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One Piece Chapter 676 – Bombs Away!

I have noticed that in this arc, the Strawhats have been on a losing streak. There personalities were switched, some got captured by CC but then escaped, Luffy was defeated by CC, Law was defeated by Virgo and now they are about to be engulfed by the Smiley gas. It is about time that our heroes start to get back on the winning side.

Smiley “WMD”

If you think about it Clown Caesar has started something revolutionary; while it is something that will be used for evil acts in the future, it is something that can turn things around in the world of One Piece. Look at it this way, we know that there are three ancient weapons that have the potential to destroy or control or build the world: Pluto, Uranus, and Poseidon. Now Smiley might be on the line of becoming another weapon that has not as much power as the ancient weapons but can be as influential. It is a mass of destruction that no one can prevent from it spreading in the air and once something like a gas in this case is airborne it is very difficult to stop it. I hate to admit it but CC has stumbled upon something very dangerous, that can start wars and make him endlessly rich. Countries, Brokers, Governments, Pirates and even the Marines will most likely want to get their hands on Smiley. Nonetheless he is smart in his own right and no one can take that away from him, it is just unfortunate that some one who has the potential to do so much good in the world, ends up doing the opposite.

But hey it would not be a story without the Villain, and so far CC is doing a good job of being that psychotic bastard, who has one of the smartest brain in the world, and one of the most powerful Devil Fruit ability. If you think about it his devil fruit potential is almost endless. Now I know he said that he is weaker than Law in power but he is more cunning than Law is. For starters he can control the concentration of air around him, but I will go on a wild guess and say that this techniques length is no longer than maybe five feet away from him, that in order for it to work the person has to be very closet to him.When Luffy fell victim to this technique of CC he was as close as you can get to someone. Also, when he used the same technique on Nami and Ussop he was only foots away. So while this technique of controlling the air concentration is so strong, it has a weakness in length. The next time Luffy and CC face of it will be a different conclusion.

The Apple of Doom

Another thing to note is that one of the apples in the wagon turned into something that almost looks to be a devil fruit. But I believe that those apples turned into a bunch of Smiley. Think about it, why would CC have his man take a wagon full of fruits all the way into the center of the Ice side of the Island and exactly where Smiley will go off. This is the conclusion I came up with: CC has made all those apples into a bomb and he will offer each one for a certain price, it might be for money or power either way CC has made something very sinister. Also, the apple is a very fitting fruit to turn into a bomb, because the apple is the symbol of all the lust, greed and all the bad things in the world. In the Christine, Jewish, and Islamic faiths, the apple is believed to be the start of sins of men. Like I said it is a very fitting fruit to turn into a weapon that has a lot of responsibility.

Law makes his move

Like I have said last week, there is no way that Law would be that easily taking down. However, he said that he was surprised that Virgo made his appearance on Punk Hazard, this statement puts a dint in my theory. His title is not for just show and he is still the ‘surgen of death’ and the sudden appearance of Virgo might of put a ditch in his plan, he still can make it work as long as Luffy does not mess up again. This is the perfect opportunity for Law and Luffy to show the New World that the Strawhats and the Heart Pirates are no push over. That they can take care of some one as strong as CC and Virgo and put an end to the so claimed Weapon of Mass Destruction, Smiley. Now how he and Luffy get out of this, well there is Zoro’s group, but they are preoccupied. Maybe Chopper, but he got a mysterious letter from someone that says ‘don’t do anything.’ So how will our heroes get out of this, that is why, my friends, we theorizes on what will happen and wait for the next chapter.

Side Notes:

  • There is only one person who could of thrown that letter to Chopper, Monet. She was the only one that was not in the same place but in the same room as Virgo and CC. So it is only explanatory that she is the one who threw it, but why? It can be that she is a double agent for the Marines.
  • Law and his one liners are just a killer. He showed Luffy whose Boss, telling Luffy not mess up again, but then again he mess up to by losing to Virgo.
  • I have no idea what Chopper will do, but someone commented that Chopper should be like a ninja. That would made for good humor, seeing Chopper make those scary faces while he makes his way around the lab like a scared little kid. But when Chopper was first introduced, there was a gag where Chopper would always hide behind something because he was a shy kid.
  • Virgo had a spoon on his face. How dumbfound you have to be to forget food or utensils on your face. Oda never ends out of original ideas.


6 Responses

  1. Chopper IS a ninja….he just doesnt know it yet! Think about it – he’s a got kung fu point, he always hides behind stuff, heck he even makes hand signs (with the scope point!) – Chopper vs Rock lee coming soon!!
    Seriously though i agree it was monet that threw the paper – it has to be but whats the deal with her – is she a double agent or what! I have to give it up to CC, the guy is dangerous – he’s a kiddy snatcher, an air stealer an a bomb maker – someone knock his teeth out!
    Also aswell about the whole apples turning into bombs thing i got a theory here….maybe smiley wasnt transforming but he was actually dying coz of the rotten candy….and seeing as smiley is a devil fruit user, once a devil fruit user dies there powers are transfered to the nearest fruit, which can then be used again by another person…..now who does that remind you of……… MARSHALL D TEACH AKA ZEHAHAHAHA BLACKBEARD! Now blackbeards DF power allows him to turn off the powers of other DF users once in physical contact but what if it also allowed him to use that person’s DF power if he ate a fruit that contained their power….maybe once whitebeard died and the blanket was put over him, teach had a fruit in his pocket which then absorbed whitebeards power and he ate it which is how he was able to steal whitebeards power an use it!
    Oh and one more thing, did anyone else notice that one of the brokers with the top hat and mained hair looked very familar…….is it just me or is that mothafucka none other than CP9 Rob lucci??!!!! Look at the other guys in the panel wearing the teddybear mask – that guy could be kaku! (if u remember when they were gonna kill iceberg in the mansion with nico robin in the CP9 arc they wore those creepy masks) Also previous chapter there was a broker with horns – that could be bleuno! Imagine the CP9 (without spamdam) are now a pirate crew in the new world and involved with doflamingo- crazy shit!

  2. @Tensa – 100% agree with your fruit theory ie transfer to fruit and Blackbeard’s use of the fact

  3. @Tensa
    Your theory just slapped me in the face, I completely agree.

  4. @Tensa
    Nice theory but I remember reading somewhere that devil fruit users are not suppose to be able to eat more than one devil fruit. So maybe blackbeard found a way to absorb whitebeard’s DF power before it could reach another fruit.

  5. @tensa, i like that theory about the devil fruit. Good one.
    Now i wonder who will eat that devil fruit. That was a zoan devil fruit if tensa’s theory is correct. I guess this was all going according to Law’s plan other than Virgo showing up. I want to see them kick some Smiley butt with those brokers are watching.

  6. Great breakdown I feel like monet is working as a double agent and she was the one that send that paper to chopper I also thing she will free the other strawhats

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