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Its Out! One Piece and Bleach Chapters!

One Piece: http://mangastream.com/read/one_piece/17123593/1

Bleach: http://mangastream.com/read/bleach/57666987/1



12 Responses

  1. yeah I figured they were taking bankai rather than sealing.

  2. Surely the S.S must have sumthin else up there sleaves apart from bankai….

  3. Wat^ guys……looooong time reader (talking Narrutohurricane.com days) first time commenter. Just wanted to say I’m glad to see people stepping up and grabbing the reins to keep this blog going. I felt it had been heading downhill and had been in a sad state for a while and I was losing hope. Thanks to all the writers for all the hard work! As a big manga/anime fan from the Dragonball days its good to know there is somewhere to go to get your weekly fix and pick your brain with other people who appreciate what these manga bring. Shannaro!!!

  4. BTW…..whatever happened to the Fairy Tail summary/analysis??? I would love to see that come back maybe when Bleach finally finishes up.

  5. Bleach was ok…..too many wasted pages showing people standing there or going bankai if you ask me. Im interested to see how the captains are going to fight this. I know they have all been training and getting a lot stronger but to me I have never seen a big correlation to them getting stronger in general and the power of there bankai increasing. Maybe I’m just not seeing it. Maybe they will get new bankai abilities or something like Ichigo got with final getsuga tenshou. But unless something like that happens I cant see Ichigo saving everyone….. Im super pumped for Kenpachi’s epic entrance too.

    I thought OP was really good this week. I’m stumped about who the guy that came in at the end was?!?!? Judging from his profile his body type looks tall and fairly slender like an Aokiji/Kizaru/Akainu but I cant see it being any of them. What was that power used on law? Was it just me or when Law starts to go down on pg. 18 and lets out a breath and you can see its like its really cold. Is it just that cold inside where they are or was that part of the power? If you look on pg. 8 when Law is talking to Mone you dont see that. Maybe whoever it was is like freezing the air in Law’s lungs or something, just a theory. WTF happened to luffy…it almost looked the same as what happened to Law accept Luffy looks like hes out cold,did the poison gas get to him after all?

  6. The bankais that were stolen were ones we’ve already seen before. Other than Kensei and Mayuri, there’s still Unohana, Shunsui, Ukitaka, Yamamoto, Love, Music guy (forgot his name), and Shinji. I especially want to see Shinji’s bankai. Also I think zero squad might come to the rescue at the last second.

  7. Didnt we see shinji’s bankai already when he turnt aizens world upside down and back and fourth when they fought?!
    Also do any of u guys read fairytale?? just asking coz i might start reading it but ive heard from quite a few people that its just a cheap rip off of one piece with similar plots and characters (only with magic like harry potter) an no real story….just wanted u guys opinion on the manga to see if it was worth reading….

  8. Nope, that was just his shikai lol. He hasn’t went bankai yet, WHICH IS SOMETHING I REALLY WANT TO SEE ._.

    Fairy Tail is cool. It’s not my favorite, but it’s a very good manga imo. But have you ever read The Breaker and its sequel The Breaker: New Waves? It has kung fu mixed with great art, I guarantee you’ll like it. Although New Waves has its moments where you really want to strangle the stupid main character, it’s now at the point where he is finally developing and its good.

  9. Oh damn i thought that was his bankai! cant wait to see his proper bankai now! Im assuming kenpachi is off having a convo with his sword an the little pink haired girl.
    I havent read breaker before – ill look it up an give it a read thanks warlord

  10. Great new chapter. I’m mad to see BIG MAGNUM go, it just seems like that battle was rushed with no real merit added to the story just a time killer. I think we’ll see him again though. He didn’t seem to concerned about the jutsu being released, like he knows he’ll be back.

  11. Yeah I hope Madara comes back to. Tobi studied edo tensei from Kabuto so hopefully he brings him back. I still wanna see Sasuke and Naruto go down, but if that doesn’t happen atleast we’re getting closer to knowing whose the man behind the mask

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