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One Piece Chapter 672- Respect Your Elders

After two weeks we finally get a hint at who this mysterious man is. The samurai finally gives his name to be Kinemon and shows off his skills, and our heroes are defeated except for Zoro, Sanji, Kinemon, Nami and Chopper. So with out ferther or do lets start of like how the chapter started.

Virgo is the Name

The mysterious man turned out to be none other than Virgo, which makes him even more mysterious because now I am and I know some of you are asking yourself, “who the hell is this guy?” Who  ever this guy is, he is no push over. He single handly defeated Law with very little easy. Now it could be because he caught Law off guard, but overall this guy is surrounded by mystery. From the way he dresses to the way fights, everything about him is a mystery and he has only being introduce in this chapter and I already have so many question as to what this guy is. For starters let me just give you an over view of what we know about this guy.

One thing we know for sure is that Virgo some what knows Law really good. Almost as if they know each other from long ago. He mocking congratulates law on his new position as Shichibukai, suggesting that he does not favor the shichibukai. Another thing to note about him is that he has an ideology of ‘respect your elders’, as he corrects law that the ‘adults’ will always know his secrets. Which leads me to believe that Virgo is a man who dislikes kids, in fact I think he has an issue toward younger people, and especially those who do not refer to their elders by their rightful title. Now he attacks law in a very violent and mysterious way, the bamboo stick density turned into a much harder substances, his wrist and hand also turned into the same hardened material as the bamboo. His ability is very similar to Luffys Haki ability. Now I cannot tell if Virgo is with the Marines or is a pirate, from his history with Law I am leaning towards that he is a pirate, but at the same time from the way he dresses and talks leads me to think that he is Marine. Who ever this guy is, he is mean and does not play nice.

Luffy’s Out

If this has come as a shocker for you that Luffy was defeated by the villain, than you have not been paying much attention to One Piece. In fact, this does not come as a shocker for me, if you look back when Luffy first encountered his first big challenge which was going against Crocodile, he lost twice to Crocodile before finally defeating him. So Caesar beating Luffy does not shock me but makes me wonder what exactly did Caesar do to knockout Luffy, Robin, Franky, Smoker, and Tashigi. It could be that he uses his gas-gass ability to knockout his opponents, which makes sense. But there is still something very unclear on how he fights, all and all Luffy is in big trouble, because Caesar has his eyes set out on experiment on them.

 My Name is “FireFox” Kinemon from the Samurai island

I am starting to really like this Kinemon, he is funny, honorable, and a badazz swordsman. One thing I really like about him is that he is not afraid to admit he is wrong, and will thank those that help him. He went so far as to bow in front of Sanji (in Nami’s body) and thank him from the bottom of his heart. It just goes to show that Kinemon has a kind heart and he has a sense that family is everything. He went as far as leaving his country and challenged a Shichibukai to get back his son back. Another interesting thing about Kinemon is how he fights. His sword can cut through any flames, he has a devil fruit and I am guessing since he is a Samurai that his swordsmanship is top notch. Which even catches the attention of Zoro, who is a man that is not easily impressed. Nonetheless this chapter has asked more questions than answered them, in turn makes it that more interesting to see what will happen next.

Side Note:

  • What will happen to Luffy and Co?
  • Who will come to their rescue?
  • Sanji was using haki will being swimming in the water and he was in Nami’s body. But I believe that he and Zoro have the Kings Haki.
  • Zoro is only impressed by strength. This guy knows thing but to fight.
  • So Brooks freezing ability did not work against the slime.


8 Responses

  1. Good chapter!! Now Virgo aka steak face (yes that is a piece of meat right there chillin on his jaw line) caught me off guard coz in the space of a few panels made a huge impression. He owned law with ease, he scolds him an beats him with an armanent haki type of technique an looks badass the whole dame time! He must be Joker’s right hand man! Now i wonder when aquarius an gemini are gonna show up…………..
    As for C.C what the heck did he do? everyone’s down an it aint haki! oh yh guys where’s nami an ussop again?? those two n their abilities should be able to do sumthin about gas……
    Now kinnemon – this guy has the right balance in character i think but for him to spark Zoro’s interest with a blade that can cut through flames is straight ridiculous! Makes me wonder what the whole of Wano country is like – i wouldnt might seeing Zoro fight against or train with a Samurai just so i can see what kind of real progress he’s made and how strong they are…………

  2. Oh i forgot SANJI using Observation Haki AND blue walk in nami’s body – damn, the guy has gotten majorly strong!! Love-cook is straight beastly! I saw that and was like mellorineeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  3. lol sorry guys – had to put this up! love cook ftmw!!!!!!!!

  4. Virgo is Law’s older brother…

  5. Jdogg, why do u think both of them have king’s haki?? Isn’t that suppose to be the rariest of them all?!

  6. Luffy underestimated his opponent, something that you should NEVER do in the New World. I mean that’s just a big NO NO lol, these guys do not play around. I know Luffy ALWAYS does his own thing, but losing to someone like CC isn’t good, especially when he could have beaten him in a single move. I guess this will be a good experience for him and he will learn from his mistakes. His enemies are only going to get stronger and more dangerous from this point on and if he doesn’t take things more seriously, one of the SHs might be killed…

  7. @Tensa Gizzla, I think that Sanji and Zoro have the kings haki because how powerful they are. Now we know that they are one level lower than Luffy and are on par with each other as in power. Sanji is more strategic while Zoro is more of a power house. But its just the way they talked about Luffy when he knockout 50,000 fishman with his King Haki. Zoro said that if Luffy didn’t do that much he shouldn’t be the captain, so I just got a hunch that they both have the Kings haki, maybe not as strong as Luffy’s but give them time.

    @7warlord, I don’t think Luffy underestimates any one, when he fights he is always playing around at first, than when they guy hes fighting turns out to be strong, Luffy gets serious. But in the case of CC it was to late. But I totally agree with you that this will be a good learning experience for Luffy.

    @Tawuya-sama, interesting theory, it would make a good twists of events.

  8. Probably that knockout gas that was used at the beginning of the ark

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