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Naruto Chapter 600 – Karama &Naruto Vs Obito &Madara

Hello Boys and Girls, Jdogg here to substitute for Mistersensi who is out of commission right now. I may not be Mistersensi or a great Naruto blog writer, my specialty is One Piece, but considering that Mistersensi can not make it, I thought it would not hurt to say my thought on the latest chapter. Even if they are not to your liking, so you guys can yell at me for being a horrible Naruto Blogger. Nonetheless it will get the conservations started so lets be on with the chapter.

Tobi is Obito! (Unfortunately)

It is no secret that I was and still not a fan of Tobi being Obito. For two reasons, Obito is not a character that was built up to be the ultimate villain of the series. He was some character meant to strengthen Kakashi’s background story, but to think that he would become the ultimate villain, and literally out of nowhere. The other reason that I have for not liking this, is for the time line difference. Some theorize that Obito was able to awaking his mangekyou sharingan which enabled him to escape the boulders from crushing his body. But if you think about it, it would make sense that a Uchiha is able to awaking his Mangekyou Sharingan when they are literally on the brink of death. My reasons will be stated below:

First Reason

The only way to awaken a sharingan is when a Uchiha is in extreme danger. And to awaken a mangekyou sharingan, a Uchiha has to suffer the death of a close friend or sibling. To go further and achieve the ultimate form of the sharingan which is the Rinnangan, that only Madara was able to achieve so far. But it is the process of how he achieved this states by fighting a death match and surviving, he was able to achieve the Rinnangan. Now this can be possible of achieving the mangakyou, since we know that Obito has achieved a Rinnangan and he has shown that he can wield a Rinnangan. It would be possible that Obito while he was under all those boulders he was able to somehow awaken his Mangakyou and warp himself into his dimension.

Second Reason

While he was in this dimension, he was able to somehow heal his body, maybe due to the effect of that dimension which allows Obito to heal rapidly. While he is healing in this dimension, Rin died and once he found out, he decided that the world it to harsh so he sought out to put the world in a illusion. But how can Obito achieve all of this. The first time Obito was introduced he was worst than Naruto as a Ninja, at least Naruto has a talent as a fast learner, but Obito barely awakened his sharingan when the boulders crushed half of his body.

Right now I am stuck between two sides that say that Obito being Tobi is complete folly, an idea that Kishi came up with from his azz right on the spot. But the other side is saying that this is a brilliant move by Kishi because of the risks that come with this decision that he made. Because now Kishi has to do a damn well job of explaining this revelation. Whether you hate or love this decision by Kishi, it is done and we have to accept and move on with the story. But I can guarantee you one thing, after all this is explained, one thing or another will happen which is that we will say that Kishi has done it again and awed us by this brilancey, or we will say that this is worst decision he has ever done to his master piece. Only time will tell which one of these cheers we will be cheering.

Madara is too Much!!!

There are only two Uchiha that I truly would take seriously as a character, one being Itachi “The only true Uchiha” and the other is Madara “The Ultimate Uchiha”. These two Uchiha make all previous Uchiha look like a bunch of wusses and cry babies. But as cool as these guys are, it is just too much to introduce Madara in the Naruto VS No Name. Naruto was already struggling with No Name aka Tobi aka Obito, but to add in the strongest Uchiha of all time to this fight is just unfair for Naruto. Naruto had about minutes to figure out the Fox Mode, and he just was able to figure out his fighting ability. But to add to the pressure by adding Madara, it is just too much.

Now I see a lot of people will say there’s no way that Naruto can take care of No Name and Madara at the same time, because he has being fighting all day long. But Naruto’s strongest strength is his inhuman stamina. And if you look back to how Sasuke, when he attacked the Kages he was able to take all of them on, even after he was exhausted and he was pulling attacks moves from his azz. So how come the main character cannot be able to take on the strongest bad guys, which is what the main character is for. I see that in the next few chapters, will show that Naruto can single handledly go toe to toe with No Name and Madara, because he has the strongest companion now, Kurama. Do not forget that Kurama is Naruto’s partner now, who can supply Naruto with an endless supply of Chakra, and endless knowledge of the Ninja arts. Either way the Naruto series is at its ending phase and the next chapters will answer all of our questions, complaining and our waiting, so till the next chapter.

Side Notes:

  • There has being one thing that was bothering me, do you guys remember the whole issue of ‘that’ jutsu that supposedly Naruto has learned or will learn. What do you guys think ‘that’ jutsu is.
  • I am slowly accepting that its Obito 😦
  • I am liking how Naruto is adapting to his Fox form which it seems that he can stay in for a longer period of time.

39 Responses

  1. Not bad jdogg
    But it seems you still not accept the fact that Tobi is Obito since you call him No Name
    I don´t think that Obito pulled himself out of this dead situation since he just awaken his Sharigan and if every Uchiha could awaken the Mangokyu in a dead situation there would be no Uchiha massacre.
    Also I think to add Madara is a good move, I think that Naruto will be have less problems with Madara than Obito since the fight with Madara will be more about raw power than tactics like in case of Obito and in the fight of Obito, Naruto was relying on Kakashi which is not the case in a fight with Madara.

  2. @Ultimate, That is the only explanation that I can see fit for Obito to survive, or it has to be a certain Uchiha condition or what would be head real scratchier is if Obito was able to go back in time due to curtain circumstances, like something from a Marvel comic book, were a character goes back in time and gets all powerful. Could explain why he knows Madara, or his vast knowledge of the Ninja world. Now wouldn’t that be something

  3. “That Jutsu” was clearly mastering use of Kurama (i.e. Full Beast Mode) since Jiraiya refered to that when he was telling Naruto to not get too heated. The toad scroll did not believe Naruto would ever need that kind of power, but of course he was wrong. A lot of people have not believed me but so far I have said and was correct about
    1.The 6th coffin was the real Madara.
    2. Tobi is Obito.

    It is likely Obito activated his MS accidentally, BUT I don’t think he pulled himself into his dimension. I think he just made himself “intangible.” This would mean he was unable to move from under the rocks until Madara found him or got him out.

    Also, what if Madara’s MS can use Kamui? This would mean Madara could also potentially use that dimension.

    I also predict that if Naruto loses here there would be another timeskip. It’s hard to see if Kishi saying that the story is coming to a conclusion means one of these things:

    1. The end of the series (I don’t quite think so).
    2. The end of the War (maybe).
    3. The end of the Obito/Kakashi/Rin story (I think most likely).

  4. I think we Naruto Fans should accept that Tobi is OBito and disregard timelines.

    Because ever since Naruto began, we are exposed to things that should not be in the Ninja Era.

    How could they transplant an eye using kunai?? 😛

    or how could they extract DNA from other people??

  5. Well im all for that being Obito`s eyes and body….hmm still im wondering how he knows soo much about Madara`s story, and how he ties into it as a whole. I also keep going back to this… right after he talks about Izuna, then he goes about not protecting Rin…so he has Obito`s memories too…to me Tobi getting his mask smashed off doesnt mean anything.


  6. @ JDogg

    Thanks for commenting on my question on the other post. That’s kinda the same idea I head, but because it was not well explained how exactly he came back it is still a bit hazy.

  7. Everyone is still missing where Obito told Kakashi “It doesn’t matter if “I” survived or not.” The “I” was clearly in quotations which signifies a bit of mistery or sarcasm that only part of him survied to some hint. This is clearly a hint that this may not be the real Obito, at least not enitrely. I think the reason he is able to wield the rinnegan is because after Zetsu and BIG MAGNUM found Obito’s dead body, they got his DNA and made a clone of him using Zetsu, this way he would still have Obito’s memories and be able to do BIG MAGNUM’s bidding. Zetsu may have even attached himself to the injured parts of Obito so that he could regain that side of his body. Either way this explains how he can tear his body parts off and regenerate them, and also because Zetsu is made of Senju DNA this is why he can wield the rinnegan.

  8. I get the feeling karuma is going to go berserk at the sight of madara. I also believe madara won’t be as tough to handle as tobi, hes been able to survive only because of his kumai. He has yet to land a blow on anyone. Madara on the other hand is gna kick sum serious axx!

  9. Also, I dnt think obito turned bad because rin died. kakashi nvr finished his questiion, but I believe hr was asking obito why he nvr went back to kanoha and speak with him, after all they were friends.

  10. @UchihaTheInfamous

    You are completely misreading the statement. It doesn’t refer to him. Obito is saying “It doesn’t matter if I survived, but Rin did not and that is all that matters.” This is clearly backed up by what he says next about Rin in the same chapter.

  11. Like Uchiha the infamous said, Tobi’s speech said “I”…..that could be the bigest clue in the whole chapter that everyone’s missed. It’s not as straight forward as “he is Obito”, there is a lot more to it and a lot more to be revealed. Zetsu is clearly involved in his body and maybe his brain too.
    During the Uchiha Massacre night was “Obito” really strong enough to help take out his clan alongside Itachi….i doubt it! Looking back at the convo Tobi and Sasuke had after the Sasuke vs Itachi battle, Tobi said that Itachi witnessed the 3rd Ninja war as a 4 year old – how would Obito know that, if thats the same war that he “died” in and didnt even see any konoha members even close to the battlefield as he was with the 4th, Kakashi an Rin the whole time….

    Quick side note: Loving the Big 3 right now, we got the Tobi mystery, Old man Yama Bankai and Punk Hazard madness!! : )

  12. @ ripcord

    What you just mentioned further supports my theory of him being a clone with Obitos memories or him being Obito with Zetsu mixed in. How else do you explain the “I” comment and him wielding the rinnegan.


    It’s seems like everyone missed that big clue with the quotation marks. It was a sign of blatant sarcasm.

  13. @Uchihatheinfamous

    Yep fully agree…lets look at Zetsu for a minute, white Zetsu’s transformation technique is the best there is period, even down to a person’s chakra (remember when he cloned neji in the war) what if black zetsu’s power was being the land and absorbing the lands memory….so for example black zetsu could have been spying on the 3rd ninja war through a tree and saw Obito get smashed by a rock or feel those events happening through the movement in the land an then later on see or feel rin die and use that as a perfect cover up for the “Iam Obito” theory to decieve the world or maybe Obito was already dead when black Zetsu found him and through his half implant his sharigan an capture his memories while the white half did a perfect Obito transformation…..just a wild theory!

  14. @Tensa

    It’s all possible at this juncture in the story.

  15. @Uchihatheinfamous

    You still don’t get it. The emphasis on the word “I” is not to say that Obito may or may not have survived, he indicates in that staement that he DID survive and that doesn’t matter at all. What does matter to him is that Rin did not.

    This statement has nothing to do with Zetsu parts or anything like that, which is probably true and I am not doubting that. The other evidence in the manga suggests that his body has been augmentied with Zetsu (i.e. Hashirama) cells.

  16. @ripcord the fact its in paranthesis implies a hidden meaning If he is simply stating he did survive the I would be capitalized and bold usually but the fact there is a paranthesis on the I gives a strong posibility that there is more to this than meets the eye. Whether it means its obitos brain or simply his body and someone is using it remains to be seen. Right now anything is possible but im reserving my thoughts until kishi fully states what the hell is going on lol

  17. Madara appearing was planted to show that they have met before in the past. Madara already knew Obito’s name which means that Madara was resurrected previously, probably by Orochimaru. Which Tobi seems to have strong ties to based off his conversations with Kabuto. And also would explain why Orochimaru was ressurrected as well. Orochimaru will probably be the one to explain to Sasuke Obito’s story. Madara being the one to give Obito the history lessons and training to become as strong as he has become would make sense.

    Also remember when Tobi was speaking to Sasuke telling him how Itachi felt his(Madara’s) presence and helped him attack his clan. I wonder if that will ever be elaborated on.

    IMO Sasuke is in line to return to being a good guy and teamming up with Naruto to fight off Madara and then uniting the Senju and the Uchiha once and for all.

  18. @ripcord

    I see your point but token better stated what I was getting at. He would have just used I with no quotation marks or like token said he would have put it in bold. Instead he put quotes which signifies an underlying meaning.

  19. Great job Jdogg with the review. You took the initiative and pulled a double review for us. For that I thank you.

    Now my thoughts on the chapter Like I am with bleach, I have no idea where everything is headed. I see some peeps don’t like the whole Obito thing but the way I figured, Kish can come up with 1001 jutsus to explain the timeline issues. I have seen some strange things in Naruto. (Like Sasuke pulling Oro out of Anko’s neck.) One thing I don’t understand is why are some peeps underestimating Obito? Just because he was a goof in the begining doesn’t mean he didn’t have the potential to be super strong.(Naruto himself is a example of that.) As far as Madara appearance at the end, well this is gonna be fun. I forgot that all of the other ninja are suppose to be on their way to see Naruto. So maybe we get to see them all fight Madara next chapter. They may beat him enough to seal him and declare Naruto Supreme Hokage over the 5 nations. If not then they will all go to the pure world when Madara summons a black hole or something. (Hey he did summon not 1 but 2 meteorite’s didn’t he?) Then he may bring out absolutely perfect susanno. Either way, I’m looking forward to the next chapter!

  20. I used to be a writer on this site and it has become a shadow of its former self, bob has left the site to die while one piece and bleach have engulfed the site. This article may have just restored my faith in this site haha, I hate the fact that obito appears to be tobi, some parts of it are just plain stupid like his battle with the 4th and his motivation but when you think about aspects like healing in a separate diminision, it comes out cooler than ever, however I still wish for Izuna to make an appearance before the end of the series as the real tobi

  21. SMH @Jdogg, so you’re saying a Uchiha who massacred the Uchiha is “the only true Uchiha”? And I don’t feel Tobi/Obito was built up to be the ultimate villain. Pein, Kabuto, and the real Madara fit that description more then Tobi. Kishi was building up Sasuke to be the ultimate villain, until he came across edo Itachi.

    I’m glad Tobi is Obito, and I hope he kick Kakashi’s ass and finally reveal Kakashi’s face and take back his sharigan, but then again Obito will be unbeatable if he had both of his original sharigans. It all makes sense now, Danzo knowing he wasn’t as strong as the 3rd seeked Madara (sorta like Sasuke seeking Oro) for training and in return Madara ordered Danzo to wipe out the Uchiha clan. I still feel Itachi didn’t provide the true history on the Uchiha massacre, it’s much deeper then that. Who taught Danzo Izanagi?????

  22. @Fleece Johnson, iif you think about Itachi is the only Uchiha that has shown that he is not like the rest of the Uchiha, who tend to be bent on having their revenge of being second to the Senju clan. He sacrificed so much for the greater good, he even sacrificed his legacy and everything else. He did all of this with no ill will against the people who ordered him to become the murder he became.

  23. @Fleece
    Obito being Tobi feels rather random doesnt it! Pein had SOOOO much potential to be the final villian but kishi f’ed that up gettin all deep on us with his “How will you handle all the world’s hatred?” rubbish and then made it worse by pulling a book out his arse talking about his ninja way!
    I think Orochimaru informed Danzo about Izanagi – he knew so much it was ridiculous, he was like a fountain of knowledge. He performed Edo Tensei back when the third was alive and he probably knew who Tobi was! Madara vs the konoha 11 is laughable, that wouldnt even count as a warm up although it would be funny if Kiba got amaterasu to the face!

  24. @Jdogg, What about Shisui? What about the Uchiha’s who refused to go along with Madara. Shouldn’t they count for something. To me Sasuke is the only real Uchiha

    @Tensa, I forgot all about Oro, but if it was Orochimaru who taught Danzo izanagi, what did Oro get return? Orochimaru always seek’s benefits from his actions. Konoha 11 is a joke, they probably would’ve lost if it wasn’t for Itachi stopping Kabuto

  25. @Fleece Johnson
    Oro helping Danzo out did 2 things. The first is that Danzo would leave Orochimaru alone. The second is that Oro got to experiment with sharingans and Hashirama’s cells. It’s not hard to see why Oro would want to experiment with those 2 things…

  26. I agree to those people who think that Orochimaru could be the main villain here. Come to think of it, Oro has been experimenting both Senju and Uchiha DNAs in a very long span of time.

    He could also determined ways to counter the combined SENJU-UCHIHA DNA.

    It is just like getting an anti-venom from the snake venom itself.

  27. @ripcord, hmmm okay that does makes sense. During the 5 kage summit Tobi got rid of the 2 best ANBU members, so how can ANBU be a threat to Orochimaru? But if Oro obtained both the 1st and 2nd DNA it’s very possible he experimented and or gathered Madara’s DNA for later use

  28. @Fleece Johnson, Shisui is a very mysterious figure, he sacrificed himself, yes, and passed on the light to Itachi because he KNEW that Itachi will do what he could not do. And say Sasuke is the true Uchiha is like saying Sakura is the greatest female character in the Naruto series. Come on man, Sasuke, SASUKE, really, really, reallllllyyy????? I am so oblivious to what you just said.

  29. @Jdogg, I’m am abruptly astonished by your harsh interpretations on my Lord – “King Sasuke”. What has thou ever done to make ye feel this way of such discrete, inconvenient, and a absurd lack of acknowledgement. Sasuke was on a rampage all through out Shippuden. Sasuke vs Obito or Sasuke vs Madara will show you that Sasuke is the only real Uchiha. Mark my words

    Really…. Sakura….. I’m am distraught. I hope they serve you a big bowl of grits instead of porridge my fine sir. Word is bond.

  30. @ Fleece and Jdogg

    Who do u think is the best female character in Naruto? I vote Anko!!!

    Sakura – obsessed with Sasuke, slyly loves Naruto and has been friend-zoned and death-zoned by both.

    Hinato – obsessed with Naruto and friend-zoned by him

    Ino – obsessed with Sasuke and been friend-zoned by Shikamaru

    TenTen – obsessed with a chakra draining fan and friend-zoned by Neji

    Karin – obsessed with Sasuke and friend-zoned by him

    Tsunade – obsessed with Dan and friend-zoned Jiriya

    Kabuto – obsessed with Orochimaru and friend-zoned by him lol

    Damn Naruto is one big friend-zone no wonder everyone’s fighting!

  31. Sasuke don’t friend zone anyone. Either you his meat shield, or his target.

  32. @Fleece Johnson, Oh wow I have not laughed like that in so long, Thumbs up man. Love your style of writing by the way, it is almost like reading a song of fire and ice book. But to counter argue your argument, first I did not mean to disrespect your argument what so ever, I would just like to state that this is a friendly argument. With that being said, I do not believe Sasuke is the True Uchiha because he is too much of a expressionless, doll, revenge driving nonsense. He first ‘kills’ his brother in battle, than starts to cry over him because someone he never meant told him the ‘true’ story. And if he was a smart Uchiha he would know that instead of going to battle he should be making little Uchiha, and it is not so hard for him to find a mate. Heck all of the female Ninjas wants him. Also, kishi has made things way too easy for him in the sense of acquiring power, it is no secret that Sasuke is Kishi’s favorite character. Sasuke is like your average rich boy how gets his money with little easy. Once I thought that he was the coolest character but when he turned ‘revenge of Sasuke’ I just gave up on his character, because he became your most generic character with no specialty (sure he has all those powerful moves) but hey all the bad guys get the cool stuff. Though it is the way things go for him, for example, him killing Orochi was the biggest Hiatus in the Naruto Series, (even if Orochi was weakened, but Orochi was weakened and took on both Jariya and Tsunda) your telling me that a Sixteen year old kid beats one of the most powerful most entertain villain in the Naruto series and to make it worst he brings him back like nothing happened and all of a sudden Orochi is cool with helping Sasuke?

    Look we can go back and forth over this debate, and I would agree with you that Sasuke is a cool character when it comes to fighting, but his personality and charisma is so dry, it is sad. Overall, there is no way I would claim that he is the true Uchiha, look at Madara who has been introduced as a character just a few chapters back make Sasuke look like a little weasel. Madara who is the ultimate revenge type of character has more personality and charisma than Sasuke will ever have.

    Okay your turn, just don’t yell at me much 🙂

  33. Best female character? That is a very hard question.

    Hinata: For her sacrifice of attack Pain and getting beating up for loving her man and always staying by his side, through bad and good.

    The Slug Princess aka Tsundere: When she was first introduced she look up to be a promising character, but Kishi is known for butchering his female characters.

    Sakura: After the time skip she showed promising characteristics but like I said once again Kishi butchers his female characters.

    It is a very hard question but those would be my votes, if only do they get some screen time.

  34. Two things are answered this chapter:

    Obito survived and probably had a piece of Zetsu attached to him. He’s like Majin Buu this regen stuff.

    Apparently BIG MAGNUM survived a very long time after his fight with the 1st. Even if he was in that void dimension. So this must mean he and Obito’s eyes are related since they can access the same dimension.

    P.S. I called the

  35. BIG MAGNUM living for a long time afterwards. He’s to skilled with his rinnegan and sharingan powers. He had to have trained with the rinnegan for a long time. Just like I called it. I think he must have created just about all uchiha jutsu as well.

  36. Just a thought…somewhere in this story…I see Sasuke becoming a new tag-team hero with Naruto. also, I wish Rinne tensi could be used on Itachi.

  37. @uchiha madara himself pretty much stated he lived a long time after the first… he stated this around the time he was brought back when he asks if kabuto knows about his “prime” and he got the rinnengan AFTER the battle with the first so he had to live after.

  38. @token

    I know but someone I can’t remember who debated with me that BIG MAGNUM got his rinnegan right after the battle and died very shortly thereafter.

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