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Its Out!Naruto and One Piece!

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/34099152/1

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/93431930/1

Bleach is on a break due to Tite being “Sick”. It could be that he is real sick or its just another of his stupid way of making us want to see the next chapter that badly. Damn You Tiittteeeeee!!!!


17 Responses

  1. Hey, guys, just wanted to remind you that I will be posting the Naruto chapter review every week. So save your big discussions and theories for my post. I’ll try to keep a regular schedule every week.

  2. Primero – I think the King will 1-hit kill Kenpachi! :-0

    SH – I think TLaw’s crew has been in hiding to start the counter attack. Poor Luffy got put on the spot by TLaw for screwing up capturing CC! We should be able to see TLaw vs Vergo and Luffy vs CC.

  3. Only one jutsu? So what do you call this???? http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/93431930/9

  4. So after making jokes and relaxing for what the past 3 chapters they finally decide to counter strike…finally now comes the exciting part

  5. @TomCruiseMomShoes
    One jutsu means that the warp and shifting from solid to dematerialisation jutsus isn´t two diffrent it is only one jutsu

  6. And Kakashi show why he is an elite ninja with extremly high Intelligence

  7. Kakshi has also figured out who Tobi is, and why he can counter kamui, as much as it is hard to believe it’s looking more and more like it may be obito. Maybe BIGMAGNUM found obitos dying body and attached it to a zetsu clone. This could explain his regeneration ability and his being able to counter kamui and also why he has an adult body. Just a theory.

  8. Attached his head*

  9. Naruto – One jutsu….really?! Props to kakashi’s badassness that Kamui technique is dangerous but shouldnt he be out of chakra by now?? One kamui usually fucks him up but he’s used it a good few times now! That Uchiha flame shield thing that tobi used was nice too.

    One piece- hmmmm wonder wat law has got planned, kinda wanted chopper to go into ninja stealth mode an do somethin!

    Bleach – Tite u mothaf***** troll!!!!!!!!!!!! Sick my ass, start drawing b****!!!

  10. When the truth comes out…..finally this Obito theory will stop….can´t wait till this stops

  11. In the interview Kishi says that Madara and Tobi met before….how can Obito ever met Madara. Obito died under a tons of rocks and why should a dead Madara ever rescue an Uchiha who just activate his Sharigan, besides Madara was dead!!!!

  12. @Tensa Gizzla, I have not laughed for a long time from some ones comment but you almost made me fall of my chair laughing. While I do agree with you that this is a blow out move by Tite, but I feel bad maybe he is really sick. So lets have some respect for what little it might be for Tite.

    Naruto: I am still a bit confused on how Tobi was hurt? Maybe mistersensei will answer that question for me?

  13. @jdogg

    my best guess is that Kakashi made the Rasengan disappear and appear again….sorry mistersensei couldn´t resist

  14. @Ultimate, that does make sense, but have we really gotten the conformation that Kakashi has the ability to make the things he makes disappear reappear. And the last time I checked, Naruto was exhausted and out of chakra, but then again he does have an endless supply of Nine Tails Chakra. kakashi has said before that he can only use Kamui a couple of times, by my count it is about 4 times now, that double of what he stated. My point is that both sides are almost at their limits, Naruto, Kakashi and Guy can not keep this up for any longer and I doubt Tobi can too. So it seems to me that this battle will be decided in the next 3 to 4 chapters, that is if Kishi decided to stay focused on this particular battle.

  15. @jdogg, I can’t wait to get this idea about it out there, so I’ll write it now before I forget it. They way I see it, when Tobi teleports, he goes to another dimension, one that sits right in parallel with the regular one, for example think the light and dark world from Zelda; they are more or less the same thing, but they aren’t in the same place. When Tobi teleports in our dimension at point A, he appears in the other dimension at it’s point A, which sits in the same spot where our point A would be. Kamui does the same thing, it teleports the attack to the same location in the other dimension, so when tobi went there, he was hit with the rasengan.

    I hope I explained my idea well enough, seems like the logical way to look at it.

  16. Chapter review is OUT!!!

  17. @Firefist87, you theory is actually makes lots of sense, but there is one flaw. When Kakashi used Kamui on the kunai it slashed at Tobi’s face, but when he used the same move on Naruto’s Rasanga it appeared behind Tobi. So your theory makes sense, but every time Kakashi uses Kamui, it can teleport to a different location of Point A.

    Does it make sense or am I just over analyzing the situation.

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