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Bleach Chapter 506: The Fire2

Chapter 506: The Fire2
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The road to awesomeness continues but there are a few catches waiting on the horizon as The Fire2 moves straight on from last time.

The old four-eyes opens his mouth for the first time I think happy to see some fight in the Kyouraku. Before the scene switches the gentleman references to what Kyouraku said last time out. That Commander Yamamoto is a great motivator for the SS. It’s clear what the rest of his words will be.

With the flames of revenge behind him. Yamamoto declares death on more time. The translation of the King’s name it different from last time. Now it’s Juha Bach. The whole aura of Yamamato is just so well displayed. His eyes, the flames.

With that we move back to the Quincy gentleman. As I expected he declares old man Yamamoto to die before his King. his reasoning is the same as Kyouraku’s. They are inspired by their King(even though he is a total dick to his subordinates).

Anyway. As announced three his buddies are on their way to the biggest mistake or their lives. You’d wonder if they noticed one captain killed three of their buddies already. But these guys including four-eyes will quickly realize the difference between blind optimism and inspiration.

In classic bad-buy stooge overconfidence mode two familiars and mohawk-man strike down on the strongest in all of Soul Society. Both Kyouraku and his enemy noticed the initial strike.

But… as expected. The sky explodes in a sea of flames. Needless to say. The quincy fighting Kyouraku has a “Holy Flipping King” moment when Yamoto turns three more Quincy’s to ashes as Kyouraku ads insult to injury. Good to see Nödt die after working over Byakuya.

Mr. Bach shows his douchebag self again, insulting his subordinates. He kind of right in this case. The three sternritter died stupid… simple. The SS captains made their own large mistake. They did have a great screw up when four captains simultaneously released their Bankai and the Quincy stole it. They wanted to find a way but they took a massive risk knowing very little about the specific ability and it cost them dearly.

Genryuusai seemingly thinks back to how his enemy was following the conversation after he strikes again cutting Bach’s arms. The Commander comments how Bach still keeps his followers in low regard. Bach replies to the Commander’s personality. I can’t see I have seen Aizen pull out the same amount of anger from the Commander but Bach and Genryuusai have a strong past between them. From the bits of conversation with Mayuri earlier it is know that Yamamoto has failed to kill him about a thousand years ago. Now this could mean that Mayuri’s failure then, ignited the first Quincy war, and now the second.

The battle heats up. The White haired Sternritter is still hanging around but I doubt he will do much in this fight. To put it short. Genryuusai forced the King to draw his sword. Funky looking hilt but it far from the highlight of this chapter, which of course is at the end.

The Captain Commander stars his incantation.

After his final words all the flames dissapear. The pic at the bottom shows a surprised King. It seems he never saw Commander yamamoto do this before.

All the fire seems to have been condensed into his blade. A small trail of fire leading up from about the middle. It looks like it’s scorching hot. Commander Yamamoto Genryuusai will speak the words no one has heard in who knows how long.

‘Bankai, Zanka No Tachi’ (Long Sword of the enduring flame)

Is the anger of the commander is carrying with him clouding his good judgement. He can’t(!) have forgotten the Quincy ability to steal a bankai. He doesn’t know if the tool has a limit of the amount of power it is able to steal. I’m not sure the King will be carrying the tool but his 2nd in commander probably does.

2nd. Is it really a good idea for him to release his bankai. Much like the top 4 Arrancar were not allowed to release inside Huenco Mundo the power released could destroy a major area of Soul Society.

The Quincy must be defeated but he could very well take out his own people still scurrying around the streets. A lot of them probably running around scared. So his release could kill a lot of normal foot soldiers.

I honestly have no idea what we can expect with him going all out. I personally fear that the Quincy will steal his bankai giving the King an immeasurable advantage and will mean the war for SS is sure to fall to the Quincy. Getting them one step closer to whatever they are after.


21 Responses

  1. I think Old man yama knows how to get around the bankai stealing ability of the quincy – he’s not stupid an knows what he’s doing. I hope we get the full fight here an not just clips- if yama loses this then S.S is truely f***ed!

  2. So the Captain Commander finally says the word bankai. The scale of this battle should be crazy. But I think in the end, Yamamoto will lose or die SOMEHOW. I have no clue what might happen, but we all know this battle is far from over….Maybe Yamamoto’s death will show how the other capains how to use their bankai against the Sternritters and just maybe, force 0 Squad to appear (they have to sooner or later). Also we can’t forget the mystery person who attacked Urahara. I think that guy is an Arrancar and while the quincies and shinigami are going at it, they will free Aizen and when that happens, it’s just going to be a chaos. 3 sides who TRULY HATE each other fighting to the death.

  3. whos force 0 squad?

  4. @ Profess

    Force 0 Squad are the Royal Court guard squard who protect the Spirit King – they are the next level above the Gotei 13 and Captain Yama

  5. What I meant was by Yamamoto dying, it will “force” 0 Squad to make an appearance. Adding to what Tensa Gizzla said, they usually take in former captains of the Gotei 13, like what happened to Hiyori’s former captain. That alone tells you that they are pretty damn strong and when they finally show up, it will probably be when the Gotei 13 loses their top captains. Byakuya is already dead I think and Yamamoto will most likely die as well. There’s no telling how many more will be killed, but it’s just a matter of time until they show up.

  6. This chapter is truly incredible. TK is pulling out all of the stops now that this is his final arc. Right now I don’t know what to think. As Tensa said Yamamoto is not stupid so he must have a pretty good reason to use banki. I tell you what though I rather see Yamamoto fight way more than seeing Ichigo or anybody else for that matter. (I have nothing against Ichi I’m just excitied seeing the Old man go all out.)

    @7warlord, I have a question, if the 0 squad does show up, what does that mean for Ichigo? Considering that he is the main character. If the 0 squad shows up and mop the the floor with these super quincies then what role would Ichigo have in this arc? Just curious about your opinion.

    Also I would like to ask, how many stern ritters are dead? So far I count 7. Depending on how many came to SS, this war may be over soon. Then again anything can happen at this point.

  7. One thing I forgot to add. I thought Yamamoto arm would have been healed some how (Orihime). But even with one arm he can still perform cermations.

    @pretend3r: Thanks for the review. You are so right about that fear controlling quicy; it felt good seeing him bite the dust after what he did to Byakuya.

    I did say one thing I forgot to add. Seems like it was more. Yahha.

  8. @Immortal
    i dont think we will see the Zero Squad appear in Soul Society. Seeing how long this arch is supposed. Ichigo has been stuck for a long while now not having done anything significant except savin Dondonchakka.

    I personally am leaning toward Yamamoto falling to the King, his bankai being sealed. With that power in hand he is a step closer to possibly destroy both Soul Society and Hueco Mundo out of existence.

    To your second post. with the incantation i meant the words he spoke. Guess i did not use the right word.

  9. @Immortal
    0 Squad has to appear. Either by reinforcing the Gotei 13 or defending the Spirit King from the enemy, they will eventually appear in this arc. This is why I really think Aizen will come back. So far, he is the only person who actually wanted to kill the Spirit King and really one of the very few people who has the potential to accomplish such a goal. If he wasn’t so arrogant before, he could have killed everyone and proceeded to meet the Spirit King. We haven’t seen his bankai yet and that is something MANY people would like to see.

    Now as to how he will be freed, I think it will be from Arrancars, but a more powerful breed of Arrancars, the Vasto Lordes. Halibel is the only confirmed Vasto Lorde that has been shown, we could included Stark and Barrigan, but it was never stated they were so they don’t count. Yammy sure as hell isn’t one because Vasto Lordes have small body frames like humans and yammy is freaking Giant, so it’s very possible that Halibel is a “weakling” of her kind…Besides, somebody killed Opie and attacked Urahara, so there is a 3rd group somewhere, and the only identity we can call them right now are Arrancars.

  10. Also, I don’t think Ichigo will be using Final Gestuga in this arc. I think that something that can only be used once, regardless if your powers are returned, you can’t use it anymore. Why? I have no clue, but I’m going to stand by this until I’m proved wrong in the manga. Ichigo isn’t as strong as he was before. I’m talking about the form he had when he came out of the Dangai World. His zanpaktou was chained to his arm and I really believe that it was in it’s strongest form then. Now however, Ichigo has his Fullbring mixed in with his shinigami powers and he obviously isn’t as strong as he was before, because when he came from the Dangai, he fought on par with a Hogyoku powered Aizen. IMO, something is off about him, and a meeting with Zangestu needs to happen to we can see what exactly it is. The role he plays in this arc to uncertain right now, but we know he’ll be fighting the “final” enemy. Who that will be exactly is a great question.

  11. @7warlord and Immortal

    If Aizen does get freed who’s to say that he’d want to team up with the quincy?! Aizen was on a whole other level and everything that the starknights are doing now….he’s already done it – he single-handedly destroyed the captains without bankai stealing.

    I’m curious to see how the fullbring element of his abilities affected Zangetsu and his hollow though but to me i doubt he’ll ever use or be as badass as his final getsuga form

  12. @Tenza Gizzla
    I suppose that is a good thing the Quincy needs their tools. This way it avoids too many people achieving retard-levels of power (like in Dragonball series, the longer it ran, the crazier it got.)

  13. The boss is gonna steal yamamotos bankai beat him dry then ichigo would come to the rescue there really isn’t any room for the 0 squad…what would be their purpose?The boss would have to be stronger that the 0 squad so ichigo rescues them lets say…

  14. But who could’ve killed opie he is clearly not on the quncies side but on whos side?:-???0 squad killed opie:))

  15. @Blackness
    It could be Aizen. Or maybe even a 0-squad member.

  16. Interesting theories everyone. Like I said earlier I don’t know what’s going to happen. TK has a lot of room to play with. Hopefully he takes advantage of this. I can’t believe I didn’t comment on this earlier but what happen to that pink headed girl who rides on Kenny? Not only her, but what is everyone else doing?

  17. The new chapters are out in http://www.mangahere.com/ (naruto is also out on http://mangastream.com/)

    …Looks like they are finally going to explain the obito back story… and his history with Madara.

    and I wonder what the kages are going to do once tsunade helps them.

  18. I’ll comment on one piece and bleach once a “its out” post is made… but i will say this… yama is a boss.

  19. Old man yama is bloody monster!!!!!!!!!!! This bankai is too dangerous – heat of the sun FTMFW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. so wait, unohana wasnt fighting, wasnt it said everyone feared her fighting skills, cant wait to see her bankai

  21. we are all forgetting uryu in this mix up. remember what opie said when he was fighting ichi, that uryu was much stronger than he himself was. personally i’m dying to see uryu and his father’s role in this war. i think there is a back up team to the sternritter.

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