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Bleach Chapter 503: Wrath as a Lightning

Chapter 503: Wrath as a Lightning
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Hello everybody, sorry for the late release I am back now, only too notice the extremely early release of this weeks Bleach chapter.

First I have to stand corrected. Our good friend Zaraki Kenpachi has killed three Sternritter. There was so much blood last chapter I couldn’t tell. Sternritter Q. R and Y are taken out. apparently it didn’t cause him too much effort. ‘R’ turns into a big Gorrila that blow enemies away with his powerful roar. Easy pickings for Zaraki. The second couldn’t keep his mouth shit so Zaraki got bored and cut his throat.

The last one “Y” the Yourself had the ability to turn into his opponent. Interesting ability to have seen the fight off. But of course in battle of strength. A Quincy copy is not enough to win.

The 2nd in command get’s cut off by Zaraki to keep. Zaraki pulls his sword out one of the corpses and lunges out at the King who as has been silent all this time. i get the feeling is out for some fun as well.

The chapter continues with Ichigo still stuck. He can feel the state of the victims in Soul Society. He keeps lunging away at the prisons bars as he is desperate to get out.

I believe that if this torment continues his hollow will eventually be drawn out again. In what form however is the big question. I’ll reckon it will look a lot like what we have seen already, but like his Shikai and Bankai form no doubt it look more ‘mature’ than the old form.

The final scene. Lt. Captain Hisagi is slammed into the wall looking very beaten.

If it wasnt obvious before. The Lt’s have little no chance at all against the Stern Ritter. “O” the Overkill – Driscoll Berci. His ability reminded me a bit of Espada 0. Instead of getting stronger on anger. He get’s stronger on killing. And it doesn’t matter what he kills friend or foe. His ability doesnt discriminate in that.

Incidently this man is responsible for the death of the Yamamoto’s Lt. He didn’t us an arrow but a Talisman to throw the large arrow through his target. Hisagi faces death as well.

But no… non other than the Captain Commander himself shows up to save Hisagi. His face tells he is out to destroy his enemy, flinching only slightly as he hears that mr “O” will use his Subordinates Bankai to kill him.

I think “O” has no idea who the hell he is facing.


3 Responses

  1. I think the Lieutenant he killed was Yamamoto’s subordinate, the one whose funeral Byakuya spoke at…

  2. Why is Ichigo so weak now? I’m not talking about his Final Getsuga, but the the form he took after his “training” in the Dangai. He was able to fight on par with an enhanced Aizen, but ever since he got his powers back, he hasn’t shown any of that. Is his Fullbring somehow restraining his full power. Or maybe his bond with Zangetsu isn’t the same as it was before. There needs to be some kind of conversation with Zangestu soon, because I really want to know whats going on with him.

  3. @Tawuya-sama: “You are indeed correct. Mistake fixed! Thanks for the heads up

    @7warlord: The Sternritter are kicking ass against most of the Captains. Right now only two people can safely fight full power against the Quincy. Zaraki(No Bankai) and Ichigo(Bankai Cannot be taken). Ichigo was doing pretty damn well in Bankai until the situation in SS changed and Urahara got careless. Remember the prison he is in feel like something similar like the cube used against the 4th Espade. Not so easy to break out of even for a massively powerfull fighter. And I fully agree. About time Ichigo travels to his inner world.

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