentlemen that is something very lame and unoriginal. I personally think that Madara was monitoring Obito sort of how Orochimaro was monitoring Sasuke. And this would make a legitimate agreement of the recent event, but the question is why Obito? Did Madara see something in Obito that no one else saw? Obito was not so special as Sasuke was to Orochimaro, or was not as talented as Sasuke, but I think that Madara saw something that told him that Obito would be the perfect candidate to pass on the torch. Now what Madara saw in Obito, I have no idea.

Madara Vs Naruto

This is a very interesting and unpredictable fight. I cannot tell who will win. If Naruto wins then he would defeat the most powerful villain in the series, if Madara wins than Naruto loses making it idiotic since the hell Naruto had to go through to get as powerful as he is now and he is the main character. I will say later on, on how this fight should end up. But for now I think that both sides are even. Naruto has an unlimited amount of chakara and stamina, Madara on the other hand is immortal and has the most diverse arsenal of attacks seen so far in the Ninja world. For one this fight will probably be an even match with each side canceling each others attacks, or it can be a total one sided fight, but very unlikely. As for how this fight should end, I believe that both sides should retreat and call it a day because usually wars are not won overnight, they are supposed to last for a long time and especially a war that is called the Fourth Ninja war. The reason that Madara and Obito would need to retreat is that the so called Ten Tail beast will take along time for it to be resurrected, say maybe a year or two.

It would make for a more interesting story if Kishi decides to make another time skip and show how Naruto and all of his classmate have grown to being young adults and factors of the war. While Sasuke and Orochimaro scheming in the background and Obito and Madara sitting in the back of their armies of Zetsu. Basically it would be a perfect story of war and Kishi can take his time to tell each side characters story and their struggles and achievements of valor in the war. If this happens and Kishi decides to elaborate more on the aspect of war, death, sadness, and anger, it can bring back the original message of the Naruto series that in War times, things can be nasty and people can turn out to be evil people, but Naruto tries his best to make people see the goodness of things, becoming a hero in the process. It would also make this so called war look like an actual war, because so far this war has only being going on for about two days now, but if it ends now, it would not be considered a war but a big battle. But that is just my wishful thinking.

Side Notes:

  • Seriously five Kage class could not hold their ground against Madara or at least put up a good fight, the word of “OVERPOWERED” does not exists in Kishi’s dictionary. I love the Madara character don’t get me wrong but come on there has to be a limit to his power because now he cannot be taking down, he just took out five Kages with no problem.
  • AS for Tsunade being smashed in half, well I think that her death is one of the most wasteful deaths ever. I feel so sorry for her character, she could of being one of the most badazz female character in manga history. As for how she is still alive in that state is unthinkable. I really liked her character and no it not because of her bust but because her character actually had some charisma. She was a drunken horrible gambler it was the most original female character in a manga. I think her character deserves so much more than that.




35 Responses

  1. well keep in mind that Tsunade healing ability is overpowered to the exstream (as long as she has charka she can heal from virtually everything) so Im not surpized that she’s still alive in her state…nor do I think shes on the verge of death (however I do think she is close).

    As for the 5 kages being owned by madara… given the situation they were in when we last saw them… that isn’t surpizing ether (madara just undid unpure resurrection’s control over him… so now he’s an immortal being with unlimited charka… and the kages were already on there last legs when this happened). Hell even one of the misukage said at that point that continuing the battle was suicide.

  2. as for Naruto vs Madara its clear to me that Madara has the upperhand. He outclasses Naruto in battle experience, tecks and intelligence… and like i said he has unlimited charka so Naruto can’t outlast him (but Madara can outlast Naruto… I’m pretty sure the 9 tails doesn’t have an unlimited supply of charka)

    Naruto’s is fighting an uphill battle at this point (then again it wouldn’t be the first time). His best bet is teamwork with bee/the incoming reinforcements.

  3. Just to point a few things.

    We have not really seen the full extent of the 9tails mode only a brief show of power all be it a very impressive one taking out most of the tailed beasts and dispelling the beastbombs.

    Naruto’s Real Body is somewhere else right now, maybe cooking up a plan. i think it is gathering Senju Chakra to mix in with the 9tails mode to come up with a hybride chakra to kick some ass.

    Naruto also made a pact with all the other tailed beasts so that will come in to the story again at some point.

    the 9 tails yang chakra was shown that it had life giving properties when he was in the chakra chamber learning his 9tails mode training. I think this is still Vital towards the Storyline somehow.

    Obito’s left side i think is made out of white Zetsu which is the DNA of the 1st.

    I Think it would be interesting if Madara had some sort of Family Uchiha Tree. This Time line Family tree would tell him which Families inheritted what Sharingan and that Madara Tracked his bloodline down to Obito and kept a clone eye on him ever since.

  4. Madara is way too overpowered. If you remember Kabuto said he brought him back better than his prime…he probably added his Wood Release power to him.

    Also, Shippuuden is making fillers again…but their War fillers. One where Diedara get free and confronts Sasuke. Sounds cool

  5. I got the feeling that madara monitored obito and just waited for him to activate his sharingan. Maybe kamui really opens the door to the world between Live and death where kakashi Met his father. Maybe madara planned to revive his brother ins some way and needed for that a. Sharingan which opened the door to the dead.

    Thinking this further down the line i guess obito connected in this process somehow with izuna which lives now in his Body.

  6. Have you seen page 10?? Tsunade’s body has been sliced in half!!! WTF! Madara really has a grudge against successors of the Senju Clan!

  7. And another thing came to my mind.

    Would it be possible that obito killed rin himself in order to gain his mangekyou sharingan. As far as i remember it was never stated when and how rin died.

    If thats the case madara must be a real Master in manipulating people.

  8. MattMaru is on to something..
    Madara’sa major weakness is that he is mixup of 1st Hokage DNA. The 9 tails’ chakra can affect it somehow…remember what happen when nauto was spaming rasengans against white zetsus…he almost planted a whole forest. Itachi said every jutsu has a weakness just before he defeated Edo Pein..this very well may be Madara’s. Also, until Kishi shows us differently, the original naruto is not on that battlefield yet. (the two narutos currently on the field are both copies)

  9. i’m not sure if somebody mentioned this in the other blog, but it kept bothering me that Madara wanted to be resurrected using Nagato’s Resurrection Technique where he would have limited chakra and be mortal in his normal body as opposed to the Impure World Resurrection where he can’t be killed and unlimited chakra. He obviously knew the technique since he cancelled out Itachi’s reversal of it. So why wouldn’t Madara just teach the technique to Obito and have him resurrect Madara and they’d have A LOT easier time collecting the jinchuriki’s, so whats the deal???

    My theory is that Obito didn’t want to resurrect Madara, otherwise he wouldve told Nagato to do it a long time ago, why wait right? The technique doesn’t kill Nagato, it just uses a lot of chakra, so they couldve all been a team together. Obito wanted to be the jinchuriki himself, but why? He didn’t tell Madara this obviously when he died, but i’m sure Madara realized this and is upset Are they going to have a conflict over this and what’s going to happen? Maybe they’ll end up duking it out.

    Madara probably didn’t want to be resurrected in this form maybe because he can’t become the 10 tails jinchurriki due to some law of nature (who knows, but something like that), because even though it’s a superior form, that must be a flaw and he didnt prefer it.

    I would love some feedback because i can’t get my mind off of it

  10. The real Naruto was there. He can sense evil presence. He probably hid himself when he sense Madara arriving. Madara is too overpowered for Naruto to stand a chance against Madara, so hiding himself away from the battle is a smart move. It’s either that or Kishi is pulling off the lamest twist in this manga. Tobi isn’t stupid enough to waste his chakra fighting a clone this entire time.

    Naruto clone situation is beginning to get annoying. His chakra is rediculously high, he has no limitation on the amount of clones he makes, he can use endless rasengan attacks combine with tailed beast bomb and still have a large amount of chakra left. He keeps switching his nine tails power on and off against his fight with Tobi. His new power is cliche. Same goes for Kakashi’s chakra in this battle. Kishi is inconsistent with power levels in this war. It gets annoying after a while.

    “would it be possible if obito killed rin himself in order to gain the mangekyou sharingan. As far as i remember It never stated when and how rin died.” it’s quite possible. Kakashi gain his MS from witnessing the death of his best friend (Obito didn’t technically died, but in theory, it
    still counted). The way Tobi treated the 4th hokage, he may have been just as ruthless against Rin. The 4th hokage had nothing to do with rin’s death and many have pointed out why Tobi/Obito didn’t protect Rin himself. What makes it more suspicious is that Kakashi has no recollection of Rin’s death. This means that Kakashi may not have been with Rin when she died. That she died alone on a mission. It could be one of the way Obito gain the MS, by killing Rin.

    Naruto rasengan won’t have the same effect on Madara that the attack had on White Zetsu. Madara is not made of Zetse but of the real Senju DNA itself. Not to mention, he is an edo which any attack wouldn’t kill him. The only way to stop Madara would be sealing him.

  11. @jdogg

    well on why tsunade is still alive after that. people tend to forget that she is also a uzumaki. not just a senju. not just the 1st granddaughter. so the longevity piece of she genes my be helping he stay alive long enough to do whatever she is about to do to the other 4 kage.

    you have a good point… hell a excellent point.

    I agree with you except on the naruto real body… he is on the battlefield right infront of killer bee. the other one apparently is the clone that somehow came back with obito when he returned to the naruto real world. you have to remember in chapter 598 when he sent the bijuu bomb at obito before the the clone pop obito in his face in the kamui dimension that was the real naruto and that is the same one next to bee.

    one last thing I was youtubing and the guy fornever world had a disussion that sent me to this link (http://www.narutobase.net/forums/showthread.php?t=235284DI1) it has some interesting things that says kishi is not trolling and had this set up in his mind the whole time even before tobi was reviled. and he has some really interesting things. just look at it im not saying to believe it but just read the trends. if you havent already.

  12. Yea this partnership will not last. Does madara realize that not even his unlimited chakra and immortal body will save him from being a genjutsu slave if obito becomes a jinchuriki? Or will madara become one as per the original plan?

  13. @Jdogg: Thanks again for doing a duel review. You and pretend3r are keeping the site flowing these days.

    Now as I stated in my other post, I have grown bored with Obito and Madara. That was until I’ve read some post here and now I see things from a different perspective. So my interest is renewed.

    @darthuchuha: I never knew who was gonna be the vessel for the 10 tails. In fact I don’t fully understand Project, ” Tsuki no Me Keikaku.” I wonder if the caster of the genjutsu would have to constantly look at the moon since it will be reflected off the surface? Hmm….I kinda wanna see what it will be like.

  14. @Renzokuken
    “i’m not sure if somebody mentioned this in the other blog, but it kept bothering me that Madara wanted to be resurrected using Nagato’s Resurrection Technique where he would have limited chakra and be mortal in his normal body as opposed to the Impure World Resurrection where he can’t be killed and unlimited chakra.”
    Madara wouldn’t want to be resurrected by edo if it means to give up his power to someone else. Whoever uses edo get full control over the edo’s body. There was only a slim chance that someone was going to release the edo technique. Who wouldn’ve figured that someone like Itachi to be brought back and force Kabuto to release the edo? It was just pure luck that the edo tensei jutsu was broken. Madara chose to plan out for Nagato to bring him back for the soul purpose that he would be in control of his own body. He wouldn’t risk giving Tobi FULL control over his body.

    “So why wouldn’t Madara just teach the technique to Obito and have him resurrect Madara and they’d have A LOT easier time collecting the jinchuriki’s, so whats the deal???” Madara stated he wanted to be brought back at the right time when the ten tailed juubi was to be formed. It is easier to create the Akatsuki to chase after the tailed beast than bringing back Madara to capture all the jinchurikis. The whole Naruto world is big geographically. It would’ve taken Tobi and Madara maybe a lot longer than the time Akatsuki capture 7 out of the 9 jinchuriki. They’re only two ninjas. Tobi is useless when it comes to capturing a tailed beast, that would leave Madara doing all the dirty work.

    The other thing we don’t know is that Madara may be weaker if he was to be brought back by Nagato’s jutsu. The 1st hokage’s body was attached to Madara’s body because Kabuto added that feature when he revived Madara back with edo. Bringing back Madara to his original form would be weaker, but it would give him control of his own body. The other major reason Madara wanted to wait to be brought back at the right time could be due to age. If he was brought back earlier, he would be much older than he is now. Maybe even in his fifties or sixties. That would cut his time short of ruling the world with the “Moon Eyes Plan.”

  15. Wanted to drop by with some news. Naruto Shippuden, the anime has dropped down to 4th place most viewed, after being number #1 for previous weeks and staying in the #1 spot yearly since the anime was aried on one of the major anime channels in Japan.

  16. this is just a darth vader, darth sidious situation, but in the worst way possible. Obito being tobi is weak irrespective of all the hints, etc it just doesnt go down well, but hey at this juncture we have to deal with it and wait for kishi to bullshit us with the power boost (remember tobi isnt genius level like sasuke and itachi), the time irregularities, etc but hey, lets see.

  17. Don’t forget that when madara was brought back as an edo he was under kabutos control and gained freedom only after kabuto released the jutsu. I don’t think he would trust obito like that, especially because of the reasons why obitos doing all this in the first place, which is why I wonder if he’ll simply allow obito to be the vessel.

  18. Can some one explain how nagato was supposed to bring Madara back to life but he couldnt bring back the pervy sage.

  19. I believe two reasons: time, and chakra. He was already dangerously low on chakra and jiraya died weeks before far away. So he was only able to revive those who died in close proximity very recently and it cost him his life.

  20. Nagato hated Jiraiya. He wouldn’t bring back someone that he hated.

  21. @nss7 where did nagato ever say he hated jirayia? in fact he praised jiraiya after their battle…

  22. the link evil ryu has provided has some great truth, i think the evidence was always there that obito is tobi

  23. @profess: The issue is that it was too obvious, to the extent that it appeared nonsensical and it is. The disparaties that are around still exist and these are:
    (a) Obito vs Minato i.e. why did he say he had been waiting a long time to for the kyuubi when a long time had not passed since his death (chapter 501 page 7), I mean he should only have been 15yrs old at the time of that battle.
    (b) Kyuubi recognised him as Madara (chapter 501 page 8) unless we are saying that he used Madara’s chakra or something for that summoning.

    The only thing that is making sense to me is that the ‘Masked Man’ identity was originally Madara’s and Tobi assumed it later. We have a long haired madara controlling Yagura and ‘giving’ Nagato the Rinnegan then he speed trained Obito in an Orachimaru-esque manner, turning an underdog to into a Kage Level ninja in a short space of time. Honestly, speaking, it is the only thing that makes sense at the moment.

  24. Given that Minato is vastly overrated, I can totally see how he couldn’t defeat his student after such a short period of growth. lol!

  25. @nss7,

    Isn’t the white Zetsus made from the 1st DNA?

  26. @mad not exactly sure how minato is overrated. Id have to say tsunade is overrated but minato? Not exactly sure where I can get that lol

  27. @token
    Nagato was playing God. He looked at everyone being far below him, including Jiraiya. He doesn’t see Jiraiya as an equal. http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v41/c374/9.html http://www.mangahere.com/manga/naruto/v41/c374/15.html

    White Zetsu manifested from the 1st Hokage cells, but that doesn’t make Zetsu a human. Zetsu took all the characteristics of the 1st Hokage’s wood jutsu rather than the 1st Hokage’s human form; making Zetsu a plant instead of a human. Thus, Attaching the real 1st Hokage (human) body on Madara will still make him human. Naruto Rasengan wouldn’t be able to make Madara turn into a plant for that reason.

  28. that wasnt what u were saying.”nss7, on September 16, 2012 at 8:35 pm said:
    Nagato hated Jiraiya. He wouldn’t bring back someone that he hated.”
    Just because he didnt see him as a equal doesnt mean he hated him. he clearly respected him still and even stated if he knew peins secret he may have beat him.

  29. @mad i agree with everything you said, i still think zetsu has a bigger role to play in this manga, maybe zetsu helped madara like he helped tobi (white goo regenerating limbs and all that stuff) and recorded battles with madara, once he gave his goo to tobi, all the previous battle expierence madara had was given to tobi, maybe thats how he gained so much skill in such a short amount of time, well who knows but the answer is coming up soon maybe in the next chapter, but i do like the link evil ryu has posted, whoever wrote that broke it down even to manga chapter titles, all the subtle hints we all missed, read it if you havent yet, also naruto realizing tsunade gave her life for the kages, is going to piss him off and hes gonna go ape shit

  30. @Token
    Nagato hated the world, which includes Jiraiya. He hated jiraiya for defying him as a God.

    @A lost shinobi
    Here’s the answer to your question. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/449/9

  31. Maybe Tobi is hiding Naruto in his secret dimension. After his freak out from seeing Madara’s undead body with Kabuto do you think he really wants to see this guy? Madara is also hinting at the fact that no one did what he told them to do… you don’t think he’ll through them over his Susanoo’s knee?!?!?!?!

  32. @nss7 so because jiraiya is in the world that’s y Nagato hated him? Pretty broad reason. And for being a god I find it interesting that Tobi was the one giving orders and manipulating Nagato. and btw Nagato didn’t raise jiraiya cause quite simply he had no reason to. Not only that but unlike edo tensei the risen person would not be user anyone’s control so y raise up someone who was someone who u knew could defeat u

  33. 2. Things how did “tobi” learn how to slip through unbreakable seals like the one they had around kushina or did he use his kumai? When exactly did the uzumaki tribe get disbanded from their village n how does tobi know so much of it and finally…. I’m guessing whoever snake man n Jr going to go see is the most important thing I just wonder if its really a person or a sage like the turtle or dragon

  34. The latest chapters are out on Mangareader.net

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