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I do not have the time to look up pictures and all. But let the discussion begin anyways.


53 Responses

  1. King Madara + Obito is a nice plot development for all those doubters… Bleach, no words… But bankai will indeed be stolen then its a matter of whether Jaha can contain it or does Yama Jii have a failsafe against his own bankai… Zaraki needs to wake his ass up!

  2. Wow this Naruto Chapter is way too cool now (setting aside the plothole).

    Imagine this, Sasuke and Oro will be seeking Madara and once they find them, it will be a SHINOBI Rumble!

  3. Obito’s Excuse for being so evil is that Rin died??? O Come on KISHI!! You are making all UCHIHA so EMO!!!!

  4. @ Xcalibur
    A shinobi royal rumble would be sick!!!!
    As for Obito….im still not buying it! It doesnt feel like that rin excuse was genuine….guess i’ll wait for a proper explanation coz 1 bitch is not worth the whole damn world – how many bitches are in the world and u wanna destroy it coz the one u fancied and didnt even sleep wit got killed, bitch please!!!!!
    Naruto the series is EMO but it is what it is…..slightly disappointed with BIG MAGNUM though…he could have split Oonoki’s wig before he jumped in!

  5. soooo………..all in favor of orochimaru being the best vilian in this series?

  6. I don’t think that the Yamamoto’s bankai can be stolen, if it could he wouldn’t have released it knowing that his subordinates couldn’t beat it. My guess is he’s one of the special war assets and that the bankai, when stolen, is done before it is fully released.

    I was honestly expecting more from the Naruto chapter this week. For it being a milestone chapter, number 600, I figured Kishi would have given us something more epic or more revealing in the story. The Madara bit at the end was nice, but should’ve happen on page three. I don’t see how the good guys have a chance now.

  7. letting the world burn over one crush………………sounds so…not-guy like.

  8. This chapter was a gift for b-day today. If Madara is standing side by side with Obito. We know the kages got they asses handed to handed to them. Bushy brows, Kakashi, and Naruto don’t stand a chance tbh unless Orochimaru and Sasuke step in.

  9. Naruto – Ho Hum…nice entrance by Madara at the end…yawn!

    Bleach – Yamamoto Pawn time! Kenpachi will wake up and fight #2 while the King and Yama fight! I have a feeling Ichigo will fight Ishida…or his dad whom must be a really powerful Quincy

    One Piece – All I have to say is Sanji owned this weeks chapter!!! His entrance to fight Vergo was EPIC and Vergo’s WTF moment was funny. If Sanji takes out Vergo who seems to be a very powerful Vice Admiral than Luffy is definitely at the Admiral strength level now! His 1-hit KO of CC was expected….Luffy is not as stupid as he acts! Smoker will be like HolyShit the SH crew has gotten so strong these past 3 years!


  11. @darth oro was by far the best villain. Let’s just say for a sec Tobi is obito… He turned evil cause rin died?! Are u kidding me that is the worst villain reason to take over the world ever! Not only that but now madara just shows up randomly out of no where. So did he beat every kages or just bail? Kishi is disappointing me more and more….

  12. I think the Madara in the OBITO-Kakashi bout is the real MADARA.

    Come on! He could get the KAGEs busy fighting his KAGEBUNSHIN with SUSANOs, speaking of wickedness ahahaah

  13. @ darth
    Yep 100% agree Original snake boy is the best villian!!! All them damn flashbacks were not needed in this chapter!
    If sasuke shows up its even more laughable coz u know he wants to take out naruto! Imagine that the 3 most powerful Uchiha vs everyone else!

  14. @ Tensa

    Tobi isn’t anywhere near Itachi’s level. Tsukuyomi would own the warping because he would get caught in it far before he could use it. I hate to say it but this looks like a setup for Oro and Sasuke to become good and save the day using the secrets Oro is about to show Sasuke and whatever was on that scroll. But it could also play out that way and then after everyone beats up on reach other Oro ounces

  15. Pounces* Classic Oro move. I hope that plays out and not him becoming good. It would be fitting if he was the first and last main villan.

  16. @ Uchihatheinfamous

    My bad I should have said “alive” uchiha! Itachi is greater than tobito hands down!! The series ending with Oro would be amazing but he’s gonna need a SERIOUS power up for that role – all them snakes wouldn’t cut it, he’d need some juubi type of jutsu! Speaking of the juubi doesn’t it seem a little odd that its gonna come back to life yet the 8 an 9 tails are chillin casually about to get their ass whooped by the Uchiha’s?!

  17. looks like oro plan is coming together. he will have 3 bodies to chose from.

  18. @Tensa

    I’m just ready to see the juubi now. And we still don’t know exactly how strong Sasuke is. I’m thinking he is far superior to Tobi, but a lot weaker than BIG MAGNUM as far as pure strength and jutsu.

  19. @ Uchihatheinfamous

    I agree, Sasuke should be superior to Tobi but weaker than Madara. Madara is one of the founding shinobi’s period so he should be the strongest one walking the earth. I agree with someone else that said it cant remember who but i reckon he is related to BIG MAGNUM – Kyuubi said his chakra was similar an he looks just like a young izuna, i wonder what new techs he could have to fight naruto coz speed an power wise Naruto has gone into God Mode at the mo!
    An interesting point now though is what if Madara gains control of the kyuubi?? will it be ripped from Naruto’s flesh or will he kick Naruto’s butt in his subconcious and make Naruto/Kyuubi a puppet….the good guys seem well an truely screwed right now

  20. Well it looks like sasuke will have to save the ninja world.

  21. Moral of the story is that…..Pussy kills!

  22. I hate to say it but it seems really that Tobi is Obito and I was hoping it was just a bad joke from Kishi. He has a lot to explain but other than that I am looking forward to the fight.

  23. @ultimate

    the part where he says “It doesn’t matter if ‘I’ survived” was in quotes. So I think he either died and was revived by BIG MAGNUM or Zetsu possibly both or he was almost dead and found by them.

  24. @tensa gizzla I guess so. Enslaying the world with a genjutsu so he can drown himself in the of mindless Pussy to make up for losing his lover. Its the only sensible explanation I can make out of from his actions.

  25. I’m guessing Obito is Madara’s son. Obito was able to see was what going on with Kakashi through his eye he let him borrow and that’s how he knows Kakashi let Rin die.

    @Fleece Johnson
    I agree that Orochimaru and Sasuke will have to step in in order to level the playing field. I think when Sasuke finds out everything he’ll go after Madara because Madara was the one that had Obito attack the village and Madara was the one who killed the Uchiha.

    Since Madara doesn’t need to rest since he’s undead, I don’t see the bad guys letting up now.

  26. The time line seems to be all jacked up with the last chapter eluding to the Yellow flash being Hokage when he took Obito, Kakashi and Rin out to fight the bad guys.

    Obito being old enough to spar with the yellow flash is strange because by estimates of the age (Kakashi being 26 or so from the chapters back cover and Naruto being 12 would make Obito about 15 or 16 in that fight).

    Madara knowing Obito creates a strange situation of maybe the Madara in the flash back with Itachi and the different mask was in fact Madara prior to being killed by the 1st Hokage.

    But how did they pull one over on Itachi? Itachi said Madara was alive (prior to the living undead Madara…) There’s some explaining that needs to be done.

    Either that or time isn’t linear in the Naruverse

  27. I am sure Kishi is aware of the timeline so he will explain that everything fits. But I am curious how he will explain it, if he has a crappy explanation for this many Narutards are going to be even more pissed off as they already are…..at least we´ll see a hell of a fight

  28. So maybe it’s just because I’ve been playing a lot of Chrono Trigger the last few days, but a time-traveling Obito would be really cool and clear up many of the timeline holes. I mean, there have been stranger things to happen in Naruto.

  29. @firefist87
    Yeah man! Chrono Trigger is the best RPG ever. Still waiting for a revival from SquareEnix…

    One possibility is that Kakashi Gaiden itself wasn’t completely canon??? I have also heard people suggest that Obito was imagining Minato as the next Hokage.

    Personally, I think people should relax a bit with the timeline stuff. I never liked those arguments to begin with because the entire story has not been told yet, there are too many gaps.

    Also, for people to say “how could a 16-year old do X,Y,Z” well look at Haku. He was very young but super powerful for his age. He would have been a beast if he grew up.

    Plus, look at where Sasuke is now under Tobi’s teaching. Just imagine Obito being taught under Madara himself (since we now know they were alive together) and being warped in the head the same way Obito messed with Sasuke. It’s not hard to see that. Abuse victims (mental or otherwise) usually end up becoming abusers, so it’s not hard to see what happened to Obito after Madara twisted his mind. Very similar to Star Wars IMO.

  30. Naruto vs Madara is easy…Naruto wins hands down. Now as far as Tobi.. Kakashi and Guy can do it with Kamui and Guy’s “7th gate of whatever” combo but it won’t be as easy as Naruto’s match up. Sasuke is a wild card but if Kishi believes in happy endings then turn from the dark side to hero.

  31. he’ll turn from the dark side to hero.

  32. @RSVP4GOD, I don’t think Naruto can beat Madara all by himself. Madara has perfect Susanoo, 1st hokage’s kekkei genkai techniques, plus the Rinnegan. if Naruto beats Madara they have no choice but to make him Hokage, hack they should of made him Hokage after Pein’s invasion.

    About Obito, I don’t think Kakashi mind is in this fight. He’s not motivated to kill someone who saved his life and broke a promise he couldn’t keep. If Madara is standing side by side with Obito, that means the kages got they asses beat. Do you think Kakashi and Gai are stronger then Tsunade, A, Gaara, Mei, and Onoki?

    Remember Obito has all them Sharigans and edo tensei. He could summon the entire Uchiha clan (plus Shisui & Jiraiya). Sasuke would have to fight his entire clan, and Naruto would have to fight his former master

  33. @Fleece Johnson

    Exactly! Kakashi is having the same crisis that Sakura had with Sasuke. This is why Kakashi tried to keep her out of it. He has to pull himself together here for obvious reasons.

    If help doesn’t arrive, Guy will have no choice but to open the gates up. I don’t think he’s opened any this whole war since he had barely recovered from using them vs Kisame. I feel like Kishi HAS to show the 8-gates and the Evening Dragon technique before the series is over and since we know Lee isn’t going to do it, Gai has to. This is the perfect time for it and perhaps Kakashi will be woken up by his rival dying because he couldn’t get out of his funk.

  34. @ripcord

    u just reminded me NO ONE’S DIED IN THIS WHOLE DAMN WAR YET!!!!!!!!!! The war started in chapter 515….get to the bloodshed already, Madara and Tobito need to start the slaughter dammit!!!

    Death list before the series is over:

    1. Oonoki – death by amaterasu fireball to the face
    2. Tsunade – useless big tittie bitch either death by loving from bee and his 8 tails or kunai through the throat
    3. Guy sensei – death by full opening of 8 gates with sheer badassness in an attempt to save naruto an kakashi (but fails)
    4. Sakura – death by Genjutsu til she commits suicide just for being straight up shit!
    5. Choji – death by a headbutt from the Juubi coz there should be no such thing as a fat butterfly ninja

  35. RSPGOD

    How can you compare naruto to immortal madara?:| if the 5 kages full power couldn’t touch him how can naruto do anything? If naruto beats madara i’ll just end up hating the series whats the point i get it that he is the main character but come on..

  36. ok even though to me this was the worst milestone chapters and one of the top worst chapters in naruto. Kishi does have us all glued to the manga so we can have explanations to all these new mysteries and plotholes.

    now I want to address something that has bugged me sense 599 and now i can say it that obito has been confirmed to be tobi. when (and if still) obito fought minato people wanna say why cant naruto fight and beat obito on his own? well come on folks when obito suppose to have fought minato. he was a 14 to 16 year old kid who most likely just got use to using his version of kamu, he wasnt a master of it like he is now. i said it before and i say it again. it wasnt even a fight. it was teleport, phasing, teleport, charge, phase, teleport, attack, connect, unseal kurama and that was it and people wanna say that was on par with minato?

    NOOOOOO!!! the only reason it looked like that to most is cause minato was caught off guard at obito’s kamui. and once he got a feel for it, he deduced a way to connect.and that was it. now do you honestly think that obito did not learn anything from that battle? 16 years and you think he would fall for that same or similar attack? you think he wasnt prepared for this? look he doesnt use does chains on his wrist anymore. obito learned from that fight and got stronger. that is why naruto kakshi guy and bee are having issues. people make it seem like obito/tobi is just the same as he was 16 years ago during that minato fight.

    as for the katon attack now he is revealed to be obito. hey all i got to say, he was hiding his id, he cant use katon like that with the mask on. LOL may have logic but it was a joke.

    now one last thing and i know someone thought of it. if he awakened that MS that long ago, how in the hell has his vision not deterioted yet from the contiunous use over the 16 plus years he was phasing and teleporting himself? my one theory is he implants regular sharingans from his collection on a regular and since they are not MS (i think) his MS may turn that eye into his MS and not a EMS. we will hopefully find out soon..

  37. The ages I refer to were on the back of some of the original Naruto manga data books. I’m not sure if this was Kishi’s doing or if it isn’t apart of the series. If the ages were wrong on the back of the data book then the time line prior to Naruto’s birth would make sense with the possibility of Madara meeting Obito and then loosing to the first.

  38. So this is what i think is gonna happen in the next couple chapters….We find out all the kages died except Gaara, Gai Sensei Dies using the 8 gates trying to protect naruto and kakashi sensei. Kakashi loses his sharingan by over using it and he goes blind in that eye..Naruto gets his ass kicked by Madara and Obito, then sasuke and oro comes and they team up to fight the dynamic duo madara and tobi!!! Also if all the characters in Naruto die from tobi and madara, and there is no one left 2 stop them i Believe yamamoto genryusai will come to Naruto’s world after defeating that king quincy guy and kill madara and obito with one swing of his sword burning them to ashes….but if he Fails then they better Hope Goku come to the rescue and spirit bomb there asses!!!

  39. @Fleece Johnson, blackness…

    The reason why I believe that Naruto is better than Madara is b/c the series is call Naruto 🙂 …but seriously, when has Naruto given up?..you know he’s not gonna die..he already beat pein in (Sage Mode) so the rinnegan means nothing …yeah even if he’s not better than Madara in his current Full Bijuu Mode now there are still some wild cards out there…like FTG, the other Bijuus in the Outer Path statue (waiting to reunite like voltron..or power rangers if your into that), also..the Dead Demon Consuming Seal…remember Kurama can share Naruto’s mind and body…it probable knows all the seals used against it (9 tails has surely been in existance over 100 years)..okay I may be reaching on that last one but the possiblities are only limited by Kishi’s imagination. End result..Naruto wins.

  40. I do wonder however if Captian Yamato still alive and can he affect Madara’s 1st Hokage kekkei genkai abilities..maybe neutralize them.

  41. Naruto’s willpower vs Edo tensi means that naruto has sombody to beat up everyday for the rest of his life…if you Edo a whole clan…well Naruto will summon a whole clan of copy ninjas…and there you have it..tit for tat!

  42. I think there is a chance that Sasuke could team up with Naruto. Why? because there is no other ninja that is the same level with Madara.

    Madara appearing in this chapter doesn’t mean that the Kages are done for. They are just busy fighting Madara wood clones with Susannos.

  43. There are exactly NO ninja on par with Madara right now. I don’t give two shits what anyone says; call me hard-headed or what-the-fuck-ever. PLUS, the rinnegan does NOT mean nothing. far from it… 6 dead bodies being remotely controlled does not equal the command 1) edo Nagato had over it and 2) OP’ed Madara has over it. As far as how the good guys are gonna get out of this one with their asses in tact, i don’t know (deus ex machina…).

    Sasuke and Orochimaru teaming up with the Konoha nin + Bee would be a breach of Sasuke’s current goals. If he has an epiphany over whatever info. he’s hunting down, maybe. but even so the 2 are only comparable to kage (never thought I’d use “only” in that sentence) and Suigetsu and Juugo don’t count as far as I’m concerned.

    Guy going full 8 gates wouldn’t serve anything/one at this point except the fans (I guess it is about time for someone to die, but still…).

    Btw, back to Naruto vs. Madara: if Sasuke could supress the 9-tails’s chakra, why wouldn’t Madara be able to? Just a thought… maybe Naruto having let the 9-tails out of his cage changes things, but who knows..?

    Now for Tobi…: I have a pretty weak theory in mind; but first, let’s consider all of his major appearances: against the 4th, being the true Mizukage, the Uchiha massacre, and the present. Kakashi was like 13ish during the 3rd Great War so Obito had to have awoke his MS (just had another thought: Obito saying that he’s alive cuz Kakashi let Rin die could mean Rin triggered Obito’s MS, meaning Obito owes his survival to his MS, so that could be a purely literal meaning on his part) in that time frame, and do all these things at such a young age. Unlikely, yes but possible I guess… of course if you throw in time-travel, that would definitely smooth things over.

    But there’s still the issue of how Madara knows Obito. the only thing I can think of is the Outer Path, but Obito would need a pair of Rinnegan eyes to do so. The only person I can think of is Nagato, seeing as Madara knows him too. But that would mean either Madara has been revived before or, much less likely, Nagato had been revived after dying at a young age and was able to live in the generation he lived in as a result. I’m probably missing some things…

    As for my weak Tobi theory: what if “Tobi” is an alias taken by numerous people over time (sort of like Red Hood in Batman)? This way Obito could have taken this role up when he was an adult eliminating the need for time-travel or being a bloody 16ish-year-old fighting the 4th. I say weak cuz Tobi had the same ability fighting the 4th that he has now.

    Also to consider is the senju. Obito apparently has Senju dna since he is able to use Izanagi (unless I’m mistaken on that fact. In the case that I am in fact mistake on the need of Senju dna to use Izanagi, then some allied sharingan might be albe to pull off some stupid shit to beat – or at least neutralize – Madara).

    I’m done..

  44. “The reason why I believe that Naruto is better than Madara is b/c the series is call Naruto …but seriously, when has Naruto given up?..you know he’s not gonna die..he already beat pein in (Sage Mode) so the rinnegan means nothing”

    “PLUS, the rinnegan does NOT mean nothing. far from it… 6 dead bodies being remotely controlled does not equal the command 1) edo Nagato had over it”


    Nagato had Naruto beat. Point blank, and Kabuto was controlling edo Nagato if I’m not mistaken and was going up against 2 jinchuriki’s and Itachi, who would defeat a trio like that??

  45. I have one question……who’s body is Orochimaru in now. Is this his original body? The way it was before he started swapping them? Or is the last one he was in when he placed the mark on the user. Kind of like a snapshot of the way he was when he placed it?

  46. Plot hole!! Madara shouldn’t know Obito. He died way before Obito was even born.

  47. I think Obito/Tobi killed or finished off Madara after i guess Madara took him as a disciple,since they know each other i’m guessing thats the reason tobi got goose bumps when he saw madara in the coffin:D

  48. So let’s say Tobi is obito. U r tellin me that this whole war and everything that Tobi is doin is because of Rin?!?! That has to be the single stupidest reason to do all of this. Right now SASUKE has a way better reason to start a war of this caliber and if Tobi is obito that is the stupidest decision kishi could have possible made in regards to Tobi. So many other ppl would have made a better Tobi than obito…. Hell I would take Tobi being oro or ramen guy over obito. Rin being his sole reason is stupid not to mention if obito was around to know all this than y did he not stop in to save Rin if he could?

  49. Bleach was epic. The way TK has Old man Yama is acting these day he may be on his way to take Ichigo spot as the main man.

    Naruto was also epic. Madara came at the end and I was like,” well it looks like the final chapter of Naruto is coming soon.” As far as Obito’s reason for becoming a nut case; it’s not so bad. The way I see it he isn’t enslaving the world because of Rin but rather because she died. In other words, either he doesn’t have faith in the current ninja system to protect that which is precious to you (Rin wasn’t protected therefore she wasn’t precious?) or he wants to prevent any more “Rins” from dying period. Oh well I gave it a shot.

    One piece….I don’t know. I was into One piece in the beginnig then I kinda lost track. (Alot of track) I read this chapter though and I loved how Luffy just walked in a beamed Ceasar. Oh and Sanji is just as cool as ever.

    Good stuff.

  50. No one has an answer for my previous comment?

  51. @UchihaTheInfamous, The Orochi resurrection was not well planned becasue is it not that his soul is sealed. Last time I checked once your soul is sealed your done. But to answer your question, I think that Orochi is back into his original body the last person he possessed. Which would explain why he is not at his 100%.

    @Immortal, I will admit that One Piece tends to be dry at times, but thats because it is so detailed and so keen on its details that hardly anything gets left out, everything is explained and that takes awhile. but if you like a good sold story with good action, epic characters that you will find nowhere else than One Piece is for you, believe me you will not regret it.

  52. @Jdogg, Thanks Jdogg for the input. To be honest your reviews of One piece is what got me interested again. In fact the reviews on this site are actually pretty good. I’ve been reading them for awhile I just didn’t start blogging until now. Yeah I will definitely check out some more One piece.

  53. Or maybe Madara somehow brought back Izuna through Obito and they are sharing obitos body it would make sense i guess..

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