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One Piece chapter 671- The Men in the Shadows

What an exciting chapter we got this week as exciting as it was, it ended right at the most exciting part. Leaving us with the need and addiction of want to read the next chapter. I must say, Oda has been out doing himself lately, he took us from a slow and some what boring arc of Fishman to this exciting non-stop action arc of Punk Hazards. And what a great cliffhanger we are left of with, nonetheless lets talk about this weeks mesmerizing chapter.

Sanji is the Man of Men

To me Sanji out of the ‘Monster Trio’ gets the worst of things. For example, Luffy is the captain, the badazz, and the strongest, Zoro is the first-mate, second-in-command and considered the second strongest, and than we have Sanji the Cheif, huge Women fanatic, and never gets what he wants. My point is that Sanji in some ways has been over shadowed as a character when he is considered one of the ‘Monster Trio’. I know a lot of you will yell at me for saying this, but Sanji should not of been considered one of the Monster Trio. Now let me explain; look at Luffy and his arsenal of attacks as well as Zoro, even though Sanji has a huge arsenal of attacks, his power was not as exciting as the other two; Luffy has a devil fruit and Zoro is a swordman. While Sanji just literally throws kicks around.

Look at it this way, when Sanji was first introduced he would fight in like a brake dancing style, than he escalated to a more MuyThai/ karate fighter. In the Sky arc he was literally fried by Enal, in the Thrille Bark arc he faught a weakling, do you get at what I am Saying? I am not saying that Sanji as a character is boring but that he is over looked by Oda when compared to the other of the Monster Trio. And to be honest with you guys Sanji is by favorite out of the others because he is sort of like a mesh of Luffy and Zoro into one body. He has Luffy’s guffiness and Zoro seriousness, but he is at a great balance between the two. While he is guffy at time, he becomes serious when needed be. Over all I think that Sanji is finally getting the rightful spot light he is deserving. Heck he took Nami’s body and in about three chapters created her into becoming one badazz chick. Another thing that Sanji shows this chapter is that he has this some what Honor in his word, like how he is going to extreme measures just to get back the Samuria’s body back since he promised the Samuria.

Luffy Vs CC

Clearly this is a no brainer, Luffy mops the floor with CC. He was fast, stronger and more agile than CC. Now it could be that CC was not going all out, but I think that he was actually doing his best. For one he pulled his strongest moves which was the Slime that in some ways he can control its movements and command it to explode as well as sending out his gas to poison Luffy. Who has produced an extreme tolerance to poison ever since he was poisoned by Mangelle. So his Slime could not do anything against Luffy and his Gas-Gas ability is useless since Luffy’s body can cancel out the poison, but CC had one big Ace up his sleeve.Before we get to that, did you notice how angry CC got when his Devil Fruit was compared to Mangelle, this leaves me to think that CC sees the Logia as the most powerful devil fruit. But a weapon is only as strong as its wielder. A guy with a gun can be defeated by a guy with a sword. Going back to CC Ace in the hole, I think that CC has some what tampered with Luffy’s body, for one CC is not as strong as Luffy, in fact Luffy defeated him in every way, but CC has one big advantage which is that CC is a mad genius who is more of the tactical type then the brute strength type.

The Mystery Man in the Shadows

This mystery man that shows himself at the end could be anyone, it could be Dr. Vega Punk, Joker, some one from the marines or some one from Law past years. It could be Dr. Vegapunk (but very unlikely) because Vegapunk shares them same sadistic love for extreme experiments. But this is very unlikely because CC and Vegapunk have a rivalry and CC holds a grudge against Vegapunk. Now it is most likely this Joker guy we have heard about from CC and Law, because it seems that Law has some history with this mysterious person and that they know each other very well. But one thing really struck me is the type of shoes the mysterious man was wear. He is clearly wear shows that are high end and that they men that wear suit wear those type of shows. So far the high ranking Marines always wear a suit and they almost all wear the same shoe. This is what makes me to believe that this mysterious man is one from a very high ranking system of the Marines.

Side Notes:
  • Who is this mysterious man?
  • Do you guys think that Luffy is done for the count?
  • One Piece is on a break next week.
  • Brooks joke was pretty funny.



16 Responses

  1. think as far as known characters go its either this Joker person or Aokiji you do tend to see his breatbe from the cold at the end as opposed to not seeing it in before they left the room

  2. Loved this weeks chapter, very exciting! Too bad we have to wait two weeks on the cliffhanger ending. I agree about the possibility of Aokiji and actually posted on the “its out” post stating the sdame thing about the cold breath coming from Law when he starts to go down. It appears to me like someone could be freezing the air in his lungs or something. The shadow also has the same body profile as the marine generals do….tall and relatively slim. I must be forgetting something about this Joker guy…..I don’t remember him being mentioned at all. Anyone wanna post the chapter for me because apparently I need to go back and read it. Nice speedy summary as always Jdogg!!!!!!

  3. NM….I went back and found chapter that mentioned Joker. I completely forgot about that… and the Will-O-Wispkinemon that was mentioned. SO I’m pretty sure its a high ranking marine as mentioned but even though I see the cold around Law I cant believe its actually Aokiji. CC is pretty evil and Aokiji seems very honorable – hence his fight against Akainu, so I cant see him teaming up with CC.

  4. Joker gets mentioned by CC in Chapter 664 around the 8th panel.

    I cannot see Aokiji working with CC because like you said CC is evil while Aokiji is an honorable person. But my guess is like I said above it can be anyone, but this Joker guy is the one I am putting my money on.

  5. @battousai82 yea you mentioned it 1st i couldnt remember who it was but im anxious to see who it ends up being this is a good ark

  6. @ Jdogg, Sanji is without a doubt the 3rd strongest fighter in the SH crew considering he always fights the 3rd strongest opponent. I will admit that when he was first introduced, his fighting style looked really lame. But remember when the SHs got their power up in the CP9 arc, Luffy got Gear 2 & 3, Zoro got Asura technique, and Sanji got Diablo Jambe. That’s when he became a real badass chef, of course after the timeskip, he only became even more badass. He’ll surpass Marco, an admiral level fighter who uses his flames for defense, while Sanji uses his flames for offense. I see him beating Kizaru in the future and claiming his title as the strongest leg fighter/chef in the world.

  7. @badasschef and Jdogg
    The way oda’s arc’s work is that there never really is a trio of strong enemies that are all badass – there’s usually just 1 or 2 which Zoro or Luffy get to fight.
    I would say Sanji is by far the most entertaining of the 3 being crafty (when he snuck onto the sea train an tricked crocodile during the phone call) and providing much needed comical relief and that’s the thing with him he gets more funny moments and not enough badass moments – luffy gets most of them followed by zoro.
    I actually forgot that Kizaru was mainly a leg fighter – Sanji vs Kizaru in the future would be too epic but then again I wonder who the new admiral that took over from Aokiji is?! Coz they’d have to take on our fave marimo while luffy handles Akainu.

    Im saying one of the mystery men is one of the underlings of the Gorosei : ) although its probably Joker lol I doubt its Aokiji unless he got a serious power up coz I didn’t think he’d be able to freeze the air in a persons lungs unless he touched them….
    Here’s a thought – what if the move that is making law grab his heart is a very specific form of king’s disposition haki which instead of overwhelming a person’s mind – it overwhelm’s their body parts (particularly their heart).

    Zoro and Brook vs Slime next chapter!!

  8. I thought megellan was a logia, y is he considered a paramecia all of a sudden. Please let me know.

  9. What if CC caught on to Law’s plan, or just didn’t want him around anymore, and he called in the Emperor that Law has a problem with. This could be Kaido, since we don’t know what he looks like. Remember that Warlords all seem to have some kind of a relationship with an Emperor, so Law having a past with Kaido would make sense and fit the past bill.

  10. @firefist87 ever since X Drake attacked Kaido’s island, I always thought Kaido had some kind of cyborg enhancements. His subordinate said that it was Kaido’s FAVORITE island. If you look closely, you can see that the trees, houses and even the boulders are made of METAL. I think that’s maybe a hint that he is some kind of overpowered cyborg. Here’s a link, look closely at the environment: http://www.mangahere.com/manga/one_piece/v58/c595/4.html

    I think CC is Joker, it has to be. He’s a high ranking government official, so it would explain his attire. Also he has a history with Law, so I think he’s most likely Law’s mentor, you know, the guy who taught him about medicine. If I’m wrong however, then it has to be that willo-wispenekin guy CC mentioned before, he hasn’t been revealed yet.

  11. @7warlord
    Maybe Kaido has some sort of metal ability or maybe he is the 1st ever cycborg an doc vegapunk highjacked his idea and made pacifista’s….
    Maybe the mystery man is one of the new warlords…..remember they were severly lacking them after marineford arc. Ive been thinking though, if the 4 emeperors have been in the new world for so long- surely one of em must have figured out a way to get to Rafetel – the final island where one piece is! Or maybe only a will of D. man can find it…..

  12. Nobody else gets the sense that Brook is developing some type of foresight or fortune telling or something? I would say his theory will probably come true about Sanji in Namis body getting into trouble. But the way its animated in his head it totally looks like a power….

    Sani vs Kizaru would be epic, but Luffy vs Akainu and then Sengoku would be more epic. IDK i dont think the Marines are going to be the ultimate enemy i believe the World Government has to have some serious power to maintain the Control. Prob ending is going to be another war with Dragon vs World Gov. where dragon will die saving Luffy.

  13. The gorousei all look like they could be some of the strongest guys around, so I see them all being enemies down the road, probably when the Straw hats get closer to uncovering the secrets of the void history and the past of the world. For anyone who doesn’t understand this, check out the wiki.

  14. @firefist87

    Dont be surprised if we get 2 main events for the final arc – The Gorousei and WG Admirals vs the Revolutionary Army and the Blackbeard pirates vs the Strawhats or maybe a mix of all of them with some supernova sprinkled in here an there! The Gorousei even have a swordsman so thats Zoro’s opponent sorted – i reckon Sanji will fight the young blonde guy in the Gorousei. Monkey D Dragon will probably fight the strongest one and luffy fight the 2nd strongest. What i dont get is if Gol D Roger and crew (Rayleigh, Shanks, Buggy, that old guy that looked after Laboon etc… hell even Whitebeard) know the truth about the Void century – why dont they spill the beans?! Why arent any of the older pirates saying a word about it?! And what pissed off Luffy’s dad so much that he’d literally leave Luffy with his grandad to go build an army to overthrow the WG?! Ahhhh the mystery is too much!

  15. @Tensa
    Remember when Rayleigh was about to tell the SHs what they discovered on Raftel. Robin changed her mind, so it wasn’t revealed. Then Usopp asked about the location of Raftel, but of course Luffy wasn’t having any of that lol. The thing is, maybe somebody just needs to ASK them where/what it is lol, That would be some funny shit if that was the case. Dragon hates the WG because of how they are. You know the greediness, the corruption, and obviously the slaves. I completely agree with you saying that Luffy and Dragon will team up against the WG and Marines. I think in that battle the monster trio will fight the admirals, while Dragon and his guys handle the Gorousei….Matter of a fact there is still Kong to think about…I wonder how strong he is. Judging from his name, I’d say he has a gorilla zoan type DF.

  16. Dragon and Luffy will need some serious firepower to take down the entire WG. NO joke. We’re talking about heavy hitters here, because the marines weren’t even fighting Whitebeard with their full strength. I’m saying this because Garp, Sengoku, and Kong didn’t fight him at all. Garp and Sengoku may not be marines anymore, but I doubt that the marines have weakened. You have to consider how strong Coby has gotten these past 2 years. Kong will definitely participate if the WG is attacked. ALL the marines, Vice-Admiral and higher, and on top of that, the Gorousei. I’m telling you, they will need a YONKOU to balance the scale.

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