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Naruto Chapter 599 – BLASPHEMY

After 599 chapters the Naruto series is at its final state, which usually is the most exciting part of a story. But as of lately the recent events of the war have not been as…original as the Originality of the Naruto series. It is difficult for me to write this blog without going full rant on whats been happening in this war. There are so many things out of place and plainly do not make sense. But I will save my ranting if it is possible. And to not cause confusing I will still refer to Tobi as Tobi.

The Ranting

For starters I am a huge fan of Naruto (manga) because it was one of the few mangas out there, that had the originality that I really enjoyed reading. Ninjas, Demons and this little kid, Naruto who has a big heart that will change people for the good. And to be frank with you, I believe that the beginning of Naruto, when Naruto was a kid was the best manga, but when it became Naruto Shippuuden, it became, well you know.

But all these WTF moments in Naruto are not as bad as the moment of the revealing of the Identity of Tobi. I mean all the past events can be made sense of and some ways do have their originality, but the moment Tobi’s face was shown and Kakashi screamed Obito, I just could not believe it and still don’t believe it. Its not a shocking moment of excitement, but of sadness.


Reasons why it cannot be Obito

For starters we know that Obito supposedly had half his body crushed by a builder. Now I have been reading comments and some suggested that Tobi is Obito’s body but someone else is in the mind. This still would not explain how its Obitio because his body was crushed by a builder, and he had to be under that builder for awhile and according to the human biology: Once someone passes away their body begins to rot. So even if Tobi was by per chance came upon Obito’s body, it would of been crushed and rotting. And how is it that he would stubble upon Obito’s body anyway and why would he use a useless boy’s dead body, crushed and rotted. It just does not add up. Another reason why it cannot be Obitio is because from Obitio’s background we know that he is peaceful and does not want to hurt anyone. However, he was only a kid and in time of wars a loving boy can turn out to be a villain. Just like in the case of Nagato. Now lets say that it is Obito, it would still not explain the timeline and how he became so powerful in such a short time. There is just to much of a plot hole after plot hole, if it truly turns out to be Obito. Frankly it is the biggest decision that Kishi has made, I mean I forgive him for messing up on other aspects of the story, but this is BLASPHEMY.

Who Could It Be?

I still do not believe it to be Obito, I still believe that it is Tobi, who is a separate character in himself. The reason I believe this is because it is the most educated reason that can bring stability to the story. Having Tobi actually being Obito or his body, leaves of to many plot holes and sloppiness to the story. I myself see that this is just a troll move by Kishi that is just to make us become more involved in the discussion of his work. I can see that he is taking pointers from Tite, because if this turns out to be true, well lets just say that all the creditable I have towards Kishi will go down the toilet.

What I believe that can be an epic revealing is that if Tobi turns out to be someone from the Uzumaki clan or a mix of Uchihi/Senju/Uzumaki and that he gave up on humanity and saw that the only way to save the world is by him having full control of the peoples will. That would make for an interesting twist, and what could be an even bigger twist is if it actually turns out to be the first Hokage himself or someone that is related to him. Now that would turn out to be a bigger twister and it would explain his wide range of knowledge of the ninja world, his overwhelming power, the ability to control all seven Bijuu, having both a Sharingan and Rinnegan. All in all this is a messed up situation and needs lots of explaining from Kishi and I for one am willing to be patent and read his explanation, than we will know if this move will make or brake the Naruto series.

On another note, it can be anyone and that we are just jumping the gun. But I did some research on this ‘Tobi’ character and every time he was introduced after a certain amount of time, his hair changes shape as well as his mask. So this has lead me to maybe that Tobi who is a character in his own right, was alive since the time of the establishment of the Leaf Village and he stumbled upon Uchiha Madara, who was injured from his battle with the First Hokage, and in someways Madara became a mentor for this ‘Tobi’. That Madara shared his ideology, secrets, knowledge of the Ninja Arts. And after Madara passed away, somehow Tobi figured out how to live all this time. Maybe it was a jutsu that was similar to Orochimaro’s body transfer jutsu. (Credit goes to someone else for pointing this out about the possibility that Tobi can live all this time, but I cannot remember the person who commented this) Overall I am not buy that this is the same Obito but it is someone else, at the end it is all just a big debate now so everyone is entitled to their theory and ranting.

Side Notes:

  • For a chapter that had no dialogue, sure stirred up lots of questions and put the fans on our heels.
  • Sorry that it was so long but considering the importance of the chapter I think it was necessary.
  • I did some research and revised the blog.

38 Responses

  1. One extremely important element to the Naruto series is to never underestimate anyone’s true potential, no matter how poor their background. Looking at it this way, I can see why Kishi chose Obito as Tobi. It’s no secret that most of us dismissed Obito quickly, even though there were obvious signs pointing us in that direction. Just like most people in Naruto’s life growing up, we thought that Obito being Tobi was utterly ridiculous. As hard as it is for me to arrive at this conclusion, I have to think that Kishi pulled the ultimate Naruto move, and stuck to his guns, no matter how many people there are telling him this situation just cannot happen.
    It is not blasphemous to agree on what is really important. I cannott fault him for believing in his own story that deeply Yeah, this chapter just makes things confusing from here on, but I know that I will still read the manga, too.Whether it makes perfect sense does not matter in the end. Honestly, no matter how tangled the plot, for me, it’s all about the action, baby! 🙂
    (However, I am still a sensible guy in reality.)

  2. I appreciate anyone who spends time putting out a review, but come on. This was just a long rant. You’re giving Kishi to much before he even explains the reveal. Try using the life skill of apathy. But whatever, I’m glad you put something out this week. Also, i have a few more taughts on how Tobi being Obito makes sense. I will post it here in a bit.


  3. @Apathy-Ninjutsu, you have to consider that the event that just occurred can’t be talked about without ranting. I mean if you read peoples comments, each one say about how this can’t be possible or this is not right. You have to look it this way. Since Tobi claimed that he was Madara, people were so excite to see the true face of Tobi, but now we got that and now what. But a face that a mixture of old wounds and Obito at an older age. And I will wait too see how your theory is about Tobi can be Obito.

  4. pretty sure tobi is gonna turn out to be the one who created the body transfer jutsu orochimaru used, i mean come on, it was a forbidden jutsu allready when orochi was trying to gain it, someone else had to have used it before to gain forbiden status

    besides, i doubt there would be some way for obito to have had the rinegan and given it to nagato, since he took his sweet time even gaining the sharingan

  5. @ Jdoog

    I will lay my proposed theory down Paul Ryan style on why Tobi being Obito is not blasphemy, which I will title “The Path to Clarity.”

    @ Token

    My thoughts should help you make sense of the plot holes you previously pointed out.

    So, lets start with who I think Zetsu and Tobi are.

    Zetsu: I think white Zetsu is something Madara created using the cells of Hashirama Senju and plants as a medium. While black Zetsu uses the same cell base, but also incorporates Uchiha cells. Madara created Zetsu in order to help him come back from the dead later on, and gave him his rinnegan/knowledge to facilitate this future objective of revenge.

    Tobi: I think Tobi is part Zetsu and part Obito, and here’s why.

    First, Tobi has a flash back to Obito’s youth. Only Obito would have those memories. So Tobi has to be Obito in some capacity.

    Second, the way Tobi’s face was drawn implies something is keeping one side from aging while the other turned into a hot mess. So, I think the left side of Tobi’s face is Zetsu (I’ll explain how this make more sense later on). Now, the right side, the one under the boulder, is all wrinkled. We all know very well that a boulder smashed half of Obito face/body, but what if his warping capabilities kicked in automatically like an involuntary reflex. That side under the boulder was sent to another dimension. He didn’t know this would happen, therefore his body reacted as if it had actually been crushed, which is why he had blood coming out of his mouth. Frankly, if a boulder fell on top of anyone like the way it fell on Obito head/body, it would instantly kill them, and obviously destroy the eye under the boulder. Something must have happened to allow him to be conscious and his eye to survive. I say the trauma of seeing a boulder fall on him made him think/feel that he was going to die. So, he made the choice to give up his eye to Kikashi. As the result of the eye transplant, he passed out. Later on, after everyone was gone he woke up again and realized that something was not right. He moves himself out from under the bolder, or possibly Zetsu comes out of hiding and moves the boulder, and heals Obito left side of his face by fusing part of himself into Obito.

    Now why would Zetsu be following Obito? I think Zetsu was seeking someone from the Uchiha clan to help him bring back Madara, and was tracking those he thought could be influenced towards that end. Zetsu was probably tracking a few members of the Uchiha clan, but Obito was chosen, because he had just experienced a few very traumatic event (e.g., the war, death of Rin who he loved, near death experience when the boulder fell on him, and the loss of his left eye). Also, Obito was a student of Minato,. So, he had to have had a lot of potential. So Obito was in a state of mind that could be influenced by Zetsu towards Madara’s goals.

    In regards to the right side of his facing looking like a cinnabon, warping back and forth to another dimension could have an accelerated aging side affect, and/or skin swirling side affect.

    How did Tobi give Nagato the rinnegan? He didn’t, Zetsu was the one who gave Nagato the rinnegan, because he knew that he was part of the Uzumaki clan, and could one day activate the rinnegan, and use the reincarnation ninjutsu to bring back Madara from the dead. So, the Zetsu part of Tobi was the one who gave Nagato the rinnegan, not Obito, but because Tobi and Zetsu are fused together, Tobi is correct in saying that he gave Nagato the rinnegan. Furthermore, the rinnegan is put on the Zetsu side of Tobi’s face.

    Third, Tobi being part Zetsu provides an explanation to a lot of the plot holes people are seeing in Naruto.

    – Why Minato couldn’t sense Obito’s chakra when they fought.

    Zetsu spore technique allowed Obito to take the appearance of Madara‘s chakra.

    – Why Kisame thought that Tobi was Madara.

    Zetsu spore technique allowed Obito to take the appearance of Madara‘s chakra.

    – How Obito quickly changed from being a mediocre ninja to one that is equal to Minato.

    Zetsu passed on information/techniques from Madara to Obito.

    – How Obito new so much about the nine tails (e.g., giving birth weakens the seal) and was able to control the nine tails.

    Zetsu passed on information/techniques from Madara to Obito.

    – How Obito knew about Izanagi.

    Zetsu passed on information/techniques from Madara to Obito.

    – How Obito was powerful enough to be able to control the Mizukage with his sharingan.

    Zetsu passed on information/techniques from Madara to Obito.

    Now another plot hole which could be explained by Zetsu being Madara’s creation deals with how Edo-Tensei Madara specifically knew about Nagato. Well, after Madara awakened his rinnegan, he was weakened and near death due to the battle at The Valley of the End. So he creates ‘Project Tsuki no Me,” and uses Zetsu to carry out his plan. Part of that plan was to find a suitable person to pass his rinnegan to, so that he could one day be revived back to life. Out of all the people Zetsu proposed whom were suitable, Madara choose the little brat Nagato. Furthermore, Zetsu tracked Nagato as he grew up, and was around while Nagato was forming Akatsuki to keep tabs on him (probably disguised as someone else). Also, since he keeping track of Nagato, he could easily provide encouragement to Yahiko to form the organization. Which is how Tobi/Obito (who fused with Zetsu) could claim to be the original creator of Akatsuki.

    Oh my, I could keep going but I think I’ve explained my theory and filled in a lot of the plot holes well enough.


  6. I hate to say it, but I told you so, and btw Shippuden > Beginning of Naruto. Now since Kakashi is unable to fight Obito, Naruto & Bee ain’t no match. The only one who can beat Obito is Sasuke… I don’t know why everyone is so upset, (i was mad at the spoilers on youtube) this was just the set up to chapter 600. Obito has yet to use MS or the Rinnegan, so I’m anticipating a massive beat down. regardless of how you feel, this was gonna happen anyway. Kishimoto knows what he’s doing. Most theories never come true anyways. I can’t wait for the next chapter

    You win some, you lose some, and live to see another day, but not this one

  7. Actually Tobi has used the ms;
    As for the rinnengan he has used the 6 paths tech and remember he has already had to use chakra to control 6 jinchuriki, summon the medo gazo statue (which I imagine would consume a huge amount of chakra) and seeing as how the rinnengan is not his it has to continually drain chakra similar to the sharingan Kakashi has, not to mention that every time he phases he is using ms so he may not have enough chakra to continually spam rinnengan tech.

  8. And this whole Kakashi is needed to win is crap as well. Naruto now possesses speed at least equal to minato and far more powerful techniques and yet the only way Tobi can be hit is by kamui? Such a cop out.

  9. It’s not Obito. I have no fancy explanation to give, just a gut feeling we’re being trolled.

  10. I was just thinking about how Naruto cannot hit him at all, despite his speed, but perhaps Tobi has a character (Take Zetsu for example) who has an implanted rinnegan, watching the battle.
    The shared field of vision would explain why he has been so good at phasing out.
    Now, I know that would lead to other issues such as how he has not been sensed by any of the characters, especially Naruto and his sensing abilities, but that would be easier to ignore.

    Also, I’m not buying the Obito = Tobi until after next chapter.
    I think that it will, at the very least, explain how this can all be and what the hell is going on.
    And just for confirmation. to hear it from Tobi’s mouth…
    After that, I can (And will) accept it.

  11. So releasing a chain connected to rods is his MS technique???

    “And this whole Kakashi is needed to win is crap as well. Naruto now possesses speed at least equal to minato and far more powerful techniques”

    Without Kakashi, Naruto would never been able make contact with Obito. Also the 6 jinchuriki were controlled by Kabuto if I’m not mistaken as well

  12. @fleece that’s my point lol. Ur telling me naruto with all these power ups can’t hit Tobi while his dad without any kind of powerups hit him in minutes? That’s kind of sad. Tobi uses kamui therefore he has used ms tech. And Kabuto raised then with edo but Tobi put the rods into them in order to control them like Nagato did and that is a rinnengan tech seeing as how they all had the rinnengan in order to get the shared field of vision

  13. To be honest, Tobi being Obito isn’t that bad to me. Maybe I’m missing all the plot whole stuff, but I guess I’m just thinking about the effect this will have on Kakashi and Naruto.(Naruto because he has a team mate who went “rouge” also.) Anyway I guess we will have to wait for the details next chapter. One thing for sure is that in the Naruto universe there are so many secrets to be revealed and connections to be made: that’s what keeps me interested.

    @Apathy Ninjutsu: That’s a pretty good theory IMO. I’m just hoping Obito reasons for doing what he’s doing is his own and not because he is controlled in someway.

    @Fleece: Tobi’s warping technique (Kamui) is his MS technique. His eye changes just like Kakashi when he uses it.

  14. @Fleece, he showed his MS ability by phasing in and out, but it was directly shown when he started throwing out those Bijuu rods that nullify their power. This is the MS ability of his eye.

  15. So what was the point of him saying “I’ll show you the real power of the real Kamui” when we already seen it done a thousand times already?

  16. He’s showing the full power cause Kakashi could theoretically do all this if he ever mastered it right. Kakashi just teleports objects while Tobi can use it on others or himself to his advantage

  17. @Apathy-Ninjutsu
    I agree with you on all the points you made about Tobi being made of Zetsu/Obito. The only thing i disagree on is that it’s someone elses conscience at work that is neither Zetsu or Obito. It can’t be Zetsu because Zetsu is following orders from this Tobi guy who has his own conscience. It can’t be Obito’s mind at work either. Obito is too much of a good guy to develope an evil mind in such a short period of time.

    Reasons why it can’t be Zetsu: Zetsu doesn’t have a god complex like Tobi. He’s merely Tobi’s puppet. He does whatever Tobi orders him to do. He never speaks out his own opinion. His only purpose in life is to provide information for Tobi. Zetsu is like another Kabuto. An unsure kid who follow his masters orders without caring about their own well being. Zetsu is simply a mindless zombie. He was created to fulfill someone elses need and that person is Tobi who has his own evil conscience that seperates him from Zetsu. There is no way a mindless and emotionless person like Zetsu can convince a good hearted person like Obito to turn to the dark side in a short period of time.

    Resons why it can’t be Obito: Obito is too kind hearted to turn to the dark side in a small amount of time. Obito rather spend his time helping out old people then show up on time to team meetings and missions. He went against orders to help save his teammate (rin) rather then follow the mission through that could put the war to an end. He sacrifice his own life to save Kakashi’s life and he gave one of his sharingan away to Kakashi as a gift. Your telling me that, that Obito would easily be convince by someone to turn evil in a small span of time to go against everything he once stood for? Obito would never send his teacher (Minato) to death, Slaughter the entire uchiha clan without a second thought, sat aside when rin died, and ignore Kakashi as if they never met at any point in time. Obito is too innocent. Even if Obito did commit these evil acts, he would at least have been somewhat truamatized by the experience.

    One of the person that could be Tobi is Izuna uchiha (Madara’s brother). Tobi can control tailed beast with his sharingan. Madara was the only uchiha in history to do that. Izuna, being Madara’s brother, could be mentored by Madara to learn how to place a full hypnotic genjutsu on a tailed beast to control. Tobi ideals are too similar to Madara. Only someone like Izuna would have gotten close enough for Madara to share his dark secrets about his Moon Eyes Plan. Madara got betrayed by the uchiha clan and he deeply hated the uchihas for turning his back on him. This gives Izuna every reason to despise the whole uchiha clan for betraying his brother Madara. It’s why he would slaughter the whole uchiha clan with feeling any sort of regret. He treats Minato and Kakashi like they never met because he’s Izuna and doesn’t have any emotional attachment towards them.

    @Fleece Johnson
    What Tobi meant by that is that he can spam is MS powers as much as he wants because he’s an uchiha. Kakashi can’t due to not being a uchiha.

    Kakashi kamui can only be use on things from a distance. Tobi time/space jutsu can be use on himself and anything he touches. That’s only true to the sharingan that the MS powers his link to. Tobi MS is not more advance than Kakashi. Tobi got the side of the sharingan that allows him the ability to warp himself. If Kakashi have gotten Tobi sharingan instead of the one he has now, he would have been able to use the same warping jutsu that Tobi uses. The difference would be that Kakashi would only be able to use up to 2-4 time/space jutsu per day. That’s what Tobi meant when he said he can use it to the fullest. That he can perform the MS jutsu a great number of times than Kakashi who can only use it for a limited time per battle.

  18. here’s how most of us felt about this weeks chapter

  19. Ok so if hes using Obito’s eyes/body how was he able to use the warping techs against Minato, Tobi was as tall as him in their fight right?…..is this one of those plot holes? lol so we finally see Tobis face, but still have no idea who he really is

  20. I for one enjoyed the flash back. It seems a bunch of ninja we know were in Kakashi’s class. This makes me wonder if there were a tone of ninja that died prior to that which is why they had the child ninja’s fighting in the war.

    Also, judging by the monument in the flash back, the Yellow flash was Hokage when he took them on the expedition.

    I also think there HAS to be some explaining and this will all make sense. I agree with Naruto Tutor that this was a move that stuck with the underdog storyline. The only thing is that the space time jutsu must allow Tobi to go back in time because there’s no way some little uchiha kid would know all the details he knows and to gain Itachi’s respect like he has.

    Also, Did anyone notice that everyone except Itachi and Sasuke with the Sharingan get’s an additional ability? Obito with his warping and Shusui with his crazy mind altering stuff. What’s up with that?

  21. The only rebuttal I can give to all the obvious Obito plotholes is that aside from having all those sharingans and having acess to the potential of unlocking each ones unique ms power is that he didn’t want to lose an original piece of himself so he kept his original eyes because of pride.

  22. Eye*

  23. @ Siskin
    Your right….shouldn’t itachi an sasuke have an additional MS skill?? (aside from the usual 3) When u get an EMS ur suppose to get a 4th final secret jutsu but the Kamui an Warping is a regular MS tech which I was gonna say would only be a tech that a non full blooded uchiha can do but then again obito was a full blooded uchiha so that wouldn’t make sense….these sharingans man I swear they can do everything – boil the kettle, make biscuits, time travel to other manga’s an create planets!!

  24. I’ve got to say, people are being pretty stupid about this.

    I hate it, but it’s Obito, and it makes sense.

    The lines are not Zetsu, or Hashirama cells, or Orochimaru’s anal beads, they’re scars. From being messed up by that rock.Find me one image where his body was totally crushed flat by that rock. It was injured enough to kill him, but he clearly survived somehow, and seeing the destruction caused by the war, he set out to make a false peace.

    Pretty much makes sense.

  25. It is just hard to imagine that Obito can wipe the floor with Minato and Naruto can’t even lay a single Fox poop on Obito.

  26. If it is Obito then all i have to say is one HUGE plot hole…

  27. The main question here is ….WHY in the world would obito just decide to obliterate everything??????

  28. @polytoximaniac

    Thats easy, Obito clearly had a “Fuck it” moment, he probably thought i lost the love of my life who loved da guy on my team who i just gave my damn eye to……..”Fuck it, ima kill everybody! Everything that move is getting a blade to the face! Konoha, Kages, the whole damn ninja world is gettin mind fucked, Fuck it!!!”

  29. @ Poly

    OBITO is just the most EMO of all the Uchiha dead or alive.


  30. @ siskin ans tenza
    i said a few weeks ago that the mangekyo sharingans can possibly be uchiha direct family line abilities unlike all regular sharingan are a clan abilitiy. tobi was never shown that he can use the big M.S abilities nor kakashi, neither did shusui eyes. the only thing they all MAY have in common as someone explain to me is susanoo since it is said that it is awakend when both abilities of the M.S eyes are awaken in the same body, but it is also said that susanoo awakens only when tsukuyomi and amaterasu both are so who knows. Obito’s eyes deal with dimensional shifts, shusui at less one eye deals with the strongest genjutsu, kotoamatsukami (I say one cause danzo never was seen using the M.S version only genjutsu but his eye was covered but who knows), and the brother’s deal with max abilities of the uchihas (fire) and sharingan (genjutsu). the second strongest genjutsu (thought to be the strongest until shisui was explained) and the strongest of the fire nature.

    Now the only interseting thing with madara is that he has only shown susanoo with is EMS. but if my family theory is at less somewhat true and tsukuyomi and amaterasu can only awaken the susano then that means that madara is related directly to the brothers. be it great grandfather or great grand uncle under izuma and would explain why their father was seen as the leader the clan at less from my point of view

  31. @The Evil Ryu

    It makes sense to me that Sasuke & Itachi mirror Madara and Izuna, so much so I wouldn’t be surprised if they were all from the same line. Hard to say if Madara or Izuna had children though, and also it would be hard to say if the Uchiha would trust their descendants. Someone had to take over after Madara left and Izuna died (if he died… which I still believe he did).

    On the one hand, Fugaku leading the Uchiha makes sense if he’s their descendant, as he would be the strongest. Perhaps the Uchiha still believed in Madara, but they were too afraid they’d all be killed if they followed him again.

    Itachi also implied that Susanoo required Tsukyomi and Amaterasu, and it makes sense mythically. Yes, Japanese folklore doesn’t completely apply to Naruto, but since those 3 names go together, I doubt you’d find them existing separately, so this would mean that Shisui and Obito wouldn’t have been able to use Susanoo. Just my luck though that soon Madara will start spamming Kamui and Kotoamatsukami so we can throw the whole theory out the window…

  32. Funny how all MS techniques requires manipulating space and/or time. No wonder the price of using em is so high. Not that it looks like it bothers Tobi or madara strangely enough. Theres no way obito can do in 2-3 years what itachi or couldn’t do their whole lives.

  33. I don’t get how sasuke went blind from using ms in such a short period but tobi spams his ms ability in every battle and yet still has full vision.

  34. Tobi should’ve suffered major blindness and side effects from excessively using his MS. How he still have 20/20 vision is still a mystery.

  35. Madara and Obito A.K.A his bro godamn:))

  36. Naruto 600 is out guys……… and well what do u know i was right! Tobito went bat shit crazy coz of one bitch….u see what love does to u people?!! loooooool i’ll save my rant for the “Its Out” an chapter review

  37. Okay first of all if you look at the whole left side of his body youd see that its scarred, secondly your reasoning behind it not being able to Obito because in “human biology our body begins to rot” is invalid in the situation, these are not regular human beings, there ninjas with fake powers, Hell lady tsunade has the power to stay you, the whole premise of the latest season is about a war where one man brought back thousands from the dead, and youh honestly believe that’s it’s impossible for him to be alive. Further more they just announced him as Obito so of course there hasn’t been an explanation for how this is possibly yet because it hasn’t been produced, dont get me wrong I can see why your upset and why as of right now it dosnt makeOkay first of all your reasoning behind it not being able to Obito because in “human biology our body begins to rot” is invalid in the situation, these are not regular people, there ninjas with fake powers, the whole premise of the latest season is about a war where one man brought back thousands from the dead, and you honestly believe that’s it’s impossible for him to be alive. Further more they just announced him as Obito so of course there hasn’t been an explanation for how this is possibly yet because it hasn’t been produced, dont get me wrong I can see why your upset and why as of right now it dosnt make since, but you should at least give the creator enough time to explain what’s happening before you go bashing him online, don’t cha think? since, but you should at least give the creator enough time to explain what’s happening before you go bashing him online, don’t cha think?

  38. And no sir your were not correct, it’s not tobito it’s just Obito, he not a different being he just did what “EVERY SINGLE” major bad guy in the series has done, he was and deep down still is a good guy who felt why he was wornged and now wants revenge for what happend,( Pain, Orochimaru, Gara first season, and of course sauske) all good people at first who turned evil because they felt betrayed or alone, which is why naruto is the perfect hero for the series because he just like them all, but overcomes the evil temptations through hard work, persaverince and his friends, and in the end usually ends up befriending and changing the bad guys views, pain, Gara, ect…. Which is really what the mesage of the story is all about.

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