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Bleach Chapter 502: A Cherry Blossom has Fallen

Chapter 502: A Cherry Blossom has Fallen
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Holy hell every, this is one of the more intense chapters I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a while. Kuchiki Byakuya is on the verge of death as this weeks chapter starts off.

Renji attacks Nodt is pure rage. His mind clouded it is obvious his attacks was never going to damage the Sternritter he’s facing. Meanwhile Rukia no doubtly noticed the dissapearance of her brother Sprititual Pressure she rushes off to him and fails to notice the enemy behind her. The enemy wastes no time striking her down.

Renji fairs no better his Shikai no match of the sheer power of the Nodt wielding the additional strength of Byakuya’s Bankai.

With his last strength the captain stands to strike against Nodt. The Quincy commands the full force of Senbonzakura Kageyoshi rains down on the beaten body of Byakuya. As he falls to the earth a honorable death is denied. His body is slammed into a wall died deep red with his blood.

Renji loses all control and is about to release his bankia but… get struck from the side by the wrestler. The most interesting fact is that is seems the medallion is not limited to stealing one Bankai.

As life slips from his fingers, his final thoughts go out to Rukia and Renji. Both taken out as well. He Apologizes as we see his body lodged in the wall. Byakuya finally loses to the inevitable and dies on the battlefield. A great among Captains is no more.

The King’s second in command notices the captains death. 0 – 1 for the Quincy’s it seems. Both the King and his 2nd seems to think this is all taking too long. It isn’t long before they found one other reason for the ‘delay’.

11th Squad Captain: Zaraki Kenpachi sends his welcome card out to the King. And what a way to welcome this guy back into battle.

2 – 1 advantage: Soul Society. I doubt they accounted for him properly. The captain who wields no Bankai to be stolen. This guy has had some fun and found his way to the prize. This will be the battle he’s been yearning for.

Zaraki Vs. The King.

I say, screw Ichigo’s fate atm… give me this battle!!!!



8 Responses

  1. Orihime can revive Byakuya. Remember that her “healing” powers aren’t really healing, but actually reversing what happened to something. Aizen called it “Rejection of Events” and she actually did “reject” death before, by bringing Menoly back to life.

  2. I highly doubt Byakuya to be dead, I mean this is one thing about Bleach, once a character is dead he or she out of no where reappears in the next panel. This time I am hoping that this will happen because there is no way that Byakuya should die like that, he is too much of a badazz to die like a filler character.

    As for Zaraki, he will most likely fight the 2nd in command guy, the king is reserved for Ichigo we all know this.

  3. @7warlord: She could. But Orihime is in quite the messed up state, thanks to Opie. So i don’t see her get anywhere fast. I personally think it would be very good for this arch if someone like Byakuya dies.

    @Jdogg: Well, Byakuya didnt die as a filler character. I thought it was done pretty good, pretty epic. No flashback to my surprise, but there you go. The 2nd in command guy is probably stronger than the others, but Zaraki did not seem to have any trouble with the two guys he took out. This could be a good oppertunity to see a glimpse of what the King is capable off. Zaraki won’t settle for anyone else but the strongest right now.

  4. ZARAKI KENPACHI!!! He’s def going 2 fight the second in Command…The main bad guy always fights the main hero of the story…and dam i hope we see that character that killed Opie….i wonder who it is??

  5. I refuse to believe Byakuya is dead!
    Awesome Ken is AWESOME!! And yeahI was wrong, he is in shikai.

  6. come on people this is bleach…kubo is a troll…byakuya is not dead! i have to give it up to the quincy tho – that is the best use of senbon zakura ive ever seen, straight up ruthless river of blades ripping through royal flesh!
    Kenpachi Zaraki….what a fucking entrance!! i hope he fights the king even if he gets fucked up i wanna see this battle, screw ichigo give me mad dog zaraki vs quincy bawse!!

  7. @cesc: Kenpachi doesnt even has Shikai… He just has raw power.

  8. The Bleach wikia suggests Kenpachi’s zanpakuto is always in shikai, like Ichigo, but the disharmony between him and his zanpakuto means he doesn’t get any kind of power boost from it. It was mentioned in an early arc…It’d be interesting if the two were able to communicate better. Maybe we’re about to see that…?

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