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Bleach Chapter 499: Rescuer In The Dark

Chapter 499: Rescuer In The Dark
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The 12th division boys are running about probably getting the word around. Kurosaki Ichigo is on his way to Hueco Mundo. Urahara isn’t wasting time either getting his gear set up analyzing data after Ichigo’s battle with Opie. whilst Ichigo in the precipie world he gets a massive update on the situation at end, the last thing being told to him by Akon is the fact they can steal bankai and the fact four captains have already lost theirs.

Urahara butts in on the call, explaining the three major Quincy abilities.

1st: Quincy: Vollstandig
He doesn’t know much yet apart from the massive changes in power and appearance. From what we have seen, it is an upgraded version of what Ishida used. The ability to absorb Spirit Particles to strengthen ones one power.

2nd: Blut
The flow of spirit particles to boost either Attack or Defense. As said the biggest weakness is BLut can only be used in either defense of attack. Ichigo massive attack speed kept Opie on the defense. The switch between one or the other is their weakest moment. Opie is one thing but he isn’t a Sternritter, finding this gap on one-off those guys…

3rd: Bankai Stealing.
Urahara asked earlier to obtain the disc from Opie. The tool used to steal Bankai. unfortunately he hasn’t had time to analyze it but as a fact. Which we already know. Ichigo’s bankai cannot be stolen. It is indeed interesting to note, that the King ordered the attack as soon as he knew Ichigo was stuck in Hueco Mundo. His face hasn’t shown anything but they do seem to fear Ichigo to some extent. The power of his bankai.

Then shit hits the fan. Something that looks like stitches close the exit point for Ichigo. Everyone in Hueco Mundo has been striken down. Chad taking the most of it. The death-riding Opie uses every bit of strength to make sure he doesn’t fail his king. Sealing Ichigo in a bubble much like this little cube Grimmjow used on Ulquiorra back in the Arrancar Arch.

How fast can Ichigo get himself out of there?

Maybe a little chat with Zangetsu is in order.


4 Responses

  1. I have a feeling that Ichigo will be trapped in that bubble for awhile, which I think is good, because he now has the perfect chance to talk with Zangestu. I think that Grimmjow is still alive and along with other Arrancars will come help. I also want to the Vasto Lordes to come help as well. Other than Harribel, we have not seen any confirmed Vasto Lorde. I guess stark and Baraggan were too, but that’s only 3 that we’ve seen and if I recall there are supposed to be more than that. I believe the number was 10 and even Aizen spent alot of time looking for them. With all the Hollow/Arrancar killing going on in Hueco Mundo, they have to show up sooner or later.

  2. I think Barragan is a confirmed dead. He got eaten by his own abilities. Stark I suppose, could be alive.

  3. Stark and Baragan died, only Halibell survived from the trio

  4. I’m feeling a shinagami and espada future reunion happening.

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