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Its Out!!!

Hello all, I know a lot of people have been complaining about the inconsistency of this site. Ever since Bob could no longer run this site, the whole site took a great hurt. While I try to post up the “Its Out” blogs as early as possible, but from now on expect the “Its Out” blog either Wednesday or Thursday and it could be either one depending on how busy I am. When I first started to be a regular visitor of this site, there was a blog, theories, and stories coming out on this site on a regular bases. What I am trying to say is that, there was a lot of more people being involved in the running of this site, but now it seems like I am the only one out of three other authors that tries to post blogs up. All I can say is that I am sorry if I am not quick on posting blogs out, but like many of you, who I am assuming are students, teachers, athletes or whatever have you, I got a lot of things to do too. But like I said I will try my best to keep up to date.

I will say this if you complain about us authors about how we are not as great as Bob, I ask that you stop that because there is not one person who is on this planet who can write about the Naruto series as Bob did, he is a God when it comes to Naruto blogging. So if you complain that I, pretend3r, kisuzachi, sylloge or any of the authors are not as great as Bob, you are just complain and trolling, so please do not do that, and I am not calling out any one on this, but lets keep this site competition friendly.

@Mister_Sensei I love you enthusiasm about becoming a writer on the Naruto series, and I hope Bob can get you started as soon as possible. But like Bob said he is busy these days, and I do not know when he will get at you, but I am looking forward to your writing. Because you seem to be so excited and aggressive about writing and to be frank with you, those are the best authors who write about their favorite story or subject. But I will ask you to not post about another site that people can read naruto reviews, I would think that if you wanted to write on this site, you would want people stay faithful to this site, all and all I hope you get an answer soon from Bob.

And Oh heres the chapters




18 Responses

  1. And Jdogg connects with the haymaker haha. Well said man, this site used to be crazy busy and all that are left are the old timers. Listen, keep doing the blogs at whatever rate you can, people will just have to realize that the world spins outside of these three stories and the people who write about them have lives. You guys do a good job and complaining about production doesn’t help anyone. Keep up the good work you guys!

  2. I agree with you. The fact that you’re still posting on Shannaro is awesome! That shows that authors like you and many others like pretend3r that sticked around for a long time on this site are just as hardworking and dedicated as bob once was when he was still running this site to give us are weekly chapter reviews and theories. I highly appreciate all of the authors that hung around and made this site enjoyable through the terrific work you guys have done. Keep up the good work.

    Now to this weeks chapters. The only thing I can say about the new Bleach chapter this week was that it was completely terrible how Byakuya went down. Terrible!

  3. All i can say about Bleach is if everyone is going to die at least let them go out at full strength i’m kind of disappointed in how things are going so far but i know its far from over…………Naruto is moving pretty fast anxious to see the past n what the story is of the Juubi

  4. Just want to say that a lot of us started following Naruto so long ago and while many of us are dedicated to the series, our lives have changed. This doesn’t mean we don’t love Naruto or this site and probably most of us are still lurking in the shadows and reading.

    Also, the story has changed too, it has a different feel than it used to… I feel like it is moving so fast and there isn’t quite as much to speculate about, especially since many old “rules” of the Narutoverse have been broken.

  5. ive been on narutohurricane for 6 years or more, i dont remember, but my devotion belongs here, maybe mangahelpeprs for spoilers but this is the only site i go on to blog, some of you may complain but i enjoy the people on here, you wont find this quality of narutards anywhere else, i just hope the troopers like us who have stuck through the long haul still keep on going, i never grew up with my father and the only advice he ever gave was, in a drunken voice, “marry an ugly bitch, cuz when your old she will still be ugly, dont marry a fine bitch, the bitch will get ugly and you wont want to fuck her anymore” with that said narutohurricane is my ugly bitch and i want to propose to you

    oh yeah one more thing with the latest naruto chapter, tobi=obito, you can tell by the way he talks to kakashi, enough said

  6. I’ll try to keep a fixed blog at Friday’s. Usually tends to work allright when a long-work day. Not in a gaming mood afterwards. I usually end up posting it around midnight(local time)

  7. It’s been a while since I commented but I’ve also been dedicated to narutohurricane over the years. I think it didn’t help when Bob’s College buddies stopped coming around a few years ago. The story has taken some different twists and has grown up in a lot of ways.

    The rules have really solidified and we now know almost all the workings of the universe except for some small details surrounding Madara, Tobi and what Sasuke’s Career path will look like.

    I have a feeling Madara will show up and pull the plug on all this stuff. He’s the supervillian and Tobi will be running scared.

    Tobi’s conversation with Kakashi did suggest that he new him more than the average joe villian. One weird twist would be what if it was rin?

    Ripps of the Mask “KAKASHI!??!?! YOu REMEMBER ME BITCH!??!oh I’m sorry… you just forgot about our date because you were buying those pervy books!”

    I forgot Kakashi was a perv. At the rate this is going I would anticipate an end to the manga in 1 – 2 years. I couldn’t imagine Kishi will draw it out longer. And since we’ve grown up paste all these quarky behaviors and just got into storyline it seems to be missing something…

    I miss Naruto and dysfunctional relationships with occasional potty humor. Same thing happened to bleach… except it made much less sense. The storyline that is

  8. All these troubles point to one thing WE ARE ALL JUST GETTING OLD
    damn i will do anything to be young i now see orochimaru point in wanting others body to live long. i dont blame him so much now

    first i had two options about who tobi is
    madara clone or obito it seems tobi is trying to give us a clue of whose behind that thick mask

  9. Whoever he is, it seems most likely he is of uchiha blood, since it takes more than just having a sharingan to control the nine tails like he did during the attack of the village those years ago.

  10. Is it said directly from Madara that he died after the fight with the 1st? I know he said that he obtained the Rinnegan att his death bed, but is it really directly after the figth with the 1st? Maybe he just was seriously wounded and walking around, and found Tobi seriously wounded and healed him and trained him ( and manipulated some how) to becoming Tobi/madara..

  11. found Obito I mean not Tobi

  12. The problem with that is the timeline. Only a few years seperate the time between obitos death and the nine tails attack an Tobi had the build of a grown man. Two hokages have already finish their term, either by death or retirement . Now assuming madara is around the same age group (up to a decade apart) as the first, About 15- 20 years of age seperate the third hokage and the first. About 10- 15 more seperate the third and the sanin, 10-15 seperate the sanin and the fourths age group and about ten years seperate the fourth and his squad. Since both the first and madara died at a relatively young age ( from the looks of their zombie forms, my guess is no older than. 45) unless there is a variable that hasn’t been explain yet its unlikely madara would be alive by the time obito dies.

    Besides, Tobi was around during the blood mist/ corrupted mizukage days and during that period obito was either wasn’t born yet or still in ninjas school.

  13. @darthuchiha

    I agree that the timeline is short, but in the 3-year timeskip Naruto and Sasuke grew quite a lot. It’s also hard to tell how big Tobi really was under all those robes.

    I also can see that Tobi’s stature has not changed much if at all since we first saw him, but this could be attributed to most if his body being made of Zetsu-like parts. Tobi being Obito makes a lot of sense to me:
    1. Tobi has to be an Uchiha, his right eye seems pretty special so it must be his own.
    2. Tobi has an extra eye socket to use Sharingan for Izanagi.
    3. Tobi uses the extra socket for Rinnegan, but also….
    4. Why doesn’t Tobi use both eye sockets for Rin’negan? Because his right eye is his own original eye.

    Not to mention his cheeky comments about Kakashi and how he lived his life. He just treats Kakashi way too much like he knows him.

  14. from that conversation obito did almost seem likely but kakashi and co were still young in the flashback of the 9 tails attack when they werent allowed to fight but who else could it be that knew kakashi that well maybe his dad had a uchiha in his squad or something who knows it kind of eliminates itachi n sausake dad though but and lastly the 3rd n danzo had an uchiha in their top notch group when the 2nd died though that character has nothing to do with the series it could be assumed he was a high class uchiha

  15. To everyone who thinks that Tobi is Obito, you are wrong.

    1. We know that Madara and Tobi know each other and made plans. But also to revive Madara through Nagato’s Rinnegan when Nagato matures enough !!! This is confirmed by Madara and Tobi.

    2. Madara said that he got his Rinnegan shortly before he died , so that means that Madara and Tobi had done plans before or after Madara got the Rinnegan. When Tobi was fighting Konan, he still was pretending to be Madara and he told her that he gave Nagato the Rinnegan. Also Madara being aware of Nagato’s existence and his Rinnegan means that Madara didn’t die until some time when Nagato was an infant. It’s clear that Madara gave or was able to seal or even maybe unlock the Rinnegan to Nagato after getting his own.

    3. Madara said that he died shortly after he got the Rinnegan, so that means that he didn’t have much time after he gave Nagato the Rinnegan and died !!!!!

    4 . Nagato got his Rinnegan during the Second Ninja War, when he was leaving with his parents. So Madara DIED DURING THE EARLY YEARS OF THE SECOND NJINJA WAR.

    5. Since Madara must have met Tobi to at least go over the plans , THAN that means TOBI WAS AROUND DURING THE SECOND NINA WAR , and he must have been old enough to ensure Madara that his plan will be in good hands. SOOOOO IF TOBI IS OBITO THAN THAT MEANS , THAT OBITO WAS AROUND DURING THE EARLY YEARS OF THE SECOND WAR AND HE WAS OLD ENOUGH FOR MADARA TO TRUST HIM , and also understand his plan!!!!OBITO WASN’T EVEN BORN WHEN THE SECOND WAR HAPPENED, SO HOW CAN OBITO BE TOBI ??? THE TIME-LINES DON’T MATCH AT ALL….

  16. What if Tobi is the second hokage? He would be able to wield the rinnegan and sharingan due to his senju blood, so having the chakrato power both would not be the issue.

    Tobi could also be BIG MAGNUM’s brother “BIG 9 MILLIMETER”. MAGNUM may have told 9 MILLI how to unlock the rinnegan just before he died, and also may have given him a new set of eyes from any dead uchiha. But somehow 9 MILLI botched it up the senju dna transfer part thus messing up his body, but the whole while still in possesion MAGNUM’s eyes which were originally his thus him stating to Karin that he gave them to Nagato anyway.

    You all can fill in the details of how they found Nagato, which isn’t that hard considering all the turmoil that was going on during those times, and obviously he was adopted by the family he was with were not uzumaki because they didn’t have the red hair. I think that’s a pretty safe assumption.

  17. Does anyone remember a flash back after the 4th died and they showed Kakashi? Maybe I made it up but I think I remember a younger Kakashi that was older than Kakashi Gaiden.

    I don’t get why Tobi from the battle with the 4th had the swirl mask but at the Uchiha Massacre had the blotchy mask and long hair.

    There must be more than one person playing this villian!

  18. That’s because kakashi was a teenager (14 or 15) when the attack happened. As for the hair, who knows? We know the guy who attacked the village and the Tobi now are one and the same, We seen him switch masks to accumdate his rinnegan, he could’ve just tried on different looks back in the day to decide what makes him look cooler.

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