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Its Out Early People!!!!

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/46686274/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/78916430/1

One Piece:http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/78469081/1


47 Responses

  1. What a shity way of bring back one (the only) of the true villians of the manga. I don`t know if kishi is already tired of Naruto or what. Is nice to see Orochimaru again but the way he managed just is cheap. And is disgusting to see Sasuke again having a hint change of WILL. I mean not even know what the hell he is doing, at least Naruto have been consistent since the begining and his hearth has never doubt.
    I just hope that kishi at least make Orochimaru the ultimate anthagonist of the series to save a little the manga

  2. Segundo! :-/

  3. I don’t think it is a cheap way to bring back Oro. Him being the best villain other than Pain, was brought down too easily by Saucegay and later absorbed by Itachi’s sword. Oro deserved a much better death than that…he needs to go out swinging and putting out some mad jutsus as he gets owned!

  4. So sweet, both Oro and Grimm back in action.

    Why didn’t Kabuto try that to bring Oro back?

  5. And he’s backkkkk!!!!!!!!! The original Snake boy himself is back in the game!! Now I’m a little confused – did sasuke know all along that he was in anko’s curse mark?? Also is anko now free of the curse mark?? Also why the heck is he teaming up with taka?? He absorbed his chakra from snake boy junior so he could technically battle them right there an then! Now who the heck are they goin to see……I bet that scroll can summon the dead uchiha clan lol

  6. I thought it was interesting the way he was brought back. im predicting that every seal has the same technique in it. a portion of himself inside much like a horx crux. i wonder how the Seal works though, obviously Orochimarus chakra is in there, but is a physical portion of him sealed within? some of his soul perhaps?

  7. Naruto is starting to look like Herry Potter..so Snake boy is Voldermort and Harry is Naruto or Sasuke? Hermione is Sakura, and Hinata is Ron’s sister.. So the question is: who is Herry and who is Ron?

  8. @ everyone I have two bleach questions:

    1. What the heck hapened to those supped up hollows after the time skip that just put thoe two arrancar to shame that were coming to the world of the living for Ichigo. Did Tite just scrap the whole idea of using them in the last two arcs, or were they these new hollowfied quincy that they are battling now that are yet to be seen. Or will they come to help Ichigo out. I mean it was a whole team of them, or did they end up making them part of a movie or something. Help me out I’m confused. Because the way they hyped them up they would have ben as strong or stronger than Aizen.

    2. I think the reason they can’t seal Ichigo’s Bankai is because it has Quincy powers in it. The quincy bankai stealing thing looks really similar to Ichigo’s weapon he used when trying to get his fullbring powers. I think when it’s all said and done Ichigo is going to be a mixture of all 4 classes. Soul reaper, human, hollow, and quincy. The last arc Aizen may tell Ichigo how he came to be a mixture of such. Because Aizen did say he had been watching Ichigo since birth and had been waiting for him to develop his skills fully so that he could have a true test.

  9. I’m guessing the scroll is a way to resurrect the Hokage sealed by the reaper. Oro was probably looking into this reverse sealing so he could get his arms back, but bringing back the kage was also an option. Sasuke wants to talk to them so he can hear it all from the beginning. Enter Hashirama versus Madara.

  10. @Uchiha your first question, when did that happen? Link please.

  11. I think Oro is gonna Edo back both the Hokages and the Uchiha clan. That’s the only way to get both sides of the story from the beginning.

  12. Orochimaru is back. He truly is immortal. He didn’t waste his time revealing his creepy obsession for Sasuke. It’s fitting for Sasuke to learn the secrets of life from Oro. It’s heart warming to see Sasuke former teacher Oro standing beside his former student (even though he wants to steal his body). As creepy as Oro is; he must be proud to see his favorite Uchiha student to be at his prime. Out of all the people Sasuke could have went to for advice. He picked Oro. Orochi creepy maru!? Oro was the one person that taught Sasuke everything he needed to learned to become a better shinobi. This just shows that Oro will forever be Sasuke’s teacher. The One person that contributed most to Sasuke’s success along with Itachi (Sasuke would’ve been weaker than Naruto if it weren’t for Oro intense training and he wouldn’t have stood a chance against Itachi).

    Orochimaru fame from his last appearance was short live and overshadowed by Itachi’s powerful influence over Sasuke (Yep, he only got a few seconds of fame thanks to Itachi’s Susanoo). That Oro death and importance to this manga did not get the attention that he deserved and his hype quickly died out. He was portrayed as a failure for getting bested by the Uchiha brothers (ha ha he got pwned).

    Now his newly revive self will get another chance to redeem his importance in this manga. He will be the deciding factor of what path Sasuke will take in life. Sasuke Decisions from here on out will heavily be weigh on the values that Oro is going to teach him. This may be Oro last crack at proving his place in this manga as one of the greatest villain in this manga.

    Lets see weather Sasuke will choose the side of good or evil after his talk with Oro…

  13. The last place Oro would go to is to the Uchiha graveyard.

  14. I told you orochimaru wouldnt be interested in this war!! 😛

  15. @cesc
    1. Kabuto doesn’t know sennin transformation. He didn’t have that ability to transfer Oro DNA into Anko’s curse mark.
    2. Kabuto wanted to be someone else other than himself. One the person he wanted to be like was Oro and might not have wanted to bring Oro back for that reason.
    3. Or It could just be the simple fact that he didn’t know Oro was still alive in Anko’s curse mark. Only Sasuke, Itachi and Zetsu witness Oro coming out of a curse mark seal. Kabuto didn’t so he wouldn’t know.

    Orochimaru doesn’t know how to use sage chakra or manipulate nature chakra around him. That is one category that Kabuto surpasses Orochimaru in. He wouldn’t stand a chance against Taka or Sasuke. Sasuke only held back against Kabuto but if he get serious and fight to kill then Oro will get his butt whooped like last time against Itachi.

    The scroll better not be another edo. Kishi already spoiled us with the jutsu by bringing back Madara Friken Uchiha! Edo has been to hacked and wouldn’t fit into Sasuke’s style of fighting. He is too selfish to share the battlefield with anyone else (the only exception is Itachi).

  16. @cesc


    I think this may have just been a special chapter just to promote the movie, now that I am looking at it, but it would have been a cool tie in.

  17. There are some things that should have been touched on. For instance, Orochimaru says they will be going to a place that Sasuke knows very well in order to talk to certain people. The places that Sasuke might know well, aside from Oro’s hideouts (doubtfully going there, Juugo and Suigetsu just retrieved probably the most significant thing that can be found there), would be Tobi’s lair and the Uchiha Naka Shrine with the Stone Monument. If these are the only two options, these scenarios might hypothetically happen:
    -Naka Shrine: Sasuke will use his EMS to decode the message in the stone, which would lead him to these people (whether through resuscitation or actually finding them). The unlikelihood of this would be that as Kabuto had mentioned some chapters ago, he and Oro had already done significant research that led them to discover the stone secrets (not sure if all) up to Madara’s Rinnegan evolution and Hashirama DNA implantation, allegedly the top, most undecipherable ones. So, in theory, there might not be so much to see there if Oro by deduction knows it all already. Of course, Sasuke’s stating his desire “to see with his own eyes” would support the possibility of going to this location. And with this, I’m thinking Sasuke EMS –> Sasuke Rinnegan. Still we have to settle whether Senju DNA is needed in order to obtain the Rinnegan through evolution.

  18. -Tobi’s Lair: For those reviving-of-the-Uchiha theorists, this might be the most plausible scenario. Oro and Sasuke would obtain the DNA of the wiped-out Uchiha clan from Tobi’s vast preserved Sharingan collection. Sasuke’s parents would be the possible first choices, and Shisui would not fall behind, I think. I just don’t know if Orochimaru is in shape to perform Edo Tensei, unless Sasuke learns it with his Sharingan life hack. A mind-fuck situation would be finding Madara’s late eyes (if they were not implanted in Nagato as some believe), whose genetic owner is his brother Izuna, and consequently reviving the latter. He would elucidate what actually happened better than any other Uchiha, I think. It would be interesting to learn whether Izuna gave up his eyes or not for the clan’s sake. And even more frightening would be learning that maybe Madara was good up to a certain point when shit got real with Konoha. Aside from these predictions, what we all know for sure is that Oro knows about Tobi, and a lot. He most likely knows of his Sharingan collection and perhaps also know of other secrets he might be withholding inside his lair.
    Now, there are those who believe that Oro and Sasuke are gonna look for the Sage’s sons. Hang on just a fucking minute. We learned from the Sage of the Six Paths story that the Sage actually died. On his deathbed, he gave his will to one son and the eyes to the other. Their descendants became the Senju and the Uchiha, respectively. Given that the mortality of the Sage was stated, it can be then be inferred that his sons were mortal and died as well. So if you really want to learn from them, it would be by scavenging their DNA and using the most popular technique in the late Naruto universe, Edo Tensei. Then, if you want to find their DNA, wouldn’t it be as difficult of a task as it would be finding the Sage’s DNA (only one generation difference)? Might just try to find the Sage’s then, but Sasuke saying “them” suggests plural, and by some interpreted as “sons.” Then, say, if you revive them, you can control them and easily defeat the likes of Madara Uchiha, that is, if you believe the thesis that the closer you are to the Sage in the pedigree, the more powerful you might be. This would give Sasuke and Orochimaru the ultimate advantage. Too unlikely. But in the end, ONLY KISHI KNOWS.

  19. @firefist87
    Madara would own Hashirama if he was brought back to life.

    “I think Oro is gonna Edo back both the Hokages and the Uchiha clan. That’s the only way to get both sides of the story from the beginning.”
    Sasuke could’ve just went to seek out Madara for all the answers instead of going to Orochimaru. Madara was the leader of the Uchiha clan and was one of the founders of Konoha. Madara would have all the answers on Sasuke’s question on how to create a clan or village.

    There is a slim possibility that Orochimaru is going to take Sasuke to the uchiha stone tablet or Tobi’s cabinet full of uchiha sharingans. There wouldn’t be a point for Orochimaru to take Sasuke to the stone tablet if he already deciphered most of the hidden messages within it. Why waste time taking Sasuke to a stone tablet that Sasuke already saw and if Oro already have answers to it? He should just tell Sasuke straight up on how to achieve the next level of power within his eyes to gain the renningan then go out in harms way to get involved in a war he is not interested in to show Sasuke the stone tablet that he already have prior knowledge on.

    “Sasuke will use his EMS to decode the message in the stone.” EMS doesn’t improve upon deciphering code skills. Sasuke already saw the tablet himself before and he couldn’t even figure out the secret of gaining an EMS. Itachi was the one that had to lecture Sasuke on how to obtain EMS. If Sasuke couldn’t pick up on reading the info on EMS from the tablet than he wouldn’t be able to find knowlegde for renningan from the tablet either.

    “Tobi’s Lair: For those reviving-of-the-Uchiha theorists, this might be the most plausible scenario. Oro and Sasuke would obtain the DNA of the wiped-out Uchiha clan from Tobi’s vast preserved Sharingan collection.” This is even more of an unlikely scenario. Orochimaru is the one giving Sasuke the tour and he wouldn’t know where Tobi lair is. Both orochimaru and Tobi are very secretive with their resources and hideouts. Orochimaru has been very consistent throughout the narutouniverse in moving his hideout. Tobi have probably did the same to cover up all his tracks. Sasuke doesn’t know where it is either. When Sasuke was given his brother’s sharingan, he was blind! Sasuke is as clueless as Oro about Tobi sharingan collection. He was blind the whole time when Tobi led him into his cabinet to inplant Itachi’s sharingan. Sasuke wouldn’t have saw or known that Tobi had many more sharingan in his possesion because his vision was gone at that point in time.

    Ichigo never have quincy powers. Ichigo bankai is superior to that of a quincy. Shinagami bankai >>> quincy. He would never waste his time in gaining quincy powers for that reason. There are many other explanation to why Ichigo soul reaper powers negated the quincy bankai stealing pendant than claiming he has quincy powers.

  20. @nss7
    You obviously didn’t read the whole thing. Just skimmed through it apparent. You can’t take apart a clause by ignoring the others. Take a second look. A dictionary might help.

  21. the one that knows everything would be the sage right? or possibly the elders.

  22. Looks like Syloge allready gave upp his reviews

  23. @Mister_Sensei
    I already read the whole thing before posting. I only took the time to talk about the ones that had the most relevance in your theory.

    (Tobi’s Lair)
    “…would be Tobi’s lair and the Uchiha Naka Shrine with the Stone Monument. If these are the only two options, these scenarios might hypothetically happen…” Those 2 places was the main points in your discussion. I gave reasons to why those two places are unlikely to happen. Oro wouldn’t take Sasuke to Tobi’s lair if he doesn’t know Tobi has a whole collection of sharingans. In this chapter, it hinted that Oro and Tobi possibly could’ve worked together in the past but that may only be pretaining to both of them being members of akatsuki, not close partners. Both Tobi and Oro doesn’t know about eachother’s experiments. Tobi had no idea about using edo until Kabuto explained it to him (one of Oro research). We can say the same thing about Oro and kabuto not knowing much about Tobi’s research either. They didn’t know Tobi had the 1st hokage’s body locked down underground and that Tobi was using it to clone zetsus. Thus, both Oro and Tobi doesn’t know about eachothers plans and secrets. The only person Tobi have told all his plans and secrets to was zetsu. Sasuke like Oro is just as clueless about Tobi sharingan collection. He was blind the whole time Tobi brought him in to implant Itachi’s eyes. If Sasuke knew or saw with his own eyes about the cabinet full of sharingans, he would’ve flipped out on Tobi the same way he did against Danzou. Oro and Sasuke doesn’t know about the sharingan collection so that destination is eliminated.

    (Naka Shrine: Uchiha secret meeting and stone tablet)
    Why would Oro take Sasuke to the stone tablet if both Oro and Sasuke has already seen it with their own eyes? Oro already deciphered the tablet and there would be no reason for him to take Sasuke there. What’s the point of taking Sasukle to the shrine to get involved in a war that both Oro and Sasuke has little interest in. Oro already stated he wasn’t interested in joining in on the war. Sasuke doesn’t show much interest in the war either. The war and the stone tablet doesn’t answer his questions on how to build a clan and village. He’s not looking to upgrade his eyes power. It’s pointless to go there if Oro can already translate most of the text in the tablet to Sasuke then waste so much valuable time in walking there to get caught up in a war.

    (Izuna Uchiha)
    “…situation would be finding Madara’s late eyes (if they were not implanted in Nagato as some believe), whose genetic owner is his brother Izuna, and consequently reviving the latter. He would elucidate what actually happened better than any other Uchiha, I think. It would be interesting to learn whether Izuna gave up his eyes or not for the clan’s sake.” Madara body was already found by Orochimaru or kabuto. Kabuto brought back edo Madara so he must have found Madara’s body to take a DNA sample. If that is the case then Oro and Kabuto would’ve taken the renningan for themselves and maybe inplanted the eyes into their body, knowing how powerful the renningan powers are. The eyes must’ve been missing and all they could’ve retrieve was Madara’s DNA and not his renningan eyes. Now to Izuna. Madara Izuna would’nt provide much information. The only essential part in his mentioning in the story was that he gave his eyes to Madara… that’s it. Madara would provide a lot more information then his brother. He lead the Uchiha’s for a longer period of time and he became one of the founders of Konoha. Basically he play a bigger role in a clan and village than Izuna. Madara can answer Sasuke’s question better than Izuna. It would make more sense if Sasuke sought out Madara than going to look to bring back Izuna who wouldn’t provide half the info that Madara could provide.

    (Sage of the Six Paths)
    Looking for the Sage himself or his sons dead body is the most impossible task. After all the years of both Orochimaru and Kabuto collecting bodies for DNA sample, they came up empty with the sage and his sons body. Oro would not bring Sasuke to find their dead bodies if he has no idea where their body lies. Their body might not even exist in the narutouniverse anymore and if it does then it could take years or maybe even centuries to find. If it wasn’t difficult to find the sages and his sons body than Oro would’ve gotten their DNA by now and use edo and rule the whole narutouniverse himself. It would put him above everyone else that controlling the sage would make him almost invincable. What’s the point of going after an uchiha if Oro had an idea where the sages and his sons resting place was (which he doesn’t know where they are)? People thought that the sage didn’t exist and exist only in legends. The same way they didn’t believe the renningan ever existed.

  24. I like how some people wanna bash on Sylloge for not doing reviews, when those same people don’t do anything themselves lol. He’s taking time out of his life to write a thorough review for us while at the same time knowing the only compensation he’ll get for it is our gratitude. If you’re so sensitive about it, nobody’s stopping you from writing the reviews. Actions speak louder than words, so if you got the time to complain, step up and do it yourself….

  25. @nss7
    Touche. 🙂 Now that was a better argument. I defer to you.

    Then, why did he volunteer? Is it so hard to get online to even at least post a short excuse-me? I remember this site one or two years, being one of the best if not the best place to find Naruto reviews, until people started discussing more on the other mangas. I don’t mind the other mangas, but the main one, Naruto, in this website is not given as much attention. Maybe you could blame it on Kishi and dragging the war on, and also on how busy our lives are. But if you commit to something, you follow through.

    If sylloge does not post anything by next week, I will declare myself the new chapter reviewer. 🙂

  26. @Mister_Sensei, if you decide to take up the job as the Naruto reviewer, then by all means go for it. And if Sylloge has no intention of stepping down, there’s always the option of swapping roles as the reviewer each week to lighten the load. I wouldn’t see any problem with that, but it all depends on your devotion.

  27. 7warlord
    of course you can say do it you self instead of complain.. but we don´t take the job as the writer so we dont need to, but if you take it then you are suppose to do it.. it´s like saing that every one should go to Irak and be apart of the war.. But It´s the Army/Marine job to do that and you choose it your self.. So if you choose it then you should do it, if you don´t wana do it thats fine and no complaina about that, but don´t take the job and dont do it

  28. @evildead
    I don´t think that they are in Irak any more 😛 But i agree wioth you, don´t take the job if you wont do it

  29. I’ll do the job then. Somebody, transfer me to Bob or whoever is in charge now. I’ll do it. I like the idea of taking turns. Sylloge? Waddaya think?

  30. Wow. Orochimaru is alive. Half of me says this is a giant ass pull, the other half is just too exited.

    I think the nature of Orochimaru’s Cursed Seal explains everything. I love the idea of it being a Horcrux (from the Harry Potter series) every time he makes a Cursed Seal, he seals a portion of himself inside of it, like Naruto’s parents.

    When Sasuke “beat” Orochimaru, he took his main residence inside Sasuke’s consciousnesses, but his soul has been inside all of his Cursed Seals as a back up. By releasing the Cursed Seal from any access point, with a host body/sage chakra (taken from Kabuto), he can revive himself from any of his Cursed Seals. The “Orochimaru” that was in Sasuke after he “killed” him was just his Cursed Seal taking full effect now that Orichimaru was ‘dead”.

  31. In addition, when Itachi sealed Orochimaru during the Itachi vs. Sasuke fight, the Orochimaru sealed by him was not his actual soul, it was the Cursed Seal, similar to what just happened this chapter with Anko.

    He was able to manifest because Sasuke absorbed him after his defeat, satisfying the body requirement, and Sasuke had the Cursed Seal at the time as well.

  32. i like your passion mister sensei


  34. Just do it mister_sensei

  35. Alright, I will ask Bob and see what he thinks. My email is rootdanzou@yahoo.com if anybody will be reaching me in regards to the chapter review. Or else, just leave a comment here. I will checking it regularly to see if there is any response.

  36. Dear Bob,

    I’m writing you in regards to the Shannaro weekly Naruto chapter review. Over the last months we have not had consistent chapter blogging. A lot of us have been upset, and I’ve heard that some had to resort to rival websites in order to get their manga review fix. We have appreciated your unequaled analysis and dissection of the manga chapters, and in order to honor and continue such legacy, I would like to be considered for the position of Naruto manga chapter reviewer. I understand that Sylloge has been given this responsibility now, but as we have all seen, he has not followed through in the last two weeks. No hate to him whatsoever. Perhaps if you do not want to replace him and maybe take into account whatever life circumstances Sylloge deals with that interfere with his blogging, I propose that you split the authorship of the chapter review. Sylloge and I could alternate every week on the chapter review. That way, there is less stress on each of the writers. We need to ensure not only the punctual delivery of the review but also its quality. If either one of us is too busy to do it (and if you remember, I’m a science teacher in Spain), we might not be able to write a high quality review but a rushed, unedited one. Thus, I believe you should think about this. It would be a shame if your years of devotion to Naruto go to waste. Thank you for your time, Bob-sama.

    Sincerely yours,

  37. @mister_sensei
    This is Bob’s email address: b0buchiha@yahoo.com

  38. @badasschefman141
    Dude! you cant just put his email adress out oninternet like that…

  39. yeah! that is so stupid badass! You just don’t go around announcing personal email address like that!

  40. @ seda, kuroro
    Bob himself revealed to us his email address on his last post. Click on his name under the Shannaro Writers section and choose his farewell post to see for yourself…And kuroro, I’m going to pretend that I didn’t see that little remark from you calling me stupid. Obviously, you didn’t know that Bob already showed it to us for this very purpose…

  41. I already emailed him, guys. I just posted this on here in case I could get his attention here and to show you all my desire to volunteer with the chapter reviewing. Please support!

  42. I believe their headed to the Valley of the End. Where naruto and sauske fought.

  43. What happend to this site?
    Not even a real IT´S OUT ????

  44. Its sad really i always used to look forward to seeing what people had to say and now this site has become a ghost town

  45. Hey, guys, I tried to contact Bob. No reply whatsoever. So I can’t post anything on this blog. If you wanna read a review, you could go to likenaruto.com. This site is punctual and usually has in-depth reviews.

  46. This site is just so sad and empty…

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