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Its Out!Naruto, Bleach and One Piece chapters!

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/58520789/1

Naruto: http://mangastream.com/read/naruto/76157510/1

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/64019604/1


39 Responses

  1. sasuke scene was pointless,
    yea tsunade seeing dan was nice for her to get some closure, but pointless as well.
    and madara has redeemed his title as King of One Liners with this last statement, hahaha, the shinobi world is screwed, but im sure tobi will run away to adjust for kabuto’s failures and naruto/bee will go and aid the kages

  2. For once in a long long time, all of the Big Three (One Piece, Naruto and Bleach), were very epic in their own way. But I have to admit that Bleach is so making up from that down fall it had a few months ago. Good job on Tite’s part, he just has to keep up the good work. As for Naruto, it was another heart warming chapter. But I am getting annoyed on how Kishi is making out Madara Uchiha to being out this ridiculously strong. I mean if he was this strong than how strong is the first. It just makes the whole idea and message of the next generation will surpass the next seem pointless. But overall I give Naruto an A for having actually made the story a story in the war instead of pointless battles. I would give Bleach an A++, because by far it is the best manga out there that went from being one of the most disappointing mangas to being this badazz manga that I can not wait for the next chapter. As for One Piece, well I have a whole blog to talk about that…

  3. totally agree Madara is being made out to be too powerful and it is spoiling the fight. I mean strong is one thing but this is ridiculous. the first who was defeated by the 3rd was no match for this.
    I am thinking that this is probably kishi’s waist off ensuring some meaningful deaths as well as some backstory.

  4. Is Maddara now a Human that can be killed or is he stil a “zombie”??

  5. As someone pointed out:

    “Oro really was an idiot. He should’ve had Kabuto kill him, revive him and then broken out of ET. There ya go. Immortality and limitless chakra. It takes like a minute. ”

    Now, why didn’t Tobirama break out of it since he was the one that invented the technique? Kishi isn’t covering up his tracks while wanking his Uchihas.

    Anyway, I dunno about you guys, but the Fullbring Arc was my favorite Arc and Ginjou was a great antagonist.

  6. @ Kisuzachi, first it is great to see you back, you are by far one of the funniest blogger here,

    but the Fullbring Arc. Come on man, that arc was a waste of time, I mean when it started it was actually good, introducing a new source of powers and possibly a new source of super power, like the Shigimias, Quancys and the Hollows. But the end was so bad, I mean at first the humans were supposedly dead, than all of a sudden they come out of no where, LITERALLY!!! and just say some sad stuff. Like Tsukishima he was supposedly dead than comes out of no where. Look I will agree that the beginning was promising but the ending was a bit of a let down. All and All, bleach is back and badder than ever.

  7. As you guys rightly pointed out, the 2nd should have been able to break free, or perhaps he did not want to? But then there is no excuse for why Oro didn’t utilize this loop hole to become immortal.

    And again, please stop referencing the battle between the first and 3rd as true indication of his power. He was completely under Oro’s control and all Oro had him do was make a forest, kick, and use a kunai (manga version). Oro was just toying with the 3rd. Please don’t look to that fight and judge the first on it. If Madara (who calls the 2nd and 3rd dust element kages ant) says the 1st could defeat him then believe the 1st was godly!

    Bleach sweet. I think Ichi is just simply overpowering those quincies attempts to take his bankai.

  8. @Kisu
    The seal can only be broken if you can perform hand signs for it which the 2nd hokage couldn’t do. His mind and soul was fully manipulated by Orochimaru. Even his body movement was control against his will by Orochimaru. The 2nd couldn’t move his hands freely so he wouldn’t have been able to perform the hand seal to break the jutsu if he wanted to.

  9. Agreed guys – bleach has come from a totally shit arc back up to deserving a place amongst the big 3 – ive started to look forward to kubo’s work again! Props to mr hat an clogs for the death beam to the chest – really wanna see him in a full on fight – much like shanks in one piece!
    Speaking of one piece – samurai guy can even cut through explosions…..do i see a Zoro vs Samurai guy comin up??!! i’ll save the rest for jdogg’s review….
    As for Madara – i knew he’d find a loop-hole but is he unkillable now or sumthin??!! Tsunade’s closer was pointless but Dan’s ghost technique had sooooo much potential kind of a waste of badass jutsu….now which kage is gonna bite the dust first………..

  10. @Jdogg, I think the Fullbring arc was a great arc that was ruined by the Shinigami showing up and then the mad dash to the finishline. The Arc suddenly sped up when the Shinigami showed up and the Fullbringers fell like flies. Only Ginjou and Tsukishima managed to put up any sort of fight. Really, I blame the Japanese fans and the boners they get for Histsuguya and Byakuya.

    Before the Shinigami showed up the tension was thick, the characters mysterious, and Ginjou’s betrayal was masterfully executed. The whole arc felt like it was building up to something, but then the Shinigami showed up and just killed all the momentum it had built up over the past 50+ chapters.

    The arc wasn’t just stupid swordfights like the Arrancar arc was. The new Quincy Arc has yet to even develop, but because it has ‘splosions I see people saying it’s already better than the previous arc. Like, can anyone even describe the new characters without mentioning their designs/how they look?

    And that’s my opinion on the Fullbring Arc.

    “The seal can only be broken if you can perform hand signs for it which the 2nd hokage couldn’t do. His mind and soul was fully manipulated by Orochimaru. Even his body movement was control against his will by Orochimaru.”

    Haha- no.


    As you can see there, he was moving of his own free will there, as evidenced by him turning around to look at Orochimaru. They don’t become true puppets until he puts the Kunais in them.

  11. @Kisu
    The 2nd hokage only got his full consciousness momentarily. It was only a page long which only accounts for a few seconds. That gives Oro enough time to sneak a kunai into his head for control. The 2nd was just brought back to life and by the time he fully realize the situation, it was already to late. All edo summoning that comes back to life go through a state of confusion for maybe a whole minute or more than one page long. Since it was only a few seconds, that gives Oro more than enough time to sneak the kunai in.

  12. I was under the impression that even though the 2nd created the teck he didn’t perfect it… he may not have known that you could break out of the user’s control if given the time to. TBH Im less interested in the out come of this fight and more interested in what Marda is going to do afterwords (if he wins/survies that battle). He may not even fight the kages anymore and bail now that he can do whatever he wants.

  13. @nss7 in the link provided above the second hokage was not confused at all. He knew exactly what was going on, name the technique used and looked at oro while talking. He was not confused or stunned like the others as he knew exactly what was going on.
    @batboy How can the inventor of the edo tensei not know it could be released? How would madara know that but not the second hokage who invented it? Kishi is not being consistent with the edo tensei and it’s getting annoying as this is yet another way to show off te “great” madaras skills ugh

  14. Considering the one great fear/ fascination orochimaru had was death I don’t think he’d trust kabuto enough to kill him and revive him back.

  15. @token just because you have invented something doesn’t mean you know everything that invention is capable of. I remember awhile back kabuto said something along the lines of “the 2nd created it….oro improved it… then I perfected it.” Give me some time to look and i’ll try to find the page he said that.

    For the record I do agree that Marda knowing how to break out of this teck is not consistent at all.

  16. @Token
    The link above provided by kisu also suggest that the 1st hokage knew he was going to fight the 3rd before the kunai was place into his head. The 2nd looked at Oro, knowing he was the summoner. If that is the case, than why didn’t the two kages attack Oro instead of letting him place the kunai into their heads? It means that Oro has at least some control over the edo bodies even without the seal and he could’ve restricted the 2nd hokage from canceling the jutsu.

  17. @batboy I’m sorry but this is kind of an important loophole here. This is something the second I’d imagine would know about. Not only that but madara was alive during the first and second so the only way he could know about the loophole was from the second as oro was not in the picture. And I remember Kabuto saying that but I think that is referring to the number of summons. Oro could only do a couple at a time and Kabuto had a army of them. That is what I think he meant.
    @nss7 if the second could turn his head that means he himself has some control. Maybe nt all but we do know that apparently he had some movement. We don’t know that oro ha control before te kunais and up to this point edo tensei has not stayed consistent so I’m just personally tired of all the stupid little loopholes Kishi is doing here. Annoying as hell

  18. I think the 2nd hokage really doesn’t know that the EDO can be cancelled by the summoned soul because he was the only user of EDO Tensei by the time he created it.

  19. @x than how did madara find out seeing as how he lived during the second’s time….

  20. @Token, it is because Madara is a Uchiha and Uchiha get all the freaking spam power-ups. There is a trend in Naruto, if you are a Uchiha expect to be so smart and stronger than everyone else. I mean for goodness sake, Pain/Nagato had the most powerful eye technique and he was killed off so quick.

  21. @jdogg yea I know lol. Just annoying after a while. Madara has been involved way too long. Pein was such a better character but Kishi don’t give him his due even when he was edo summoned. Just waiting now for sasuke to get the rinnengan handed to him like most everything else.

  22. @TOKEN,

    Well for every invention, there is something that will always be better than the previous invention. Either a new technique or a great improvement of the previous.

    This is the same with the EDO Technique, you don’t have to be present during the time that it was invented, if you have the documents(scrolls) to study, then you can start there and improve it.

  23. Everyone is complaining that Madara is overpowered, but most of you were also complaining that this war is filled with shortcuts. So this fight is the only one with the battle against Tobi that is in fact a battle to be worth to call it as a fight

  24. and for the record, you can´t compare this Madara with the Madara at the valley he died…..because
    1. Edo Tensei
    2. endless chakra
    3. power of the 1st
    4. Rinnegan
    I bet in his normal form he would ran out of juice long ago

  25. AAAnd you can´t let Madara die before I see the flashback between him and Hashirama……and than we wouldnt have this conversation about the 1st and Madara

  26. you cant compare today Madara to past Madara that fought the 1st. Due to the fact that he obtain some of the 1st DNA after the battle at the Valley of the End. That’s when he unlocked his new powers along with the 1st or could that be because of Kabuto experiment on Madara edo tensi body.

    would a good closer to Naurto will be a fully capture of Madara and the 1st Hokage battle?

  27. very very true point by ultimate. Madara is like an ultimate weapon that has unlimited uses… He wouldn’t be as powerful as he is now without those bonuses he currently has.

    I’m willing to bet that if he didn’t have those bonuses he would be close to his limit around this time… maybe sooner considering all that stuff he did prior to the start of the 5 kage fight.

  28. Calling you out Kisu!

    Once an ET is summoned, they are unable to act against the summoner. This is clearly indicated by the Ambush Squad with Chiyo as they are able to talk amongst themselves but they can’t do something Kabuto doesn’t want them to do.

    The same goes for the 2nd Hokage summoned by Orochimaru. He can look around and talk, but he can’t act against Oro, this would include breaking the Edo Tensei.

    You could say this is simlar to the Nara clan technique where they can control the body with the shadow, but somehow the controlled person can still talk.

    As to Madara knowing the seal, he was from the same time period as the 1st and 2nd Hokage, so he could have learned about the technique, perhaps even through genjutsu.

  29. Also, Dan’s part plays 2 roles here. The first is a literary device to show us that once ET is released, the soul can do what it wants to do. This paves the way for Madara doing whatever he wants and making the seal to stay forever. Dan’s action is meant to make Madara’s more believable. This explains why we weren’t allowed to see Dan’s technique until now, Kishimoto was saving it for this moment.

    Dan’s technique was also used to give the Kages a second chance. Sure things look real grim now, but Tsunade was given a boost, not just in chakra but also in confidence.

  30. Well I still say 2 of those kages are gonna get killed off just to confirm the power of BIG MAGNUM then I see him leaving an having a chit chat with Tobi an him being brought up to speed on the cureent era. Also at some point Sasuke an Madara are gonna have a sparring match – can’t wait for that beating!

  31. I must admit though, With Madara being free of edo tensei now, Im curious if Kabuto did not take that into account all along. Being that he is so obsessed with the Sage of Six Paths and not to mention that if he manages to escape Itachi’s technique, he has Sasuke right within his grasp.

  32. Hey guys, i know allot of people are annoyed at Madara being ridicuously over powered but remember he had the rinnengan for only a brief moment which am sure he didnt use nearly as much as he is doing now. that combined with unlimited chakra he has now. i liked Dan’s part that was pretty cool and heart warming. tsunade saved by her love and now she can put her demons in the past. one thing i was wondering, couldnt Dan’s soul possibly host one of the enemies bodies till the body was repaired? obviously on the battle field this is a split second decision and possibly didnt have the time to engaged the jutsu. but something to think about. wonder if anyone else knows the jutsu?

  33. what is great though is that they worked that jutsu into the current story when they stated his abilities so long ago, crafty ha ha!

  34. How did mardara learn the signs if he died before the second hokage became hokage. Wth did pro learn it from. If the cloud ninja killed the second why is their no mention if it and why wouldn’t they of examined his body to learn its secreats. I’ve alway said the second is connected to mardara in a way. I’ve even speculated at the second being tobi. The name tobi and tobirama are to cow incidental. Here’s my ass pull. While fleeing from the cloud ninja, the second was discovered by mardara. Mardara examined the 2nd body and performed some experiments. As a result he created tobi who is a combination of the second and mardara.

  35. @teamevolution1
    Madara could have learn the sign beacuse that The 2nd maybe came upp with the Edo before he became hokage

  36. and funny that Maddara says the there seems to be some capable shinobis on there side and that shinobi is an Uchia 😛

  37. @teamevolution1
    The 1st and the 2nd hokage lived exactly around the same time period that Madara did. They’re both brothers and the age gap between them is probably not that wide. Madara and his brother, Izuna fought along side each other and lead the whole army of uchihas together in the 1st Great Ninja War. We can assume that the 1st hokage did the same and fought together with his brother; the 2nd hokage to lead the senju clan together against the uchiha clan in battle. The 1st hokage and Madara met on many different occasions which allows Madara to see the 2nd hokage in action on many different occasions as well. That gives Madara a lot of easy open looks at all the jutsu the 2nd hokage would’ve used during the war (including edo if the 2nd have invented edo during this time). Madara could’ve picked up the edo jutsu on these many encounters and copy the hand seals necessary to cancel edo in one of these encounters with the 2nd hokage on the battlefield.

  38. @nss7 when would madara see the second use edo tensei?. this jutsu is not done right away and takes time to prepare as u need the bodies, dna and such and would not be done in the heat of battle. So the second hokage would come ON the battlefield with the summons already there. And im sure if he did do that he would not release them ON the battlefield.

  39. @token
    If Kabuto and Oro could then the 2nd probably could to

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