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Naruto Chapter 595: Fissure

We have been on an emotional roller coaster in the last few weeks with Kishi.  Yes, damn you, Kishi.  Let’s not hate on the author, as he might pull one of his mind-freaking twists in Naruto’s future.  And then we will all be thankful and understand what’s going on right now (“I see what you did there, Kishi, hehe…”).  Before I commence my rant as the Third Blogkage (Bob -> Sylloge -> Me), let me introduce myself.  My name is…well, you don’t really care what my real name is (Disclaimer: I’m not Madara or Tobi).  For you, I’m Mister_Sensei, a chemistry teacher from Spain.  Hola.  I have been following this website for years and have collaborated a few times with posts.  Those who have been here long enough may remember me as a playboy, potty mouth, pervert, and philanthropist.  I apologize for offending anybody on this site, because I know I have.   So much for my introduction…  I hope you enjoy my reviews so that I can enjoy your comments. (click the photos below for gallery view)  😛

Since many a chapter has gone by without being reviewed, allow me to recall the highlights from the previous two chapters.

  • Chapter 593: Sasuke revives Orochimaru from Anku’s cursed seal in usual nasty fashion.  Just back in the world, Oro does not falter to express his continued pedo/homophilic interest in Sasuke.  His Die-Hard-ness posits the idea that Oro is a much bigger boss than we think.  Who knows everything and where are they gonna meet such individual or entity?  A lot of wild theories out there.  Nothing concrete can be inferred yet.  At least it’s made clear that Sasuke is still a bad boy and, at the same time, proves himself everybody’s pushover once again.  Will Sasuke discover how to obtain the Rinnegan?
  • Chapter 594: The Gedo Mazo eats the Gold and Silver Brothers and a piece of Eight-Tails sushi and consequently starts undergoing its transformation into the Ten-Tails.  Tobi reveals that he only needs a piece of the chakra of  the remaining bijuu in order to revive the Ten-Tails.  Furthermore, he states that the Ten-Tails (as if it wasn’t a helluva deal) is only a stepping stone to achieve his Moon’s Eye plan.  This raises this one question: Why didn’t Tobi start the revival a long time ago, if the full power of the Ten-Tails was never imperative for the success of his plan?  He may have wasted too much time trying to fight Naruto and company.  But in his pride, he thought dealing with the remaining jinchuriki was gonna be a piece of cake.  Hell no.

Now, let’s deal with the current pressing issues.  The effin’ Ten-Tails is about to emerge!  Kurama’s talk had pretty much suggested that if the Ten-Tails is allowed to reform, sh*t will get real.  I honestly don’t think anyone in the contemporary Naruto universe would be able to manhandle such a beast.  However, there is still the possibility that somehow Naruto’s new friendship with the bijuus would have an effect on the personality of the Progenitor.  Or for the believers in a united Naruto-Sasuke combo, their joined forces, eyes and will of the Sage of the Six Paths, would be able to control it.  This speculation could hold if Naruto’s link to the Senju clan could be confirmed more directly and if Sasuke becomes a “good” boy.  I have a feeling that the real Madara will come to poop Tobi’s party.  This would be an interesting encounter with much to reveal.  It has to take place.  Wondering how immortal Madara’s power would measure up to the Ten-Tails…

Attempting to prevent the worst case scenario from coming to fruition, Naruto, Kakashi, Guy, and Bee struggle to get their hands on the ever slippery and elusive Tobi.  This was a nice tactical battle against Tobi.  Naruto charges forward with a plan in mind (quite relieving), Kakashi stands back with Eight-Tails-mode Bee to analyze the situation, and Guy whips out his cool nunchucks.  I gotta give it to Guy.  His usual dim-witted and clumsy comic relief  was absent in this chapter.  While he didn’t show his spades of raw physical power, he showed some serious, classy, perfectly and timely executed movements, especially with his nun-chucks.  I love when Guy has such a badass-itude.  I must note something about Tobi’s gunbai (war fan): it is a kickass weapon.  It’s capable of deflecting a Nine-Tails-mode Rasengan, cutting rocks, serving as a shield/sword…  Geez…  I want a damn fan like that one.

At the center of the strategy lies division general Kakashi, who tries to use his powerful Mangekyou Sharingan.  I’m a hardcore Kakashi fan, and as such, I must admit every time he uses his last resort jutsu, I get worried.  He had been fighting the Seven Swordsmen of the Mist, used his lightning jutsu God knows how many times, sustained a nearly fatal abdominal wound, made shadow clones, and fought the bijuu in humanoid form face to face, let alone his prolonged Sharingan wielding throughout this war.  He certainly has been drained of a lot of chakra.  I wonder how long he can keep it up.  His assessment of the situation was correct: take out the Mazo by the head with his inescapable Kamui.  Nonetheless, it couldn’t be that easy, classic in manga.  Tobi seems to have done something to counter the time-space warp.  This brings us back to a previous Tobi-Kakashi encounter when the former told the latter using Kamui on him would be ineffective.  I believe it most likely has to do with the particular time-space ability of Tobi’s Sharingan, not the Mazo.  By the looks of it, Kakashi has an idea of who Tobi is.

After a masterful intervention by Kakashi with his Raikiri kunai and Kamui, Naruto manages to lay a punch on Tobi’s materialized face.  Much to the Konoha trio’s dismay, Naruto’s Nine-Tails-mode strike does nothing more than leave a slight fissure on Tobi’s mask.  If you all recall Naruto’s accidental head-to-head collision with Tobi,  Tobi had mentioned that his mask was made of materials suited for war. What the hell is that sh*t made of?!  And why is Tobi so resilient to physical attacks?  The recent accounts imply that Tobi has a very strong reason to conceal his identity.  Should the mask be dismantled, perhaps they can crack a strategy against Tobi based on his actual identity.  I think this current battle will lead to the discovery of his identity.  But now, what do we do about the emerging Ten-Tails?

The recent events have resurrected a much debated and formerly rejected theory: Tobi is Obito.  After what has been happening, it would be unfair to dismiss all the Obito allegations in light of the apparent implications.  To be fair with everybody, let me break down both schools of thought.  First, I will give you some chronology.

  1. First Shinobi World War:  The Five Great Nations take serious damage.  The First Hokage tried to balance the power among the nations by dividing the bijuu.  Unfortunately, each nation’s greed for more bijuu power precipitated the war.  The known characters involved in the conflict are the Second Hokage (KIA–killed in action) and his young promise shinobi squad, comprised of Sarutobi, Danzo, Kagami Uchiha, Torifu Akimichi, Homura Mitokado, and Koharu Utatane.  Sarutobi is named the Third Hokage.
  2. Second Shinobi World War:  The young Sannin–Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru–fight against the atrocious Hanzo who spares their lives.  It is during this time that Jiraiya meets and trains Nagato and company in war-torn Amegakure.  Sakumo Hatake makes himself the famous Konoha’s White Fang.  Tsunade’s brother and her lover Dan are both killed during this war, yet she rises to fame as the best medical ninja.
  3. Third Shinobi World War:  This is the time when the Kakashi Gaiden series takes place.  Minato Kamikaze becomes Konoha’s new hero–the Yellow Flash.  He leads a team of preteen shinobi, Kakashi, Obito Uchiha, and Rin.  And we all know the story.  Itachi is affected by the war and grows to loathe it.  An orphan Kabuto is found on the battlefield and taken into an orphanage.  Also during this time, Yahiko founds Akatsuki with Nagato and Konan and leads the resistance against the still lingering Hanzo.  Danzo assists Hanzo against Akatsuki.  Yahiko sacrifices himself for his friends.  And Pain is born.
  4. Fourth Shinobi World War:  The current.  No need to write about it.
  • There’s one event I want to mention, which might be pre-Fourth War.  That is the rule of the Fourth Mizukage under Tobi’s control.  During this time, Kirigakure was known as the Bloody Mist.  A very young Zabuza Momochi emerged as a vicious killer and grew up wanting to overthrow the Mizukage at all costs.  It is unclear whether this spell belongs in the Third Shinobi War.  If Zabuza has the same age as Kakashi, the answer would be yes, and this may have started to take place sometime between the Second and Third Wars.

As it is far easier to refute arguments than support them, let me start by saying that believing that Tobi is Obito would be incorrect because this assumption does not match the aforementioned chronology.  Why the mismatch?  It seems reasonable to assume that Tobi must have met/known/come from Madara.  It is still unknown how long Madara lived after his skirmish against Hashirama before the First War.  Since Tobi told Konan he had given the Rinnegan to Nagato, who had such eyes when he met Jiraiya during the Second War, the possibility of Tobi-Obito could be ruled out.  Obito was not born yet and maybe was too young to act as a major villain (bitch please, you must have never washed his sh*t*y diapers…).  However, we don’t know whether Tobi speaks of his actions as his own or on behalf of Madara.  Still, Tobi’s encyclopedic wealth of knowledge suggests he’s been around for a long time and knows his shinobi history very well.  Furthermore, we know that Obito’s right eye was crushed by a boulder, possibly beyond repair.  Half of his body was already butcher’s ground beef, and the rest became so as well after the cave collapsed.  Madara must have lived long enough (up to freaking Kakashi Gaiden) to meet Obito or find his body.  Unlikely.  Plus, if the Bloody Mist chronology assumption is right, Tobi was already around going about his business before and/or during Obito’s short tenure with Team Minato.  Above all else, if I were to pick an Uchiha from the entire clan, I would get myself some real badass, like an almost KIA Uchiha that could be deemed deceased by Konoha.   Obito’s Sharingan potential was also completely unknown at the time.  I’m sure more reasons to refute this theory can be regurgitated the more you dig in the old manga.   One more, isn’t it really unbelievable that Obito would have outgrown Kakashi and the others and almost outperformed the Fourth Hokage if he was Tobi during the Nine-Tails attack?  Talk about some serious Zetsu steroids.

Now, the underlying dissonance proves to be the fact that Tobi appears to know Kakashi and Guy.  We don’t know yet in what capacity. Not only does it seem like Tobi knew and followed them over the years, but also it is implied that both Kakashi and Guy have seen his face before.  Some people have been saying that Tobi says Guy does not remember faces because he saw his battle against Kisame through his Zetsu camcorder.  Stemming from Zetsu’s recording ability, the possibility that Tobi has been observing people’s movements through the years proves very appealing.  What a voyeur if you ask me.  Anyhow, the issue is that the only familiar Uchiha that could have known Kakashi (very closely) and Guy was Obito.  Kakashi’s expressions and unfinished thoughts give us a sense of personal familiarity with Tobi.  Moreover, we see that Kakashi’s Kamui is countered with what appears to be another jutsu of some sort.  If Sasuke’s and Tobi’s quenching of Amaterasu flames has told us anything, we could say that Kamui was countered by means of Tobi’s Sharingan, believing the thesis that Sharingan cancels samel-level Sharingan.  The wild hypothesis that has been proposed lately is that the technique of a unique set of Sharingans can only be countered by the same eyes, such as Sasuke putting out his own flames (but then you wonder about Tobi and Itachi’s Amaterasu trap).  Thus, if this is true, only Obito’s right eye could effectively negate the effects of his left eye in Kakashi’s possession.  I don’t really know.  Should this be true, Kishi better provide sufficient explanation.  And Obito, man…  what a sh*t*y friend.  Kakashi would have wasted his years in regret and sorrow for his friend.

My opinion:  If it is indeed an Uchiha we know, I think this would be Kagami Uchiha from the Second Hokage’s team.  He would fit the timeline.  However, if he was still alive before the Uchiha massacre, he would have been as old as Sarutobi.  I don’t know how that would justify any relationship with youngsters like Kakashi and Guy back then.  In addition, he has not been a major player in Naruto.  We don’t know anything else about him.  But he fits the timeline, and coupled with Zetsu-camcorder, he may have been able to follow people’s actions closely.  In the end, doesn’t Tobi want to control people with Tsukuyomi?

Sorry for the long review.  It is my first one, and I thought it’d be nice to tackle long-talked-about theories.  I know everybody has been longing for a review.  See ya ’round!  Itadakimasu.

35 Responses

  1. Very very good one MisterSensei…..hope you have the stamina for at least 75 chapters since Kishi stated in a recent interview that the manga will at least last for another 1 1/2 year

  2. Hello Mister Sensei!

    I think it’s HANZO you are referring here.

    2.Second Shinobi World War: The young Sannin–Tsunade, Jiraiya, and Orochimaru–fight against the atrocious Danzo who spares their lives. It is during this time that Jiraiya meets and trains Nagato and company in war-torn Amegakure. Sakumo Hatake makes himself the famous Konoha’s White Fang. Tsunade’s brother and her lover Dan are both killed during this war, yet she rises to fame as the best medical ninja.

  3. Awesome review Mister Sensei

  4. Nice review. It was very insightful. The whole theory about Obito not being Tobi fits. There are too many timeline problems that conflicts between the time when Obito was alive and Tobi’s actions. For all we know, Tobi may not even be an Uchiha. Maybe he’s a defected Zetsu that spiral out of control and turn into what we know now as Tobi.

    There are rumors going around that Tobi is not the final boss and that there might be another time skip.

  5. Thanks for writing this up, MS. Very good job covering so many chapters at once. If you need any help with WordPress or editing, send me an email! And no, no one is expected to put out 75 blog posts for the next year and a half, lol. This site has become more of a community manga blog and discussion forum than anything else over the years. Anyone is welcome to apply to write reviews for their favorite manga, including Naruto, as I will not expect Mister_Sensei or any writer to keep a rigorous schedule. If you want to help, send me an email at b0buchiha@yahoo.com

  6. good job ms

  7. Good review but not the Obito is Tobi theories again sigh…

  8. Awesome it’s godamn well awesome i never knew you were this amazing
    i hope this good thing doesn’t come to an end too soon and that you will follow naruto way of the ninja ‘to never give up’

    this was an awesome combo (awesome chapter/awesome review)finally the long lost action returns unfortunately no progress that kakashi statement:don’t tell me…sure rings the tobi=obito bell
    gai is cool when he’s not joking i tought it was his nunchuks that cracked the mask.cant wait for this fight in the anime i hope it’s not as dissapionting as the recent battles are turning out to be.

  9. @nss

    ya Oro is the next major villian before Naruto has to face Sasuke

  10. @MS

    NICE… I like.even the theroies however…..


    I agree with you.. no more Obito theroies… those are so worn out

  11. That review was top notch, hope you stick with it.

    The only way I can see Orochimaru ever being the FINAL boss is if he gets what he always wanted, an Uchiha body. We now know how “valuable” the bodies of Uchihas, Senjus, and Uzumakis are and if someone like Orochimaru decides to control one, especially one with the EMS (talking bout Sasuke) who knows how strong he could be.

  12. VERY nice review – it was long but held my attention nicely! i also read that this manga was getting a year an a half extention but that the ending is absolute naruto vs sasuke WILL happen. By the way guys have we ever heard about obito’s parents?? i swear tobi hasnt thrown one jutsu yet! For me Guy made this chapter – love it when he gets serious but kakashi’s chakra is soon gonna be done an if we’re ever gonna see him go 8 gates it’ll be during this fight……….also where da **** are the konoha 11?!

  13. @badass
    Can´t understand the obsession with Sasuke, Danzo and Tobi get themself a huge collection of Sharigans so it is probably not the most difficult thing to get himself one…….why just use a strong body and add eyes to it

  14. @ultimate the obsession is that sasuke’s body has the potential to eclipse most of the uchiha in terms of power and abilities and sasuke is “special”. And u cant just use a strong body cause most bodies cant handle it. SO far only uchiha bodies or those infused with the first dna can maintain the sharingan and even danzo had to seal his when not in use cause it drained his chakra if he didnt (uzumakis may be able to as well given their ctrong chakra but thisd is assuming that a uchiha with uzimaki dna or the first could make a rinnengan)

  15. i found this and i think its the best pic we have of the juubi http://villages.likenaruto.com/space.php?uid=4428&do=album&picid=44385

  16. @token

    You can see on Kakashi that even a non Uchiha can handle it very well, if he hasn´t this lack of chakra reserves he would surpass 95% of all Uchihas

  17. If Oro would have taken Hidans body and add two Sharingans it would had solved his problems

  18. @ultimate kakashi keeps it covered to reduce the strain it inflicts on him. Thats the point his chakra reserves themself r not low but the fact he does not possess a body like the uchiha or someone with the firsts dna makes it hard to bear the sharingan. He can handle it but with the constant drain on him its not optimal to use.

  19. Actually Kakashi mention that he has low chakra reserves in comparison to Naruto when he trained him, Ninetails excluded. All I´m saying is Oro could make his life easier, especially with Hidans body. And Oro is one of the ninjas who has the highest chakra reserves.

  20. in comparision to naruto who is an uzumaki and are known for high life force and chakra… alot of ppl are lower than naruto even without the tailed beast. And kakashis r low because of the sharingan. If not for that it would be higher but it is constantly draining on him which is why he covers his eye. And hidans body may not die but doesnt mean he doesnt get tired. And unlike tobi oro doesnt have sharingans floating around in jars. Y settle when u can get one of the prime, strongest uchiha bodies in sasuke? oro doesnt settle he wants only the best

  21. Kagami is Obito’s estranged father

  22. Even if he takes Sasukes body he needs to change it again in the future, with Hidans body this is not required. About the chakra reserves, I think he can add his own strength too. Just look at the curse marks Oro gave his minions, they got a huge power boost. As a I said he could have his immortal body a lot easier, instead he failed already twice.

  23. with hidans he still would need to change…. the body rejects him so no matter what the BODY of hidan would reject Oro so he has to move on. Having an imortal body doesnt changes the effects of the jutsu he uses to gain that body. No matter what he will need to change bodies and at least with sasuke he may be trying to obtain the rinnengan or something which has control over life/death so that may be why he specifically wants sasukes body.

  24. also all the work oro has done for sasuke perhaps a strong enough uchiha body would provide enough to let him survive a lifetime in it which is why he is obsessed with the uchihas

  25. I´m not sure if this is really true that the jutsu rejects the body itself rather than just shorten the lifespan of its user. For me it´s still the only ultimate solution besides an Edo Tensei release on himself like Madara did

  26. And for me it´s not 100% sure that Tobi is an Ushiha since he didn´t show one typical Ushiha jutsu, this would be a prime example how a non Ushiha could handle the eyes

  27. I think u did a great job and you should really keep it up! I think your theory is really great but I was thinking based on his space time ninjutsu what if he has been traveling back and forward through time learning as much as possible about the ninja world in order to carry out his moons eye plan! He could be anybody from anytime past, present or future! Your theory on Obito is very good and it’s hard for me to believe he could be Obito but I also realized that he maybe be using his eyes based on the fact that Kakashis eye technique has no effect!

  28. @ultimate
    Orochimaru has plenty of reasons for being overly obsess with an uchiha’s body;

    First, a uchiha’s physical speed is superior. Itachi prove this by out speeding Kakashi in a one to one fight. Not even Kakashi sharingan (a non uchiha) could track Itachi’s speed in that whole fight. http://www.narutobase.net/manga/Naruto/142/9

    Second, Uchihas has a higher chakra reserve than many normal shinobi like Kakashi. A uchiha like Sasuke can use more chidoris than Kakashi can. Both Itachi and Sasuke has a greater amount of endurance when activating their regular sharingan or MS. Kakashi who isn’t an uchiha has low chakra reserve and can only use up to two shots with his MS (pasting that limit would mean death for him) compare to a uchiha who can use their MS for a greater period of time.

    Third, only uchihas can perform genjutsu with their sharingan. non uchihas like Danzou and Kakashi cannot.

    Fourth, a uchiha body is more acceptable to Oro curse mark. Even a strong body like Kimimaro was what Oro wanted but failed to with stand his curse mark. A uchiha like Sasuke did not only with stand his curse seal but could also control the curse seal as well.

    “And for me it´s not 100% sure that Tobi is an Ushiha since he didn´t show one typical Ushiha jutsu, this would be a prime example how a non Ushiha could handle the eyes” I use to agree that Tobi may not be an uchiha. Now, I will erase what I said before about Tobi not being an uchiha and say that he is an uchiha. Part of the reason being is that Tobi can perform genjutsus with his sharingan. Non uchihas like Danzou and Kakashi cannot with their sharingans. Further proof is that uchihas like Itachi, Sasuke, and Madara can all perform variety of genjutsus with their sharingans. Tobi fits in with that department seeing that he can control people and tailed beast like the Kyuubi with his sharingan. http://5.p.s.mfcdn.net/store/manga/8/54-507.0/compressed/rnaruto_507_sleepyfans.15.jpg

  29. @nssj
    “Part of the reason being is that Tobi can perform genjutsus with his sharingan. Non uchihas like Danzou and Kakashi cannot with their sharingans”

    – we really don’t know for sure that this is true. I think I never heard about this rule in Naruto.

    I think Kakashi can use genjutsu but we dont know if he uses his sharingan to cast his genjutsu.


    “Even a strong body like Kimimaro was what Oro wanted but failed to with stand his curse mark”

    Can you please point me to the chapter where it was expalined that KIMIMARO got sick because of the Curse Mark? From what I remember, he just obtained a non-curable disease thus making him unfit for oro’s vessel.

  30. Also,
    Danzo uses Shisui’s sharingan to cast genjutsu on the leader of the samurai in the kage summit meeting.

  31. Btw – Kakashi did cast a genjustu on Sakura during team 7 first training day

  32. Tobi may be Obitos dad. Just like how Naruto inherited the evil sensing ability from one of his uzjmaki elders obito shaingan traits may be an offshoot of his dad’s who could be TobI. He coh ld blame Kakshi for hisbsons death. This theory is not very likely but it could be true.

  33. @nss7

    One thing you got wrong on Kakashi. He can use Genjutsu. Not one did he use it on Sakura during the Team 7 training but he used in on two Anbu ninja that where spying on Naruto and Konahamaru before Naruto and team left for the Gokage summit.

    other than that i agree with the rest of your reply for the most part.

  34. You have to choose between immortality or a slighty stronger body….I for my taste would still choose immortality since it was easier to obtain and Oro wasn´t so far from the source (Hidan)

  35. For all my narutoholics..FYI

    New Naruto the Movie: Road to Ninja Trailer
    Future of Naruto: Tobi’s Identity Revealed Within The Next Few Weeks
    Posted on July 31, 2012 (5 hours ago) by Itachi Nguyen 19 Comments A brand new interview with Naruto’s manga creator Masashi Kishimoto about the future of Naruto!

    Q1: The legendary shinobi is now immortal! Does Uchiha Madara have any weak point?
    All strong people have some kind of weak point, but Madara does not. How will the fight from here on out go!? Please stay excited and wait to find out!!

    Q2: I’m curious about the connection between Madara and Tobi!
    I obviously can’t give too many details, but the two do know each other. What kind of relation they have will be gradually revealed in the current story!!

    Q3: Will Tobi’s identity be revealed soon…!?
    Indeed it will. In fact, it should be within the next few weeks!! Everyone, please wait and keep predicting until then!!

    Q4: How will Naruto and Sasuke’s story proceed now?
    I think that they will meet up once again during this war. Please look forward to seeing what will happen then!

    Q5: Now that we’ve entered the climax of the Great Shinobi World War arc, please tell us what some upcoming highlights will be!
    Everything from here on out will be a highlight!! Everything’s just going to get more and more exciting!! Everyone’s favorite characters will gather together to play a big part!! Please continue enjoying Naruto now that the Great Shinobi World War is in its climax!

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