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Good Manga Recommendations?

Hi, my name is mart in case you don’t know me. I haven’t written anything in a while and this is a bit off from my usual posts…

Anyway, I was thinking that Shannaro needed a place to discuss our favorite manga other than the big three.


Here is my list: (I also included Manhwa and Korean Webtoons)


Fight Manga:


1. Holyland: Excellent story and explanations of fights, talks about the psychology of fights

2. The Breaker/New waves (new waves is the sequel): Troubled kid meets a martial arts master, the usual story, but uniquely good

3. Gamaran:  A boy swordsman has to track down his psycho father and kill him…

4. History’s strongest disciple Kenichi:  A good into to fight manga due to it’s light hearted nature

5. Zen Martial arts academy: Over the top style fighting, I enjoyed it for no particular reason

6. Kenji: Historical Fight manga with good story and fight explanations

7. Shaman King: It’s been a while since I read this one…

8. Samurai Deeper Kyo: Swordsman with split personality disorder goes from nice guy to serial killer in under a second

9. Blade of the immortal: Immortal swordsman has to kill evil men to die in peace

10. Worst: Deliquent High school meets a new freshman who wants to conquer the whole school

I love fight manga (I was a fighter myself). I love things that show how techniques work and show reasons why people fight. Holyland is FAR superior to anything else on that list. It has pretty much everything and I read it three times within four months…


Adventure Manga:


1. Tower of God

2. Magi

3. Hunter X Hunter

4. Full Metal Alchemist

5. Needless

6. Yu Yu Hakusho

7. Kekkaishi

8. Flame of Recca

9. Mahou Sensei Negima

10. Marchen Awaken Romance (MAR)

11. Yureka

12. Rave Master

13. Kubera

14. Cage of Eden

15. Code Breaker

16. Soul Cartel

Given that most manga are “adventure” type this is the largest list. I love Tower of God for it’s plot, Hunter X Hunter because of the battle system, Magi as an all-rounder, and Full Metal Alchemist for the plot.


Horror/Apocalypse Manga


1. Psyren: The battle system is excellent, there is a happy ending, and even the villains are believable.

2. Deadman Wonderland: Crazy with a lot of fighting, sadly not much winning… they really need Charley Sheen

3. Aphorism: Every character has a “character” on there body. They can summon any image of this character and must use it to survive a monster filled high school for one year.

4. Gantz: Monsters/Aliens invade earth, but one man in a metal sphere reclaims the lives of the dead to fight them.

5. Trace: Monsters invade earth, but people develop supernatural powers to compensate and fight them off.

6. Claymore: Demonic Swordswomen fight off Demons to save mankind

7. D. Grayman: Holy relics are used to fight demons

8. Freezing: Aliens are fought by schoolgirls with powers

9. Berserk: The world’s greatest swordsman fights demons after his greatest ally betrays him

I kind of dislike this genre because there are so few happy moments. It’s sort of the antithesis of the adventure genre where the good guy always wins, but a lot of them still have good plots. Berserk should be at the top but I thought of it late…

Psychological category

1. Deathnote:  A notebook from the grim reaper can kill anyone

2. Liar Game: Only one on the list I didn’t read but I hear it’s good


I am always looking for more good manga to read, so if you have suggestions let me know, though I’ve read more than the 35 on this list, so if you can actually find a good one I haven’t read you might win a cookie.


24 Responses

  1. The Breaker/New Waves is sick (I think it’s better than Holyland). The author has been on a break for 4 weeks because of his child, but there will be an update this Friday. Can’t Fuckin Wait. You need to take Zen Martial Arts Academy off there, it sucks and was canceled right before it got good lol. AIKI, Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru, Veritas (also canceled, but still better than some of those on the list), and Vagabond (this samurai manga completely owns Gamaran). Those are great fighting manga that I guarantee you’ll like.

    Try reading Noblesse. It’s a Korean webtoon and it’s just as good as Tower of God.

    A good psychological manga is Btoom (it’s spelled correctly). It’s really crazy, but good crazy, you’ll like it.

  2. First (old habits die hard)
    Nice list. Surprise that you read through a lot of different mangas. You should add Code Geass to your list. The other one I would highly suggest for most anime fans is Highschool of The Dead manga. I believe Bob or some other artist have suggested that manga on here before. Been a long time since it was mention. Better yet, you can just check out the anime on youtube to pass some time. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy3OnWQkcxA

  3. By far my favorite Mangi right now is Magi and Toriko other than the big three… I know that there are more popular mangas like fairy tail, HSDK, New Breaker wave. But It just feels that Toriko and Magi stand out the most because they are so original, and the authors focus on the actual story, fights, and specifics of the plot. Now in every manga there are negatives and positives.

    I love your Idea of talking about mangas other than the big three. You have something going here Mart.

  4. i wanted to add trigun manga

  5. “eyeshield 21” for sport mangga

    really funny and talk about hardwork

  6. @ 7warlord: I found veritas while looking for other good manga to recommend and literally read it within the time I wrote this post and the comment I am currently writing fyi it’s part 1 was finished. I love breaker as well though my OPPINION is that holyland is better by just a bit. This may be because holyland is finished. I forgot to throw up Karate Shoukoushi Kohinata Minoru (which is also really good as a fight manga) and Fairy Tail. I couldn’t get into noblesses the pace is too slow, but I’ll try the others you recommended after I finish two more that I found.

    @nss7: you were second, haha. I’m considering code gease as I have consistently heard good things. I think I tried High School of the Dead but couldn’t get into it, maybe I’ll try it a second time.

    @Jdogg: Magi is one of my fav. for exactly that reason, but is toriko really that good? I remember reading a discription on mangahere.com and thinking it wasn’t worth my time.

    @profess: I might try it.

    @wong jowo: I tend to stay away from sports and romance manga, maybe I’m biased also are you referring to my hard work?, because I wrote this in under half an hour.

    so in reponse to you all, this is my upcoming manga read list: Elemental Gelade, High School, code gease, high school of the dead, trigun, Btoom, and I’m glad to hear breaker: new waves is coming back, I was afraid that we might have to take another break because it has more chapters than the original The Breaker

    Also thanks for the recommendations everyone.

  7. @Walmart1, Toriko is pretty good in my standard. It is a little linear at first but as the story progresses, it get more interesting. I would suggest checking it out. Also, have you ever read or heard of Ippo, the boxing Manga. I think it is one of the most hilarious mangas out there, the fights are so intense. There is also something that I have been reading its call Sun-ken Rock, it is a mature rated manga but the story is by far one of the best out there as in realism and intensity of the world.

  8. @Jdogg, I’ll second you on Ippo. I have not read it from the very beginning because there are so many chapters but where i actually began reading it from has kept me enthused with every new chapter. Right now i am reading deadman wonderland and so far i find it to be quite fascinating. But if i was to add one to the list that has not been mentioned would be katekyo hitman reborn. As i first began reading it i thought it started off slow but as i got deeper into the story i must admit that it can get rather exciting.

  9. @Steel Sage, I am with you on Hitman, a little childish for my taste but it is kick azz. And I think that a lot of Mangas out there are starting out slow but than all of a sudden they become this complex, intense, badazz story. Like Hitman, Toriko, One Piece, Ippo, and many others start out very dry and linear but as the story progresses they become the best mangas out there.

  10. I can vouch for Liar Game… it is a very very well done manga in terms of psychological/mental warfare. Anyone who has read Death Note or likes that kind of manga in general should give it a try.

  11. is anyone else into Baki the grappler?

  12. Claymore!!!

  13. Are you talking about the baki son of ogre series (there are a bunch kinda like fist of the north star)

  14. Baki is awesome, and so is Kenichi…Stuff I try to read when there’s no Naruto going around

  15. @ walmart the one i read and watched about focused on when baki was still living with his mom and training and after he fails to beat his dad his dad tge kills his mom and and theres a time skip were bakis older and fights ina tournament and baki ends up fighting his half brother

    All i know is the fights are ruthless and awesome and id recommend it to anyone

  16. @walmart1
    I went back to recheck and realize that I got beat from first comment.

    Code Geass is a excellent chess playing type of manga. If you like strategic manga like seeing Shikamaru’s from Naruto and Death Note then you’re going to enjoy reading code Geass.

    For Highschool of The Dead, It’s a good read for zombie’s fan. You’ll get a good kick out of seeing zombies getting their head smashed away into little pieces.

  17. @minatofan: that is one of a three part series: (from mangahere) – “1-Grappler Baki(1991-1999) 42 volumes 2-New Grappler Baki(1999-2005) 31 volumes 3-Hanma Baki: Son of Ogre(2005-12-05)”

  18. does anyone read cage of eden? I have a good theory about everything that is going on but no one to share it with. I think that they traveled forward in time (by about 100 years) in which time mina’s dad tried to resurrect her using the technology his company was developing. However, the project was shut down when the dinosaurs escaped and killed everyone. This explains the weird crash, the RIP monument, as well as the different star positions and opens up a possibility for them to leave the island without ending the manga. The notebook works out if they find some way back to the past which allows it to be left in the tower or alternatively, she was cloned succesfully and somehow retained her muscle memory.

  19. @walmart1
    Just a thought. Mina (ORIGINAL) was head scientist on the island. This Extinct Animals (or whatever it is) project was her baby. Whoever funded the project might have loved her a lot. He made it so some of the best scientists around the world would work with her and help her (that’s why there are multiple languages on the door). When human DNA was needed for the experiments she volunteered her own. She dies somehow. The funder of this project takes and freezes her DNA. He then buries her, every failed experiment and animal at the tower. He then goes to the pyramid and releases some sort of bio hazard. He then leaves waits until human cloning is possible then makes 2nd Mina. He then gives 2nd Mina’s the originals diary/science notes/pictures. I don’t know why the plane crashed and the only way this would be feasible is if the residential tower is destroyed or everybody is killed. This has been running through my head since I read it the first time. Tell me what you think.

  20. Why would he release a bio hazard? (grief? or maybe he didn’t release it but it happened) further more, what do you make of her father? I could see that, except that she wasn’t a famous scientist, her father was famous and people expected her to be a young girl. Which leads me to think she is as she appears with the world having been radically changed.

    p.s. If anyone has any crazy theories on any manga, I would love to hear em cuz I’ve read just about everything.

  21. Just read all of Holyland…I hate endings like that, but it’s unexpected and leaves you with little questions.

  22. Mangahere says that the author of holyland has two other works, but I’m still unsure if it’s the same person. I wish there could be a sequel or some work of his that was definately his. Also how would you rate it hayabusaNinja?

  23. I started reading one of the two works mentioned, it’s definitely mori koji but it is a MUCH darker read about suicide and includes things about rape, death, and nudity so if you are on the younger side, it might not be age appropriate for the average naruto reader.

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