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Its Out!Bleach, Naruto and One Piece Chapters!

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/22539506/1

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/87134597/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/93961304/1


33 Responses

  1. Zaraki Kenpachi… Go you good thing!

  2. Kenpachi is dead. Rules of Manga say that the boss can’t be killed by anyone other than the main character. Even if he is fighting the long haired guy, since we don’t know anything about him he will probably lose. Best case, he holds till Ichigo gets there and he saves him.

  3. This is where we see Kenpachi say release his sword lol.

  4. His sword is already released; he’s like Ichigo in that it’s in a constant state of release. Best case scenario for him is that they think he doesn’t have a bankai, so they get rid of the medallion that takes them, then he reveals he learned how to do it and he is still beaten by the king because of the hero beats the boss rule.

  5. No ken is not even in shikai. He never learned the name of his sword and it’s still sealed.

  6. nope, firefist is right, his sword is always in its released state because of his enormus spirit power. If it was just a normal zanpakto it would imply that he does have a decent control over it to keep it sealed.

  7. its kinda like how ichgo’s sword was back in the old days when he briefly holded his ground against the menos that uryu accidently unleashed. for a moment the sword was beginning to take on a new form, forged out of immense power and will, even though he never knew its name.

  8. I have one question. Has Tobi actually thrown a punch or kick at someone? Naruto was saying how strong he is but all he does is dodge, dematerialize and swing a fan. I think they are going about this all wrong. I think they should all focus on taking dow the statue, and that will force Tobi to not only be defensive, but offensive as well in order to protect it, and where the heck was be in that full frontal attack? Is he hurt or something?

  9. hope byakuya isnt really dead he is way too cool….hope kenpachi takes this fools to school….

    WTF is happenign in naruto? he should be kick ass already!

  10. With Kakashi, naruto and gai all attacking tobi they r unable to land a hit. Meanwhile it took the 4th minutes to figure out a Plan and not only injure Tobi but make him flee. I know the cirrent tobi has the rinnengan but in this whole battle scene he never used it so thats not even a factor right now. So much for the new generation surpassing the old…. Tobi hasn’t even done much attacking or Justus. Some villain

  11. @darthuchiha nope cesc is right ken never learned his swords name only once has he tried only to give up. His sword is sealed because he doesnt work in harmony with it, so his spiritual pressure simply overpowers it constantly, which is why it is all messed up looking. It has also been stated in the past that do to this disconnect between kenpachi and his zanpakto that the zanpakto is actually in agonizing pain and sadness.

  12. I doubt byakuya is dead but my gosh he got fucked up!!! I thought shunsui got it bad with gettin an eye blown out but damn the way senbo zakura is being used is straight vicious……and I love it! Tite has been smoking some good shit coz I’m liking the way he’s creating a real path of destruction wit these quincies! And now we have kenpachi and his badass entrance to take on zangetsu, I mean the quincy bawse! Now he WILL lose but we should get new information on him

  13. Ok Been a minute since I been on but had to address two things, first cesc and xixs you both wrong and chapters 109 and 120, Bleach Wiki and Bleach Offical Character Book Souls explains it all. 109 is when Zenny and Ichigo have there fight and pages 15 though 17, Zenny explains his sword and powers and that the sword is in its true form (inital release/shikai ). 120 Yoruichi Shihōin explains the bankai to Ichigo and says that all captains can ban except on Kenny. She imply that his sword can’t go bankai and can go shikai. Basically its call Constant-Release Type Which both Kenny Z and the Strawberry Kid have. Whats Constant-Release Type?Its when Zanpakutōs are always in Shikai form because of the strength of their wielders’ spiritual energies, or, more importantly, their lack of control over it, taken out of Bleach Official Character Book Souls, page 259.

    Second, I don’t care who Tobi is, I want to know if my theory on the Gedo Mazo true (https://shannaro.wordpress.com/2010/07/17/gedo-mazo-9-biju-juubi/ for those that wanna know what I’m talking about) That’s what I’m waiting for

  14. ichigo sword never released until he learned its name though after he originally lost his soul reaper powers after that it stayed in its released form but Zaraki never learned the name so his never released into shikai form. Ichigo didnt even know about bankai at that point he fought zaraki so he could only be referring to shikai

  15. I’m tell you what was said by Kenny himself And I never mention in my reply that Kenny said anything about bankai I said Yourichi talk about bankai and Kenny explain that his is not sealeld like ichigo thought. But if you feel that its still seal ok with me. Just showing you where to look. another place though not completely reliable however do have source to look up the info as well. Bleach wiki. And there it also says and explains why Kenny z sword is always in shikai form and where to look up the reliable source

  16. The questiion of Kenny s realeased sword state has been answered years ago by various databases, manga chapters and the writer himself. No point going against Ryukyu on this.

  17. Excuse the name, tough typing on a kindle

  18. i’m just going off what was said on chapter 109 is sword being released or not doesnt really matter to me

  19. @UchihaTheInfamous
    The allies should not attack the statue. Kakashi tried stopping the Gedo Mazo statue and he failed at it miserably.

    Tobi is an upgraded form from his older self than when he first fought against the 4th hokage back then. He didn’t carry around the giant fan that he is currently carrying now and he didn’t have the renningan. If Tobi had the fan and the reningan, the 4th hokage would not have gotten a clean hit with his rasengan on Tobi.

    @The Evil Ryu
    The Gedo Mazo statue is more of a container for the tailed beast. Not the actual ten tailed juubi itself.

  20. Well I for one thought that Kenpachi never achieved Shikai. But I guess it really doesn’t matter, because whether or not he did achieve it, he never knew his zanpaktou’s name. You can’t use your zanpaktou’s power, if you don’t know it’s name, period. I hope that isn’t the case now, because we all know he’ll need Shikai to fight the Quincy boss.

  21. “Real” Shikai…

  22. @nss7 what rinnengan ability did obi use during this assault by these three? None so basically it’s as if he didn’t have it right now cause he’s doing nothin with it. An yes now he has the fan but he has to be quick enough to get it in front of the fourth which with his speed is really tough and I’m sure the fourth can get a rasengan past a fan and would already have a strategy planned if Tobi did absorb it the first time

  23. And given Tobi has only been phasing in and out I’m guessing his chakra is probably low given he’s been using numerous abilities befor this and controlling the jinchuriki before. I just wish Tobi would actually do something. If he’s a uchiha where r the freakig fire Justus t least

  24. if zaraki gets defeated as easily as everyone else i’m a just skip the series until its concluded….
    One Piece has a lot of different things going on at once

  25. @Token
    The 4th will not stand a chance against fighting a speed battle against Tobi and against his six paths of jinchuuriki at the same time. Tobi is just as fast as the 4th hokage in terms of speed and teleportation. Tobi using his six path jinchuuriki bodies would give him more set of visions to work with, plus the added powers from six of the bijuus. That is more than the 4th would be able to handle. Furthermore, tobi’s fan would make it hard for the 4th hokage to land a hit on Tobi. Tobi uses Madara’s fan as a defensive move. He would have blocked out the 4th hokage’s attack with his fan and would make it more difficult for the 4th to get close enough to directly land an attack on Tobi.

  26. The Naruto manga chapter reviews have returned! I’m the new author, so please feel free to check out my recent post for this week’s chapter.

  27. @nss7 can u show me where Tobi is stated to be faster than minato? When they fought before Tobi was outmatched and outsped. Not sure where u can get that Tobi is faster as he has not used anything this far that’s different in THIS PARTICULAR BATTLE SCENE. I’m not talking about earlier with the paths fighting. Im saying it’s funny how Kakashi naruto and gai in the mos recent chapte all took a shot at Tobi and couldn’t hit him. In THE LAST CHAPTER Tobi never once used the rinnengan aBilites and has used everything we know he has cept for the fan. All I sai was its funny how man to man three ppl can’t do what minato could do in minutes and this was minato with no enhanced aBilites like naruto has and two high lvl shinobi helping.

  28. I think what TOBI is doing from the fight against the 4TH and the fight against KAKASHI,NARUTO,GUY and KB is all phasing in-out of the real world.

    TOBI is not really using any array of jutsu just his teleportation skills (in any sort, like attacking, defending).

  29. @Token
    Tobi and Minato teleportation technique is similar in terms of the speed in which they can perform it. The reason Tobi got hit last time wasn’t because the 4th hokage out speed him. He out smarted him. This time around against Naruto, Kakashi, and Gai, Tobi has a fan. Instead of just attacking Tobi, now they would have to worry about Tobi’s fan before they can get to Tobi. Tobi’s fan can slice through rocks, extend its reach and block attacks like a rasengan. They would have to worry about getting hit by the fan and the fan blocking their attacks before they could get to him which would give Tobi extra time to be able to use his space- time ninjutsu to evade their attacks. Look at how many times the fan had aid him in this speed fight. Tobi’s fan kept Naruto, Kakashi, and Gai away from getting a clean hit except for hitting his mask. If he had the fan with him back then, then the 4th would’ve had trouble or would not have landed a clear attack on Tobi.

  30. Tobi faze move seams easy to exploit. when he faze, why not leave poisin or exploding paper bomb inside him. when he turns solid, match point.

  31. Hi all, I don’t think what’s written on the scroll is a way to free the souls from the death god because sugistu (sorry for miss spelling his name) said it would change/win the war. I can’t see any of the kages helping sauske cause if they were revived. If anything it would be game over for them. 2nd, we already know that sugistu didn’t want anything to do with the revival of oro so again how would that help them win the war. Plus I believe pro already has use of his arms when he switched bodies after no longer being able to wait for sauske. I think what’s written on the scroll is the way to unlock the rinnigan. I also believe the man that’s knows everything is none other than

  32. The man that’s knows everything is……………………. Black Zetsu… Believe it.

  33. Do any of you sorry b@stards got the link to the new movie, much appreciated

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