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One Piece Chapter 673- The Untitled

A very entertaining chapter, that was filled with laughter’s and moments that bring back old memories. I must admit that Luffy’s personality is the most powerful thing in One Piece, he is one of the few characters that always keep on smiling, even if he is imprisoned and someone is threatening to take his life. Also, it was nostalgic for Luffy and Smoker to be in the same cell, as it was the same situation in Alabasta. With that being said let’s get on with this week’s shocking chapter.

The Meathead

This time I am going to start with the ending and work my way towards the beginning. This way I can get to the good stuff that everyone is anxious to learn more about, Virgo and Joker. So I was right on Virgo being a pirate and I was also right that he is a Marine. We have already seen how powerful Virgo is to an extent, as he single-handedly took down Law, with very easy. Like I said before, it could be that he was able to take out Law because he caught him off guard, but either way Virgo is a powerful that possibly is the most powerful villain in this arc. But it is very bizarre that he has a habit of forgetting food on his face. I know some people have this habit, but it’s usually people who have big beards and some food or things gets stock in their beard. For example, during the golden years of San Francisco, miners had huge beards, that if one was to cut their beard and run it through water they can find gold dust in their beard. But Virgo has neither a big beard and is not a miner, and that hamburger was literally on his face, I guess he does not check in the mirror before leaving his house. On a more serious note, Virgo seems to have a specialty of being a good infiltrator of an organization as big as the Marines. And what do you know; his master is Joker, who is none other than  Dnquixote Doflamingo.

The Joker

Doflamingo is by far the most mysterious and dangerous Shikibukai. His is the second Shikibukai that ran into the Strawhat, while it was not physically, one of his subordinates Bellamy who was the main villain in the Jaya arc, who ran into the strawhats. Other than that Doflamingo has never physically ran into the Strawhats. But a thing to note about Doflamingo is how cruel he can be, in a way Doflamingo shows no moral feelings toward any one or any thing. The only thing that seems to amaze him is chaos, as he always smiles even when in war or when he talks about his slave stores. All in all, this guy is a very nasty and dangerous man, that I think the title of Shikibukai for him is an understatement. If his subordinates are as strong as Virgo and Law, it goes to show how dangerous of a man Doflamingo is. Now will he play a role in this arc or the up coming arc, I certainly hope so, because he is sort of the Joker from Batman for One Piece. A man that sees no moral value in anything, not even life itself, all he see, desires and hopes for is, CHAOS.

The Bastard

So the rumors of how awful G5 are true. It seems that almost every commander or solider in G5 is more like a pirate than a marine. For starters their top commander is Virgo who is a mole for Doflamingo, their Commodore is Yarisugi, who is even more cruel and corrupt than Virgo. But interesting fact is that he seems to over exaggerate things, which is ironic as his name means overdoing it. The only person who is at a high rank so far who is not corrupt, is Smoker. Now I could see two things happening to Smoker after this event; one is that he defeats Virgo and becomes the new leader of G5, or that he sees how corrupt the marine system has become and retires. Claiming to take the law in his own hand and becoming a vigilante. These are the two things that could possibly happen to Smoker after these events. As for what was happening to the citizen and them crying for their kids, is to strengthen the story more and to show how even some man can be. As for what was happening to Sanji, Zoro, Brook and Kinemon, there is real not that much to say. Nonetheless, the plot is thickening even further and the story is becoming more complex and worth the wait to read.

Side Note:

  • Why wont Brook use his Freezing powers, he should of gotten the idea after seeing Kinemon’s Fire Blade.
  • Poor Ussop thinking that it was Sanji, but it was the demanding Nami.
  • How will Caesar react to Virgo’s interruption.
  • What is Caesar up too? So many questions to ask and few answers are giving.
  • This is the second time that Smoker has become shy because of Luffy.
  • Commodore Yarisugi boots are a over the top fashion, but they do make him look badazz.
  • Doflamingo always sits or stands in a very awkward position, just like L from Deathnote.


11 Responses

  1. Doflamingo is very strong. He made Diamond Joz, one of Whitebeard’s top fighters, his little puppet. He’s also a true asshole, especially since he owns slave markets, something that Luffy really hates. When Luffy finds out that Doflamingo had his hands DEEP in the slave business, he’ll be completely determined to kick his ass. But it ain’t going to be easy and I guarantee that it will be a fight to remember.

  2. Meh. I’m only in this for Smoker. Fishman island was just so terrible lol.

  3. great review as always… one thing tho: This is the second time that Smoker has become “shay” because of Luffy.

    Is “shay” I typo? if so what word did you mean to say and if not what does that word mean?

  4. @kisuzachi Fishman island wasn’t that bad… It expanded the backstorys of the fishmen people (not to mention showed us more about Arlong and Jimbe). Not to mention it was a good showcase of the straw hat’s power boost they got over the 2 year.

    I’m not saying it was the best arc by any means.. but it isn’t as bad as your making it out to be.

  5. @batboy267, It was a typo, I meant ‘Shy’, I just made that correction. Thanks for pointing it out.

  6. This arc is going to be longer than I thought now that Doflamingo is involved. I don’t think he’ll be in Punk Hazard though…so after Virgo and CC are dealt with, Law and Luffy are going to have to think wisely about their next choices. Take down Doflamingo or take down a Yonkou.

  7. I’m very interested in what smoker will do at the end of this arc – fully on rebel with his right hand chic tashigi or new G5 leader….. Who knows maybe he’ll form a crew wit Garp, Sengoku an Aokiji lol For some reason tho I can see Smokey wanting to go battle doflamingo tho an try an help rid the marines of inside scum! Props to doflamingo tho he is the most cunning warlord of them all, he might have other moles an have his hands well an truely deep in the cookie jar

  8. Thought this was gonna be a short arc but looks like alabasta pt 2 now flamingo has a good amount of firepower all over surprising he ain’t make a move for emperor but obviously hes better off using the government the question now becomes what is he after

  9. @Cas24, Now that i think about it this arc has a lot of big key elements- CC and Slimey, Pirate Alliance, Kinnemon, Vergo and Doflamingo – i suppose it is the New World where there’s gonna be a lot to cover so short arcs might get thrown out the window – we’ve still got big mam’s tresure bomb reaction an Wano country to come that we know of! i really wanna know wat flamingo’d DF is called tho

  10. @Tensa I completely forgot about that bomb lol. Yes, when that bomb goes off in Big Mam’s face, she’ll hunt Luffy to the ends of the Earth for thinking he tried to kill her. Lets just hope that Law and Luffy were planning to take her out and not anybody else or else some major shit is going down.

  11. @7warlord
    Just imagine if big mam really does go on the hunt for luffy an shanks hears about it – no way is he gonna just sit back an do nothing – we could end up seeing an emperor vs emperor face off…..literally….face off….. we could see shanks gettin a chunk of his face burnt off from big mam’s acid mouth!

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