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Bleach Chapter 497: Kill the Shadow2

Chapter 497: Kill the Shadow2
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With smug eyes the Sternritter succesfully stolen four bankai’s. Soi Fon, Komamura, Toshiro and Byakuya lost theirs. Nothing but complete silence from their Zanpaktou. The blade’s soul trapped in the Quincy prison.

No one can’t seem to believe it. Toshiro orders Matsumoto (with short hair… nice) to inform all the captains. With that, all the captains are quickly brought up to speed.

The short bits of dialog are not very interesting but it is clear that despair is taking over. I hope, for SS sake they can keep it together. Captain Commander Yamamoto is on a charge seemingly not caring about the SS wide warning.

The chapter switches to Kyoraku facing off with an older gentle wielding a gun(ah… the memories). He has a little chat about the SS scientist. The elder man listens to him for a little bit before striking at Kyoraku with incredible speed. The SS captain barely being able to dodge. He strikes back but the Quincy is already behind him sporting the cone and the wings like Opie when he shoots Kyoraku taking out his right-eye.

The nr.1 Subordinate and the King have a little conversation. I am somewhat surprised the King now backs off from his initial order and allows, at least this guy, to decide his enemy’s fate.

Renji goes ape preparing to call out his bankai in despair. Byakuya stops him just in time. Renji loses it completely, fear taking him over. Having grown so far they believe themselves to be powerless to these Quincies.

Back in the comm room(of sorts) spiky forehead can’t sit still either. He wants to set up a link with Kurosaki.

But we all know he is quite busy at the moment.

Little sidenote:
– The only fully combat effective Captain is Zakari. He doesn’t even his shikai, let alone have a Bankai.
– The former Vaizard still have an important card in hand. Not sure if their Shikai and mask alone will be enough, but if Ichigo was any indication… the tool could fail. Question is, will they take that risk now, after Toshiro’s message.
– I still have the nagging sense that the captains might be overestimating the enemy strength. I have a bit of trouble believing they turn so desperate so fast.
– I know Ichigo was bitchingly strong against Aizen at the end but he pretty much went there know he would lose everything in the end meaning the re-emergence of his Mask will be key.


6 Responses

  1. Things are getting interesting, and at least all the Bankais lost are ones we’ve seen way too many times, except Soi Fon, but seriously she has the lamest Bankai to date, a giant 1 shot missile ?How inconvenient for her.

    Kyoraku, we better see your Bankai

  2. Nice review
    SS sure are panicking looking forward to the next chapter.

  3. Those 4 captains are screwed now that their Zanpaktou’s souls are stolen. They can’t even use their shikai lol. Well seeing how Shinji and Mayuri were hauling ass, they will help 2 of the captains. I’m especially hyped to see Shinji back in action, his bankai is going to be CRAZY O.o

  4. First off the captain commander is not charging on to the battlefield inspite of the warning but because of it, he is smart enough to realize that they are going to need some serious backup.

    Second there is no guarntee that ichigos bankai immunity came from being a vizard as we are not even sure that he even still is a vizard, his immunity could have came from his previous training and attaining of his fulbringer as we can still see certain aspects of it in his gi, so he obviously retainned some aspect of it, or his immunity could be do to something as simple as the fact that he is a living breathing human.

    Third i doubt that the captains are wrong to be over estemating the quincys powers. As we saw with uryuu a well trained quincy even one who is technicaly weaker then a captain can use the soul society as a battery and put out some serious captain level damage. After all quincy seem to be retsu particle hoovers and their talismans an extension of that inate ability. I would wager that the key to the captains getting their bankai back would be destruction of the quincy talisman.

  5. @xixspawnxix
    I am not sure the Captain Commander is this composed at the moment. Mayuri pointed out the Commander’s failure to kill the King, the death of his subordinate… the fact that we saw him charging forwards seeing him from behind makes me believe his out there with purspose.

    I know it is not a guarentee that it is because his is a Vaizard. Like you said it could be of the Fullbring influence or even the fact that he is human. Kinda forgot about the fullbring part so that is actually more likely the case. The Quincy seems to have a very good intelligence department but might not have been aware of the fullbringers.

    True. Captains have faced worse I feel but I never seen them panic so much before as an orginasation. Even Byakuya…

  6. Byukuya must have an ace in the whole………then again he improvised nicely in his full bring fight even though he’d never been in that type of situation before……..
    This whole fight suits kenpachi down to a T – cant wait to see him kick ass although im sure he’d bothered to learn his zanpaktou’s abilities during the time skip especially after gettin spanked by ichigo way back when!
    Shunsui……………..dude lost an eye an is just their talking like its nothing – we all know this guy is badass – his sword chic has 1 eye too even though that was filler arc but lookin forward to seeing him counter!!

    p.s for all u boxing fans victor ortiz got his jaw broke by lopez hahahaha

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