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One Piece Chapter 677 – Counter Attack

Hello again Boys and Girls, and we are giving a sweet gift of an early chapter. And do we get a sweet read of chapter or what. This chapter is the definition of epicness in the world of One Piece. A different and somewhat dangerous alliances are made, Luffy and Law set their plan into action, and what will be the outcome of these new events.

New World

Before I get to this new alliance between Kid, Appo, and Hawkins, let me just break down the detail of the new world. For those who do not know there are two parts of the Grandline: the first half is referred to as Paradise and the Second Half is referred to as New World. Paradise is considered to contain the weakest and rookies of Pirates, while the New World consists of the most terrifying, evil and powerful of all Pirates. This is evident when Mora who is considered one of the most powerful pirates in Paradise, but when he sailed to the New World his whole crew was massacred by Kaido. This just goes to show that no matter how powerful a pirate is, once they step into the New World , they get themselves in a whole different world.

Just take a look at what has happened to Kid, his appearance has changed in a dramatic way. Scars cover his face, stomach, neck and his left arm seems to be amputated instead he has a robotic arm. When the Eleven Supernovas first arrived on Sabaody Archipelago, Kid was the highest in ranking based on his bounty and he is still has the highest bounty as well as the highest bounty to be ever revealed. The New World has pushed Kid so far that he has resulted in calling an alliance.


In the New World alliance are a common thing, if you were to look back at Paradise, every Pirate was independent. But the New World changes that, it makes a pirate tougher, meaner, and less likely to trust people. Take Crocodile for instances: His dream was once to be the next Pirate King, but after he gone up the rankings in the New World, he became self-centered and lost his dream of becoming Pirate King, and in fact he was sort of like Luffy in away when he first started out as a pirate, but like I said the New World does things to you; whether it will kill you or break you. Just like Law said the only way to survive in the New World is either: be taking under one of the Yonko, or make an alliance with other independent pirates. Which is exactly what Law and Kid had in mind. Law planned his alliance to be with Luffy, while Kid proposed an alliance with Appo and Hawkins.

Kid, Hawkins and Appo

Appo is really nervous of this new proposal of Kid, and seems to be very protective. But I think this is just for show, it is a message to Kid and Hawkins that he is saying, look I am not some punk that can be made into a subordinate, that I can take care of my own. Even though he has never said that, his actions speak for him. Also, this meeting is very tense because all three captains know that without this alliance their chance to go up the rankings in the New World is slime and they all hate this fact. But when this new Alliance is made, they will be one of the most notorious pirates. Kid has already taking on three of Big Mama’s ships, Hawkins and Appo have survived an attack from both an admiral and Shichibukai. The only question is for what purpose is Kid proposing this Alliance. It can be so that they can be stronger which is obvious or it could be the same purpose that Law has proposed to Luffy. It could be that Law and Kid are think of the same thing or is it that they are both on it together? Now that is the question.

Law Came through!

Like I said last week, Law planned ahead, but plan to the point of possibly being imprisoned by CC, and taking the measures of trading in normal chains with the Kairoseki chains. That I did not suspected, like he said, he has been living on Punk Hazard for months and he planned everything to perfection. And like I said before, there is one thing in his plan that he miscalculated, Luffy. Once Luffy was released  of his chains, he already left the cage. But it was funny how Law was so shocked to see Luffy out of the cage, seriously they only way to get Luffy to listen up, is to have him in chains. He is a doer, and Law is a thinker, once they figure out their boundaries, this alliance between Law and Luffy will take them up the ranks. When Luffy, Law and Smoker are all stand side by side, for one purpose which is to take down CC and Virgo, they look like as if they they are best friends as if they have never been enemies before. In the near future, I can see that these three will team up again to take on a more ferocious of an opponent, but for now our heroes need to be on the winning side.

Side Notes:

  • Only Chopper and Franky are not with everyone.
  • It is amazing that in how unrealistic the world of One Piece is, it can still be so realistic at the same time. When Sanji said that Nami’s body cannot take the constant running that he has been doing, proves that you need to train your body for each goal, but at the same time when he feels on Nami’s ‘body’ he gets a burst of energy that is utterly unnatural. (But it also explains why Sanji (in Nami’s body) has been the slowest)
  • Zoro asked Kinemon if he can cut steal, but why did he not ask Brook?
  • The broker with the Lincoln hat is closely similar to Rob Lucci the former member of CP9.
  • This arc has been what all One Piece fans have been waiting for so long for, and each chapter is making it that sweeter to enjoy reading these chapters.


11 Responses

  1. I figured Kidd lost his arm lol. Now I wanna know who did that to him.

    I don’t think that Kidd is working with Law. He said in this chapter that he thought Law turned into a dog for the government and then just discovered that it he was scheming something. He has an entire different alliance with Appo and Hawkins. If they ever cross paths with Law/Luffy totally depends if their target is the same. Kidd will most likely want to go after Big Mam, because he did attack her ships. Now we just have to know which Yonkou Law proposed to take down…that is, if don’t fight Doflamingo instead.

  2. It took the strawhats years to get to the new world for a reason, this is where the best of the best live an make their home and i really wanna see if the strawhats are ready.
    The Kidd, Hawkins an Apoo alliance looks interesting but if i was gonna choose another supernova id have chose that short gangster guy not apoo. His music doesnt seem much of a threat to me – i reckon brook could take him out instrument vs instrument! Kidd and Killer look beastly an have been hittin the gym by the looks of it!
    Im abit gutted that law switched smokey an tashigi’s hearts back too coz i was enjoy tashigi’s cleavage lol I reckon both alliances though will be going after the same yonkou – i doubt it’d be 2 different ones. All we need to see now is X-drake an jewelry bonney….

  3. @7warlord, I do not know, there is still the possibility that they are both on it. Just because Kid said that he thought Law was a dog for the government does not mean that he might not of been working with him. Look don’t get me wrong, I am not saying that they are both on it together, but the possibility is still there, and it would make for a better twists as well.

    @Tensa Gizzla, Last time we saw Jewelry Bonney she was taking in by that rechid admiral. X-Drake I think is still doing his won thing because he striked me as the guy who is always doing his own thing, heck he left the Marines because he didn’t like them.

  4. @Jdogg
    I see where you’re getting at, but I meant that if Kidd didn’t know what Law was doing, then he couldn’t be in an alliance with him. If he was working with Law, then he would at least have to know what Law’s intentions were. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be in a alliance later on, which is probably why Oda showed that happening while all the chaos is going on in Punk Hazard….I just can’t wait to see what the hell is going to happen after this arc lol.

  5. Hey I stopped reading where puffy defeats the snowmonther brothers. How many chapters ago was that?

  6. @ Cesc, that was about 8 or 9 chapters ago i think – its got even crazier since then!

    @Jdogg and 7warlord,

    All the supernova’s an there crews might aswell come together in a big alliance as their all small in number crew member-wise. At this stage its all about the power balance and making sure they survive an establish enough skill to make it further down the road and not get wiped out but then again a betrayal in that alliance would definately happen an also there’d be a serious clash of ego’s so it might not work too well – i could easily see bepo an sanji beefing an also jewelry bonney an zoro at each other’s throats! Speaking of her – someone needs to go rescue her pink arse from magma boy if she isnt already dead!

  7. i feel like jewelry bonney plays some type of role at some point. Anyways if you look at whitebeard and his allies He had a lot of top notch pirates in his group and if you consider each yonko to be like that both Luffy current alliance n Kid’s need a lot more firepower then they currently have so combining together would seem most logical. As for butting heads i’m sure that happens with all alliances in the new world but im guessing the strongest somehow distances himself to rule over the others

  8. Ok since the arc is probably in it’s last leg and the main fighting will begin soon, who will everyone fight? There aren’t enough villains for each crew member to have a fight. Luffy gets Ceaser, Law gets Virgo or even Smoker gets him, but there are not enough bad guys.

  9. The only advantage they have is that CC gave up how he defeated Luffy and now he can develop a plan to defeat CC. Luffy can probably inhale alot of O2 to hold his breath and fight in balloon mode.
    It makes sense that Smokey took Law’s offer, after all he is a Shibukai and he let him live after defeating him by taking his heart(Pawnage)! Law is the man and his personality reminds me of Mihawk….almost all swordsman in the manga have the serious persona except the SH Perverted Bones!
    I do think Vergo and CC have some strong underlings around for everyone else to fight. Now is the time where the New World will see Luffy’s true skill and strength. The other rookies will be like holyshit! He is that strong and has the Kings Disposition Haki on top of that! I would like to see Luffy learn to change his whole body into Giant Mode at the same time and fight like that. I bet Luffy has some sick Defense Haki too!

  10. @firefist

    Your right there arent enough villians or major underlings for everyone to fight!!! Im guessing with this arc though someone or some people might pull a kuma and turn up towards the end for everyone else to fight – maybe some brokers! It would be kind of cool once zoro realises that tashigi is there if they have a little sparring match although sanji might not let that happen lol

    @ Mexican

    Brook…..he is a swordsman by title but i just dont see him as that coz of his music an personality – to me he’s like half a swordsman lol
    Luffy in Full giant mode?! He’d be sucking up air a whole chapter to get enough to do a full body inflation! That would probably be “Gear 4” though or a Gear 4 could be armanent haki based…..whatever it is im sure it would be badass and im convinced that over the 2 years Luffy has learnt 2 more gears or he will do so!

  11. Aww crap, I was hoping there would be another release today. Oh well, it’s good to see the other supernovas, they don’t seem to have changed at all. But there’s one problem with Kidd’s alliance, they hate each other lol. At least Law and Luffy are actually comrades, so if they must face Kidd’s alliance in the future, which I KNOW will happen later, they’ll most likely win for the simple fact they work together….And also because their crews are better, Luffy has his go-to duo, Zoro/Sanji and Law has his Kung Fu Panda. So I guess we’ll just see what happens down the road to the INEVITABLE battle with Big Mam.

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