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One Piece Chapter 674- An Explosive Proposal

Not much can be said about this chapter, as the first few things were basically back story that we already new about. On the other hand the conclusion of this chapter was epic. It showed what seems like a new twist of events, that there is a possibility of a war on Punk Hazard over CC weapon, an alliance between Luffy, Law, and Kid, and a possible new villain to join this fight. I will try to some up all the events that happened so far and the up coming events.

Whose Who and Whose Where

Once again the Strawhats are separated, it is one of the trends in One Piece. Whenever the Strawhats get involved into something, for some odd circumstances they get separated into different groups. This time they are separated into four groups; Luffy, Robin and Franky are being held by CC and Virgo, Nami and Ussop are unconscious and left of for dead, Chopper is secretly hiding, and Zoro, Sanji, and Brook are running away from Smiley the Slime. The way I see it, Chopper is the only one that can get the Strawhats, Law, Smoker, and Tagishi free, since he is so close to them. I can see that he makes a desperate attempt to free them by just making a run for it and just destroying the cage. Another scenario would be if he waits for Virgo and Monet to leave the room and than he can free them.

Nami’s Big Heart and Ussop’s Bravery

As for Ussop and Nami, I must applause Nami for keeping her cool and not attacking the kids, and holding Ussop back even though her actions got them where they are now. Nonetheless, she did not want to harm the kids even when they were being attacked by them, it just goes to show that Nami has a really soft spot for kids. Another thing that I noticed is how Ussop was so aggressive towards the kids and attacked CC without hesitation. He knew CC was powerful and could possibly kill him and Nami, but he stood his ground and tried to attack. The old Ussop would of normally ran away. Even though Ussop still has that old habit of a coward, but it is mainly for comical relief and when the time comes Ussop has been shown that he can stand his ground and fight, even when he knows he is at great odds going up against some one as strong as CC.

CC’s Proposal

The most exciting and to be frank was all this chapter was about, is that we got to learn more about CC’s ability and his overall plan. It turns out that he was able to knockout Luffy was because he can control the concentration of air around him, now in order for this ability to work he needs to be in close range of his opponent. It turns out that CC’s power is not just gas, but the actual properties of gas. It is basic chemistry that matter can be in three states; solid, liquid and gas. Now solid is anything that has a hard substances and has a definite shape, like that of a rock, sand or powder. Liquid has no definite shape and is free moving. Now this is where CC’s power is; Gas the state of matter that has no definite shape or volume. Basically his power affect anything that is in a Gas state. In the case where he is able to sophisticate people, he controls the amount of air around him, he used this power to neglect Ussop fire attack and to knockout Luffy and the others. Look it this way, Smoker has the ability of smoke, now his powers are only that of that specific element of Smoke. But CC power is that of the Gas matter, so his powers are endless when it comes to manipulating gases. But the most interesting thing in this chapter is CC goal; he basically wants to be a weapons dealer that distributes his most priced invension, which I think involves Smiley who is the slime. Over this chapter has thickened the plot since the introduction of some interesting characters, like that of Kid, Pekoms, Tamago, and one new character that looks to be a swordsman. But I am really interested in is how Kid, Luffy and Law will all meet up again. I can see in the future that these three will make an Alliance to take down one of the Yonko.

Side Notes:

  • No One Piece Chapter Next week. 😦
  • How will kid react to known Luffy is Punk Hazard.
  • Chopper is the hope for Luffy’s escape and it seems that he was quiet busy doing something.
  • Zoro, Brook and Sanji running away from the Slime irritates me, because I still believe that Brook can take it down by freezing it.
  • Now I can see Zoro, Sanji, and Brook running into the unconscious bodies of Nami and Ussop.


10 Responses

  1. Chopper worries me… who wants to bet that chopper will peer around a corner the wrong way and give away his position?

  2. The swordsman almost looks like Hawkins at first glance, but that could very easily be false since we have never seen Hawkins with a sword. Who is the guy with the cigar? I can’t remember anyone else who could be strong enough to warrant being here.

  3. Props to CC coz that oxygen stealing ability is one heck of a problem! Maybe that’s why he called Magellan an amateur or sumthin like that! I can so see the SH’s winning while all the brokers are watchin or listening via their den den mushis! This’ll be the big annoucement that the SH’s have arrived in the New wrold! Also chopper playing the “mr prince” role (like sanji in alabasta) is too funny, hopefully he won’t crack under pressure!

  4. I never thought CC could do that. If he can control/manipulate all the properties of the gas element, then that would mean he has one of the most powerful DFs in all of One Piece. Also, I think Kidd has a metal arm and by seeing that scar on his face, I’d say somebody kicked his ass real good.

  5. Can’t wait to see Captain Kidd i wonder how strong he’s gotten….And that guy wit the sword looks like hawkins but Who kno’s…

  6. @7warlord – I read somewhere that kidd got his arm ripped up an just replaced it with his metal ability – I wouldn’t be surprised coz the supernova’s all kind of fully charged into the new world…..bet kid’s got some dirty metal powers now especially as pre timeskip he was the strongest (bounty-wise) out of the elite supernova’s! As far as I can tell its kidd, big mam’s boys an hawkins but does anyone reckon that the curly haired broker is kaido?! Looks a little like his wanted poster

  7. @Tensa, I’m willing to bet that all the supernovas who rushed into the New World got badly scarred in some kind of way…Especially X Drake, the idiot who attacked Kaido’s FAVORITE island lol. The guy with the long hair looks like a new character to me, because I don’t think we ever saw Hawkins carry a katana around. The guy with the cigar might be Urouge (I doubt it’s Kaido), but i didn’t see any wings, so he unless somebody cut them off, I’d say he’s somebody we haven’t seen too.

    Also Tensa, have you been reading The Breaker lately, new chapter came out today and it was sick.

  8. It would seem that the SHs are about to put on a show for everyone watching the broadcasting. Seeing Kidd’s face makes me 100% sure that Law proposed to take down Big Mam. There’s just too many hints pointing towards her now.

  9. @7warlord, i havent even started ringing breaker yet – its on my list of things to do when i get back from Spain!! I reckon drake got a heck of a beating – we never really saw him do much previously so im curious as to how dangerous a dinosaur can be in battle!

    Now that i think about it luffy, law an kidd vs big mam could be on the cards………they all worked rather well together as a trio against the marines an both kid an luffy have caused big mom some problems as of late…… that’d be a massive battle tho coz big mam isnt old an dying like whitebeard was!

  10. Interesting thing is Jimbe would’ve been perfect for this arc wonder when he’s gonna officially join the crew

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