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Naruto Chapter 597: The Secret Behind the Space-Time Ninjutsu

Hola, mis queridos Narutardos!!!  After an unexpected manga break last week, we are compensated with a similarly unexpected early release.  Pardon me if I butcher this and the near-future reviews; I recently enrolled in graduate school for the physical chemistry program in Madrid.  You know I’m a high school teacher, but I’m fed up with teaching little brats.  Thus, I’ve decided to become a college professor, for which I need a master’s degree or a doctorate.  So yeah…  Don’t worry, folks; I’ll post something every week, even if it’s sh*tty.

This was an awesome and partially revealing chapter, except for Naruto’s super cliché speech towards the end.  It’s cool and all that Kurama is helping Naruto, but they need Kakashi in order to cause Tobi any damage.  Right now winning the battle is not a matter of raw power and sheer strong will, but of calm and coldly calculated strategy.  But I digress…  Let’s jump into the juicy.

I know, I know…  I kinda nailed it on the Hatake Space-Time Ninjutsu Theory.  Give me the f*cking Nobel Prize in Manga.  Nah, I was just a helluva lucky bastard.  A lot of you guys had already thought the same anyway.  Instead of regurgitating the entire working principle of Tobi’s jutsu in the last review, allow me to make these amendments:

  • Tobi’s body is indeed warped to another dimension when he used his Space-Time technique.  However, only the parts of his body that overlap with an object (attack, material, ground, etc.) are sent to another dimension.  This is especially useful for avoiding pregnancies, if you know what I mean.
  • Since only  the overlapped parts of his body are sent to another dimension, his consciousness remains in the real dimension (whatever that is).  In other words, if they want a Kamui-warped attack to be fatal, they must overlap with a delicate part of Tobi’s body (no, I didn’t mean ‘that’ part)–the thoracic cavity, neck, and unmasked head perhaps.
  • The relative position of the attack when warped matters and must be with respect to the general area of the “intangible” overlapped region of Tobi’s body…  All that to say…  The attack must be close to the overlapped body in order to cause damage.
  • The reason why Kamui-warped objects interact with Tobi’s warped body parts is because they share the same alternate dimension.  The reason why they share the same dimension is not that all space-time techniques share the same alternate dimension.  Rather, the reason is that, as it was strongly implied but not explicitly stated (there should be no doubt, though), Kakashi’s and Tobi’s techniques belong to same set of eyes–Obito’s Sharingan.
  • The theory does not exactly elucidate the inner workings of all space-time ninjutsu.  Rather, it specifically explains the powers and principles behind Obito’s set of Sharingan eyes.

Before people jump to conclusions about Tobi’s identity, let me make something clear.  We still do not know for sure that Tobi is Obito.  No such thing was ever mentioned in this chapter, even if it appears to be implied.  When we finally learn the truth, we will be willing to accept whatever Tobi’s identity turns out to be.  Until then, Tobi is not Obito because of the timeline issues.  What we know for sure now is that Tobi’s right eye is Obito’s Sharingan.  This would make sense given the previously stated facts about the space-time technique.  Plus, although minimally important, if Tobi is a non-Uchiha that transplanted Obito’s eye, then it would make sense for his eye to be always activated.  How do we know it’s Obito’s right eye?  It’s the only eye that could share dimensions with Kakashi’s, not to mention that Obito would be the only Uchiha involved in the Battle of Kannabi Bridge.  How did his eye survive the collapsing cave?  I’m as baffled as you are.  I have no f*cking clue.

Now, let’s analyze the Sharingan.  We have observed Itachi and Sasuke using different techniques with each Mangekyo Sharingan.  Itachi uses Amaterasu with his right eye and Tsukuyomi with his left eye.  Sasuke uses Amaterasu with his left eye and Tsukuyomi with his right eye.  Basically, each Mangekyo Sharingan eye has a technique of its own.  While the connection between these two techniques is not as evident as that between Obito’s eyes, it is reasonable for Obito’s eyes to be similar in principle and still be different techniques.

Done with such a slightly quaint preface, I will say that I’m intrigued as to how or why Tobi obtained Obito’s eye.  I get it’s a Sharingan.  If I saw one myself, I’d pick it up and put it in my forehead to look like motherf*cking Tien Shinhan from Dragon Ball.  Out of all the Sharingan Tobi could have obtained in history, I wonder why he decided to pick Obito’s and test it and use it up until now.  He didn’t know the Sharingan’s great potential yet…  or maybe he did if a young Kakashi used the Sharingan with exemplary skill to become the Hero of Sharingan (besides the basic abilities it grants the user).  All of this is really foggy, so I don’t know.

If you wanna get technical, Tobi did say that he got the eye during the Battle of the Kannabi Bridge where Kakashi was made hero.  During the battle of the bridge.  Of the bridge.  If you remember Kakashi Gaiden, Kakashi obtained his Sharingan not during the Battle of the Bridge, but when he and Obito were trying to rescue Rin.  It was after that bittersweet fight that Minato, Rin, and Kakashi moved on to the bridge and destroyed it–the original mission.  And I believe this was the place where Kakashi would have done something marvelous and heroic to be hailed as he was by Konoha, for there was no glory in Rin’s rescue.  Whether spying the battle or disguised as an enemy, Tobi would have then been a witness to Obito’s Sharingan.  Knowing that a non-Uchiha Kakashi wielded it so mightly (I don’t know how much at this point, pretty much in the test-drive period), Tobi may have become interested in the Sharingan and inferred that the other Sharingan was lying around somewhere.  It also seems likely that Tobi was observing them all along, thus learning about their personalities, especially Kakashi’s.  Otherwise, I wonder if there’s a connection between people using an eye from one set of Sharingan eyes.  Again, I don’t know.  Help me out.  And Kakashi, because he is hyperventilating.

I could go on and on with speculations, but I would like to hear you guys.  As far as Naruto’s speech, bleh.  Not worth talking about.  Same old story.  At least I like the continued involvement of the Nine Tails.  But why is Kakashi hyperventilating…?  Due to his guilt or because he knows who Tobi is?  Sh*t.  I don’t know.  Tobi is Obito…  f*ck me, right?  Sorry, kids.  I’m a little drunk.

Last week’s comments recap:
I will just touch on the Second Hokage-being-Tobi hypothesis.  First, it does not make sense because he was Hashirama’s brother, which makes him an enemy of the Uchiha, or at least an enemy of what their leader Madara stood for.  Hell, Tobirama Senju created the Konoha Military Police Force to keep the Uchiha in check–not dead.  Secondly, while he created the Edo Tensei, it is unclear whether he knew what Madara knew about undoing the technique.  Finally, Tobirama was resurrected by Orochimaru to fight the Third Hokage.  Sarutobi sealed away both Hashirama and Tobirama’s souls with the Dead Demon Consuming Seal.  Thus, Tobirama couldn’t have been brought back (unless he had cursed-bit some mofo Oro-style, but we know by timeline extrapolation that Tobi was already active during that time).


31 Responses

  1. Hahaha nice! I liked the drunken writing, it was a colorful read. I’m going for my master’s for the same reason, so I know the workload you’re probably under, just do the best you can man.

    My guess is that we will get Tobi’s identity at chapter 600, it’s another big milestone and at 500 we got the day of Naruto’s birth; only seems logical.

  2. I have a far fetch but not impossible idea cause of Sasuke and Itachi’s MS ablilities. what if that MS ablitilies are inherited. meaning each individual Uchiha family line has the same or similar powers. yeah many can say that Itachi implanted his powers into Sasuke via the forehead touch but it still doesnt explain the differences in their similiar powers like susanoo different forms from person to person or why the other two work in the brothers opposite eyes, plus their actual MS looks totally different but if similar powers is correct, that would mean that the real Madara is related to the brothers in some way shape or form do to susanoo. also remember many other Uchiha’s did get their MS powers just not EMS. if so then that means that one of obito’s family members had a similar power some time ago which would also explain something kakshi said couple chapters ago about he “never heard” of kamui being stopped. if this is so then tobi knew about kamui and may have been watching obito to get his eyes but didnt expect kakashi to get one of the eyes. but who knows something to think about. if not for real, for fan fic later in life LOL…….

  3. if you think that theory is not sound enough just think back to all the MS ablilties shown throughout the series. of the 6 MS shown 3 have the same or similar powers, sasuke, itachi, and madara’s. izuna we never knew his cause he was never draw using it’s power. but kakashi/tobi = obito eyes have diffferent abilities (Space time) and shisui’s kotoamatsukami a stronger genjutus than tsukyomi. so from what it looks like its possible that the individual family MS powers seem possible. making other uchihas with MS other than the brothers more unqiue.

  4. Maybe the indiviual eye has diffrent power in the own family… but both eye togehter have the same, and that is Sussano

  5. @Evil Ryu
    You may be on to something there. I’m going to say that Izuna had the same abilities as Madara. I mean they are brothers and only brothers (I think) can obtain the EMS. Their eyes have a much stronger connection than a more distant relative, like for say a cousin, so it would make sense to say that their powers are similar, like Sasuke/Itachi.

    The only thing that’s making my brain scramble, is how/when the hell did Tobi obtain Obito’s other eye. The best answer I can think of is when Kakashi got knocked out by that rock. He and Rin looked like they were dazed when they found Obito under the boulder, so I’m guessing they were unconscious. What happened in that blank period of time I wonder?

  6. here’s my new theory. tobi is izuna with obito eye. Only a true uchia could spam a sharigan and not die. Only someone as strong as him could fight on par with the forth. I think after the battle between the 1st and mardara, he was intrusted with mardara plan but decided to do his own thing. He wants to bring peace to the ninja world that created him.

  7. 2 things 1. We know from the danzo fight that tobi knows probably the 2nd war generation from his knowledge of danzo subordinates parents which was always weird to me… n 2. We know he has a direct interest in all uchiha eyes and he probably studied the techniques of each and every one but idk wouldn’t he have had a different eye to control the 2nd(?) Mizukage n how with his self proclaimed “weakened” body was he able to control a beast only madara eyes were able to control 9 tails) and still fight have enough strength to fight minato

  8. Tobi being Izuna uchiha makes sense. Only Madara uchiha could control the tailed beast with his own sharingans. The only other person that could possibly wield this type of power would be Madara’s brother Izuna. They’re blood so it would fit. Madara could’ve plan his whole scheme to be brought back to life in the future by entrusting everything to his brother. Izuna did willingly gave up his MS eyes to Madara. The most ironic part to this story is that both Madara and Tobi share similar interest in their world conquering plans. Since Madara and Izuna are brothers, it makes it more likely that Izuna is Tobi and was heavily influence by his brothers way of life. Izuna is an uchiha. It would be childplay for him to implant sharingan eyes into him like Obito’s right eye.

  9. Hey here’s some speculation I was thinking about, centered around how Tobi is going to fail.

    First of all, the most recent revelation of this chapter is a confirmation of what many fans theorized: Tobi is connected with Obito Uchiha. It can be inferred that since Tobi has Obito Uchiha’s other eye, then he is using exactly what Kakashi is using…Kamui. His intangebility, and space-time manipulation are an advanced version of Kakashi’s ability to warp objects.

    Another really big question is…how does Tobi use Kamui so well? Firstly, he doesn’t even have the Mangekyou in Obito’s Sharingan, yet has access to Kamui and mastery of the technique to a much higher degree than Kakashi. He can warp things away like Kakashi, but has addtional power. This lends me to believe both eyes have the same set of powers unlike Itachi & Sasuke.

    My theory is the emotional upheaval Obito had at his death must of awakened his Mangekyou or somehow altered it. This is how Kakashi was able to awaken it without killing his best friend (Obito was already dead) and how Tobi is able to use it.

    This opens up two main avenues of attack for Team Naruto & Friends. Tobi knows he can’t recklessly use his Kamui intangibility Technique as Team Naruto can now make their attacks partially intangible and strike Tobi at will. They can continue in the avenue they are in now: Naruto, Guy, and Bee attack, Kakashi stays in the back and times his Kamui to strike Tobi.

    Another really awesome trick Kakashi can exploit is the other power of the Sharingan – technique copying. As Tobi and Kakashi are fundamentally using the same technique from the exact same Sharingan set, Kakashi potentially has THE SAME POWER AS TOBI. With some quick copy-observation, he can potentially engage Tobi himself on equal terms, using his own Kamui to become Intangible just as Tobi has and exploit. Tobi, relatively used to being invisible, has his work cut out for him as he has never faced Kakashi before. I think Tobi taijutsu won’t be as strong as Kakashi’s seeing as he doesn’t need to really use it.

    Another avenue that hasn’t been explored is simply attacking Tobi with well-timed techniques. We know its possible, Minato was able to wound Tobi with his Rasengan and then use the Flying Thunder God seal to get close to him at any time. Naruto, even though his speed is not Space-Time Technique based, is just as fast as Minato in his Kyuubi forme. He can attack Tobi with using the Body Flicker, precision, and speed and strike him without the need of Kakashi’s Kamui. This is especially helpful seeing as the strain Kamui puts on Kakashi.

    One of the biggest problems for Tobi I see, are the Tailed Beasts themselves. Let’s say Team Naruto fails, and the 10 Tailed Beast is revived. Then what? It’ll just willingly comply with Tobi and just waltz up inside of him?

    Do we forget who the 10 Tailed beast is? The 9 Tails, currently the strongest being in the series, is scared shitless of it. It’s likened to a God who destroyed and created countries as it wished. It drank oceans and shat mountains. This is beyond the power of any ninja. Even the great Sage of 6 Paths, who tamed the 10 Tailed Beast, had a lot trouble controlling it. The only way to guarantee it wouldn’t wreak havoc on the world again was to split it into the 9 Tailed Beasts.

    Does Tobi, or anyone really think his hand-me-down Sharingan from Obito, and hand-me-down Rinnegan from Madara (more than likely) / Nagato can do anything to it? Tobi has trouble already controlling the Tailed Beasts in his possession, as seen at the beginning of Team Naruto vs. Tobi and the Zombie Jinchuriki. The Sage of 6 Paths would make light of the tailed beasts. Nagato already admitted his power paled in comparison to the Sage’s. The hand-me-down Rinnegan won’t do much.

    Whats even more troubling for Tobi is what the Sage himself prophesied. The Sage actually prophesied that the beasts would all, one day, come together and be one again, but it would be different than before. Tobi may be inadvertently fulfilling the Sage’s prophesy and rather than be omni-malevolent, the 10 Tails may be a completely different entity, changed and shaped by the courage and will of both Naruto and the Sage.

    No doubt, the Sage was referring to Naruto when he said the beasts would “know what true strength was”.

    Thanks for reading all of this haha. Tell me your thoughts on the Sage’s prophesy and Tobi’s “Kamui”.

  10. @?????

    I can say that Tobi’s and Kakashi’s abilities are linked, but one is not a more advanced form of the other. Kakashi’s ability is centered at what he looks at, Tobi is centered on himself.

    The reason why Tobi has to become tangible and grab someone before warping them is because if he touched them during his technique, part of his body would just disappear.

    As to the rest of your post, I think Tobi’s identity will be revealed just before the Juubi is revived… and then perhaps he will die.

  11. Tobi has equaled Izuna to me ever since it was conformed that he was not Madara himself. The only logical step after Madara is Izuna because Izuna was closer to Madara than anyone else in the ninja world.

    If it wasn’t Madara, Tobi had to be Izuna. Tobi knew things only Madara would know, or if not Izuna would know.

    Tobi and Izuna
    Tobi knew the history of Madara and the Uchiha clan and shared details only the real Madara would know. They only way Tobi would know that is if he was present at those events as Izuna was.

    Look at how expertly Tobi handles the fan. Izuna would be the only other person capable of using it so well as he would have seen in countless times in training and battle.
    Madara trusted Tobi with his revival and plan. Only person we know Madara ever trusted was Izuna, Izuna proved his loyalty by giving up his eyes to Madara.
    Tobi hates both the Uchiha and Konoha. Only other person other Madara with a reason for hating them in Izuna. Izuna was extremely loyal to his brother and shared his hatred for the Senju so it only makes sense that he was equally as pissed at the Uchiha when they betrayed his brother.
    Tobi seemlessly incorporates other sharingans as only an Uchiha could, and he implants Madara’s eyes (Originally Izuna’s) without any side effects (I.E Sasuke being out for weeks after taking Itachi’s).
    Madara’s goals were Izuna’s goals Destroy the senju, rule konoha), as Madara’s goals are Tobi goal (moon’s eye plan).

    The only person Madara would have trusted with his plan in Izuna. Tobi did not betray Madara’s plans, Nagato just threw a wrench into it. And as far as Tobi knew, Madara was under Kabuto’s control.

    Who else would know enough about Madara and act enough about Madara to convince the great Itachi that he was Madara? Only logical people are Madara or someone that knew all that Madara knew, his brother.

    So how did Izuna survive to this day? Simple, he allowed his dear ol brother to run experiments on him. And using zetsu cells, he succeeded in making him essentially immortal. As the years go by, Izuna could replace damaged limbs and implant any sharingan eyes he wanted (reason for his large collection of eyes).

    Izuna’s only goal in life was to help his brother achieve his goals no matter what. This also explains why he took his brother’s name and covered his face, so that his brother would receive credit for his (Izuna/Tobi’s) accomplishment. It also the reason he (Tobi) is adamant that he is nobody. He does not want to exist if it means he will overshadow his brother Madara. He does not want his name known, he, he only wishes to see his brother’s dreams come true.


  12. Is this really the early chapter from this week or the late chapter from last week

  13. Just had a thought.. What if Tobi is Rin.. She could’ve faked her “dazed” state and used up that time to get Obito’s other eye.. She could’ve faked her death to fool everyone later on.. She was a medic after all.. She seems to be particularly targeting Kakashi and seems intent on belittling him.. We might even have an emotional show-down between “Rin” aka Tobi and Kakashi.. That would be a first if Kakashi got all emotional..

  14. @??????
    How do we know that Tobi doesn´t have the Mangyeko sharingan? We have never seen his eyes when he uses his warping.
    And fo Kakashi using his copying on Tobis jutsu… he cant do it if it a sharingan jutsu meaning that it is a bloodline jutsu, and even Kakashi ha the saringan it doubtfull to be able to copy such a jutsu.

  15. @???? the reason the sage of the six paths split them up is because he was getting old and his body and powers where failing to contain the juubi. his body was put on the moon created as a jail for the juubi and then yes the energy was split into 9 different beasts. I agree with you on the kumai of tobi being a moreadvanced version of kumai of kakashi. especially if Tobi is a Uchiha he would be able to master it better. he had a whole research lab full of sharingans did he not? Obito’s Eye technique seems to be the best out of all of the Sharingans he has unless he has not tested the other ones fully like has with Obito’s eye.

  16. I had a cool idea about the fight that is going to happen with naruto and tobi. what if Kurama uses sage mode with naruto. a few scenarios, he could either leave some shadow clones for senju battery duty but in effect that would divide his power however many he uses. or he could find away for Kurama to use sage mode plus naruto feeding off Kurama aswell. that would be pretty amazing! 😀

  17. @??????
    (Tobi space/time jutsu = Kakashi’s kamui)
    Tobi space/time jutsu is a different form of Kakashi’s kamui but It’s not a more advance version than Kakashi’s kamui. It shares the same qualities but in seperate ways. Tobi uses the space/time jutsu on himself. Kakashi uses an identical space/time jutsu like tobi’s but only from a distance. Tobi’s space/time jutsu works on himself and anything he touches. His abilities makes his body become the kamui himself and allows him to suck anything into it. He can then walk around in the other dimension and use the same exact jutsu on himself to warp him out of it. It’s like Goku using teleportation to teleport himself or anything he touches into another world/planet. Then he can use the same exact teleportation to teleport himself back on to his original planet/world. That only adds up to being one jutsu/technique like Tobi’s space/time jutsu.

    That’s why Kakashi cannot hop in and out from another dimension like Tobi due to the fact he can only perform his kamui jutsus with his MS from a distance and not on himself. Lets say he uses kamui to warp someone into the other dimension. Then if that person stays in the same area in that dimension that he got warp into, then Kakashi can use his kamui in that same exact spot to warp the person back out. That is the biggest disadvantage Kakashi kamui has compare to Tobi’s. He cannot warp himself to see what’s on the other side. Just think of Kakashi kamui as like goku’s teleportation technique but that he can only uses it to teleport anything around him other than himself.

    “Nagato already admitted his power paled in comparison to the Sage’s. The hand-me-down Rinnegan won’t do much.”
    The biggest reason for Nagato powers not matching Sage of Six Paths is that he does not have the ten tailed juubi sealed within himself. The Sage of Six Paths did. He was a jinchurriki of the ten tailed beast which would have granted him to having access to infinite amount of chakra from the ten tailed.

    From what I heard, this manga chapter is an early release so there won’t be one this wednesday. There will be another new chapter release on the following wednesday of next week.

    Tobi can’t be Rin. There is too many timeline conflict for Tobi to be Rin. Rin lives all the way up to when Kakashi formed team 7. Tobi presence was revealed long before Rin even became an anbu of konoha.

    “How do we know that Tobi doesn´t have the Mangyeko sharingan? We have never seen his eyes when he uses his warping.” Tobi does not have MS. He have never shown to have suffer any strain on his eyes or body from overly excessingly using his warping abilities. We saw both Itachi and Sasuke having to deal with major side effects from using their MS. Tobi has not shown any of these side effects. If he really was using MS all this time then he would have suffer from severe side effects or major blindness. The other reason why he’s not using MS is that both Naruto and Kakshi have saw Tobi use his warping abilities a couple of times before. Surely they would’ve notice Tobi using MS and came to a conclusion a lot earlier that Tobi is using the same MS eyes as Kakashi because the design would be the same. The fact that they didn’t means he is not using MS.

  18. Tobi=izuna not working people:
    1)isn’t being madara’s bro as terrifying as being madara himself i mean they were equal in strength right
    if izuna loved madara so much why pee on his pant on seeing him reanimated, and why didn’t he use the rinnegan to ressurect him before then.
    3)if he wanted madara to have the glory he could have ressurected him to do his dirty work himself

  19. @nss7,

    FYI, I may be wrong but Goku teleportation (instant transmission) was explained to be just super fast movement…not actual teleportation.

  20. Gonna reply to every later, but no, RSVP4GOD.

    Goku’s Instant Transmission was a “space-time technique”, not just the regular super fast DBZ style movement. He uses it to travel between planets at ease.

  21. whoever said Rin = Tobi: I think ur thinking of that purple-haired girl who had a thing with Hayate. I’m pretty sure Rin was dead before the start of the series.

    As far as Tobi = Izuna: Yea being The brother of Madara isn’t QUITE being Madara but it’s pretty damn close. I doubt Tobi would have much trouble taking out those four if he was Izuna.

    As far as the timeline goes: let’s see… Oonoki is an old-ass man. he was younger than Madara (as was Izuna) when he was alive so it’s possible that someone from that era could still be alive. cuz, well, someone is. We don’t know much of what happened after Madara and Hashirama fought except for the fact that Madara obtained Senju dna and eventually awakened the rinnegan…

    Now this is all speculation: Let’s say Madara was able to revive Izuna via rinnegan before his death. Izuna would still be the same age as he was when he died (he looked, I’d say, around Itachi’s age when we saw him; maybe a little younger). Based on that and the fact that Tobi appears younger than Oonoki as well as us not knowing how much longer Madara lived after his battle with Hashirama, it could be said that Izuna is aged but still very much “Izuna” (meaning he’s at a level where he can be pushed by “Team Naruto” but still maintain enough skill to be able to fight as well as he is against them, which is a hypothetical testament to Izuna’s strength).

    As far as eyes go: if Madara did revive Izuna via Rinnegan, he could have given those eyes to his newly revived brother, which would put Tobi/Izuna in a perfect spot to give those eyes to Nagato. And since the Outer Path differs from Edo Tensei – in that it seems to bring a person’s spirit back along with their original body and not an indestructible doll with said person’s spirit bound to it – it stands to reason that there would only be one set of Izuna’s eyes being passed around (instead of how Sasuke and Itachi are basically wearing the same eyes at the same time). This would mean that Tobi/Izuna would’ve had to have found a replacement set of eyes for the ones he was giving to Nagato, which would explain his hobby of collecting powerful Sharingan eyes.

    Madara seems to personally know Tobi. the only way that could happen is if they were alive at the same time or if Madara was revived before. possibly by Nagato, since he knows him too. Of course if what I said about the Outer Path not altering one’s body past reconstructing it to the way it was, then wouldn’t Madara be brought back blind if he did infact give his eyes to Izuna? If so, then when Kabuto revived him, why would he think Nagato revived him if he could see? Of course this is all based on my continuum of “facts.”

    This is all kinda far-fetched though… Is it possilbe? Maybe? I’m gonna be a little pissed if Tobi turns out to be Obito…

  22. Y is everyone saying izuna can’t be Tobi cause they should be close in power? Is everyone forgetting that the madara we see if so much more overpowered than the original? The original one lost against the first in a one on one battle. Assume izuna and madara r comparable in power (which doesn’t seem true cause according to Tobi izuna willingly gave his eyes which probably meant he saw madara as the strongest of the two and the one who could benefit most). Tobi is going up against the 8 tail jinchuriki, a kage level ninja in Kakashi, an equally powerful gai and naruto who has fully unlocked the power of the nine tails and is one of the most powerful ninja in the shinobi world. Ur telling me that even pre edo madara could fight all four of these? No one before them save the sage and maybe Nagato later could handle this foursome.

  23. Toni=rin

  24. I think that Tobi is older than Madara, and he’s the reason why Madara left Konoha. Most likely he manipulated with Madara as with Nagato.

  25. Izuna is the only plausible person to fit Tobi’s profile. He was the closes to Madara. He fought along side Madara and lead the uchiha army together way back when Madara was still alive. It never explained what happen to Izuna or whether he died or not. There was no mentioning of his death. This is why it makes it more possible for Izuna to be Tobi. He was with Madara right from the beginning. That’s how he knows so much about Madara and about the Sage of The Six Path. Madara was the closes one at the time of being the Sage for achieving the renningan.

    Tobi was able to convince Kisame that he was Madara. Izuna is the only one that looks most identical to Madara. They’re brothers so it’s easy to decieve others that he is Madara. The other abilities that Tobi have that is similar to Madara is controlling rapid tailed beast with just their sharingan eyes. Since Izuna is Madara’s brother then it would make sense that Izuna possess the powers to control tailed beast to.

    The only part that I believe Tobi was excluded from Madara’s plan was the possession of the renningan. It’s still unclear how Nageto got the renningan. One thing we do know is that Madara probably died with his renningan still intact to his body. He was brought back with edo and he still had the renningan. If he died with the eyes missing then it wouldn’t have appeared with his body when he came back to life with edo. It’s still isn’t certain if someone like Nageto came along and shank the renningan from him or did Tobi implanted it into Nageto himself.

    “FYI, I may be wrong but Goku teleportation (instant transmission) was explained to be just super fast movement…not actual teleportation.”
    There have always been comparison between teleportation and speed. I will say that they’re both the same except teleportation is much quicker in terms of movement.

  26. NARUTO 598 IS OUT.


    So Tobi does have the Mangekyou Sharingan…

  27. It’s really starting to look like Obito. As hard as it is to believe. Better question is how.

  28. @uchiha im 100% sure its still not obito. Clearly he is using his eye but that doesnt mean its obito. Could it be his body perhaps? maybe.

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