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Naruto Chapter 596: One Jutsu

Hey, fellow shinobi.  This is my second chapter review, which I am very motivated to write after reading your comments on last week’s post.  This chapter was truly epic, truly memorable.  Once again, Kakashi makes the show.  This character, in my opinion, is the most pivotal in this manga due to his many contributions during and outside of battle.  Kakashi’s brilliant analytical thinking saved Konoha from Pain by testing the limit of his attractive force powers, which ultimately helped Naruto defeat him.  Now, it appears that his analysis of Tobi’s jutsu might lead our heroes to victory.

Last week, we were overcome with bewilderment when we saw that Naruto’s Nine-Tails-mode punch had only made a scratch on Tobi’s mask.  As it turns out, Kakashi asserts that the damage does not correspond to Naruto’s punch and rather seems to have been made by a sharp object.  Now, that makes sense.  Right as he starts deliberating, Bee goes batsh*t crazy to get to the Gedo Mazo, only to be impeded by Tobi’s barrier (“Uchiha Kaenjin”… hmm… Uchiha…).  The barrier burns Bee’s beast-mode hand, and for a moment, I thought, “Sh*t, AMATERASU!”  Thankfully, the fire is put out, and the hand is cool and ready for the team’s next movement.  At this point, attacking the Mazo is out of the question.

Kakashi proceeds to explain his hypothesis.  You know he’s up to something clever and awesome.  What I found interesting is that he said that he has “never heard of Kamui being stopped.”  Unless the translation distorted his utterance, this suggests that Kamui is a technique that people have known about over time, meaning other Sharingan users may have used it as well.  I wonder if Kakashi has read the Uchiha stone tablet.  Before I try to break down the connection between Kamui and Tobi’s space-time ninjutsu, let me continue to analyze the narrative.

Bee sends Kakashi, Naruto, and Gai flying in such a fashion that reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls for some reason (uh… three different hair colors?).  Gai demolishes a huge rock with his kickass nunchucks, fakes to aim for Tobi, and tries to surprise him from behind with a silly taunt.  Tobi grabs the nunchucks, starts to absorb them, and Naruto in Nine-Tails mode attempts to strike him with his Rasengan.  I feel kinda sad about the apparent fate of Gai’s nunchucks.  Anyway, Tobi becomes intangible once again.  Naruto’s Rasengan disappears, which it is later revealed that Kakashi sent it away with Kamui.  Tobi does not perceive that, and seconds later, sh*t happens.  Kaboom.  Tobi’s right arm is damaged (man, really… only his right arm?!).  Tobi then realizes that what happened to his mask earlier was caused by Kakashi’s lightning-infused kunai that had been sucked away by Kamui.  Finally, Kakashi proves his hypothesis and states the theory behind Tobi’s intangibility and space-time migration–both are not separate techniques, but one jutsu.

Let’s analyze Kakashi’s theory behind Tobi’s technique and its connection with his Kamui.  Please follow my bullet-point progression of thoughts.

  • We know that Kakashi’s Kamui sends stuff away to another dimension, and so far, we have not seen it bring anything back.
  • Remember that Kakashi had sent away his kunai to save Naruto when Tobi kicked it in his direction after it had phased through his body.  Whether Kakashi tried to test his hypothesis at that point is not clear.
  • At first, Kakashi is puzzled and does not know that his kunai scratched Tobi’s mask.  This means that he did not purposefully throw his kunai at Tobi at the time of Naruto’s punch, nor bring it back from another dimension.
  • Then, as far as we know, his Kamui can only send stuff away to another dimension.  This brings up this question: How the hell did a kunai in another dimension hit Tobi?
  • Before we answer the former, let’s answer this question: Did Naruto miss hitting Tobi because the latter narrowly dodged the punch by a few millimeters or because Tobi was intangible?
  • Everybody thought Naruto laid a punch on Tobi’s mask, which suggests that they did not see Tobi dodging it in a way.  In addition, if the kunai was able to damage the mask, the super-powered punch should have caused visible damage as well.  It can be thusly inferred that Tobi was intangible.
  • If the kunai caused the scratch at the time of Naruto’s punch, during which Tobi was intangible, it means that the kunai in another dimension was able to interact with Tobi’s body, which was supposedly present and intangible in the real dimension.
  • The new Hatake space-time migration theory states that intangibility and space-time teleportation (of living beings, objects, and self) are connected and produced by the same and only one space-time jutsu.  A corollary to this theory is that both ramifications of the jutsu differ only in its application and share the same alternate dimension.
  • Given the evidence in this chapter, it is safe to conclude that Kakashi’s Kamui and Tobi’s space-time ninjutsu share the same alternate dimension where they send objects away.  Perhaps all space-time techniques share that same dimension.
  • If Kakashi sends stuff to the same dimension (in this case, the kunai and Naruto’s Rasengan), then how does Tobi get hit?  The theory assumes that Tobi’s body is warped to the alternate dimension when it becomes intangible and therefore interacts with anything found in such dimension.
  • In other words, Tobi’s body does not become intangible; it simply goes to another dimension while projecting its image in the real dimension.
  • Thus, when Kakashi sends the attacks away with Kamui, they interact with Tobi’s body in the alternate dimension.  Tobi’s surprised reaction implies that while his body is away, his consciousness remains in the real dimension.
  • Kakashi seems to have no control on the trajectory of the attacks, so that makes me wonder if anything that goes into that dimension will always hit Tobi on random parts of his body when it becomes “intangible.”
  • The theory does not quite explain why the Mazo’s head was not absorbed, except that while Kakashi was absorbing it, Tobi was sending the head back to real dimension or maybe closing the alternate dimension.

Now, I’m just wondering what kind of strategy Naruto, Kakashi, Gai, and Bee will implement based on this theory.  The only thing I can predict about it is that Kakashi will keep using his Kamui, which makes me very afraid for his life.  An amazing idea would be using Kamui on a Tailed-Beast bomb in order to hit Tobi’s warped body with fatal outcome in the alternate dimension.  Maybe send one of Naruto’s shadow clones to bitch-slap Tobi’s warped body?  However, Tobi knows that his jutsu has been analyzed correctly.  How will he respond?  Is Tobi using an advanced version of Kamui?  I have no idea, so, in Kakashi’s words, help me out.

Thanks for reading this review.  I would like to hear your thoughts on the comment section below.  Itadakimasu.

Last week’s comments recap:
Orochimaru’s preference for Sasuke’s body over those of other shinobi is something we do not understand completely (other than the obvious Sharingan and Uchiha body benefits).  We have yet to learn from the events that will follow.  Also, non-Uchiha Sharingan wielders have been able to cast genjutsu with their eyes.  Kakashi did cast genjutsu with his Sharingan on the Root ANBU spying on Naruto, and Danzo used Shisui’s Sharingan to cast genjutsu on Mifune during the Five Kage Summit.  Lastly, based on Kishi’s latest interview, we know that Tobi and Madara know each other and have some sort of relation.  Thus, I think we can say with a high degree of confidence that Tobi is not Obito.


51 Responses

  1. Primero :-0

  2. Another fantastic, thorough, and prompt synopsis Mr_Sensai!!!! I can tell your background as a teacher carries over to your reviews and i love the professionalism and passion that you write with. It’s definitely becoming. Ery interesting and can’t wait for the next chapter. I’m surprised you didn’t mention that Tobi’s technique could possibly be a more advanced version of the Kakashi’s Kamui, similar to like how Susuano has different levels. Tobi however does not require mangekyo sharingan to perform the technique so maybe it’s not Kamui exactly but that’s what I’m leaning towards. One thing I don’t understand was why Kakashi used kamui on that kunai in the first place? I don’t remember seeing that when reading the chapter initially and don’t understand why he would have kamuied the kunai unless he already had a thought about how Tobi’s technique worked. Anyways, Kakashi is a baaauuuss as always but am worried for him going forward if Kamui is required to counter Tobi.

  3. @Battousai82
    Thank you for your comment! I have updated the review to clarify the things you have pointed out.

  4. Nice detailed review btw!

  5. I really like the analogy you made of the powerpuff girls, that brought laughter, very well done. Also, your theory makes sense, it is the same theory Firefist made, both of you have almost the same theory.

    But like you said Kakashi’s Kamui and Tobi’s space-time jutsu share the same dimension, Correct? Even if they do share the same space, does that mean that they are in the same exact space. And when you say dimension, how roomy is this dimension. Because while your theory and Firefists makes sense it still does not account on how Kakashi is hitting Tobi. Also, does Kakashi and Tobi have to be simultaneously be using their own respective jutsu for Kakashi’s theory to work. Ahhhhhh to much thinking, I will just wait for next weeks Chapter.

  6. I love your review Mr Sensei!!!

    It feels like BOB or even better.

    Anyways, my guess is that if TOBI warps himself into a dimension, Kakashi needs to sends an attack using KAMUI somewhere near TOBI’s image so they will land exactly in one place in the other dimension.

    Because under this statement by Jdogg:
    “Correct? Even if they do share the same space, does that mean that they are in the same exact space”, I think they have to be in the same exact space.

  7. WOW Amazing Chapter Review!!!

  8. Tobi is Obito, I bet your soul it’s him. Minato and Konan is stronger then Bee, Kakashi, and Naruto. Great chapter can’t wait for the next two

  9. Well done, mistersensei.

  10. One of the best reviews i have ever read on this site, keep it up 🙂

  11. Very good review

    Still don´t believe that Tobi is an Uchiha, he seems to be very old and with his talent….wouldn´t it be odd if an Uchiha with all this attributes didn´t activate Ameratasu and Sasonoo yet. Same goes to the Rinnegan…why he didn´t use any of its abilities. My theory is that he implemented himself the Sharingan just to activate Tsokuyomi and the Rinnegan to connect with the Bijuus he controlled before but otherwise he can´t controll the real power of the eyes because he is not the real wielder of them

  12. @TomeCruise

    I pointet that already out in the “its out post” why the Tobi=Obito isn´t possible

  13. @jdogg

    Referring to Mistersenseis and fireflies theory it is exact the same spot….remember where Kakashi made the Rasengan disappear and now Tobi is moving to the right direction so when his full body is materialized in the other dimension this is where his shoulder been hit. If Kakashi would have let the Rasengan disappear earlier it would have been Tobis face

  14. Hey narutards.. i guess I have a simple explanation to Tobi’s jutsu.. When he warps into the other dimension as they call it, he simply shifts his presence into an alternate reality/dimension where the space & time does not change with respect to the space in real dimension. To put it in a more crude way, he just changes his natural frequency and tunes into another dimension which makes him intangible and invisible. He is just like a radio frequency.. We cant see it or acccess it unless we have the right frequency to tune it. So whenever kakashi uses Kamui, he tunes into Tobis frequency and sends all the attacks directly to his original self when he warps. Which also makes Kakashi the only weapon against Tobi. I am guessing there is no one able to do the Kamui right now. And also there is a possibility that this Tobi character has some connection to Obito’ eye and the sharing of the dimension’s between kakashi and tobi is because of this. I am not saying Tobi is Obito, but it is certainly possible that Tobi has his eye (judging from the fetish he has for all the Uchiha eyes he has in his possession. If he can get his hands on the rinnegan, then getting Obitos eye would have been a piece of cake for him. For all we know, Tobi could be Obito’s father. that certainly would make sense, seeing from the similarity in their names and the timelines also fits perfectly. Ciao

  15. One question now is if Kakashi is one of the greats chance to take Tobi out is how much Chakra does he have left?? He allready spamed some lightning and clone jutsus and used Kamui 3times now.. so there can´t be much chakra left… Maybe it´s time for Naruto to take on his father space time jutsu shoes and beat the crap out of tobi!!

  16. Tobi defintely has Obito’s other eye. They are too similar. Kakashi’s Kamui warp things at a distance. Tobi’s technique can move his body into another dimension and warp thing he touches. Also I think Kakashiu can use Kamui 1 more time and it could very well be at the cost of his life. Remember that he did die once due to using Kamui 1 too many times and you forget that he’s been fighting for quite a while. So either Naruto will have to find ANOTHER way to beat Tobi or sacrifice Kakashi. Hopefully there’s a third option of either Naruto or Bee giving Kakashi some of their chakra, but who the hell knows.

  17. Nice review. It was clear cut and straight to the point. I enjoyed reading your whole review on this weeks chapter.

    I still highly doubt Tobi is Obito. There is too many timeline problems. The time between Obito’s death and Tobi attacked on Konoha is too short from one another. It makes it almost impossible for someone like Obito to have developed a evil conscience in such a small amount of time. The time gap is not wide enough for Obito to be fully influence by by evil and accept his role as a villain. Madara and Tobi have met eachother before. Madara might not have been alive around the time Obito was even born. Which makes it more unlikely that Tobi is Obito.

    Naruto rasengan hit Tobi in the shoulder area when Kakashi use kamui on it. http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/93431930/18 You can see there that Naruto hands went through Tobi’s shoulder which is where the rasengan has hit Tobi. Naruto aimed his rasengan at Tobi’s head but ended up hitting Tobi’s shoulder instead of his head. He missed Tobi’s head completely.

  18. Tobi is the Uzumaki leader that was briefly mentioned ages ago!! Uzumaki’s are known for their sealing techs so it explains how he knew how to seal away tailed beasts! He hasn’t used one basic sharigan technique yet (izanagi doesn’t count) and all he’s doin is countering an using his fan! As for kakashi – I agree his kamui has tapped into tobi’s space which doesn’t appear that large…remember when he warped sasuke there after he got a beating from the kages – it wasn’t that big of an area….all kakashi needs to do is kamui naruto’s rasengan riot technique or a bijuu dama as a counter an BOOM Tobi’s mask is blown clean off!

  19. tobi sending parts of his body to alternate dimenions is nothing new, we’ve known about that since his dealings with sasuke. But kamui and and tobi’s jutsu sharing the same dimension, TWICE in a row? No coincidence there.

  20. spoiler alert I know who Tobi is……it´s Danzo´s mother

  21. the questions are, how much control does tobi has on where he’s sending his body, and are they really both sharingan techniques?

  22. Really, it just seems that tobi just gotten a little comfortable and lazy to the fact he’s incapable of getting damaged while intangible. It’s doubtful kakashi will hit tobi that way again unless he gets a little more control over his technique, or he gets lucky.

  23. I would like to see Naruto send a clone into the time space dimm. and when Tobi switches into the time space to avoid a attack the clone bitch slaps him back into the real world

  24. wanted to quickly say what a great analysis and sum up! well done champ! really enjoyed reading the breakdown as I was definately having a few confusing moments in there.

    But that is what make naruto fantastic its not some basic manga its full of turns and twists!

  25. @ultimate
    “Still don´t believe that Tobi is an Uchiha, he seems to be very old and with his talent….wouldn´t it be odd if an Uchiha with all this attributes didn´t activate Ameratasu and Sasonoo yet.” Tobi can’t use Amaterasu. He have never reveal that he has the MS. We can safely say that Tobi doesn’t have the MS. Even If Tobi has the MS, he wouldn’t be able to use Amaterasu. All Uchihas MS abilities have different entity that gives their sharingan it’s own distant powers. The only two uchihas that can use Amaterasu is Itachi and Sasuke because the Amaterasu rightfully belongs to Itachi’s and he pass it down to Sasuke. No other uchiha will possess Amaterasu with their MS except Itachi and Sasuke. That will take Susanoo out of the question. Without at least two MS eyes; Susanoo cannot be summoned by the sharingan user. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/464/16

    It is super rare for uchiha’s with the sharingan and MS to unlock Susanoo. Only the gifted ones are blessed with using Susanoo like Itachi, Sasuke, and Madara. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/467/8

    “the questions are, how much control does tobi has on where he’s sending his body, and are they really both sharingan techniques?” Tobi time/space jutsu is one jutsu. It seems like two jutsus to the naked eye because Tobi is taking in and bringing things out. That makes it look like two seperate jutsus; one for warping in and one for warping out. Kakashi figured out that this jutsu was only one jutsu and not two seperate jutsus.

    Big part of why this jutsu only accounts as one jutsu is that when Tobi uses his time/space technique, he is creating a portal to enter into another demension by hoping into the portal. Then he uses the same exact space/time jutsu to create the same exact type of portal to hop out of the demension which makes it look like he is using two different jutsus.

    “One question now is if Kakashi is one of the greats chance to take Tobi out is how much Chakra does he have left?? He allready spamed some lightning and clone jutsus and used Kamui 3times now.. so there can´t be much chakra left…”

    Kakashi should be DEAD!!! He already fought the entire seven swordsmen and have use kamui 3 times already. Against Pein, he use a couple of chidori and two kamui and shortly died afterwards. He used a chidori against the sevenswordsmen and against Tobi. On top of that, he activated the kamui jutsu not once, not twice… BUT 3 TIMES! He should not be moving or should’ve been dead by now. Where is this chakra boost coming from?

    “Maybe it´s time for Naruto to take on his father space time jutsu shoes and beat the crap out of tobi!!”

    I don’t think so. Kishi has already spam Naruto’s nine tails power beyond any shinobi’s limitation. I think we are all sick and tired of Naruto bratty behavior and cockiness with his new found powers. Giving him the 4th hokage space/time jutsu would further spoil his character beyond recognition. That would make him almost godly. Seriously!? Space/time jutsu!? Who could even beat Naruto with that type of combination? He already has speed as fast as lightning. He doesn’t need anymore hacks upgrade.

    @Tensa Gizzla
    “Tobi is the Uzumaki leader that was briefly mentioned ages ago!! Uzumaki’s are known for their sealing techs so it explains how he knew how to seal away tailed beasts!”

    Tobi cannot be an Uzumaki. He already have display that his body was made of Senju DNA and not of Uzumaki. He knows sealing techniques from Negato not from Uzumaki clans. Negato was the one that summoned the statue and sealed away the beast. Tobi took on this sealing role right after Negato’s death and implanted Negato’s renningan to use Negato statue sealing technique.

    “He hasn’t used one basic sharigan technique yet (izanagi doesn’t count) and all he’s doin is countering an using his fan!”

    He has use some basic sharingan jutsus. He use his sharingan powerful genjutsus to control tail beast like the nine tailed fox. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/501/8 He use his teleportation technique that always comes from warping things in and out from his sharingan so we can say that this jutsu belongs to his sharingan to.

  26. Wonder if the 2nd, 4th, and raikage’s assistant techniques go through the same dimension the 2nd is still a big player in the grand scheme of things n its odd how madara doesn’t ever mention him but know the exact counter to his most dangerous attack.

  27. Hi peeps, havent read anyones comments cos im in work and will do later but thought i would add this to the pile. Tobi did warp Sasuke and Karin. to an alternate reality did he not? So maybe that
    is the plane of existence is where tobi’s Body and the Raikiri infused kunai where temporarily moved too. when he becomes intangable, is it his body moves to another dimension or is just when he warps?

  28. Amaterasu is unique to sasuke and itachi
    when sasuke used amaterasu danzou said something like “you are itachi’s brother after all”
    tobi is a pure uchiha when fighting konan he said
    “don’t underestimate the visual prowess of the uchiha” not to mention he knows pratically everything about the uchiha and their ancestry..i won’t say he’s obssesed:-(oro didn’t know this much
    @falcon prince
    that frequency theory has to be the most plausible it makes sense

  29. Ooh as for The review it totally swept me off my feet i didn’t expect it to be this early,i see a bright future for shannaro narutards

  30. @Sanins saying : tobi is a pure uchiha when fighting konan he said
    “don’t underestimate the visual prowess of the uchiha”…

    He also said that he was Maddara, and boy that was wrong.. And he just said don’t underestimate the visual prowess of the uchiha.. doesnt mean that he is an Uchia… Many people probaly said that who aint Uchia.. But I think that Tobi is an Uchia..

  31. First and foremost, that was a great review. I actually look forward to your reviews as much as the new chapter. On to my theory and what not. Here’s what I don’t understand. How can tobi and kakashi eyes correlate as one in the same when tobi is only using reg sharingan and kakashi is using MS. It’s seams like a downgrade going from tobi timespace jutsu to kakashi. I guess that would explain why tobi doesn’t use MS. Tobi being obito father and wanting revenge on the 4th for letting his son die would be more plausible, which I don’t think is the case. I still think tobi is a clone of the 2nd hokage.

  32. @team if he was a clone of the second y did he ask kabuto how edo tensei was done. He would have known if he was a clone.

  33. Time Space Jutsu does not require sharingan to activate as we witnessed from the 4th Hokage. So Tobi could be using a non-sharingan jutsu like the 4th but of a variation.

    Like the 4th hokage, he can open a dimension and re-open another dimension just like what he do with the Chakra ball from the nine-tails.

  34. @Xcalibur

    But we have seen countless times that Tobi’s sharingan is the center of the warping jutsu (whether he warps other objects or himself (the first time we saw him use it)).

    Hard to say how that helps him cover distances quickly (I suppose it’s something like Nightcrawler from X-men).

    The difference between Tobi and the 4th Hokage is that Tobi does not use hand seals, which almost automatically means it is a doujutsu (it is certainly a kekkei genkai of some kind but since a sharingan is at the center that is likely the kekkei genkai at the heart of the jutsu).

    We don’t know if Tobi uses MS or not, but I would guess yes because we have never seen his sharingan while warping, etc. It has always been blacked out. No reason to hide it if he simply uses regular sharingan. Also, all this talk about him going blind: perhaps his jutsu does not have as much strain on the eye as Amaterasu (no blood here).

    I always took Kakashi’s statements about Itachi loosing his eyesight as Kakashi indicating that he too was going blind due to the MS, but he could have just been observant. I wonder if the view we see of the Gedo Mazo’s head being warped was through Kakashi’s eyes. If so, his vision seemed fine, not even close to Sasuke’s blindness or Itachi’s blindness.

    Last thing: perhaps the degree of blindness growth has to do with the amount of chakra pumped into the eye to perform the jutsus. Sasuke spammed a lot of huge doujutsus with his MS and he went blind really fast. Kakashi has almost no chakra so he can’t pump as much into the eyes for Kamui.

    Oh yeah, the chakra levels for everyone in this war are ridiculous! Usually ninjas were EXHAUSTED after a single fight and now they go days! Plus, Naruto looked worn out a few chapters ago and now he’s back in top form. Oh the wonderful days when Neji said he was almost out of chakra and he beat Kidomaru with the last of what he had.

  35. I agree with the person above me, therefore I have deduced this:
    Kakashi’s Unlimited Chakra –
    Somehow even though he literally died from two Kamuis against Pain and mentioned that 4 Chidroi’s is his maximum (In the Chunin Exams), he has been able to Spam Kamuis and Raikiris against Tobi. He has used about 10+ Raikiris (Even a double Raikiri, translated as chain-lightning) during the war, and he has literally used 3 Kamuis back-to-back yet seems unphased. It seems he somehow magically gained the ability to either temporarily (for the war) or permanently have unlimited chakra. Even Naruto was amazed mentioning “Wow That’s amazing Kakashi Sensei!”.
    Due to this new ability, even though he was revered as “The Copy Ninja” he no longer wastes time with weak techniques, instead he gets right to Raikiring and Kamuing bad guys to save the day. Indeed, Kakashi breaks the boundaries of any Shinobi in the Naruto-verse. You are indeed amazing Kakashi Sensei!

    Kakashi should make a new technique called the Chakra Bomb (not affiliated with the spirit bomb even though it would be the same thing, just a cheap rip off) to take advantage of his excessive amounts of chakra.

  36. I honestly don’t care who tobi is anymore. I thought he was a smart bad guy, but hes such a cliche bad guy, almost to the point that it’s starting to get funny now. Kakashi says his entire plan in his head without saying it; however Tobi says his entire plan out loud to his enemies then gets beat up and says “DAMN!”, seriously is this main bad guy mentally retarded? I’m alright with comedies, but changing a manga from an action/semi-comedy to a full on gag manga is kind of stretching it. Seriously when he mentioned that he was using the gedo maze to temporarily use an infinite tsukiyomi and got mad that they started aiming for it I just busted out laughing.

  37. Overconfidence, that’s all that is. How fair would this be if Tobi behaved any different? What if aizen back then would’ve just said fuck it, and killed everyone and go on wit his buisness, which he was entirely capable of doing? The thing about bad guys in animes and mangas is they usually already start off with a huge advantage and it mostly their fault why they fail

  38. It’s sad to say but kakashi has inherited minatos will better than naruto.

  39. Tobi is Tobirama. How can the 3rd Hokage let the assassins that killed the 2nd Hokage live? Where’s the 2nd’s body? Besides I think there were only 20 or so ninjas vs Tobirama come on. Every major character (especially the Hokages) has some Epic wack-a-mole justu that can take out an army. I highly doubt Tobi(rama) was taken out so easily. Some other things to consider:

    Tobirama is senju

    Master of space/time justu

    Fits the time line..unlike Obito

    we know Tobi(rama) can potentially use Izangi even if he’s not Uchiha.

    Tobi(rama) has not used any Uchiha only techs.

    Took political steps to subjugate the Uchiha clan by making them the Konoha police force where they were able to be easily watched, controlled and eventually killed by one of their own.

    @darthuchiha, Tobi(rama) show have total control of his body during his dimensional shifts..b/c he did save Sasuke by warping him and Karin to other dimension.

  40. @rsvp if tobi is the second than y did he ask kabuto how to do edo tensei? the second invented it so he should already know how to do it. And the second was taken out by elite cloud ninja, which have ninja such as the raikage, killer bee and such so if they r elite u can bet the ninja were BA.

  41. @token if I were Tobi(rama) I would continue to play dumb and see how much Kabuto knows about “my” edo tensei justu and the raikage already failed against Tobi back on the shinobi mountian during the 5 kage summit. My only point is that he could of easily warp away before he was killed by the elite cloud ninjas. It took a
    lot for the 4th to stop him too.

  42. @RSVP4GOD
    And why would the former Hokage just do 180 turn e go bad guy?

  43. @deeka…that’s a good question. However, understand that from Tobi(rama)’s point of view he’s not the bad guy. He wants peace albeit via his brain washing moon’s eye plan. So in his own warped mind he is the good guy and Naruto and the ninja alliance are all bad guys. My question is why hasn’t kish decided to give us more info on 1st and 2nd hokage’s deaths. That would be one filler I would love to see.:)

  44. @RSVP4GOD

    If it weren’t for the fact that The 2nd Hokage is currently sealed inside the Reaper Seal by the 3rd Hokage, that would be cool.

  45. @?????…hahaha…check and mate. Well, after considering that, the only hope that tobi is tobirama is lies in the statement tobi himself made that he is only half the man he use to be (not 100% sure on the wording). The defense rest!

  46. Aawww no chapter this week ☻
    And about tobi.. I think that he have some Senju in him.. Beacuse the way he can find everybody like nothing, like Black Zetsu with who is sort of clone of The 1st..

    And I don´t think that Tobi is the 2nd, but he might have ben able to warp out with the jutsus from the reaper with his warping thingy, (the reapers stomach is just another dimension). And the 2nd had his finger to the ground to find you jutsu, Maybe he developed it further and don´t need the finger any more 😛

  47. Im not really agreeing or disagreeing with the possibility of tobi being tobirama, but one things for sure…… the 2nd hokage is dead. There is no evidence anywhere that could say otherwise. For him to be turned into an edo tensi against the third, one of the main prerequisites is that that person’s soul must be in the pure world, in other words: dead.

  48. Agree with that the 2nd i dead… It make no sense that he should be Tobi.. not even a WOW factor is in there, just meeeehhh

  49. @RSVP: your point about deathbed warping could literally apply to almost any character that hasn’t been shown to actively think and prevent tobi’s plans. With Clones, transformation, and warping, faking death is child’s play.

    Also is there no chapter this week?

  50. seriously…the 2nd it isn’t even worth arguing about, we’ve got three characters currently at top of the poll
    2..madara’s brother(izuna
    3..a clone/creation of madara
    oh yeah and the most plausible of all which really top the ratings DANZOU’S MOTHER!!!

    Personally i think he’s obito;-( BITE ME…but i’ve got my reasons…, madara’s clone is also credible

  51. Not obito, plain and simple, and it will be proven soon.

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