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Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/96568663/1

Bleach: http://xreader.net/manga/bleach/chapter%20499/1#viewImage

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/80016071/1


43 Responses

  1. So I wonder, where in the world Oro is now????
    Some people on other sites is saying he is tobi, which, at least to me, does make any sense…..
    I have read also, part of him is still sealed within Madara or Anko (lord voldermort anyone???

    Will Sasuke will look for Madara???

    BTW You cannot get more sychophant than Jugo and Suigetsu…..

  2. Let`s see what i can say

    OP – funny see luffy and robin remember alabasta. nice to see the real identities of virgo and joker.

    BLEACH – not much of interest but lets see how kubo plays this new hand. Quincies All Fray Ichigo

    NARUTO- awfull really awfull what a waste of chapter nice to know that maybe Orochimaru is still alive but this sh*t with sakuke is a waste on time. i mean now what just of a sudden he is gona have a change of hearth i mean C`MMON

  3. Orochimaru is sealed in Itachi’s Sword of Totsuka. Does this mean that Sasuke has it now? And what does Orochimaru have to do with the Uchiha massacre anyway?

  4. Is Tobi going to summon the jubi in an incomplete form with the help from 8tails chakra from the arm he got and the 9tail chakra from the Ginkaku and Kinkaku brothers? http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/96568663/15

    And is Oro the “human who knowes everything” or is it some one else and Oro is the only one who knowes where he is?

  5. Why the heck does BIG MAGNUM want the kyubbi now?? Kill the damn kages an get it over with!! Also looks like Tobi is gonna summon the 10 tails… speaking of the devil, there is no way Tobi could be Oro but i suppose its worth the guess seeing as we’ve guessed everyone else! lol It is possible however that Oro knows who Tobi is an that kinda fueled his obsession with sharingan an uchiha power back in part 1/early part 2 of the series, for all we know Oro could have been a good guy tryna get the sharingan an forbidden jutsu to counter the moons eye plan………. I wouldnt be surprised if by his curse mark he could be brought back- im reallyyyy curious as to how he ties in with this. Now the real question is…………………..when will Karen show up an complete team Taka??!! : P
    Sasuke’s a lucky bastard – everyone loves him- his family, team taka, team 10 hell even mizukage wants to water style his sausage roll!

  6. When are these moron ninjas realize that orochimaru is the only true ninja bad guy in this manga and the rest are just overpowered meatheads?

  7. I agree with you darthuchiha oro was a true villian and he made the story intense and exciting ill be more than happy if he ends up coming back it just might bring this story bck to the awesomeness it use to be

  8. Oro coming back is what this manga needs. this war is boring i mean even Konohamaru could participate and maybe he kill Madara.
    What Naruto manga needs and what Naruto fans needs and what the world needs is Orochimaru coming back or a really big and awesome twist. One twist that makes all of us droll in the keyboard. Maybe Naruto turns his back to the world and declare himself and the bijuus the ultimate obtacle to peace similar to what Lelouch do. Of corse after this seudo-war end

  9. great chapter, tobi cant be oro. remember he said dam that oro, how much did he really know, also notice how madara was scratching his neck after the curse seal was shown on anko, maybe sasuke will obtain the rinnegan

  10. i hate harry potter and im not liking the whole oro is like voldemort thing

  11. It was interesting how Madara was touching his neck on the last page.
    Most likely nothing, but it reminds me a lot of the location of Orochimaru’s curse seal.
    I wonder if there is some sort of relationship there.

  12. What possible connection could the curse mark have with Madara?!! Wasn’t the curse mark the abilities of Jugo’s clan?! Unless that was a lie…

  13. Lets remember what Orochimaru’s goal was, it wasnt to over take the world it wasnt to be the best clan in the world it was attain knowledge of all jutsu’s the reason why he experimented on so many people was to find more jutsu’s. the reason why he wanted Sasuke as his vessel was to aquire all jutsu’s through his sharringan. the reason why he made his skin shedding jutsu was to be able to keep himself young so he could always have all his jutsus with him! So he is probably watching the War from afar. i really dont know why Kabuto entered the war to be honest. i do remember that kabuto talked about some sort of club or gang lol that was associated with Tobi. not entirely sure where that will take us but it must be related to orochimaru somehow. maybe Orochimaru was a founding member.

  14. How long have I been saying that Oro is coming back, I’ve been calling it for at least a year, lol. Oh and I still think he overall the top ninja in the series, for 999999999999th time I’ve said this, no one blends brains, brawn, confidence, and knowledge of jutsu as well as he does. Sure others can have a higher mark in those individual categories, but no one has as high marks in each category.

  15. What we all need and I’m sure everyone can agree with this is we need orochimaru to come back and jiraiya cause if there’s a battle I wanna see more than anything it’s those 2 beast going at it

  16. Now that I think about it oro did have contact with nagato when he was a kid. Maybe he implanted the eyes in nagato for tobi. The Grey matter is stimulated suddenly. oro searched out mardara and found him before he died and together cloned mardara. This clone was to be know as tobi who was created from the 2nd DNA and mardara. I’m a 2nd hokage fan sorry
    And tobi does poses a space time jutsu like the second. Mardara plan was to implant the rinningan

  17. teamevolution1 on July 5, 2012 at 11:09 am said:
    Now that I think about it oro did have contact with nagato when he was a kid. Maybe he implanted the eyes in nagato for tobi. The Grey matter is stimulated suddenly. oro searched out mardara and found him before he died and together cloned mardara. This clone was to be know as tobi who was created from the 2nd DNA and mardara. I’m a 2nd hokage fan sorry
    And tobi does poses a space time jutsu like the second. Mardara plan was to implant the rinningan in tobi but tobi body could not awaken the rinningan ability due to not being a true senju, enter nagato. Mardara dies but doesn’t worry because he thought tobi was going to follow his plan. When oro is killed that’s when tobi says he will take madaras identity because know one will know he not the reall mardara. He thought his secret was safe but kabuto knew he was a fake from pro. .

  18. Sorry I got frustrated at the end, someone finish the rest. 😃

  19. Okay, so, what shoe is about to drop? I mean, if Orochimaru is alive and knows everything, why is Sasuke pictured with Tobi and Madara? Does Oro know who tobi really is? Can he explain how Tobi is connected to Madara or even how he is connected to both of them? Oro is partly responsible for tobi knowing the secret behind Edo Tensei because Kabuto told Tobi. Did Oro give the same info to Madara?

    I cannot accept my own conclusion that tobi is actually an incarnation of Orochimaru. Most importantantly, that idea is completely convoluted! It makes all the interactions with Kabuto and Tobi and Madara unnecesarily complicated. And for that matter, it would mean that the mystery around Tobi’s true identity is a big waste of time. It makes no sense and still I cannot be sure that Kishi would be totally against this kind of revelation. He just gave Madara an incredible advantage in the war, who’s to say that something as unbelievable is not left to be discovered?

  20. The only question I have is “How much chakra does Tobi have?” It must be crazy in order for him to be able to summon the juubi, even a partially formed one. I’m strating to think he has a bigger reserve than Naruto and BIG MAGNUM(please no comments on BIG MAGNUM having an infinite supply because of the edo jutsu, I know this, but I’m sure that there is a finite space that can be held at once befoe that being depleted or reduced and having more filtered in).

  21. In addition to having sumoned that big statue to the field, as well as controlling all those jinchuriki with their tailed beasts inside them.

  22. SYLLOGE!!! COME ON!!!!

  23. Hey guys…found this review and thought he had some interesting points. I know how you guys like to break things down and pick theories apart…let me know what you guys think!!

    Posted on July 7, 2012 (3 days ago) by Itachi Nguyen 24 Comments

    Chapter Summary

    Reminiscing about Itachi’s last words, Sasuke is tormented by questions about important aspects of a shinobi’s life, his clan, his friends and about his existence. Just as the roof of Kabuto’s place caves in, Sasuke manages to dodge the falling stones and rocks. Suigetsu and Jūgo appear, claiming, at last, to have found Sasuke.

    Meanwhile at the battlefield, as the five Kage are still amazed to find Madara among themselves even after the Impure World Reincarnation has been released, Madara exclaims that after fighting him, they might have realised he was not the type of shinobi to be under someone else’s control. And that it would be a disgrace to again summon his complete Susanoo when it is said that “anyone who has seen it has died”. Ōnoki exclaims that they must fight and defeat Madara themselves when Mei gives up.

    Meanwhile, while Naruto and Killer B are still fighting Tobi and his Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, Naruto provokes Tobi to show his real face. Angered by Naruto’s provocations, Tobi decides to revive the Demonic Statue to its full form as he starts waving the hand signs.

    At Kabuto’s location, Jūgo declares Anko Mitarashi to still be alive and that Madara is still in the living world, surprising Sasuke. As Sasuke questions them why they were still after him, Suigetsu tells him that they had found “a cool thing” and hands Sasuke the scroll which they found at one of Orochimaru’s hideouts. Rendered speechless for a moment by the contents, Sasuke says that he is willing to meet with Orochimaru; saying that Orochimaru was tough and not going to vanish easily when Suigetsu outcries that Sasuke himself killed him. Standing up, Sasuke states that he is “going to meet the one who knows everything”.
    My Thoughts

    This chapter is just perfect… It is fabulous and flawless! However, this leaves more questions than answers which actually gonna make this manga last much more:
    How will Sasuke find Orochimaru?

    Orochimaru never died, he was just sealed away and is swimming in the river of drunken dreams for all eternity inside Itachi’s Susanoo’s bottle. He is simply sustained inside of an alternate dimension where he lived through a “blissful Genjutsu”, as the databook states about the Totsuka no Tsurugi. He was never dead. Just “incapacitated”. My theory is since Sasuke now possesses Itachi’s eyes, he knows the location where Orochimaru is being sealed. That’s why Sasuke said he was gonna go to a place to meet Orochimaru. The chance of Sasuke forcing Orochimaru out from Anko’s curse seal is very small because if that was true, then why would Sasuke have to go to somewhere else? In any case, I highly doubt that Orochimaru is Tobi. Kishi is just trying so hard to make his readers believe that but there is no way that would make sense. There’s far more going on than we realized and he is trying to toying with our mind. People think they’ve got it all figured out, then Kishi rips their theories apart.
    So does that mean Anko is useless in this manga?

    Aside from her “mountain’s peaks”, Anko was and has always been useless. Women + in Kishi’s manga, now do the math!
    What is inside the scroll?

    We all know that Orochimaru had longed for an Uchiha’s body and the Sharingan. So he definitely did a lot of research on the Sharingan and the Uchiha, including Madara Uchiha. Madara, according to Itachi’s words, was the only man to learn about all the secrets of the Sharingan, that includes its evolution into the Rinnegan under specific conditions, those conditions would be to have Hashirama’s DNA. Logically thinking, the Rinnegan is the Kekkei Genkai of Rikudou Sennin, so to be able to achieve it, in my opinion one needs to have both Senju and Uchiha’s DNA. Izanagi, a Sharingan jutsu that can only be fullly used with Senju’s DNA hints in to this logic.

    And we go back to the battle between Hashirama and Madara, it was recently confirmed that Madara was able to survive the fight and gain a part of Hashirama’s DNA with which he was able to use the Mokuton. Shortly before his death decades later, Madara awakened his own Rinnegan. So in my opinion, one of the reasons why Madara fought Hashirama was indeed to get his DNA, not as a fallback but actually as a very well plan, so that by controling that power he could achieve the Rinnegan, and since Tsuki no Me is also his plan, he planned to become “complete” like Tobi said, ie not only getting the Rinnegan by controling both Uchiha and Senju’s DNA but also becoming the Jinchuuriki of the Juubi.

    So back to the question, I think inside the scroll may be either directions to a legendary Sage location, or the research data on the Sharingan/Rinnegan.
    What is the current state Kabuto in now?

    Kabuto is utterly broken, so much so that even Sasuke pities him now. His only role in this war was to do the Edo Tensei technique and fill the gap until Orochimaru made his return. If and when he ever is shown again he’ll probably be entering his orphan home, drinking a glass of warm milk, and then going to bed at 9.
    Who is “the human who knows everything?”

    It’s Maito Gai, I believe.
    Is Sasuke going to fight against Madara?

    It looked like Sasuke actually intended to succeed where Itachi left, and will confront Madara. And in order to do that, first he is gonna meet Orochimaru and have a talk or ask him for something. I’m hoping for another power up for Sasuke because with his current condition, he certainly is no match for either Madara or Naruto. So we may have that encounter afterall, which would be interesting to see how Madara reacts.
    How long will Naruto last?

    As long as the plot demands.
    Why do you think Madara grabbed his neck in the last page?

    Except him crushing a mosquito that had bitten him in the neck, I can’t see other way to explain it but to assume that it is linked to Orochimaru’s Cursed Seal. There is a small chance Oro’s going to come out from Madara’s neck like what he did with Sasuke.
    Since when did your review become an Q & A section?

    I don’t know. Do you like it? XD

  24. Btw..this review was from http://www.likenaruto.com

  25. That post is very similar to the theory that I stated that BIG MAGNUM lived on for a pretty good ile in order to train with the rinnegan. To me all signs point to this, but evryone just tore my little theory appart. It’s good to see someone else thinking along the same lines as me.

  26. Well, I’m moving to likenaruto.com. There is someone with the Bob’s writing and analysis caliber over there. And consistent timing. Sylloge is shit!!! Nice knowing you guys! ❤

  27. Don´t be so harsh on sylloge, overall he did it for free……but I have to say the writer from the other side did some decent reviews. And some of them were very funny. And since the site provides some usefull information as well I guess I´m also changing

  28. It was a good time though…..just remember when Bob and the other guys were participating. Good old times

  29. Wait minute everybody…you don’t have to just up and leave. Just balance your time been both sites..Everybody has something to contribute. Besides this is where I get my Bleach and Onepiece info from!! 🙂

  30. Early realse http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/46686274/1
    it allready out

  31. And Oro comeback knida sucked.. I mean where is the evil ass Oro

  32. I disagree i feel like naruto is finally heading toward the right direction. I have a feeling that oro is gonna take sasuke to the uchihas grave yard and revive his dad

  33. @minato yea i feel that he is going to get answers straight from the uchiha and oro may use edo to raise them so that sasuke can get answers. Gotta say though the way oro was brought back to horrible…. i mean it was that simple? Kabuto couldhave easily done this and gotten oro.

  34. Token i agree with that completely, im just happy hes back, now if jiraiya can be brought back ill be a really happy camper

  35. Uchiha graveyard? That is all the way in Konoha. Sasuke and Oro will never make it to the graveyard. The five nations will gang up on both Sasuke and Oro who is the two most wanted people in the ninja world. They will be dead before they get there.

    I still disagree with your theory. I’ll agree with you that he didn’t die at the vally of the end when he fought against the 1st hokage. There are too many signs that point towards Madara not having enough time to train and awaken all of the renningan’s abilities. If senju DNA is require with the uchiha eyes to awaken the renningan then Madara would’ve risk dying to get a sample of it. Fighting the 1st hokage and fusing his DNA into himself is no walk in the park. He would have to be seriously injured after that fight. The 1st hokage wouldn’t show no mercy for Madara and let him live. He defeated Madara and i doubt he would have let Madara live and continue to plan countless attacks against the leaf. How I see it is that Madara could only live for a short amount of time after his defeat to plot out a plan for him to die and be revive later in the future. Not enough time with his injuries to train with the renningan.

  36. Nss7 the only people that are of any threat to oro and sasuke are getting man handled by madara so im pretty sure they could make it to konoha . Now the time it would take to get there is another question

  37. people believe oro is dead thanks to sasuke so only sasuke is wanted. Also the five nations are a tad busy right now with the whole u know WAR going on and i dont think they are concerned with sasuke at this moment. Also think about it kabuto was able to get dna of all the previous jinchuriki as well as previous kages who you would think would have their bodies protected so it wouldnt be hard to get uchiha dna for a edo or something.

  38. @Minatofan
    It’s not that easy. travelling to Konoha will force the 5 nations to direct some attention towards the two. The 5 nations have enough man power to fight in multiple battles. They still have a lot of soldiers on the front lines that the nation could employ against Sasuke and Oro. If Sasuke and Oro wishes to step foot in Konoha then they both would have to completely annihilate the village to get to the uchiha graveyard.
    The civilians would get involved and take pots and pans or any weapon they could get their hands on to try to take Sasuke and Oro out at any means necessary. That would force Sasuke to use his EMS to burn down the village and Oro to pull out all his best jutsus to fend off the nations army while trying to revive Sasuke’s parents. I don’t see Oro going through all that trouble to bring Sasuke there to get involved in a war he is not interested in. I do like the idea that bringing him their would complete team Taka.

  39. I will be so pissed if Sasuke decides to turn to the “good” side lol. I want my Naruto vs Sasuke rematch.

    Sasuke and Orochimaru do have their big guns, but they can be stealthy when they want to be. Remember how Orochimaru kept sneaking in Konoha during the chunin exams. Sasuke has some high level perks in sneaking as well. Also being that Konoha’s best ninjas are fighting in the war gives a big advantage to Orochimaru and Sasuke.

  40. @nss

    Did juugo just not show how easy it is to get dna. BIG MAGNUM has no reason to lie about him surviving the valley of the end, it doesn’t benefit him in the least. If anything it would help more if everyone still thought he was dead.

    @ everyone

    The Show Stopper is back. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also, they could just go to Tobi’s hideout and get the dna from all those uchiha eyes, I’m sure those eyes have some chakra left in them, all they have to do is find the chakra patterns that most closely matches sasuke’s. Then bam, instant revival.

    Also, did anyone else notice how oro said sasuke has changed since and tobi were manipulating him, hmmmm sounds like they were working together and both wanted something from sasuke.

  41. Nss7 i really doubt sasuke would even have to use his sharingan against cooks and regular village ppl lol

  42. sorry that link was a fake im ashamed

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