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Its Out Early!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/82072451/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/61753499/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/16174791/1


53 Responses

  1. First!

  2. Damn tsunade……..dibs on the top half!!!!! 🙂

  3. How fucking dare kishi for skipping the Most BALLS-DEEP SHIT KICKING RAPE FEST ONE NINJA HAS GIVING ANOTHER YET in this manga.

  4. We kind of assumed that once Madara was here to stay, he would destory all who stand against him. He was overpowering the Kages even before he negated Edo Tensei, but I didn’t expect to see all of them maimed and left for death so quickly. Madara could have let Tsunade and Tsuchikage show some bravado for a few more panels before he shut them down.

  5. lmao

  6. So madara got to Obito like Obito got to Sasuke. I like the idea that the real Madara coulld verify Tobi’s account of his story, but I do not like the idea od Kishi just repackaging Madara’s backstoryb to convince Obito and us that this situation makes any sense.

  7. Two things are answered this chapter:

    Obito survived and probably had a piece of Zetsu attached to him. He’s like Majin Buu this regen stuff.Apparently BIG MAGNUM survived a very long time after his fight with the 1st. Even if he was in that void dimension. So this must mean he and Obito’s eyes are related since they can access the same dimension.

  8. Naruto – You see what a REAL uchiha does!!!!! Sasuke fought the exact same kages minus the breast one, and look what BIG MAGNUM did! Thats a mass murder scene right there – straight fire style to the kidneys!
    Props to Tsunade though – im liking the whole self sacrifice move, dibs on her mouth tho darthuchuha!!! lol

    Bleach – Old man yama’s bankai is SICKKKKKKKKKKKKK! East and West styles were both too much – why hasnt everyone else got 2 forms of a bankai though?! And juha bach’s swords broke already – he might get his arse roasted by king of the BBQ’s next chapter if we’re lucky!

    One piece – im actually surprised by ceasers battle ability – he was doing alrite though with his little gas sword! Also what is Virgo – was that a DF iron ability or just Tekkai?? And where did Monet’s wall come from?! a little confused there

  9. I get this feeling that this alternate dimension has some “time” related functions to it too… I am not exactly sure how it works. But its possible that the world inside the dimension, time flows slower/faster compared to the one outside… Just like the time chamber in DBZ..

  10. Is it actually a pocket dimension that Madara in the flashback was describing? Or just an allegory or some literary device or being almost dead, like both Obito and Madara were?

    Probably the first, if Obito had to be healed…

  11. I know everybody’s still reeling from Ninja-mania…seeing how Madara suplex and choke slammed the 5 kages..but did anybody catch what Madara said about “this is a kage bunshin too…Obito, where is the real body?” He was talking about Naruto right? So where is he anyway..I remember he split himself up to fight on all battle fronts but assumed that the copy with KaKashi was the original. I wonder if he’s learning some more badass jutsu..If anybody gots a clue chime in.

    PS: Madara 3:16 saids..”I just whooped your ass.” And that’s the bottom line, cause Madara Uchiha said so!!

  12. @RSVP, yeah that struck me as the most interesting part of this battle. That means that not only is the real Naruto not there, but the clone was fighting with only a portion of Naruto’s actual power and the fox’s as well. With the clone dispersed via ass-kicking, Naruto will now inherit the knowledge of the battle and can plan accordingly. Although this does mean that Bee is about to fight Madara by himself…this should go well.

  13. Old man yama and ichigo needs to duke it out one day….then again the fight would’ve probably last half a minute if it was to the death.

  14. If the real Naruto is not in the Madara+Tobi vs Guy/Kakashi/bee fight, it only signals that Killer Bee will be captured here.

  15. @RSVP
    Wasnt the real naruto sent into obito’s dimension an slapped him with the rasengan?! We never saw a clone disappear from that world…

    Obito vs Kakashi an Guy = please let me see an epic 8 gates! If he doesnt do it here, we’ll never see it!

    Madara vs Naruto an Bee = They wanna go 2 on 1 with the great one! Both should get captured but i sense konoha retards approaching as backup time-wasters!


    Would rather see Kenpachi vs Byakuya in a death match, both with max level bankai’s! Old man yama would beat ichi, he’d fry the strawberry’s arse!

  16. @Tensa Gizzla

    I think FalconPrince suggested that the alternate/void dimension may have some time related functions..If that’s the case and if the original Naruto is in the void dimension he may be able to go back and speak to his father..learn FTG and come back to LAY THE SMACK DOWN ON ALL… THEIR CANDY ASSES! (okay I’m done with the WWE jokes):D

  17. @Xcalibur
    That may be a sad reality soon to come.

  18. @tensa gizzla
    giving kenpachi a bankai would ruin his character…(the whole point of it is he’s too battle crazed to learn about his own sword… let alone care). I will agree that a yama vs ichi fight would be pointless to even watch (curb stomp battle).

  19. is it just me? or am I the only one just dying to know what law is up to?

  20. The ultimate supernova alliance to take on the new world it looks like one piece is crazy and it looks like jimbe is joining more sooner than later but its weird he’s delivering a pirate while no longer a warlord

  21. @batboy
    I suppose your right but im dying to know what kenpachi’s sword soul looks like lol
    Right now i wanna know whats in that s.a.d room thats so important an relevant to the new world an of all people in charge of it why weak ass ceasar clown!! law’s a sneeky one so u know its gonna be good!

    p.s monet for new SH member lol

  22. so whats going on with unohana, she wasnt fighting or was she. also probably the only reason they are showing her means, her fighting skills will be revealed soon, i once heard that every one fears her cuz shes a beast at kicking ass, i could only imagine her bankai turning into a shark or some supreme predatory fish

    naruto is getting better, hopefully they will explain the plot holes but im still happy with the product, i cant wait to see the rest of the konoha shinobi when they see narutos new form, madara… whoops sorry BIG MAGNUM will molly whop killer bee, it seems zetsu is the most mysterious one of all, i wouldnt be surprised if he ended up a bigger villian than we all have anticipated

  23. If the reinforcement unit arrive it’s gonna be an orgy just after a fivesome… MADARA YOU!!!insanely strong pervert

  24. Tobi is obito,it’s been stamped the last page with old madara proves that.so there are no timeline issues anymore

  25. Then it was the real madara then, that was manipulating the mizukage and the mist village.

  26. @tensa, rsvp, and firefist

    There are two naruto’s on the field. one in front of kakashi/guy, and the one next the bee. for a bird’s eye view look at the last panel on page 13 of mangastream (http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/82072451/13) you see the clone between M/O and K/G and the one with the kurama’s nine tails wagging in front of Bee. also page 6 (http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/82072451/6) when madara ask obito about the clone in front of him which we see a naruto in front of kakashi then the next panel we zoom to the back of kakash,i infront of bee to the real naruto. just to clear that up for you guys. as for the chapter liked it, ready for the flashback of obito and madara so we can have some questions answered.

  27. And I guess that’s part of what kabuto meant when he revived madara because everyone revived thus far were the same age when they died.

  28. @profess
    We need to see Unohana and Yachiru fight, those two are suppose to be beast! Yachiru chills wit kenny so u know she’s dangerous!
    Dont forget Sasuke killed the white zetsu an i dont know whats goin on with black zetsu but i assume he lost to mizukage.

    Going by edo tensei that means that the real madara died say between 12-16 years ago not 80 plus years ago like the konoha rumour but how……im starting to think that he planned his own death for some reason an the fight with the 1st was all planned out too. What is it with uchiha’s an mind fucking their kids! i suppose its the same for uzumaki’s being dumb redheads or the nara playing with deer in the forest- weird ass clans!

  29. My question is, how the fuck can they hear each other being that far apart. (refereeing to the bird’s eye view panel of the battle field).

  30. @tensa but edo madara doesn’t look anything like he did when he met obito.

  31. @dartuchiha,

    That is why Kabuto mentioned he resurrect Madara way beyond his prime.

  32. Hey peoples reread the issue where naruto destroyed obito’s mask..just before Naruto hit him…obito stated that kakashi used kamui on the kage bunshin not on the rasengan. Therefore no real naruto in void demension land…and someone else mention that the original is in front of bee and the copy was in front of guy and kakashi…well why then did Madara asked obito where’s the real body if the real naruto is on the battlefield?

  33. if you notice, the one that ran up to Madara and fought him, got his ass kicked. When Madara swung the fan, the kage bunshin got dispersed within the dust. so Madara was alert, that the real naruto is not there.

  34. Isn’t there any naruto review this week
    mister sensei, sylloge, jdogg.. anybody

  35. Official review by TheInfamous1:

    Obito gives back fan because he is scared of getting a fireball to his good side of his face.

    Kakashi is still looking shocked and dismayed for the 3rd straight chapter.

    Kages are practicing for the fallen statue event at the Olympics.

    BIG MAGNUM proceeds to molly whop everyone.

  36. Didn’t tobi fight the 4th hokage? Obito was young in the 4th time right? Nobody else sees this plot hole?

  37. Somebody Call the Captain-Commander from bleach to kick Madara’s Ass!! his Bankai is Fckin CRAZY!! :O

  38. @Prodigy25

    There’s a bucket full of plotholes that we’ve previously been moaning about, now we’re just waiting for Kishi to explain this messed up situation!! Obito’s being friend zoned should NOT spell the end of the Naruto world!!

    @ KLP

    Bankai Old Man Yama (Bleach) vs Edo Madara (Naruto) vs Prime Whitebeard (One Piece) vs Master Roshi (DBZ) – FATAL FOURWAY – Ultimate Manga battle of the Old men!! Place your bets people, who u picking to win that one?!

  39. @Tensa
    Clearly madara would win since he is immortal and no1 there to seal him:D fatality genjutsu 2 meteors on master roshi mangekyo on yama fight to the death with whitebeard:))

  40. Madara must be in that place like the white fang when he talked to Kakashi.

    And maybe it’s that place that Obito has his alternate dimension go to.

    I don’t know about anyone else but I’m kinda pissed the Kage’s are coming back to life.

    I’ve come to terms with Obito because I feel like this makes me flash back to a story I had to write in highschool using the literary concept of “Red herring” where I thought I’d use it twice to make someone think the obvious person all of a sudden wasn’t but… they were… Anyway, the story didn’t work out so well. I think the main thing that’s throwing everything off is Official Data Books giving ages.

    If you remove that from the equation then Tobi’s fight with the 4th makes sense. Maybe Kishi is trying to be more ninja because who ever said they were that young? or old?

  41. To Siskins point, I think if you set aside certain things aboutTobi, Obito may fit his personality. The lynchpin in all of this is the fact that Tobi became a completely different character from one chapter to the next. At first, Tobi was this goof ball who had talent but really didn’t seem like he had a clue. Then he suddenly becomes the mastermind behind the Akatsuki. At this point, he becomes acutely aware of everything, including his own strengths and weaknesses. It’s a very dramatic change and one that really did not make sense from the start. TobiIf you think of Tobi as some sort of Naruto like character and liked him because he showed a lot of potential without so much experience, he would fit Obito to a “T”. But if you can accept that Tobi is a control freak not a freeloader, it is hard to identify him with Obito. To me, Tobi being Obito conflicts more with character than plot

  42. Old man Yama is a BEAST!!! He is truly living up to his title as Captian Commander. Such a awesome character.

    Naruto was okay to me. I’m kinda getting tired of Madara and Obito. Madara is a over powered arrogant prick. (Even though he can back up his talk). Obito is cool but once Madara came on the field, his usefulness has vanished. Other than that seeing all the Kages in that state was crazy. I doubt any of them will die though including sweet Tsunade.

    One piece is pretty interesting. I don’t fully know what’s going on but it kept me interested the entire time.

    @Tensa: I’m going with Yamamoto all the way. It’s kinda hard to beat the sun.

  43. Besides, immortality can only get you so far. I mean look at aizen. Old man Yama can destroy the world with his power, which is why one way or another hes not gonna stay in bankai for long. And he has various hado and kido techniques he can use to restrain madara if he cant kill him.

  44. I forgot about hidan, but then again pretty much everyone inside and outside the ninja world forgotten about him.

  45. Hej, folks.

    I’ve been reading this Blog for over 2 years now and really feared it to go down, when Bob left. Now i have the feeling only the Core remains and i really like that. Other boards i read so far had much to many people repeating everything again and again.

    So after staying behind the curtain for so long, i’d like to contribute. Please dont mind my english. I’m from Germany and not native.

    I never decided for obito or izuna but i really like how it is right now because it gives everything more dephts. (my opinion as a storyteller) We dont Know much about the character of izuna. It would have been to easy be him cause he already supported madara as far as we Know. Okay itachi Made look like his eyes were taken by force but even that would only add two brother fighting which we already have seen. Im sure kishi has another reason for obito becoming evil then rin. Another thing is, that the timeline fits imo. Look how far the Main characters have come after nearly 3 years. And tobi hasnt wiped the floor with the 4th, so he was Not that strong.

    Like that tite is pulling all out for the Last arc but still i hate his style which makes us even more wait then the others.

    Love it right now again after the fishman arc. Which was good in depths but lacked the fascination. Although the current arc is crazy and has a whole bunch of twists i just cant wait for the end of it cause it clearly Shows were onepiece is heading and i want to See that as soon as possible.

    Okay. So this was my First comment ever.
    Im out. Got to work

  46. @Darth

    I never forgot bout hidan he was my favorite from the akatsuki but madaras body can dissapear and just come back again so it’s not the same and he has unlimited chakra so if you would just pull those 4 guys now without any1 knowing about eachothers skills then yama would lose since he wouldn’t be thinking straight about sealing and stuff he would just use his bankai and think that would do the shit:P

  47. If Yamamoto has to, he can seal Madara with Hakudo. I doubt that will be his first option, but hey, Madara with his completed Susanoo destroyed a mountain, so he can probably fight on par against Yamamoto in terms of strength. Yamamoto’s fire can’t hurt Madara because he can’t feel pain and won’t run out of chakra/stamina. But who knows, that would be an epic fight, if it ever happened….Master Roshi destroyed half a mountain with his Kamehameha, but he can’t fight those 2 lol. We can’t bring Saiyans into this, because they can easily wipe out planets, but I think Krillin or even Tien can do the job, NO JOKE lol.

  48. @ blackness now you think the old man is stupid, only a Moron would think that way. He hasn’t been the captain commander for a thousand years with that mentality. His immortality is pretty much the same as aizen except its not due to an object.

  49. @ prodigy25
    I keep hearing people say there is a plot hole involving obito being young during Minato time era. We don’t know how old minato was when he became Hokage or how old He was when He fought the mask man or when he died protecting the village. For all we know Obito could have been in His teens or young adult age when he face off agiasnt Minato.
    check out the link below…Here is a pic of Kasahi and Guy when The 9 tails attack the village 16 years ago….they appear to be in their late teen years or young adult.


    Kasahi and Obito were around the same height and age…so if Kasashi appears tall and older in this pic then obito were too.

  50. @7warlord
    It is hard to compare different mangas due to their different techniques. If you only count the raw power, Songoku must be your choice . But on the other hand he doesn´t know how to seal Edo and he has nothing against Genjutsu, but I don´t think that he wouldn´t have a lot of trouble with Sasonoo. Yamamoto is the same problem with sealing and Genjutsu. But the easiest way would be Songoku going into orbit and destroys the whole planet, so I guess this makes Songoku the strongest character

  51. @ultimate
    Yea, but I didn’t want to include Goku or any other Super Saiyan from DBZ, simply because they are too damn strong lol. Even Piccolo could dominate Madara and Yamamoto. That’s why I only mentioned Earthlings, like Krillin and Tien. I really believe either of those 2 would make an even fight against Madara/Yamamoto….I may be completely off here, because as you said, it’s nearly impossible to compare different mangas because they have different power scales they fight on….

  52. big magnum wins – yamamoto and whitebeard would push him furthest, i honestly dont see roshi doing that well against the other 3

  53. Just to point a few things.

    We have not really seen the full extent of the 9tails mode only a brief show of power all be it a very impressive one taking out most of the tailed beasts and dispelling the beastbombs.

    Naruto’s Real Body is somewhere else right now, maybe cooking up a plan. i think it is gathering Senju Chakra to mix in with the 9tails mode to come up with a hybride chakra to kick some ass.

    Naruto also made a pact with all the other tailed beasts so that will come in to the story again at some point.

    the 9 tails yang chakra was shown that it had life giving properties when he was in the chakra chamber learning his 9tails mode training. I think this is still Vital towards the Storyline somehow.

    Obito’s left side i think is made out of white Zetsu which is the DNA of the 1st.

    I Think it would be interesting if Madara had some sort of Family Uchiha Tree. This Time line Family tree would tell him which Families inheritted what Sharingan and that Madara Tracked his bloodline down to Obito and kept a clone eye on him ever since.

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