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One Piece Chapter 675 – Heart Breaker

Things are getting more and more exciting in what seems to be new twist of events. Things are progressing faster than anticipated while the illegal Brokers looking on as a new Weapon Of Mass Destruction is about to be unleashed on Punk Hazards. Will our heroes make it in time to save the island? Will Chopper be able to free Luffy and Co. So many questions with very little answers given. Nonetheless lets get on with this weeks chapter.

Save the Children!

We see that one of the kids comes to her sense and tries to go back to the Strawhats. There is no promising on what the role these kidnapped kids play. The only  role I see that these kids play is to show how sadistic and evil CC and Virgo are. I mean come on now, one of the unspoken rule for a ‘bad guy’ is that you do not abuse kids, but CC is not a bad guy he is a villain. There are certain types of ‘Antagonist’ in stories, there’s is a bad guy who is you typical bad guy of the story, then there is a villain who is not just a bad guy, he is beyond it. That there is no moral code for these type of people. Take Buggy the Clown for instances, he is a ‘bad guy’ but he has moral sense and ethics, but compare him to Blackbeard who lacks ethics or moral codes hence he is a Villain. Hell even assassins who get payed to kill people for a living have a soft spot for kids. Also, these kids are sort of playing the role of ‘Damsel in Distress’. Where they are the helpless little kids taking away by the evil and scary Clown Caesar and their Knight in Shinning Armor are the Strawhats who will save them. In this way it will prove to the New World that the Strawhats can take on someone as strong and evil as CC and Virgo but at the same time have a generous heart.

Broken Hearts

Speaking of Hearts, we find out how Law was so easily taking down by Virgo. I was so shocked and awed by how fast Virgo took Law down, I began to think that ‘Wow this Virgo guy is badazz, to be able to take down Law just like that’ but than it turns out to be that Law was taking down by his own Power. I think this was a very bad move on Law’s part, why would he trade his heart for Monet’s. It makes no sense, Monet is just CC Secretary, what importance does she have to CC, unless maybe she is his Lover, or maybe his sister. Either way Law should of not have given up his heart to CC just like that, unless he had already planned something ahead. I think that the way things are going is exactly how Law has planned it. For one, Law is not the type to do something with out a reason. He had to take into account that once CC finds out that he was against him this whole time he would just use his heart as a ransom.

Now while I still believe that Law still has an ace up his sleeve, there is one thing that he did not account for, Monkey D. Luffy. Now I know that Law wanted a alliance with the Strawhats, but I highly doubt that he took into account on how unpredictable their leader can be. I have said this before, Law is a thinker, and Luffy is a doer. But I still believe that Law has a master plan and having Luffy as one of his Allies makes that plan that much successful. And this plan Starts with taking down CC and Virgo. But taking down these two catches the attention of some heavy weights. For intances, taking down CC and Virgo will catch the attention of the Marines and Doflamingo. But that is the least of their worries, their number one concern right now is stopping Smiley.

Side Notes:

  • Its a shame of how weak Nami is making Sanji look like, but than again she was never the physical type. Though, it is good to note that she comments on how strong Sanji’s body has become. It just buggies me that we still have not seen the full extent of Sanji’s improvement.
  • Monet seems to have a Zoan Type Devil Fruit.
  • The Brokers are a new mystery added to the story. From what we know so far Doflamingo and Kid are illegal Brokers, but the other two introduce in this weeks chapter have a shaded presence. I can only speculate that they are new Characters to be later introduced in the up coming chapters.
  • Law can be a sarcastic punk and still holds his cool even when his heart is on palms of his enemies and every time he is showing, I am liking his character even more so. I know you all going to rattle me out on this but I vote for Law to be the Next crew member.


8 Responses

  1. Jdogg maynnnn law can never be a strawhat although he will be there major allie come final battle time along with the skypeia guys and the kingdom in alabasta (vivi-chaaaaan!)
    Now im in interested in where oda is going with these brokers and what they’ll do after the bomb is stopped – which of course it will be. I thought the main focus of this arc would be taking down CC and Virgo but the pirate alliance an the brokers are posing too many questions! i reckon chopper is gonna end up freeing the kids tho while zoro, sanji, brook and kinnemon storm the palace an someone slices through that cage….

  2. This is One Piece, where you can guarantee that unpredictable will always happen, BUT if LAW ever joins the STRAWHATS, I’d drive my car into the ocean, flop like a fish all the way to Japan, use my super hacker skills find Oda, and THEN proceed to say “GIMME UR HAND SIR”. Ths SHs will literally be unstoppable.

  3. @Tensa Gizzla, I know Law will never join the Strawhats, that was just my wishful thinking. But like 7Warlord said this is one piece the most unpredictable manga out there.

  4. I Def believe Law has a master plan up his sleeve!!! no way he’ll jus give up his heart if he didn’t kno it was gonna be used against him….Also does he need 2 physically touch his heart to get it Back? or can he jus telaport it back to his body or something like that?? 😛

  5. Lol 7warlord. Law joining the SH crew can happen imo. I dont know what happened to Law’s crew but he’s definitely alone now. Remember Ace himself was a captain and ended up joining the Whitebeard pirates that made them even more powerful. This is One Piece. Heck even Smoker might join now after finding out about Vergo.
    Good review Jdogg

  6. There just has to be something more to this if Law agreed to a stupid deal like that. I’m thinking it’s related to the Yonkou that Law wants to take down.

  7. Law has some knowledge of the “D” so maybe he will stick around in the least it’ll be an interesting development having 2 “former” warlords on his maiden ship if it happens if you look whitebeard and his allies you definitely need more than a strong top 3

  8. @cas24

    Thats what i mean, law will defo become a strawhat allie- wouldnt surprise me if kidd, hawkins an bonney (if she’s still alive) all become major SH allies, right now i get the feeling that as we go along all of these people that the SH’s befriend will become allies in the grand scale war that might end up being the SH’s + The revolutionary army vs The World Government and Marines but hey im just thinkin ahead

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