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Bleach Chapter 501: Hear.Fear.Here

Chapter 501: Hear.Fear.Here
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This week is another interesting chapter which mostly revolves around Byakuya vs. äs Nödt. Ichigo is still stuck in the ‘Jail’ and now even his phone loses connection to both SS and Urahara. Urahara could be in all sorts of shit we don’t get to see this week.

Like I said. This weeks revolves around the fight between Byakuya and Nodt. The first one is on the losing side. Byakuya doesn’t seem to have the intel Kurosaki has about the Quincy’s abilities so he is not sure how to go about it. Not to mention a sternritter would be on another level compared to a ‘simple’ captain.

It isn’t long before Byakuya notices something is wrong. Light shudders taking hold of his arms and legs. Mr. Freaky eyes speaks up. He quickly states that it isn’t poison but Fear. Byakuya has a hard time believing his ears.

Nodt compliments the captain on his ability to resist his arrows which would make anyone lesser scream in terror, quickly going insane. We’ve seen this in action earlier in the invasion. His arrows make the target fear everything. The ‘what-if’s’. It may be the translation feels a bit wrong or it could my foreign self not quite getting the lines. But Nodt injects fear into Byakuya.

He seems to have been quite subtle about it. His abilities are like Aizen’s but focussed on that one emotion.


Byakuya’s deepest fear? The image is quite vulgar which I havent seen Tite do that much but it more than get the point across. Byakuya fear Rukia’s fate more than anything at this stage in his life. The moment of hesitation of his movements, gives Nodt the opportunity to strike him down.

Nodt talks some more: “True fear has no reason. It stems from not emotion, but instinct. True Fear is reasonless, limitless.” Nodt throws more images into Byakuya’s wavering mind until he breaks, striking out in fear he obviously fails to hit his target.

Nodt jumps up and releases Senbonzakura Kageyoshi onto its master. So the medal steals and allows the wielder to dominate whatever ability it sucked up. I kinda was expecting something like that. The soul of the blade seems unable to offer any resistance whatsoever forced to follow the thieves’ will

With a halo of petal floating above him Byakuya crumbles to the ground. His body torn to shreds by his own blade…

The Quincy are truly to be feared…

Little side notes(not directly related to this chapter):
1.) Of all the SS Captains I wonder how Kenpachi is doing. I think this guy would be an interesting character to match up against Nodt. After all… Kenpachi is the one who wants to kill Byakuya.
2.) Toshiro was already screaming out in panic. His resolve is already crumbling so I fear the worst for him aswell.
3.) I’m kinda bummed out that we’ve never heard/seen Zangetsu after Ichigo’s return.
4.) Where and what could Yourichi be up to. Maybe she’ll be the one to step in, because it sure as hell won’t be Renji. He’ll probably break down seeing his Captain fall.


5 Responses

  1. We really need Kenpachi to save the day against Nodt. Not sure what to expect from a battle between these two, I can’t imagine Kenpachi getting scared…

    Also, I don’t think Urahara is in danger right now. I can’t think of any arrancar that could threaten our favorite sandals ‘n hat.

  2. @Gaviotero You couldn’t imagine Byakuya getting scared ether (name one battle he’s been in other then this one where he showed fear (showing surprise doesn’t count)) and look what happened to him… this ability most likely will effect anyone… even a fearless person like Kenpachi if given enough time.

    The best counter to this kind of ability would be to not get hit by his arrows to begin with… and Kenpachi isn’t the kind of fighter to avoid attacks constantly.

    In any case with an ability like this I really want to see the rest of the Nodt’s skills. If this one can control fear who knows what the others can do.

  3. There is one puppateer among their ranks and one is a gunslinger(much like Stark I guess)

  4. Good Chapter review…I wonder if you break those Medal Round things that hold the Captains Bankai’s do the Captain get them Bacc? And i think the only way to beat these quincy is to have an extremely powerful Shikai like Aizen wit his power to control senses, Shinji wit his Crazy power to Change direction ect….Also i hope Squad Zero makes and apperance!!! >:D

  5. Nice review

    I cannot believe that Byakuya will die, may be Renji can pull off some thing, and also would be interesting to know the deepest fears of all the captains.
    Looking forward to the next chapter.

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