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Bleach Chapter 498:

Chapter 498: The Black Rescuer
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The Science boys are looking for Ichigo finding his badge in the real world but Kurosaki isn’t. They find him in Hueco Mundo. Via the tracking of spirit particles they figured out Kisuke helped him out and decide it is alot easier to grab hold of him instead.

I love this next bit of Kisuke talking to Akon here. Kisuke being his usual self pissing off Akon like mad. Ofcourse Kisuke is fully aware of the trouble in SS but he doesn’t know how bad yet. He informs AKon that Ichigo is in combat with the Quincy.

Akon and co-workers are shocked. Wondering how Ichigo would know about Hueco Mundo… well Ichigo know Nell-tu… nuff said! Akon asks how the battle is going and Urahara gives us some good news. Ichigo had the upper hand in this battle.

The chapter switches to the awesome battle. Opie tries to use the medallion to steal his bankai but it fails. With a comment on last weeks summary I reckon the fullbring pitch is more likely than the hollow one but I reckon this will be made clear in due time.

Kisuke hasn’t seen them in action, so he notes quite calmly the Opie failed to seal his bankai. This obviously sends a big WTF to everyone in the Research Department. I love Kisuke just sitting totally chilled out why Pesche and Don Don are freaking out! That frame just cracked me up. We know Kisuke is a shady figure indeed. He will, no doubt, play a bigger role in things to come.

Opie on the other hand is not relaxed at all. hell, I think a bit of despiration is kicking in as he tries to anylize the situation. For a man who feels superior to Hollow and Shinigami this is quite a kicker for him.

I thought Opie was quite informed about Ichigo but that doesn’t seem to be the case at all. All he knows what he shouldnt let Ichigo use bankai(mission failed) and that his bankai couldnt not be ‘Medalized’ as he calls it. No more. He can’t grasp why, even absorbing the power of the Aion, Ichigo is keeping up with him.

Opie seems only able to dodge barely able to dodge Ichigo’s attack. His own attack’s failing to damage his target. Opie tries to rethink his strategy but Ichigo’s pure speed in Bankai is the Quincy’s Achilles heel. Ichigo asks the magic question.

Are they afraid of Bankai? Opie doesn’t seem able to mix certain abilities at the same time. Having to put most of his power into speed trying to keep up with Ichigo leaving him to little to properly attack him.

Opie’s pride is overpowering counter attacking the question screaming the indoctrinated lingo as dictated by the King, no doubt. Kisuke butts in, blasting through Opie’s gut. He wastes no time throwing his phone to Ichigo. He already prepared a Senkai gate for Ichigo to use. Knowing how dire the situation is he switched instantly knowing what has to be done.

The chapter end with Ichigo about the be overloaded with information.


5 Responses

  1. Nice review, but I would like to know more about your theories and comments on the chapter.

    So if the quancy can seal off the bankais does that mean that they are sealed for ever or temporarily. And I think that they are not able to seal Ichigo’s Bankai is because he has such a huge power that they cannot seal it.

  2. If they are ‘stolen’ as said by Byakuya. I don’t think they can get it back by training since it still exists. Step one for them would have to be to get that medallion back.

    There is pretty nothing explained how on how that medallion works or what actually happens with it when sealed and what the Quincy can do with it. So all bets are open.

  3. ok new theory about the reason why ichigo’s bankai can’t be sealed… ok ready….because Zangetsu is both shinigami/and hollow… and from what i saw in this chapter the bankai starts to be sealed and then the sealing “thing” snaps… maybe because the hollow portion of Zangetsu prevents that (remember Zangetsu is half hollow and half “normal” );

    in a way Ogichi saves Ichigo once again

  4. @impaler
    But Zhangetsu isnt half hollow, Ichigo is the one who was half hollow. Zhangetsu is more or less a sentient sword that harnesses, focuses and magnifies Ichigos inner shinigami powers. In order to defeat aizen Ichigo needed to solidify basically his fractured soul consisting of him zhangetsu and Hollow ichigo, which he did. So after defeating Aizen when Ichigo lost all his spiritual powers it wasnt just his shinigami (zhangetsu) powers but his hollow (dark Ichigo) powers to.

    Now in order to get his powers back the first time Ichigo had to go hollow before going shinigami, which is why he had his hollow powers. This time how ever Ichigo got his power the way he did the very first time basicaly a power transfer from another shinigami directly, so unless Urhahara and Ichigos dad went out of their way to spike their soul sword with hollow juice it is quite likely that Ichigo no longer possess hollow powers, and as such couldnt have been a factor in his bankai being unstealable.

    Of course i will grant that their is a possiblity that since fulbringer powers are in a sense derived from hollow powers, that ichigo could still have some hollow left in him from his short stint as a fulbring user. I do still think that it is Ichigos recent past as a fulbring user that is protecting his bankai from being taken, especially when you look at how similiar quincy powers and fulbring powers work on a spirit particle level. Both styles are all about manipulating the spirit particles around them, and as we saw Ichigos fulbring was unique in that he wore it like a cloak, so it could be that ichigo is instinctivley or sub-consiously using what remains of his fulbring powers to some how cancel out the quincys bankai stealing abilities by negating their ability to manipulate the spirit particles of zhangetsu.

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