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One Piece Chapter 680 – The Kick of Manliness

What a treat we got this week. Everything that a fan of One Piece loves is in this chapter; Humor, back story, twists and action. This chapter leads us to believe that pretty soon something more dramatic will occur. So lets get on with this weeks chapter.

From End to Beginning

I would like to do things differently this week, so I will start of with the ending than work my way to the beginning. And what a treat we got this week, I mean Luffy  just never runs out of revelations to give us more of his new abilities. He shows that he can run so fast that the ground can catch on fire. We know that Sanji is capable of doing that where he moves his feet so fast they lite afire, but I will get to Sanji later. But for now, Luffy and Smoker show that their relationship can lead to a more friendly instead of one being hunted by the other. For starters Smoker asks Luffy if he is okay, which shows Smoker does care about Luffy’s well being in some way or another. We already know that Smoker and Luffy have some form of respect to each others. When Luffy and Smoker first got reunited and fought, Luffy was angry that Smoker became weak, but that was due to the fact that Tagashi was in Smokers body.

I would say that ultimately they will create a relationship that even though they are on opposite sides they will protect each other. But for now Luffy just owned CC, though I do not take CC to be the fighter type, he is not someone that fights with power but with tricks. After Luffy found out the true power of CC, he will easily take care of him and might have already. If CC is still not out of the picture, it could turn out to be a long fight that both parties will attack with long range attacks. For Luffy knows that once you get near CC he can cut you air supply; however, CC knows that if he gets close to Luffy he will be in trouble because Luffy is a specialist in close range fights. Either way, Luffy came through this week and might have already redeemed himself.

Virgo is not the man we once knew?

I personally feel that I got slapped in the face by this chapter because of what I had said last week. Last week I made a comment about how Virgo and CC are a bunch of clowns, well CC is still a clown, but Virgo was too badazz this chapter. He shows that he has some of CP9 military fighting ability and he shows that he is not as sweet and innocent as the G5 unit thought him to be. He also is not certainly a clown, but I must defend my comment.What I should of said is that yes he is looking to be a fitting villain, but still has that realistic aspect of being human. Usually villains in Manga tend to have a personality that lacks silliness. What One Piece does is that it shows that even though some of it characters are villains they are still human, by having an imperfect aspect of themselves. And if it one thing about humans is that we are an imperfect being.

What I mean by not being perfect is that they are not always serious and have their game face on. In this instance, it is Virgo who is a perfect example that shows that, yes, he is one badazz bastard, but he still has that imperfection aspect of a human being. That he is not always badazz, he forget things else, for one he forgets that he has food on his face and last week he forgot that he was not a swordsman. Another interesting thing that I noticed this chapter is that Virgo shows that he is skilled in Haki. Which leads me to believe that he is not a Devil Fruit user, but I could be just jumping the gun. Though we have not seen a high ranking Marine that does not have a Devil fruit ability. The only exception is Garp being the only Marine that has made it all the way to the rank of Vice Admiral without having a Devil Fruit, so far. Which would the perfect time to show that Virgo is the other Marine who has climbed to the rank of Vice Admiral with pure skills. However, in the next few chapters we will finally get to see Virgo go all out because he is facing none other than our favorite Manly man Sanji.

The Man

It is no secret that Sanji is one of my favorite characters and I am not the only one who thinks that way. If it is one thing that surrounds Sanji is HUMOR. I have capitalized humor because Sanji is a walking talking wicked comedian. He also has every mans weakness which is women, as well as being his encouragement. For all the stuff Sanji has gone through since the beginning of his two year training, he deserves to have the spotlight and the chance to defeat Virgo. Now as much as I would love a Virgo Vs Sanji fight, I am having the gut feeling that Law might interfere in this fight. I am still routing for a Sanji vs Virgo fight because at first I thought that it would be Law Vs Virgo, considering their history together, but who ever thought that it would turn out like this. None the less this chapter was epic and makes us that much more excited for next weeks chapter.

Side Notes:

  • Zoro never likes to admit to weakness, even when he is riding on Brownbeard, he comes up with a exquisite excuse.
  • Apparently Samurai’s do not get hungry.
  • The more that Dragon is shown the more it is obvious that Nami will make a pet out of him, which would be interesting because the Strawhats do need a pet. Chopper does not count and a Dragon would be a splendid pet for the Strawhats.
  • Franky still has not shown up ever since he let for Sunny.
  • The spoon on Virgo’s face was knocked off.


9 Responses

  1. UH-OH, Sanji has gone up another level of BADASSNESS. Virgo is about to get walked on, stomped on, AND danced on because he committed the ultimate taboo, hitting a woman IN THE PRESENCE of Black Leg Sanji. This chapter, he only got the spoon kicked off his face…literally. Next chapter, his whole head is coming off, followed by his ass…literally.

  2. @chefman
    Lol, that was a pretty funny comment to read. But Virgo is supposed to a top notch Vice Admiral, so at the very least, the fight will be even. I know we haven’t seen the monster trio at their best, but if Sanji, respectively speaking, the “weakest” of the 3 starts effortlessly dancing all over Virgo, where does that put Zoro and Luffy on the power charts?

  3. @7warlord
    Well, I might have over exaggerated a little bit, but I’m still standing by the point of my comment. Sanji will win. Marines are watching and I don’t know if those brokers are watching the fight at the moment, they will eventually. They will see just how strong the SHs are when the “weakest” fighter of their monster trio defeats a vice admiral…Also Sanji will finally get a better bounty lol.

  4. @ 7warlord and badasschef

    Sanji vs Virgo will be a short but epic fight but smokey is either gonna save Sanji from an attack or just straight up jump in the middle an tell Sanji to get Tashigi out of there while he battles Virgo!
    Also i thought that dragon was friendly, did i miss something?? If he’s headed for brownbeard he’s in trouble coz we got 3 swordsman and a sniper ready to throw down! I get the feeling this is a set up for Zoro to tame him with haki or Kinnemon to BBQ his ass for lunch!

  5. I just figured out why Zoro is so interested in Kin Samurai!!! Back when they first started their voyage to Fish Island Zoro told Luffy about how he always dreamed of having a Fire Sword!! I wonder if it is actually the sword the Samurai uses that is embued with the fire ability or if the Samurai has a technique that allows him to do fire attack and absorbtion??? I am thinking the Samurai will not join the SH crew but in return for helping save his son he will give the fire sword which should be a One of the Great Grade Swords!!! then Zoro would have 2 Great Grade swords and need one more for his 3!!!

  6. @ Mexican
    When did Zoro say this??! He’s already got 2 great swords – Kuina’s is one of the great 12 swords an Shusui the black sword isn’t great by rank but is a legendary samurai sword- only 1 of his swords isn’t legendary! He’s fine with the swords he has tbh, I’m itching to see how good his an Sanji’s haki is an if they have the king’s disposition like Luffy

  7. @Tensa
    Why would Smoker interfere in Sanji’s and Virgo’s fight? He’s with Luffy right now and he had better worry about his heart that’s in CC’s hands rather than think about Virgo. Yea Smoker had his little speech about why he must beat Virgo, but all that went out the window when he beat Tashigi up. Virgo has to deal with Sanji now and I can’t wait to see his new moves. Next, Zoro will have to fight a very strong opponent (swordsman), but it will probably be the next arc. The same goes for Luffy, because like what Jdogg said, CC isn’t a 1 vs 1 fighter.

  8. @badass,
    Smoker will definately jump in the fight – for once he was very eager to take someone down illegally! I think oda will tease us with Sanji an Virgo’s powers until smokey gets there coz he’s not exactly just gonna sit down with some popcorn an watch luffy take out C.C
    As for Zoro an everyone else, I get the feeling they will end up fighting someone, I don’t know how but it’d be very out of character for Oda if they didn’t end up fighting someone half decent this whole arc or maybe some brokers will show up wanting to buy the weapon an they butt heads with the SH’s!

  9. @Tensa – yeah I was incorrect on his swords! All 3 swords he has are from the 21 greatsword family! Zoro has to be pretty badass regardless if he is the unofficial 1st Mate. I actually think he is the only one who can go toe to toe with Luffy from the SH crew. :-0

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