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Bleach Chapter 500: Rescuer In The Deep Dark

Chapter 500: Rescuer In The Deep Dark
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No moment of clarity for Ichigo in this chapter. The destruction of SS continues. The messengers scurry throwing around what looks like transmitters around for the 12th to spread the news of Ichigo’s arrival around.

We see one unlucky bugger getting shot down by the old man facing off with Kyoraku. I really enjoyed seeing Zaraki Kenpachi all exited. He must be having a blast.

Akon’s early announcement already hits dark waters as he finds Ichigo’s presence is gone. Ichigo can still hear everyone out there but his words reach no-one’s ear.

Ichigo hears a loud blast. An old familiar. Jidanbo smashed through the building. His blank. Clearly not himself his body start smashing in on the scientists. Then the little girl lost control of her body stabbing the wierd looking bloke in the gut. The feet on the next page obviously belongs to a quincy. The menacing laugh makes me a bit reminiscent about Mayuri. The enemy has a puppeteer among their ranks.

Ichigo is quickly getting desperate. He can hear all the screams and cries of help of everyone and start using GEtsuga Tenshou inside the prison. Opie looks all smug again as he hears Ichigo go rampant inside the Garganta. An unbreakable prison. Content he finally achieved his objective his turned batterd Chad, Inoue and Urahara. Suddenly a violent blast cuts Opie in half.

The unknown assailant quickly is in front of Urahara. The shop owner has a look of horror on his face which creates the major question for this week.

Who is this person?

My first guess… Aizen. He’s about the only person I can think at this time that would make Urahara shake in fear of his own life. The reason I think it could be Aizen is that I think even one of the Arrancar would know Shinigami are not the ones to worry about. The top-4 are pretty much dead. But I doubt someone like Grimmjow or even Nr. Zero wouldn’t kill these guys right now.

However, even with the messed up city that is Soul Society Aizen could be securely locked away in prison. Even if the Quincy released him Aizen would not submit to the King. So the other option… A member of the Royal Guard. I know we are all anticipating these guys showing up but it could be a tad on the early side for them to enter the story.

I am very eager to see if Tite will reveal this person or torture us for another week.


8 Responses

  1. I’m going to throw Ichimaru Gin into the hat… But of choices given; yeah one of the Espada since they are in Hueco Mundo.

  2. Its more then likely just nell in her adult form, as Urahara has never seen her in that form which would explain the suprised/shocked look on his face and him trying to figure out who it is. After all Nell was espada #3 before halibel was, and if halibel could go toe to toe with toshiro im certain she could make short work of a seriously messed up opie.

    As for Urahara saying wait before opie was cut down im guessing he was hoping to get more info out of him or atleast figure out a way to free ichigo, as simply killing opie may make it more difficult rather then easy. Lastly im pretty sure Gin is 6ft under and I dont think it could be Aizen since i dont believe the quincy would want an immortal shinigami running around, especially when you take into account that all Aizen did according to him was to protect the soul society.

  3. Hmm… But tramsformed Nell sports that lance-like thing not a katana doesn’t she? Nell would make sense though

  4. I think it’s GrimmJow!! I don’t think it’s a member of the royal Guard why would they Enter Hueco Mundo? Also i Hope we do see the royal Guard soon!! i wanna see jus how powerful they are, I mean if your chosen to protect the spirit king you have to be pretty dam strong….XD

  5. Nell had a normal adult form with just the blade before she called out her sword. I doubt Urahara would freak out her big boobed adult form.

  6. That ain’t Nell. It’s either Grimmjow or a new Vasto Lorde arrancar. Although it may be Aizen, because eventually he’ll have to appear for the simple fact that his bankai hasn’t been shown yet.

  7. Nice review

    I am thinking it would be a new character, but some one Urahara knows from before.

  8. It is pretty much a given it is someone Urahara knows from before…

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