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Its Out EARLY!!!

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13 Responses

  1. fuckin great

  2. I think that Kishimoro reads naruto fan discriptions… that was a crazy good chapter

  3. Well well well so Tobi is using obitos eye after all lol

  4. honestly that still doesnt confirm anything to me until that mask comes off. tobi is still someone that can be anyone. that obito theory still doesnt fly with the timeline. so i think he is someone else or something else. dont use this so call confession to say some of you folk right about tobe being obito cause he still didnt confiem s***. only thing he confirm is that he got “that sharringan” from the battle at the kannabi bridge from obito or his body.

  5. sorry for the misspellings had to say something before i lay it.

  6. also one thing people been saying is how can kakashi use the kamui with the MS but Tobi can use it with a regular sharringan. well if you look at it, i dont remember at anytime when tobi used kamui that we actually seen the sharingan (if anyone did please link the page cause i have all of the mangas tobi started using that jutsu after the sharringan was revealed and i dont remember him using that jutsu and we see him drawn using a regulaer sharingan). when he used his jutsu tobi’s eye is draw shadowy and darken out so he may use the MS but deactivate it as soon as he is done using that jutsu. one other thing each eye if both is obito’s has a different effect kamui. kakashi’s affect things from a distance. tobi’s affects things up close that is why he needs to be close to someone to effect them. so each eye if use by obito himself would have made obito possibly the fast uchiha and most devasating uchiha since the real madara in terms of physical aspect.

  7. THis chapter clearly proves obito’s eye is being used. However this also seems to give more evidence to tobi being a clone or even z zetsu of sorts with many different parts. I dont think tobi is any One person but rather pieces of different ninja.

  8. orrr maybe its izuna? It would fit the timeline, he has no eyes and we dont know for sure that he did in fact die. Maybe Madara helped him stay alive and got sharingans to use and thats y he has his library? That would explain y he knows so much about madara and such but i am stumped as to how he could have survived so long. Perhaps he is combined with zetsu in a experiment so that he can live on or something? Just a thought

  9. @token, so that would mean its izuna’s head with obito’s eye and zetsu’s body……talk about Mr potato head! For all we know Madara could have been the original creator of zetsu with the 1st cells as a way to save his brother’s body

  10. Is it out early, or is it just out late? Also, totally called out Tobi and Kakashi sharing a dimension and all that eye-related stuff.

  11. @firefirst87

    It’s out early… 2 weeks ago was a double issue (basically meaning they skip a week). The usual release is Wednesday, but after double issues they have lately been coming on the weekend. There will not be a new issue this wednesday (since that was these chapters), but there will be one the following Wednesday.

  12. Ahh alright. Reading the new chapters is usually a nice reward for making it half-way through the week, but I suppose I can grind through it anyway haha

  13. What if tobi is obito with a little bit of zetsu to recover:D just a thought

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